Eastern Pottery

Ancient Jomon of Japan-HABU $30.00
From the Case Studies in Early Societies Series. The author presents new analysis of archaeological data from the Jomon period in Japan. Habu examines the subsistence, crafts, and trade of this prehistoric hunter-gatherer society. A scholarly and academic work.

Appreciation of Zisha Teapots-ed HUPING $85.00
A survey of teapots from the collections of the Nanjing Museum, the Mai Foundation, and recent excavations. Detailed descriptions and large color photos of each handbuilt, saggar fired teapot. Over 100 pots with simple, clean lines.

The Art of Chinese Ceramics- READER'S DIGEST EDITORS $30.00
This book is a large hardcover and is full of color photos of the collection of the Palace Museum in Beijing. Works are laid out in chronological order, starting with primitive work and continuing through the dynasties, and the information is historical with little technical info being mentioned. Imperial kilns and porcelain schools are also discussed. At well over 200 pages, this book is a deal at its price.

Beauty Of Chinese Yixing Teapots and the Finer Arts Of Tea Drinking- SIEW OUT OF PRINT

Blanc de Chine, The Great Porcelain Of Dehua- BLUMENFELD $75.00
A beautiful museum quality book presenting the brilliant white porcelain wares of Dehua, capital of the Fujian Province in SE China beginning in the mid 13th century. A detailed study with crisp, sparkling photos that bring the wares to life.

Book of Tea-KAKUZO slip cased edition $19.00
If you are new to the Tea Ceremony this is the first book you should read. It was written expressly for American readers. This is a very nice gift item.

Book Of Tea,The Illustrated Classic Edition-KAKUZO $27.00
A brand new presentation of this classic volume. Larger format, a sprinkling of lovely photos and illustrations, and an informative and well written introduction and forward. Now there are two wonderful editions of this book to choose from.

Bridging East & West, Japanese Ceramics From The Kozan Studio OUT OF PRINT

Bright as Silver, White As Snow: Chinese White Ceramics from the Late Tang to Yuan Dynasties-LO $65.00
Five illuminating essays accompany selections from the Kai-Yin Lo collection of wares from the late Tang to Yuan Dynasties. 59 beautiful color photos, numerous other photos, line drawings, and maps make this is very handsome book.

Ceramics From The Orient-TESKE $40.00
90 superb examples of ware from the Gemeentmuseum in Holland. Pieces span the 2nd to the 17th century century and are from the Middle and Near East including Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Turkey. 96 color photos with text in English and Dutch.

Ceramics Of SE Asia, Dating And Identification, 2nd Edition-BROWN $50.00
Very detailed study of the wares of Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Khmer, Guangdong, Sukhothai, and more. Color and b&w photos, extensive text covering history, methods, culture, trade, and so much more.

Chado: The Way Of Tea-SANMI $40.00
Published in 1960, this classic study is now available in English. An almanac and encyclopedia of tea, this book includes traditional poetry used during the tea ceremony, reflective short essays, vignettes of festivals and formal occasions, and much more. This is a unique volume with contents not included in any other book on tea, written by one of the most renowned tea masters of the 20th century.

Cha-No-Yu, The Japanese Tea Ceremony-SADLER $22.00
See The Japanese Tea Ceremony: Cha-No-Yu

Chanoyu, The Urasenke Tradition Of Tea-SEN $60.00
Brings understanding of the way of tea up to date for the contemporary western readers. Written by the 15th generation grand master of the Urasenke Tradition.

Charm Of Dark Red Pottery Teapots-JINGDUAN $80.00
Of great interest to collectors of Yixing pottery, a collection of contemporary and ancient wares. All color photos with two short essays introducing the pieces. Over 300 illustrations Imported from 

China! PRICE REDUCTION!!previously $125.

China: Contemporary Ceramics-ed LU PINCHANG $35.00
251 works in all color photos by contemporary ceramic sculptors in China. The pieces represent a range of styles, firing techniques, and surface treatments. An interesting look at the ceramics of China today. Brief bios with portrait photos are included.

