**There are no additional discounts on books already listed as specials**

Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques-WATKINS, WANDLESS
An elegant explanation of Western Raku, saggar, pit, and barrel firing techniques. Very well illustrated in all color. Particularly helpful are photos of work fired using different techniques with start to finish notes on their firing. regular paperback $15 SPECIAL $7.50

American Art Pottery -David Rago
An outstanding book by one of the subjects leading experts. Over 250 color photos and informative text bring the ware to light. All the major producers are covered. A must for those interested in the subject. hardcover reg. $45 SPECIAL $29

American Studio Ceramics 1920-1950
A lovely catalog of the exhibition held at the U of Minnesota. Color and b&w photos along with very informative biographical essays. Includes Maija Grotell, Samuel Haile, Glen Luckens, Gertrude & Otto Natzler, Henry Varnum Poor, Mary & Edwin Scheier, Viktor Schreckengost, and Margaret Wildenhain. This book is a real bargain and should not be missed! 
paperback reg. $15 SPECIAL $8.50

America's Traditional Crafts - Robert Shaw
An enormous, beautifully photographed book. This is an incredible bargain! An exploration of the culture surrounding traditional crafts before the Industrial Revolution. Informational about their manufacture and their place in society. More cultural and historical than technical. Fiber, wood, leather, metal-craft, and pottery. 305 pages, stuffed with color photographs. 
hardcover reg. $95 SPECIAL $40

Art of Craft: Contemporary Works From the Saxe Collection
Timothy Burgard and the Fine Arts Museums Of San Francisco bring us 220 gorgeous color photos of works from this renowned collection. Works in ceramics, glass, wood, fiber and metal. A beautiful book, not to be missed at this price.
hardcover reg. $50.00 SPECIAL $25.00

Art That Works: Decorative Crafts Of The Eighties Crafted In America-Lloyd Herman
A lovely book and inspiring collection of works in clay, glass, wood, metal, leather and more. Vessels, furniture, lamps, clocks, and a variety of other objects are presented in glorious color photos. Informative and provocative text introduces the collection. paperback reg. $20 SPECIAL $10

The Arts and Crafts Companion - Pamela Todd
Traces the development of the Arts and Crafts movement in America and Europe. Discusses designers and manufacturers in depth, working in the fields of architecture, furniture, textiles, wallpaper, stained glass and lighting, ceramics, metalwork, jewelry, print, and landscaping. Color photos on nearly every page. Includes a source book of museums and other places to visit. 320 pages. hardcover reg. $45.00 SPECIAL $22.50

Athenian Vase Construction: A Potters Analysis
Toby Schreiber presents a fascinating study detailing the manner in which the major Athenian forms were made. 542 b&w photos, 440 line drawings. Incredibly detailed and informative. Learn how these ancient potters worked. hardcover reg. $70 SPECIAL $35

Bauer, Classic American Pottery - Mitch Tuchman
A lovely clothbound book with 86 color and 24 b&w photos featuring hundreds of items and archival images. A complete history and chronicle of the company and these wonderful classic wares. hardcover reg. $19 SPECIAL $9.50

Bernard Palissy: In Pursuit Of The Earthly Paradise-AMICO
An enlightening study of the most innovative ceramist of the French Renaissance. An exciting book. 200 illustrations, 100 in color, 240 pages. This book is just as much of a history lesson as it is an observation of work. hardcover regular $75 SPECIAL $35

Best Of New Ceramic Art-SIKES
A full color showcase of the 100 winners of the Monarch National Ceramic Competition. Arranged by category, outstanding photos. Reg. $25 SPECIAL $15

California Pottery: From Missions to Modernism- STERN
A comprehensive history of the diverse and colorful pottery of California for the collector or enthusiast. Batchelder, Kent, Heath, Bauer, Catalina, Vernon Kilns, etc. Reg. $23 SPECIAL $10

Ceramic Continuum, 50 Years Of The Archie Bray Influence
Edited by Peter Held, 6 essays discussing different aspects of the institution, a selection of 85 full page color photos of works, historical records including a directory of resident and visiting artists, and more make this a significant contribution to the literature on clay and ceramics. A fascinating story and a beautiful book. Reg. $40 SPECIAL $20

Ceramics For Gardens And Landscapes-HESSENBERG
From the author of  Sawdust Firing  comes this handsome book. International potters share their techniques of design, forming, and a variety of other special considerations. Pots, planters, birdbaths, fountains, tables, sculpture and more. paperback regular $30.00, SPECIAL $15

