Limited Edition and Rare Books

Betty Woodman
Janet Koplos, Arthur C. Danto, Barry Schwabsky
This beautifully produced retrospective of Woodman's work includes several essays, and a timeline of her career in clay. The diversity of her forms are represented, from pillow pitchers to large installations, on 277 pages of color photos. The richness of color, pattern, and line is lovingly captured in this beautiful book. This book is recent and is in print. However, there are two editions of this book available. The standard trade edition is a lovely hardcover as described above. In addition, we have a VERY limited number of special copies. These are the same book but published in a limited edition of 125 copies. Each is housed in a hard, cloth covered slip case, and is numbered and signed by Betty Woodman. Included with each book is an original signed and numbered litho woodblock print by Betty. The print is protected with a plastic sleeve and removable for proper framing. This is a unique opportunity to acquire both a signed book and original art work by this major contemporary artist.
Regular trade edition $60. Special Limited Edition $350. 

Ceramics by Picasso, Vol 1 & 2   SOLD OUT
Photos by Eric Baudouin, Text by Marilyn McCully
Very few copies of this limited edition were printed and they were sold quietly and without fanfare. It is now out of print and very hard to find. This is a magnificent monument to Picasso's extensive work in clay. The first volume in this slip-cased set presents an in-depth look at Picasso's life in the studio and an intelligent exploration of his work by well-known author and Picasso expert, Marilyn McCully. Historical photos are interspersed with the text, as well as full-color, full-page plates of his work. There are 583 pages in volume one. Volume 2, 93 pages, contains plates of pages from Picasso's sketchbooks, including several pages of beautiful line drawings of bulls, as well as an index to the plates in volume 1. This index is keyed to thumbnail pictures of the work, and includes the forming and decorating techniques used, and the date each piece was produced, for easy reference. The two books in the slipcase are 12"x12", 3" thick and weighs 14 pounds! We have seen this museum-quality edition sold for $500. This is one of the most magnificent books I have ever seen. 
We have a one copy available for $375.00. 

Ceramics By Picasso
Forward by Suzanne and Georges Ramie
Not to be confused with the book described above, this is an exceedingly rare portfolio of 18 ceramic plates (including the cover plate) by Picasso. Published by Skira Art Books in 1950 and published again in 1955, the book is 11" x 15". Each plate is photographed in color and is set on a single side of an individual page. The pages are separate in portfolio style and each is suitable for framing. In addition, there is a full page photograph of Picasso with some of his ceramic work. The forward is insightful and informative. If you are fan of Picasso this is a very special book that would be a wonderful addition to your library. Both editions are identical except for the pages on which the photos are mounted. In the 1950 edition the pages are plain. In the 1955 edition the pages have drawn vertical and horizontal lines framing the photos.We have three copies of this book in stock.
COPY 1: 1955 edition. There is some minor damage at the top and bottom of the spine and though it has the original glassine protective cover, the glassine has a few tears. However, except for some minor yellowing at the edges of the paper, the pages are in excellent condition and the photos are mint. The photo of Picasso is missing. $175.
COPY 2: 1955 edition. The original glassine cover is intact and there is no damage to the covers. Pages show some age though yellowing and the title page has some minor spotting due to age. Other wise this copy is in excellent condition with mint quality photos. $195.
COPY 3: 1950 edition. There is some very minor damage to the top and bottom of the spine. The glassine cover is almost totally intact. The pages show some yellowing but are in excellent condition. The photos are in mint condition. $210

The Art Of The T'ang Potter
Mario Prodan
A very nice book published in 1961 by Thames and Hudson and The Viking Press. 12 1/2" x 10" hard cover covered in beige cloth, 186 pages, 34 color and 120 b&w photos. There are six chapters organized by theme, a bibliography, list of color plates, and index. There is extensive text throughout. The photos are lovely and the book is quite handsome. The dust jacket is present and in good condition save for a few tears and small missing pieces. It is covered by a protective mylar library sleeve. This will make a fine addition to your library and will make excellent reading and reference material. $100.

World Ceramics: An Illustrated History
edited by Robert J. Charleston
Originally published by Hamlyn Publishing Group in 1968, this is a recent reprint that is also out of print. Care was taken to preserve the original feel and texture and the result is a well done edition. 13 1/2"x 10 1/2", 352 pages. There are over 1000 b&w photos and 64 color plates. The text is comprehensive, extensive, and detailed with contributions by 20 leading experts in ceramic history and culture. If you are looking for a book of this nature, you should consider seriously consider this one. $70.

