Ching-Te-Chen-TICHANE $40.00
See the Eastern Pottery section for description

Contemporary Studio Porcelain, 2nd Ed.-LANE $50.00
Peter Lane has updated and completely revised his already outstanding book. Many great photos, commentary by and about prominent artists, glaze and clay body recipes, brief historical notes.

Masters: Porcelain, Major Works by Leading Ceramists-TOURTILLOT, BURKETT $25.00
see Individual Potters for a description

Porcelain (The New Ceramics) – FOLEY $27.00
For thousands of years, the special properties of porcelain - its delicacy, translucency and remarkable strength - have fascinated and inspired, and these qualities continue to have an enduring appeal for ceramic artists. However, porcelain is also a notoriously demanding medium that presents unique challenges for the maker.
In this inspiring practical guide, porcelain artist Vivienne Foley introduces ceramicists to the material she has been working with for more than forty years. The book takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of porcelain, and covers everything from its composition and workability, to decorating and glazing. Methods of throwing and building are thoroughly covered, with a focus on techniques and faults specific to porcelain. Drying and firing is also discussed, and there is a useful troubleshooting section on all the most likely problems and faults along with suggested remedies.

Porcelain-WHYMAN $30.00
A practical introduction to every aspect of handling and firing. 82 photos, 22 in color. From the Complete Potter Series.

Porcelain and Bone China-WARDELL $60.00
A taste of everything to do with porcelain and bone china, from recipes to forming and decorating techniques, to firing techniques and glazes. Also contains a who s who of contemporary artists working with these finicky clay bodies. This is an outstanding book.

Porcelain, Ceramics Handbook Series-DOHERTY $27.50

112 pages designed to introduce the subject and present the basics. Included is history, materials, forming, glazing, decoration, firing, and more. A fine manual.