Ceramics Of South-East Asia: Their Dating and Identification - Roxanna Brown
Comprehensive analysis and study of the wares from this region. Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Guangdong, Khmer, and others are covered in great detail. This second edition offers updated information, new and additional images, and helpful text revisions. B&W and color photos, line drawings, and maps. paperback reg. $50 SPECIAL $30

Ceramics-Ways Of Creation-Richard Zakin
36 ceramic artists share the way they create through insightful stories and illustrations of their work. Among the potters included are Rick Hirsh, Andrea Gill, Bruce Cochrane, Ron Roy, Eva Kwong, Wayne Higby, John Neely, and Harris Deller. paperback reg. $40 SPECIAL $20

CLARICE CLIFF, The Bizarre Affair - Leonard Griffin, and Louis K. & Susan Pear Meisel
The first book on the premier potter of the Art Deco Period. This 15"x10" paperback takes full advantage of its size with 80 full color photos of the wares and 75 b&w archival photos. Cliff s life and work are brought to life. paperback reg. $20 SPECIAL $12

Clay: The History And Evolution Of Humankind's Relationship With The Earth's Most Primal Element-Suzanne Staubach
An absolutely fascinating book. The author presents a lively and creative look at the existence, uses, impact, and implications of clay throughout history. Cultures and the effect that clay has had on the development of civilizations from writing to the space shuttle are all discussed in a writing style that is friendly and fun to read. You will be amazed, entertained, and educated. I guarantee it! hardcover reg. $24 SPECIAL $12

Clay Bodies - Robert Tichane
A thorough study of clays and clay bodies. Identifying clay types, tools and techniques of clay preparation, firing, characteristics, standards. Sample recipes, bibliography, glossary, etc. This is now out of print with only a very limited supply available. hardcover reg $27 SPECIAL $10

Complete Potters Companion-Tony Birks
A wonderful book offering lots of information and encouragement to all students of clay. 440 color photos. Technique, process, history, it s all here. Most recent edition.
Paperback Reg. $30 SPECIAL $15

Copper Red Glazes - Robert Tichane
An extensive and exhaustive study and presentation including the history and technology of copper red glazes. Tireless research went into the writing of this book. Your understanding and utilization of these glazes will be complete. Color and b&w photos and drawings.
paperback reg. $25 SPECIAL $12

Country Pottery, Traditional Earthenware Of Britain - Andrew McGarva
A look at the rich tradition of British earthenware up to the present day. Culture, society, and technical info all come together. Included is a wonderful chapter on Issac Button. Color and historical b&w photos throughout. Hardcover reg $60, SPECIAL $30

Crafting A Legacy, Contemporary Ceramics In The Philadelphia Museum Of Art
Marking the 25th anniversary of the Phil Mus Of Art Craft Show, this is a sumptuous showcase of the museum s collection. Over 100 color photos of works in clay, wood, metal, fiber, glass, and furniture. Represented in clay include Arneson, Daley, Duckworth, Frey, Higby, Kaneko, Natzler, Staffel, Turner Wood, and more. This is a large format volume with outstanding photography. reg. $60 SPECIAL $30

Dirt for Making Things: An Apprenticeship in Maricopa Pottery - Janet Stoeppelmann
As told to Janet by Mary Fernald, this is a book about how this distinctive pottery is made, and also about relationships between people and cultures. Only a handful of members of the Maricopa tribe were making traditional pottery at the time the book was written. Mary Fernald tells how she learned the techniques of this pottery from a group women south of Phoenix, Arizona, who were initially suspicious of her motivations. Reg. $15 SPECIAL $9

Dreaming In Clay On The Coast Of Mississippi - Christopher Maurer with Maria Estrella Iglesias
From the liner notes:  A moving family history of four generations of artisans, replete with romance, tragedy, passion, eccentricity......set against the backdrop of myth drenched Mississippi.  The story of the Anderson family and the Shearwater Pottery of Ocean Springs. Wonderful telling with emotion, respect, and love. hardcover reg. $30 SPECIAL $18

Early Islamic Ceramics - Helen Philon
The 655 pieces in this extensive collection from the Benaki Museum in Athens are photographed and described with references to variations in form and decoration over time and in different regions. A good source for design ideas. B&W photos with some color plates. 10"x13", 323 pages. An unbelievable offer! hardcover SPECIAL $30

Emergence Of Pottery- William Barnett, John Hoopes
Fascinating academic study of the origination and development of pottery making in ancient societies. 71 illustrations, 17 tables. Intriguing reading, very enlightening. Paperback Reg. $35 SPECIAL $21

Eva Zeisel- YOUNG
A compact monograph, Zeisel s elegant housewares over her 70 year career are covered in 96 pages and 75 color and b&w photos. A wonderful presentation. Regular price $13, SPECIAL $6.50