Japanese and Oriental Ceramics
Hazel H. Gorham
A wonderful book published in 1971 by Charles E. Tuttle Company, this is a first edition, second printing in practically new condition. The dust jacket is almost mint and has been protected by a mylar cover. The book overs all the popular wares and some not so familiar. It's primary focus is on the ceramics of Japan with some writing dedicated to Korean and Chinese wares. Individual potters and pottery families are profiled and the author shares many details and insights from her personal experiences and travels. There are 256 pages and 286 illustrations in the form of detailed b&w prints and line drawings. This is a book crammed with information and will keep you reading for many many hours. $40.

Art Of The Far East
Hugo Munsterberg
A comprehensive presentation and survey of the arts of China, Korea, and Japan. Though ceramics dominates, there is substantial representation of bronze, wood, textiles, precious metal work, architecture, painting, and more. The author was a recognized expert on the art of Eastern Asia and spent his life studying, collecting, teaching, and writing. This is a truly lovely and handsome book. Published in 1968 by Harry N. Abrams, it is 264 pages with 115 b&w and 122 color photos. The book is in excellent condition including its dust jacket and has a mylar protective cover. Another very desirable and enjoyable book. $50.

Chinese Ceramics From Japanese Collections
T'ang Through Ming Dynasties
Siezo Hayashiya and Henry Trubner
A sweet book published in 1977 for the exhibition that originated at the Asia House Gallery in New York. It subsequently traveled to Seattle, Forth Worth and San Francisco. Two well written essays by the authors introduce Chinese ceramics and the collection followed by over 80 b&w and color photos with detailed descriptions of the wares. This is a very lovely hardcover book. This copy has its dust jacket and is in virtually new condition. 135 pages, 10"x9". $30.

Old Gods and Young Heroes
The Pearlman Collection of Maya Ceramics
Michael D. Coe
Photographs by Justin Kerr
Published in 1982, this is the fourth book on the Mayan pantheon and iconography by author Michael Coe. He illuminates the detailed layers of ceremony depicted on funereal vessels, effigy pots, polychrome plates, and other ceramic objects. Justin Kerr uses his specially developed roll-out camera to produce color photographs that unwrap the designs from around the pots, allowing the viewer to follow the pictoral narrative around the pieces. Fascinating. Black and white and color photos. 127 pages. $45

St Ives 1939-64: Twenty Five Years of Painting, Sculpture and Pottery
The Tate Gallery
A lovely little book on all the artists of the town over 25 years. At the same time that the war drove many surrealists overseas to New York, St Ives was colonized by a large group of abstract avant-gard artists. Includes maps, poems, color plates, black and white photos of artists with their biographies, a chronology of the town history, one chapter on the St Ives Pottery, and one on ceramics in St Ives in general. Published in 1985 by The Tate Gallery. Wonderful and hard to find. 248 pages. Paperback. In very good condition. $50

Style Trends of Pueblo Pottery, 1500-1840
H. P. Mera
A sought after reprint of the 1939 classic from the "Memoirs of the Laboratory of Anthropology" series. In addition to the complete and unfooled-around-with original manuscript, the 1991 edition also includes a forward by Bruce Bernstein and an introduction by Jonathan Batkin. Plates are in black and white with a color drawing below showing the entire design as it continues around the pot. Particularly interesting details stem from the history of the site where each olla or bowl was found. A detailed discussion of the decoration of each piece and a profile view accompany the pictures as well. Scrupulously researched. One copy available, in excellent condition. $30.00. Paperback.

The Trojan War: Sculptures by Anthony Caro
Lund Humphries
Published in 1994 in conjunction with the London exhibition of the same name. Caro's 38 ceramic and steel sculptures represent the major characters from the epic tale, from gods and goddesses to prominent Achaians and Trojans. Pictured here in full-color, full-page plates, they radiate strength and presence. Essays by Julius Bryant and John Spurling fill in the story as well as the history of representation of The Trojan War in art. Fascinating and difficult to find. A great book for history lovers as well as those interested in ceramics. 88 pages. Paperback. Excellent condition. $30

Out of Print Books

American Indian Pottery: An Identification and Value Guide 2nd Ed. -BARRY, J., 1984, out of print, fair condition, This book houses 200 pages of color photographs of American Indian potters, as well as the names of the potters and a brief description of where they came from. There are pots pictured here from most Native American tribes, from all over the United States.  $30.00 no discount

American Stoneware -KETCHUM, William C., 1991, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. This book is organized regionally giving a brief history of stoneware from all fifty states. Contains over 100 color photos. $50.00 no discount