Chinese Ceramic Cultural Sites: A Traveler s Handbook-ZHOU, ZENG $25.00
This book makes a handy starting reference for anyone planning a trip. Organized by province, it introduces the reader to museums, old kiln sites, ceramics organizations, and markets with a pottery focus. Information on public transportation, websites, and hours of operation. Packed with places to visit.

Chinese Ceramics, A New Comprehensive Survey-LI $95.00
A massive book from Rizzoli. 850 outstanding illustrations with 704 in color follow wares from the Neolithic period to the early 20th century. This museum quality book with scholarly and aesthetically detailed and extensive text bring the history and culture of Chinese ceramics to life and give you years of reading enjoyment.

Chinese Ceramics in the Ashmolean Museum $8.00
A handbook by Mary Tregear written as a guide to the museum's collection of Chinese ceramics but functions equally well as a general introduction to Chinese ceramics. 42 pages, b&w photos.

Chinese Ceramics in the Collection of the Rijksmuseum-JORG $95.00
High quality book with close to 400 color photos covering the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Detailed descriptions of the wares and text explaining the history of the collection. 351 heavy pages. A handsome book.

Chinese Potter-MEDLEY $25.00
At last, a reprint of this classic study. Extensively detailed, offering a practical history of Chinese Ceramics. Technical analysis, function, culture, etc. A very important work

Chinese Tea Culture-LING $14.00
A brief history of Chinese tea culture including historical tea vessels, types of tea, and social customs relate∞d to tea drinking. Some pictures. Put the kettle on and relax.

Chinese Works Of Art, Yixing Teapots no disc, sorry! $125.00
Hardcover, slipcased edition imported from The Chang Foundation in China. Short but very informative essay gives historical background to the 107 color photos of the wares. Captions describe each piece with the maker and other pertinent information. An extremely lovely book.

Collections Of The National Palace Museum, Taipei
These four books are absolutely exquisite. 10"X10"hardcover and slip cased with hundreds of beautiful full page color photos. All have descriptive as well as historical text and are in Chinese and English. These are all out of print and once sold out are gone!
Ch ing Dynasty Emperors Porcelain $75.00
Ch ing Dynasty Enamelled Porcelain $95.00
Monochrome Porcelain Of The Ch ing Dynasty $50.00 SOLD OUT
Sung Dynasty Kuan Ware $75.00
Ting Ware White Porcelain $75.00 SOLD OUT

Chinese Yixing Teawares: From the Collection of the Mai Foundation $150.00
An incredibly beautiful book with wonderful cultural tidbits tucked in amongst the descriptions of the wares. The largely unadorned surfaces of these pots bring attention to the harmonious forms. A well-translated essay on the significance of Yixing Teawares prefaces the gallery of pots. There are 154 pots, each in a full page glorious color photo. 9"x12", 443 pages.

Ching-Te-Chen-TICHANE $40.00 OUT OF PRINT
A very useful book chronicling the history and technology of Chinese porcelain. 10 major sections including a translation of parts of Chaing Chi s  Memoir Of Porcelain Manufacturing  from 1322. 100 b&w photos, maps and additional illustrations.

Classic Japanese Porcelain: Imari and Kakiemon-NAGATAKE $35.00 OUT OF PRINT
95 color photos with excellent explanatory text.Published again by Kodansha one of the worlds foremost art book publishers.

Classic Stoneware Of Japan: Shino And Oribe-MURAYAMA $35.00 OUT OF PRINT
Comprehensive, kiln by kiln survey of Shino and Oribe ware. Over 150 color photos, 25 b&w photos and drawings, and highly informative text covering the history and techniques of each, bring the beauty and significance of these works to the forefront.

Dark Jewels: Chinese Black and Brown Ceramics from the Shatzman Collection- ACKLAND ART MUSEUM, $25.00
This book is filled with color photos of pots that are simply stunning. This collection of over seventy pieces given to the Ackland Art Museum at University of North Carolina. Hare's fur and oil spot glazes are just a few of the wonderful and rich types of glazes filling these pages. A must have for any lover of Asian ceramics.

Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave – HILL $12.00
Dave was an extraordinary artist, poet, and potter living in South Carolina in the 1800s. He combined his superb artistry with deeply observant poetry, carved onto his pots, transcending the limitations he faced as a slave. In this inspiring and lyrical portrayal, National Book Award nominee Laban Carrick Hill's elegantly simple text and award-winning artist Bryan Collier's resplendent, earth-toned illustrations tell Dave's story, a story rich in history, hope, and long-lasting beauty.

Dawn of the Yellow Earth: Ancient Chinese Ceramics from the Meiyintang Collection-Krahl $40.00
This catalogue of pre-Han pottery presents a variety of regional ancient cultures and reveals China's early civilizations through 63 fine examples of ceramic artworks from the Neolithic period through the Western Zhou dynasty drawn from the renowned Meiyintang Collection. Clearly outlining the different regions and characteristics of the ceramic-producing cultures of ancient China, this volume includes information on newly excavated materials and discussion on how these Neolithic and Bronze age cultures laid the foundations for China's later artistic and cultural achievements.

Dictionary of Chinese Ceramics, A- QINGZHENG $150.00
English translations of Chinese ceramic terms. Lots of information makes this more of an encyclopedia than a dictionary. Pictures of different forms, potters marks, decorative motifs...Information on materials, techniques, kilns, kiln sites and factories, famous Chinese potters...Over 300 pages, beautiful, a wealth of knowledge.

Early Ming Porcelain $30.00
Also from the National Palace Museum, Taipei, 20 color and 117 B&W photos showcase 73 pieces representing a variety of the museum s collection. English-Chinese

Earth Spirit Fire, Korean Masterpieces Of The Choson Dynasty $40.00
Edited by Claire Roberts and Michael Brand, beautifully produced containing wares from the National Museum Of Korea, Ho Am Museum, and a number of other smaller museums. Color, full page photos accompanied by descriptive text follows an introduction to the wares and the history in four well written essays that include technical info.

Earth Transformed, Chinese Ceramics In The MFA Boston $40.00
A lovely volume offering 79 ceramic objects beautifully photographed in full color along with detailed and extensive entries for each. An introductory essay presents the collection and a timeline, glossary, and kiln map round out this wonderful book.

The Elephant and the Lotus: Vietnamese Ceramics in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston- TRUONG $85.00
A beautiful hardcover book that highlights over 200 pieces of the museums collection, the largest of its kind in North America. Nearly 300 color photos beautifully show the humble elegance of these wares. The book begins with an introduction including the significance of the works to the country, and how it was influenced by Chinese ceramics. Each individual piece also has the "how" and "why" explained. This stunning book would make a wonderful addition to your book case.

Emperor Qin and his Terracotta Warriors- WEIMIN, $20.00
An amazing book for anyone interested in this eighth "Wonder of the World". Includes a history on Qin himself, distinctions on weapons and garments, and even tips for visiting the area. A very complete source of information.

Fired Earth, Woven Bamboo: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics and Bamboo Art – TODATE $24.00
The blossoming of contemporary crafts in Japan that began in the twentieth century is rooted in a long and rich tradition of exquisite design and technical accomplishment. Featuring some 100 works by close to 60 artists, Fired Earth, Woven Bamboo showcases the range of creative approaches in Japanese ceramics and bamboo art beginning in the postwar period and focusing on the past three decades. Some artists choose to break out of the bounds of vessel shapes to create wildly sculptural forms, whereas others choose to pursue individual expression through more nuanced approaches. All engage in dialogue with their materials as well as with traditional forms, functions, and techniques. The works that spring from their hands--delicate or monumental, humorous or spiritual, rustic or sophisticated--testify to the vitality of the contemporary crafts movement and to the marvelous variety of artistic achievement it has fostered. Enhanced with historical and biographical essays by a leading expert on Japanese crafts, Fired Earth, Woven Bambooprovides a fascinating tour of contemporary ceramic and bamboo arts in Japan as well as an introduction to the riches of the Mary Ann and Stanley Snider Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Fired With Passion: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics-LURIE, CHANG $60.00
A lavish, oversized volume beautifully presenting the work of post 1945 Japanese pottery. Excellent introductory essays place the work in historical context while well written, down to earth text describes and explains the work of the potters illustrated. Over 50 artists are included in breathtaking color photos. This is a magnificent book that will keep you captivated for a long time. If this interests you get this book now as it is the kind of publication that is often not reprinted once it is sold out.