Extruded Ceramics - Diana Pancioli
Wonderful book. All color photos, lots of excellent technical information and many photos of finished wares of all kinds. The author is an excellent teacher.
paperback reg $25 SPECIAL $15

From the Kilns of Denmark: Contemporary Danish Ceramics - Wendy Tarlow Kaplan & Hope Barkan
A stunning catalog 30 artists are represented by beautiful color photos of their work and biographical information. Down to earth and informative essays introduce the Danish culture and ceramic traditions. An excellent volume. See videos for the video production. paperback reg $35. SPECIAL $ 25.00

Handmade In America, Conversations With 14 Craftmasters - Barbaralee Diamonstein
A celebration of contemporary crafts. A beautiful book featuring stunning photos and conversations with the makers. Clay, wood, glass, fiber, furniture, metals and more. 210 photos with 111 in full color. paperback reg. $25. Are you ready for this? SPECIAL $8!!!!

Hares Fur, Tortoiseshell, & Partridge Feathers; Chinese Brown And Black-Glazed Ceramics, 400-1400 - Robert Mowrey
A technical, historical, and archaeological study of these magnificent wares. Over 111 pieces in full color. The photographs are excellent. Very detailed descriptions. There are no glaze or clay body recipes. However, there is a technical chapter that offers chemical analysis in text and chart form that can be used to embark on experiments. I was able to get another supply of this wonderful and important book at this special value. paperback reg $40 SPECIAL $30

Howard Kottler: Face To Face - Patricia Failing
A comprehensive and richly illustrated study of the life of one the most influential and important ceramic artists of the last few decades. Through a series of interviews we learn of his wit, seriousness, passions, and love of expression. Howard Kottler is an artist that you should be familiar with. hardcover reg $45 SPECIAL $23

I Shock Myself: The Autobiography of Beatrice Wood
Beatrice Wood was a living history of 20th century art and ceramics. Her life was an extraordinary journey among some of the most noted and notorious art personalities of our time. In 1933 at the age of 40 she uncovered her passion for pottery. Her writing lends rare glimpses into her own life as well as Duchamp, Brancusi, Isadora Duncan, Anais Nin, and others. This is a must have. Paperback regularly $25.00 SPECIAL $12.50

Inside Japanese Ceramics-WILSON
Historical text, pottery making, tools, kilns, firing, the studio. Color, b&w photos, drawings, maps. A wonderful book of technical, historical, and cultural information. paperback regularly $20, SPECIAL $12

Interpreting The Past, Roman Pottery - Kevin Green
64 page handbook analyzing different aspects of Roman pottery including the development of Roman pottery studies, classification, science, working with Roman pottery, pottery production, and economics. For those interested in archeology and history. A British Museum publication. paperback reg $13 SPECIAL $7

Korean Art and Design - Beth McKillop
From the Samsung Gallery of Korean Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum. A survey of works in the collection including lots of pottery, metalwork, embroidery and textiles, furniture. Color photos and lots of background information as well as pictures of contemporary artists practicing these ancient crafts. paperback reg. $35 SPECIAL $18

Legacy, Southwest Indian Art At The School Of American Research - Duane Anderson, editor
This is an absolutely magnificent volume. 10"x11", beautiful heavy stock and the most outstanding full page color photos of the art you have ever seen. Pottery, paintings, textiles, baskets, jewelry, katsinas, leather, and bead work comprise the collection are are brought to life here. Extensive entries explain and analyze the pieces. Nothing was spared in the production of this book.
Limited edition, numbered, hardcover and slip cased. Published at $300 SPECIAL $95

The Letters Of Gerhard Marcks & Marguerite Wildenhain, 1970-1981
Ruth Kahn brings us the written conversations during the last 11 years of their friendship. Talk of their friends, family, art, and concerns for humanity. A rare look into their lives. hardcover reg. $35 SPECIAL $10

Maiolica Ole, Spanish and Mexican Decorative Traditions
Recognized ceramic authorities Florence and Robert Lister bring us a thorough study of Spanish and Mexican maiolica. Featuring the collection of the Museum of International folk art, they trace the decorative styles and influences through history. 145 color photos. A lovely book. paperback reg $32.50 SPECIAL $16

Mary Wondrausch on Slipware
Historical and complete technical information on traditional slip decorating and trailing processes by Mary Wondrausch herself. Over 100 photos and drawings. hardcover reg $40 SPECIAL $20