Andalusian Ceramics in Spain and New Spain: A Cultural Register from the Third Century B. C. to 1700 -LISTER, Florence and Robert, 1987, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact The title says it all. A historical and archeological study of Andalusian Ceramics that contains black and white photographs, illustrations, a chronology, glossary and index. $40.00

Art & Craft of the Tile -FANNING, Janis & Mike Jones, 2001, UK ed., sold in US as Handcrafted American Tiles, good condition, dust jacket intact. This introduction to tile making and decorating describes the most common materials and techniques used in tilemaking and gives illustrated step-by-step instructions for 30 projects. $25.00

Art Deco Tableware: British Domestic Ceramics 1925-1939 -SPOURS, Judy, 1988, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. This history of British Art Deco ceramic tableware covers over 100 factories and includes color photographs of over 150 designs. $38.50

Arts and Crafts Pottery and Ceramics -WISSINGER, Joanna, 1994, out of print, good condition, dust jacket torn. A slim 64-page volume containing 75 color pho
tographs of Arts and Crafts objects both original and contemporary. $15.00
Artist's Guide to Firing Pottery -MEMMOT, Harry, 1989, 3 copies, fair condition. A comprehensive guide to firing techniques which includes illustrations, drawings, graphs, tables and a glossary. $20.00
Australian Porcelain A Fine Art: Porcelain Art in Australia Today, Book 3 -BRADFORD, Tricia, 1986, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. An index of Australian potters working in porcelain. $15.00

Ceramic Art of Japan: One Hundred Masterpieces from Japanese Collections -SEATTLE ART MUSEUM, 1972, Introduction by Henry Trubner, out of print, good condition. Catalog for an exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum with photographs of each piece and 30 color plates. $30.00

Ceramic Sculpture: Methods an Processes -KENNY, John, 1953, out of print, 2 copies. Copy 1: fourth printing 1959, fair condition, dust jacket worn, $25.00 Copy 2: tenth printing 1974, good condition, dust jacket intact. A guide to handbuilding sculptural forms including step-by-step photo illustrations and 4 pages of color plates. $25.00

Ceramics: An Illustrated Step-by-step Guide to Creating and Enjoying Pottery -ROY, Vincent, 1959, good condition, dust jacket intact. A beginners guide to ceramics covering all basic methods and possibilities with over 750 black and white illustrations and 8 pages of color plates. $20.00

Charles B. Hoyt Collection, Volume II-THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON
1972, multiple copies available, excellent condition, includes slipcase, $30.00

Chinese Stoneware Glazes- GREBANIER 
Two copies available of this title. Copy 1- This copy is a first printing and in very good condition. No problems with binding, a few stains on front cover and some wear marks on the dust jacket. $65.00. Copy 2- second printing, no dust jacket, library stickers on inside of front cover, library stamp on edge of pages, minimal writing in pencil on a few pages, otherwise good condition. $35.00

Clayworks; Colorful Crafts Around the World -FOWLER, Virginia, 1987, out of print, 2 copies, dust jacket intact. An brief guide to making pottery at home in a home oven with 31 projects based on classic styles from around the world. $15.00

A Collector's Guide to Modern Australian Ceramics-MANSFIELD, Janet, 1988, 1st printing, out of print, excellent condition. Black and white and color photographs of work by potters and ceramic sculptors from Australia. Includes work by Greg Daly, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, Janet Mansfield, Bruce Anderson, and many others. Hardcover, dust jacketed. 128 pages. $50.00

Complete Book of Pottery Making -KENNY, John B., 1949, 19th printing, out of print, fair condition. Book includes copious illustrations and step-by-step photographs for handbuilding, wheel, and slipcasting techniques and 4 pages of color plates. $25.00

Connoisseur's Guide to Chinese Ceramics -BEUREDELEY, Cecile and Michel, good condition, dust jacket wrinkled, $40.00

Corean Pottery-HONEY, hardcover, good condition with some markings from library circulation; stamps and name in ink on front cover page, checkout card and sticker on back inside cover. Many black and white photos inside. $40.00

Crafts of the Modern World -SLIVKA, Rose, ed., 1968, out of print, 2 copies: Copy 1, fair condition, dust jacket intact, $25.00 Copy 2, fair condition, dust jacket torn, $25.00

Discovering Pottery -MEMMOT, Harry, 1972, dust jacket intact. One of Australia's leading potter's introduces the joys of making pottery through text and copious black and white photographs. $10.00
Early Canadian Pottery -WEBSTER, Donald, 1971, out of print, dust jacket intact. The first fully documented study of Canadin pottery including 16 color and over a hundred black and white photos and a glossary. $55.00