Five Thousand Years Of Chinese Ceramics from the Robin and R. Randolph Richmond Jr. Collection $30.00
100 significant works from this wide ranging collection are illustrated. Neolithic (4000 BC) to the Yuan Dynasty (14th century). From the exhibition at the New Orleans Museum Of Art. 144 pages, 123 color photos.

Folk Potters Of Japan-MOERN $45.00 OUT OF PRINT
An engaging study of a small pottery community in southern Japan and how they struggle in the face of production, marketing and the aesthetics of  mingei . Will give you a deep understanding of the connection between culture, art, craft, and society.

Handbook of Korean Art, Earthenware and Celadon $18.00
Young Sook Pak and Roderick Whitfield have written an excellent pocket handbook survey of significant Korean pottery. Descriptive text, time-line of events, map of kiln sites, and an index of popular decorative motifs. 279 pages, 238 color photos.

Handbook of Korean Art, White Porcelain and Punch'ong Ware $18.00
A pocket guide to Choson dynasty white porcelain and punch'ong ware. Discusses the history of these styles, their ties to Confusionism, and the variety of decorative and forming techniques employed. 311 pages, hundreds of color photos.

Handmade Culture: Raku Potters, Patrons, and Tea Practitioners In Japan-PITELKA $55.00 $29.00
The first history of raku we've seen published. The world has been waiting. Well-done. Comprehensive, scrupulously researched, but easy to read. Black and white photos.

Helen D. Ling Collection Of Chinese Ceramics-KUO $30.00
98 pieces of wonderful everyday wares from this fabulous collection. Extensive descriptions and interesting essays chronicle the collection and its fascinating history.

I-Hsing Teapot Painting by 10 Shanghai Masters-Wai-hung $25.00
This album brings together Shen Zhi-yi's collection of 71 I-Hsing teapots featuring paintings by ten Shanghai masters of the 1980s. Shen's efforts have brought new life to the art of teapot painting after a long period of silence. These teapots are indeed outstanding art pieces, and collaborative works of painters, potters, carvers, and rubbing makers. The ten Shanghai masters are: Zhu Qizhan, Wang Geyi, Guan Liang, Zhang Dazhuang, Lu Yanshao, Tang Yun, Xie Zhiliu, Cheng Shifa, Chen Peiqiu, Liu Danzhai.

Inside Japanese Ceramics-WILSON $20.00
Historical text, pottery making, tools, kilns, firing, the studio. Color, b&w photos, drawings, maps. A wonderful book of technical, historical, and cultural information.

Inspired Design: Japan s Traditional Arts-DUNN $85.00
An exploration of what makes Japanese design in traditional arts so unique. Objects are described and illustrated examining their historical and social context. Uniquely grouped by what they are made of: animal products, vegetable products, and products from the earth. Ceramics occupies the major portion of this huge and magnificent book. Over 250 color photos with extensive text and detailed descriptions of the work.

Japanese Crafts-DURSTON $30.00
A guide to the best of today's crafts and crafts people of Japan. Included is a list of craft associations, craft centers, museums, showrooms, and villages. Over 90 craft forms are explained, illustrated and discussed in detail.

