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Here you will find the largest and most comprehensive selection of pottery books and films anywhere plus our hand picked selection of potters tools. We have books and films in every category including out of print, rare, and collectible titles. We also have an ever changing selection of SPECIALS that are priced so low that even I wonder how we do it. Questions? We’re potters and we read these books so ask! 

We love to help. Read on and have fun. 


Steven Branfman, Founder, Director, and Head Potter

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  • "p" indicates paperback, otherwise the book is hardcover.
  • If OUT OF PRINT appears after the author or title it means that the book is out of print and no longer available. We keep the book on the list for your information. We do have an out of print category and we do search for out of print books. Please inquire.
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  • We no longer offer a printed catalog. Sorry for any inconvenience this may pose.
  • Other than our tools, there are no photos on this website. 


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ORDER by email, phone, fax, or snail mail though first time customers may want to order by phone. Our friendly staff are all professional potters, knowledgeable about our products, are happy to help you find the right books or videos for your areas of interest and level of experience, or answer any questions about ordering and shipping.

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Special shipping requests? Let us know.

RETURNS, CREDITS, and REFUNDS Defective products will be exchanged at our expense. Other returns will receive a credit less $1 for one item, $2 for more than one item. Items must be in saleable condition and be returned within 30 days of our shipping date. There are no refunds for returned items, only credits. Defective videos or DVD’s will be exchanged only. If your order contains an item that is no longer available we will send you a credit slip. If you prefer a refund, send back the slip with a note and the cash will be on its way. When using a credit please send us back the yellow slip.

RECEIPTS Other than to schools, institutions, and wholesale accounts, we do not routinely send receipts with orders. (The paperwork is a pain!) If you can copy your order form as a receipt, that helps us out. If you need a separate receipt let us know and we will include one.

SPECIAL REQUESTS are our specialty! 
Looking for a book or video not listed? We can search for you. Do you need a more detailed description or recommendation? We'll read you the table of contents and describe the details of the book. Are you making a purchase as a gift? We are happy to send the order directly to the recipient for you and include a gift card. We are the book people!!

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Please list the items you would like and their quantities. If it is a video please specify VHS or DVD. If it is a limited edition and listed specifically on the website description please make sure we can identify which one you want.

Unless you request otherwise, default shipping for books and films will be sent via the less expensive of USPS Media Mail or UPS. Tools will also be sent via the less expensive of USPS Priority or UPS.

Please be on the look out for a confirmation email regarding the availability of the items in your order. The email will include a notification of back orders if necessary, shipping fee and total amount the will be charged to your credit card.

31 Thorpe Rd. Needham, MA 02494 USA     Phone: 781-449-7687     Fax: 781-449-9098      Email: PottersShop@aol.com     Hours: M-Th: 11-5 F: 10-4