Edo Craftsmen: Master Artisians of Old Tokyo -JUDGE, Thomas F., 1994, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. Photographic documentary on the master craftsmen still at work in the shitamachi area of Tokyo.$ 30.00

Folk Kilns I- MIZUO, 1981. This volume focuses on the Honshu area. Hardcover and large in size. About 20 pages of info and about 20 pages of large, full color photos. Some identifying marks as an old library book- small sticker with decimal number blacked out on front and back cover, wear and markings on inside cover from envelope being removed, markings and wear from due date tag on inside back cover. Mark on copyright page. All pages are clean and in great condition. $60.00

Folk Kilns II- OKAMURA, 1981. This volume focuses on Kyushu, Shikoku, and Okinawa. 
Hardcover and large in size. About 24 pages in info and 20 of large, full color photos. Some identifying marks as an old library book- small sticker with decimal number blacked out on front and back cover, smudges of marker on front cover, wear on inside cover from envelope being removed, markings on inside back cover. Mark on copyright page. All pages are clean and in great condition. $60.00

Glass: Material in the Service of Meaning -GLOWEN, Ron and Levin, Kim, 1992, good condition. Book published in conjunction with and exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum which includes 2 essays, bios on the exhibitors, and color photographs from the exhibition. $5.00

Glazing techniques -CHAVARRIA, Joachim, 1998, used, good condition. A review of glaze types and glazing techniques with color photos, glaze recipes, and step-by-step instructions -- 63 pages. $8.00

Hagi- KAWANO, 1983. This book on the Japanese style has 20 pages of large, full color photos and about 24 pages of info, including the history and techniques of Hagi, and a map of kiln sites. Hardcover and large in size. Some identifying marks as an old library book- small sticker with decimal number blacked out on front and back cover, wear on inside cover from envelope being removed, markings and wear from due date tag on inside back cover. Mark on copyright page. All pages are clean and in great condition. $60.00

Health Hazards Manual for Artists -McCann, Michael, 1985, 3 copies, good condition. 100 pages that might save your life! This is the 3rd revised and augmented edition of this well-known and trusted manual. $5.00

How to Make Pottery -SANDERS, Herbert H., 1974, fair condition, dust jacket has slight tears. This clear, easy-to-follow introduction to making pottery has 280 black and white photos in 144 pages. $10.00

How to Work in Stained Glass -ISENBERG, Anita & Seymour, 1972, out of print, 2 copies, good condition, dust jackets intact. An excellent primer for the beginning stained-glass artist that includes a description and history of the medium and a section on repair; includes 4 pages of color plates and numerous black and white photos. $15.00

Italian Maiolica: Catalogue of the Collections -HESS, Catherine, 1988, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. Photos and descriptions of the J. Paul Getty Museum's Italian maiolica holdings. $50.00

Keramos _KRIWANEK, Franz F., 1970, out of print, fair condition. In the words of the author, this slim volume presents the necessary technical know-how of pottery making within . . . a humanistic context." $20.00

Kiseto and Setoguro-FURUKAWA, 1983, good condition with dust jacket, some wear from library circulation;remnants of sticker on dust jacket spine, stamp on inside cover page, stamps and checkout pocket on inside of back cover. hardcover, $70.00

Made in Sweden -NOTINI, ANJA, 1987, good condition, dust jacket intact. A volume of brief interviews with 50 Swedish artists with copious color phtographs of their work. $35.00

Making Pottery without a Wheel; Texture and Form in Clay -BALL, F. Carlton and Lovoos, Janice, 1965, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. Amply illustrated review of handbuilding techniques with dedicated chapters on surface textures, preparing pots for the the kiln, and glazing includingPublish Post 39 glaze recipes. $25.00

Mary Rogers on Pottery and Porcelain -ROGERS, Mary, 1979, fair condition, dust jacket lacking. Rogers describes her approach to form and handbuilding techniques using black and white photos of her works. Also contains 8 pages of color plates. SOLD, Please contact us if we can help you find another copy.