Mojave Pottery, Mojave People: The Dillingham Collection of Mojave Ceramics - Jill Leslie Furst
Over 240 color photos plus additional b&w photos and illustrations forms the basis for this ethno-historical study of this little-known culture and their pottery. The book an the collection are comprehensive, bringing to work wondrously creative work. paperback reg $25 SPECIAL $15

The Mud-Pie Dilemma - John Nance
First published in 1978, this is the original edition of this book and we have all the remaining copies. John Nance brings us a moving account of Tom Coleman s struggles, efforts, and rewards while preparing for a major exhibition. See how he tries to  weave a life of creative commitment with economic survival.  This is a sweet book in both appearance, feel, and content. You will really enjoy owning this first edition. hardcover reg. $40 SPECIAL $12

New Clay: Techniques and Approaches to Jewelry Making- Nan Roche
How to work with the new kinds of  polymer  clays-fimo, sculpey, etc. Technique, projects, firing. Also useful information on mixing colored clays. Reg. $25 SPECIAL $12.50

Oaxacan Ceramics, Traditional Folk Art By Oaxacan Women - Lois Wasserspring
Profiles of six of the most renowned artisans who live and work in villages near the city of Oaxaca. Their exuberant, whimsical creations range from the fantastic to the religious, including mermaids, angels, Zapotec creatures, figures of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, vases, candle holders, and decorative plates-all finely crafted and distinctly colored. Oaxacan Ceramics paints an extraordinary portrait of a vibrant culture and its art. paperback reg. $19 SPECIAL $10

Objects For Use: Handmade By Design NEW PRICE!! - ed. Paul Smith
A tribute to a geographically an culturally diverse group of nearly 200 American craftspeople whose work epitomizes the collaboration between function and beauty. A wonderful variety of wares and media with a significant selection of clay. 2 introductory essays focus on the role of craft and design in contemporary life. Artist profiles, statements, and bios. 336 pages, 10"x12". hardcover reg. $75 SPECIAL $25.00

Of Earth and Fire - Maud Girard-Geslan
This is a handsome catalog of the T.T. Tsui Collection of Chinese Art in the National Gallery Of Australia. Extensive and detailed descriptions accompany lovely full page color photos of the pots and sculptures. The 31 pieces span the neolithic period to the 18th century. paperback reg. $25 SPECIAL $12.50

Overglaze Imagery: Cone 019-016 - CSU MUSEUM
This is a catalog that complimented the exhibit at the California State University Art Gallery in late 1977. There is a forward by Garth Clark and the photos are both in black and white as well as color. A great deal and must-have for any serious surface decorator. paperback reg. $25 SPECIAL $7.50

Palissy Ware-KATZ, LEHR
243 full color photos provide the first comprehensive account of the 19th century French followers of Bernard Palissy. Striking, intriguing work, brilliant colors.
Hardcover reg. $120.00 SPECIAL $60.00

Persistence of Craft - Paul Greenhalgh
A collection of essays from artists, historians, and philosophers from around the world that explores some of the most important and provocative issues involving crafts. Included are discussions on post-modernism, tradition, ethnicity, the avant-garde, museums, and craft literature. A very handsome book filled with color photos that is intelligent and thought-provoking. reg. $55 SPECIAL $20

Portuguese Palissy Ware - Marshall Katz
This is a wonderful book attesting to the far reaching influence of Bernard Palissy. Showcased here is ware produced in the town of Caldas de Rainha between 1853 and 1920. Included is a history, background information on Bernard Palissy, technical information, makers marks, and more. The detailed text is accompanied by 159 outstanding color photos of some of the finest work made. This book is an outstanding value. hardcover reg. $75 SPECIAL $40

Predynastic Egyptian Pottery- KAPLAN
This is an exhibition catalog from a show at California State University in late 2006 and early 2006. The photos are great; full color shows the red and black wares well. A deal for anyone interested in historical pots. paperback reg. $30, SPECIAL $13.50

Revolution, Life and Labor: Soviet Porcelains 1918-1985
Deborah Sampson Shinn
83 pieces, with many in full color, present the Ludmilla and Henry Shapiro collection of the Cooper Hewitt Museum. Extensive introductory essay, explanatory notes, chronology of Soviet history, and detailed descriptions of the wares make this a very fine catalog. paperback SPECIAL $7

Robert Turner: Shaping Silence-Marsha Miro, Tony Hepburn
An outstanding book on one of our most important and influential potters and teachers. Personal history, intimate thoughts and perspectives, analysis of his work, insightful commentary, and much more make this a must read for anyone interested in the potters that have helped to shape our craft. Hardcover Reg. $45 SPECIAL $22.50