Japanese Pottery Handbook; Revised Edition-SIMPSON, KITTO, SODEOKA $20.00 
First published in 1979, this quickly became a go-to book for anyone interested in Japanese pottery. Now the authors have added new material and illustrations as well as giving the book a more modern and refreshed look. A delightful book translating all kinds of pottery terminology and reference terms in Japanese and English. Great to have in your library and fun to read.

Japanese Studio Crafts-FAULKNER $50.00
A lovely volume by the Deputy Curator of the Far Eastern Collection at the V&A Museum. 120 color photos with a significant portion dedicated to clay illustrates the wide ranging work in wood. lacquer, fiber, dyeing, weaving, glass, metal, jewelry, baskets, and bamboo.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony: Cha-No-Yu, -SADLER $22.00
Formerly titled Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremony. Now with a new forward and a selection of color photos, this is the first and arguably the most comprehensive study of the tea ceremony in the English language.

Japanese Wood Fired Ceramics-LANCET, KUSAKABE $45.00
see the TECHINCAL section for a description

Jiurutang Collection $150.00
A museum in hardback form! Organized chronologically and by type of ware. Lots of interesting historical and cultural information and beautiful color photos. Neolithic to the Yuan period. Painted, glazed, proto-celadons, black wares, porcelains, white wares...

Kindred Spirits-SPRIGG et. al $40.00
An intriguing study of the similarities between Japanese and American Shaker craftsmen. See the work side by side in 111 color photos.

Korean Ceramics-IKUTARO $35.00 OUT OF PRINT
This is a beautifully handsome book on the pottery from the Museum Of Oriental Ceramics in Osaka is available again. Itoh Ikutaro is a foremost scholar of Korean ceramics. Each of the 48 pieces are represented by a left side full page color photo, with extensive descriptive text on the right hand facing page. Numerous smaller b&w and color photos augment the book.

Later Ceramics In SE Asia, 16th to 20th Centuries-HARRISSON $95.00
Sequel to Oriental Trade Ceramics (see below) 220 pgs, 4 maps, 79 color, 168 b&w photos.

New Perspectives On The Art Of Ceramics In China $25.00
7 leading scholars offer fresh views and discoveries. Detailed cultural analysis and descriptions. Interesting info on the technology of Chinese ceramics. Good quality b&w photos. From a 1992 exhibition at the L.A. County Museum Of Art.

Modern Japanese Ceramics: Pathways of Innovation and Tradition-CRUEGER, CRUEGER, ITO $25.00
A fascinating look at the history, techniques, and characteristics of contemporary Japanese ceramics. The book is divided between production techniques by well-known artists, kilns in different prefectures, and tracing the history of ceramics through the ages. Many color pictures of beautiful work. 327 pages including a glossary of pottery terms in Japanese. Excellent.

Ode To Japanese Pottery: Sake Cups and Flasks $50.00
The author Richard Yellin, a well known writer on Japanese art and culture, takes a loving look at the humble sake cup and the culture surrounding them in Japan. A book that is as much about slowing down and taking a long look at our lives as it is about pots. Lovely color photos. A precious book, sensitively written. A good read.

Of Earth And Fire-GESLAN $25.00
A presentation of bronze, clay, stone, and enamel on copper from the T.T. Tsui Collection of Chinese Art in the National Gallery Of Australia. Wares from the Neolithic period to the Qing dynasty are covered. 31 color photos.

Oriental Porcelain-JORG $25.00
A varied selection of 56 Chinese and Japanese wares from the Boymans-van Beuningen Museum Collection in The Netherlands. Detailed descriptive and historical text accompanies each piece in both Dutch and English.

Porcelain Stories From China To Europe-EMERSON et al $50.00
A fascinating collection of wares and text illustrating the history and development of porcelain from ancient China to the factories and elaborate work in Germany, France, and throughout Europe. Thoroughly engaging stories and narratives tell the tales and keep us turning page after page. Lovely color photos. A very handsome book.