Mingei Japanese Folk Art from the Brooklyn Museum -MOES, Robert, 1985, out of print, $25.00

Modeling a Likeness in Clay: Step-by-step Techniques for Capturing Character -GRUBBS, Daisy, 1982, 2 copies, good condition: Copy 1 -dust jacket has a small tear, $20.00 Copy 2 -torn dust jacket, $15.00

New Ceramics -LEWENSTEIN, Eileen and COOPER, Emmanuel, 1974, 1st Ed., fair condition, dustjacket torn, $45.00

Nineteenth Century Pottery and Porcelain in Canada -COLLARD, Elizabeth, 2nd Ed., 1984, 2 copies, good condition, $35.00

Oriental Glazes- WOOD
Part of the Ceramic Skillbooks series, two copies available, both from 1978. Copy 1-$35.00, Very good condition, some marks and yellowing on pages, dust jacket in good condition other than some discoloration from light. Copy 2-$30.00, Very good condition, small tear with tape on dust jacket, some discoloration from light.

Potters' View of Canada: Canadian Scenes on Nineteenth Century Earthenware -COLLARD, Elizabeth, 1983, good condition, dustjacket intact, $25.00

Pottery: Form and Expression -WILDENHAIN, Marguerite, 1966 (enlarged ed., 3rd printing), out of print, good condition, dustjacket intact, $28.00

Pottery: Form and Expression -WILDENHAIN, Marguerite, 1959, out of print, good condition, $25.00

Pottery: Materials and Techniques -GREEN, David, 1967, out of print, fair condition, $20.00

Pottery: Raku Technique -LYNGAARD, Finn, 1970, out of print, fair condition, $10.00

Pottery and Ceramics, Van Nostrand Reinhold Manual of -HAMILTON, David, 1974, out of print, fair condition, dustjacket intact, $25.00

Pottery in the Making -LUNN, Dora, 8th Ed., 1967, out of print, fair condition, dustjacket torn, $3.00

Pre-Columbian Ceramics from Ecuador -LOWE ART MUEUM, out of print, 3 copies, fair condition, $6.00

Prehistoric Japanese Arts: Jomon Pottery-KIDDER, 1968, missing original dustjacket, good condition, a bit marked from library use, stamp and pencil writting inside front cover pages, checkout pocket and stamp on inside of back cover as. $130.00

Professional Potter -SHAFER, Thomas, 1978, fair condition, dustjacket intact, $30.00

Raised in Clay: The Southern Pottery Tradition -SWEEZY, Nancy, 1994, 2 copies: Copy 1 -dented, p12.00, Copy 2 -damaged, $15.00

Richard Slee: Ceramics in Studio -HOUSTON, John, 190, slight cover damage, $12.60

Shino- KURODA, 1984. Discusses the history of this wonderful glaze. About 20 pages of info and 20 pages of large, full color photos. A large hardcover. Some identifying marks as an old library book- small sticker with decimal number blacked out on front and back cover, smudges of marker on front cover, wear on inside cover from envelope being removed, wear and markings on inside back cover. Mark on copyright page. All pages are clean and in great condition. $60.00

Shino and Oribe Ceramics-FUJIOKA, 1977. Good condition with some wear from library circulation. Two stamps on inside of front cover, remnants of a sticker on spine of dust jacket as well as a small tear. Hardcover, b&w and color photos, $50.00

Southeast Asian Ceramics: Ninth through Seventeenth Centuries-FRASCHE, Dean, 1976, out of print, good condition, dustjacket intact, $35.00

Stoneware & Porcelain: The Art of High-Fired Pottery -RHODES, Daniel, 1959 1st Ed., out of print, 2 copies, fair condition, $25.00

Stoneware & Porcelain: The Art of High-Fired Pottery -RHODES, Daniel, 1959 1st Ed., out of print, fair condition, $20.00

Technique of Sculpture -MILLS, John, 1965, good condition, dustjacket intact, $30.00

Tempest in a Teapot: The Ceramic Art of Peter Shire -DROHOJOWSKA, Hunter and KLEIN, Norman, 1991, 2 copies, good condition, $25.00

Terracotta: The Technique of Fired Clay Sculpture -MALMSTROM, Margit and LUCCHESI, Bruno, 1996, 2 copies, slight damage, $10.00

Tile Art: A History of Decorative Ceramic Tiles -RILEY, Noel, 1987, good condition, dustjacket intact, $30.00

Tin-glazed Earthenware: From Maiolica, Faience and Delftware to the Contemporary -CARNEGY, Daphne, 1993, out of print, good condition, dustjackets intact, $30.00

Tonita Pena: Quah Ah 1893 - 1949 -GRAY, Samuel, 1990, new, $10.00

Typically Australian: Porcelain Art in Australia, Book 2 -BRADFORD, Tricia, 1985, good condition, dustjacket intact, $15.00

Using the Potter's Wheel -CAMPBELL, Donald, 1978, out of print, signed by author & photographer, good condition, $25.00