Rookwood Pottery Identification and Value Guide - Nick and Marilyn Nicholson, and Jim Thomas
Photos, estimated values as of 2002, and a few notes on possible condition issues for bookends, paperweights, and animal figures from the Rookwood Pottery. Hardcover Reg. $25 SPECIAL $12.50

Russell Wright: Creating American Lifestyle - Donald Albrecht, Robert Schonfeld, Lindsay Stamm Shapiro
Essays on the dinnerware, furniture, appliances, and buildings of Russell Wright and how they defined American culture from the 1930s onward. Wright was a master of creating unified spaces for simple, modern living. As much a designer as a potter, this book explores his legacy. Color and historical black and white photos. 165 pages
Hardcover Reg. $35 SPECIAL $18

Safety In The Ceramics Studio-Jeff Zamek
The author of  What Every Potter Should Know , takes a sensible, practical, professional, and expert view on health and safety. Loaded with important and useful information, this book should be in your library and will become an essential reference.
Paperback Reg. $22 now hear this.........SPECIAL $9

Salt-Glaze Ceramics-Rosemary Cochrane
Lavish color photos with well organized and written text make this new addition to the bibliography on salt glazed pottery a welcome and useful one. History, technical information including kilns, firing, glazes and decoration, artist profiles and much more.
Hardcover Reg. $50 SPECIAL $25.00

Scandinavia: Ceramics and Glass in the Twentieth Century - Jennifer Opie
From the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum. A survey of works, mainly collected from 1930 to 1960. Includes a history of the region, particularly of the divisive impact of WWII. Work from this region is often pigeon-holed stylistically. The museum has made a particular effort to represent artists working in a variety of styles. Black and white photos. 181 pages. Paperback Reg. $30 SPECIAL $15

SHUNZHI PORCELAIN 1644-1661: Treasures From An Unknown Reign
Michael Butler and a distinguished team of writers have collaborated on a lavish catalog documenting the exhibition of the same name. 87 exquisite pieces are illustrated in georgeous color and b&w photos. This is a high quality publication and the works are breathtaking. A great opportunity at this price. paperback reg $40 SPECIAL $22

Skilled Work, American Craft In The Renwick Gallery
Curator Kenneth Trapp presents an impressive selection of craft objects from the collection in clay, metal, fiber, glass, and wood. Interesting and provocative essays introduce the objects that are accompanied by descriptive captions. Included are artist bios. A very nice book! hardcover reg. $45 SPECIAL $25 paper reg. $30 SPECIAL $16

Southeast Asian Ceramics FROM THE COLLECTION OF Margot And Hans Ries
The catalog of the exhibition in the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, 1989. Extensive text introducing the collection and the culture and history of the wares. 114 photos with 20 in color, maps and line drawings.paperback reg. $28 SPECIAL $15

Figurative sculpture using terracotta. Full color photos. Excellent instruction. This is a very useful, well done, and popular book! paperback reg. $20 SPECIAL $10

Traditional Pottery Of Papau New Guinea-MAY, TUCKSON
The most comprehensive survey ever of the traditional pottery of Papua New Guinea. Clay preparation, pottery formation, and firing techniques are interwoven with information on the functions of the pottery and the various approaches to decoration. Detailed descriptions of the pottery and legends about the origins of the clay and potmaking. regular $65, SPECIAL $32.50

Vietnamese Ceramics, A Separate Tradition - Jon Stevenson and John Guy
The first definitive study of the Vietnamese ceramic tradition in any language. Over 500 illustrations with 422 in color. 422 pages, detailed historical text, and contributions by 7 other scholars including Louise Allison Court. A big beautiful book.
hardcover reg. $125 SPECIAL $87.50

Warren MacKenzie, Potter, Warren MacKenzie, Teacher
A very nicely done book chronicling a retrospective exhibition held at the University of Minnesota in 1989 spanning over 40 years. Works by 16 of his former students comprise the balance of the show. Informative and insightful essays compliment the show. paperback reg $30 SPECIAL $20

Women Potters, Transforming Traditions- Moira Vincentelli
A look at female pottery traditions around the globe. The archaeological record, gender roles, and interviews with current women potters. Very interesting on multiple levels. Hardcover Reg. $40 SPECIAL $20

Yemini Pottery, The Littlewood Collection - Sarah Posey
63 page handbook exploring this centuries old pottery tradition. A survey of the potters, their techniques, and the types of pottery. 42 b&w and 8 color illustrations. Based on the collection in the British Museum.
Paperback Reg. $15 SPECIAL $7

William Morris Tiles: The Tile Designs of Morris and His Fellow-Workers -MYERS, Richard and Hilary, 1996, cover & dustjacket dented, $45.00 no discount