Potters of Japan: Another Look at the Timeless Art of Nine Families- GEISINGER, $27.00
This book revisits the potters in the Peeler video "Potters in Japan". After a handful of decades had passed since the film was made, the author visited these Japanese Potters who influenced him so much while he was a student and teacher viewing the Peeler film. While not terribly in-depth on any particular potter, this book is very interesting in that it essentially picks up where the Peeler film left off; changes in work, methods, and materials, and the craft being passed down through the generations in a family are discussed. A wonderful item for anyone who enjoyed the "Potters in Japan" film. See the video section for more info on the Peeler film.

Qin Terracotta Army: Treasures of Lintong-WENLI $25.00 $30.00
Available again, full color illustrations and detailed captions and text provide a significant overview and guide to this magnificent discovery of over 7,000 terracotta soldiers and horses, and countless bronzes.

Qingbai Ware: Chinese Porcelain Of The Song & Yuan Dynasties $75.00 OUT OF PRINT
Edited by Stacey Pierson, the first comprehensive study of these wares from the 11th-14th centuries. Over 125 pieces illustrated in dazzling color along with scholarly essays from distinguished contributors. 269 color photos, 17 line drawings, map and bibliography in a museum quality, slip cased volume.

Quiet Beauty, Fifty Centuries Of Japanese Folk Ceramics From The Montgomery Collection-MOES $40.00
A stunning catalog of the exhibition. Big, thick, and juicy, 125 color, and 40 b&w photos with 4 maps and 4 kiln drawings in 256 pages.. The work spans the years 3000BC to 1985 and contains some of the finest examples of Japanese folk ceramics ∞ever assembled. The text contains a study of the wares in their historical context as well as information on forming, decorating, glazing, and firing. Decorative motifs are interpreted in the lengthy and well written text. This is a must have!!

Shaped With A Passion, The Carl A. Weyerhaeuser Collection Of Japanese Ceramics from the 70's 
Beautiful catalog of the exhibition. 124 pieces are illustrated in full color. Three essays including one by Louise Allison Court place the collection in context. A fantastic assembly of work. From the Art Complex Museum.

Shigaraki, Potters Valley-CORT $60.00 OUT OF PRINT
Out of print for some time and now available again! An intimate and detailed account of the history of Shigaraki ware. This is a massive, beautiful, and very important book written by Louise Cort, one of the most important scholars of world ceramics. 428 pages, 52 color and over 300 b&w images.

Shiwan Ceramics-SCOLLARD, BARTHOLOMEW $38.00 $28.00
100 figurines and vessels from the Chinese Song Dynasty to the present. 164 illustrations, 131 in color. Wonderfully colorful and imaginative wares.

Art history, archaeology, and technology of Song Ceramics. Looks at new archeological work at the Ru and Guan kilns. Also includes new analysis of old research. Very interesting. Many photos, a few in color.

Song Dynasty Ceramics-KERR $55.00 OUT OF PRINT
A long awaited survey celebrating the beauty of these ceramics and telling the stories of their making. 120 color photos newly comissioned just for this book. A quality publication from the Victoria And Albert Museum.

The Tea Ceremony-TANAKA $28.00
Available again, this is one of the finest books on the subject. It is a clear and comprehensive look at the sources and inspiration of the ritual. This new edition is rewritten, contains updated text, and all new photos including over 75 stills of the tea ceremony itself. A beautiful book.

Tea In Japan, Essays On The History Of Chanoyu $25.00
Editors Paul Varney and Kumakura Isao have assembled 10 essays on many aspects of the tea ceremony. Facinating.

Tea Life Tea Mind-SOSHITSU SEN XV $12.50
Small handbook covering the basic tea ceremony; information, history, philosophy, and chronologies of the artists are included. Text is in Japanese and English.

Traditional Ceramics of Southeast Asia-SHIPPEN $27.00
Wonderfully done, Comprehensive survey of the present day potters of Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, and Myammar. Covers the work, society, and history of the individuals and communities. Clay preparation, forming, firing methods, and more are shown and discussed.Full of color photos, an essential read on the subject.

Traditional Crafts of Porcelain Making Jingdezhen $32.00
A wonderful technical resource. Traditional production pottery techniques with detailed descriptions and step-by-step photo sequences. Includes instructions for team-throwing extremely large pieces, and decorating and firing techniques. 275 pgs with every page packed with color photos.

Treasures Of Imperial Japan-IMPEY, FAIRLEY $25.00
97 wares from the Khalili Collection are illustrated in full color. An essay on the Meiji Period begins the book.

Treasures of Japanese Ceramics $24.00 see Yakimono, 4000 Years.......

Turning Point: Oribe and the Arts of Sixteenth Century Japan-MURASE $65.00 $40.00
The catalog from the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. Essays by leading scholars and catalog entries present outstanding examples of the works and the contexts in which they were created. 340 pages, 230 illustrations, 202 in color.

2001 International Clay Art Exhibition Awards, Yixing, China $22.00
Catalogue of 144 pieces chosen for the 2001 exhibition. Stunning work from around the world. Pieces deemed to be of note have captions in English.

Unknown Craftsman-YANAGI $35.00
Back in print is this truly classic book on aesthetics and the significance of handmade objects in society. A very important and  must have  book.

Visiting The Mino Kilns-BARRISKIL $48.00 OUT OF PRINT
A translation of Arakawa Toyozo s book on Mino Pottery. Toyozo is credited with the revival of shino wares. 139 color plates, invaluable text.

Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers-KOREN $15.00
Well conceived writing on the quintessential Japanese aesthetic.A handsome book that is interesting to read and very understandable.

Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence- JUNIPER $13.00
Another book on the Japanese aesthetic. Expands on the tea ceremony, Zen Buddhism, modern art, and philosophy. Picks up where Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Koren left off. Many lovely visual examples also.

Yakimomo, 4000 Years Of Japanese Ceramics-TAKAMASA et. al
The pre-publication title of this book was Treasures of Japanese Ceramics. From the Honolulu Academy Of Art comes this presentation celebrating 120 years of Japanese immigration to Hawaii. From the earliest Jomon wares to contemporary pottery. 80 ages, 100 illustrations, 90 in color. Text in English and Japanese.

Yixing Dark Red Pottery Teapots-JINGFEN et.al $50.00 OUT OF PRINT
This is hard to describe and categorize. It is a clothbound book of Chinese postage stamps all illustrating Yixing teapots. There are color photos in the book but it is the actual stamps and first day covers contained that make this unique, collectible, and lovely to read. Lengthy descriptions accompany the pots. A fantastic gift item.

The Yixing Effect: Echoes of the Chinese Scholar-SWEET $40.00
The author, one of the foremost experts on Yixing Pottery, has painstakingly assembled a history, survey, and critical study of this unique ceramic art form. Included is an insightful and informative essay by William Sargent on Yixing ware and its influence on early European ceramics. The focus of the book is the work of 59 outstanding American ceramists working in the Yixing style. They are represented by images of their work and personal statements. 156 high quality color photos, extensive notes, and bibliography. A must have for those interested in Yixing ware.

Yixing Pottery, The World Of Chinese Tea Culture-ARTS OF CHINA $13.00
A pocket handbook for collectors and admirers of Yixing teawares. Includes historical pieces as well as contemporary work and short artist biographies. Nicely formatted.

Yixing Purple Clay Ware-BAIQUAN $135.00
Comprehensive catalog of 201 pieces from a variety of museums, institutions, collectors, and the Yixing Purple Sand Factory. Primarily wares of the Ming and Qing dynasties with modern pieces as well. Beautiful full page color photos, detailed descriptions with potters and factory marks, and an introductory chapter full of important historical, cultural and technical information make this a one of a kind book.

Yixing Teapots For Europe-VALFRE

A brand new book that has come to my attention as this catalog is in production. I have not seen it yet nor do I know the price. call for more information! UPDATE 1/10. This was published in France but never became available in the USA and is now out of print.