31 Thorpe Rd. Needham, MA 02494 USA     Phone: 781-449-7687     Fax: 781-449-9098      Email: PottersShop@aol.com   Hours: Mon, Tues 12-6; Wed, Thurs 11-5; Friday 10-4

The Potters Shop & School is the only pottery facility in the Boston area that offers true independent and unlimited studio access and use without having to enroll in a class. Resident Studio Membership requires that you have enough clay experience to work independently at forming and glazing your work. If you lack experience in other areas; clay recycling, firing, glaze preparation, use of specialized equipment, etc, don't worry, all new members are given a studio orientation that includes an introduction to, and instruction in the use of all of our equipment as well as studio processes and policies. Qualifications for Non-Resident Studio Membership is outlined below. We also offer free studio-member only monthly workshops on diverse topics to help you hone your skills and learn new techniques. Studio members need only provide their own basic hand tools. The Potters Shop & School is not a cooperative. Studio members have no studio responsibilities other than cleaning up after themselves and being good citizens respectful of other members; their individuality, their work, and their belongings. Resident Studio Membership is not to be treated as short term. A minimum commitment of six months ( two quarters) is required. We do offer a One Month Trial Membership so you can give it a try. See the membership options below.

  • The studio is an open, shared work space. There are no individual or private spaces or exclusive shelf space. 
  • Studio members supply their own clay which can be purchased here or can be brought in from elsewhere. Clay recycling is also an individual's responsibility. 
  • Studio members are responsible for their own firings. Members will often cooperate with each other to share kilns.
  • Firing fees are based on an hourly rate for the use of each kiln. Studio glazes are included in the firing fee. Current fees are posted in the kiln room.
  • Our kilns can be fired to cone 10.
  • The studio provides a wide variety of cone 6 and Raku glazes that are included in the firing fees.
  • Our extensive stock of raw materials is available to our studio members for mixing their own glazes. Materials fees apply.

 Studio Membership

Please call or email with any questions. A membership registration form can be downloaded here

Membership Options

  • Key to the studio for 24 hour unlimited access
  • Individual cubby for the storage of tools, etc.
  • Instruction in and use of all equipment, systems, and procedures
  • 50% member discount on firing rates
  • Access to our complete stock of raw materials for mixing your own glazes (cost of materials is additional)
  • 20% discount on purchases of clay,, books and videos,, and most tools
  • Eligibility to display and sell work in our gallery and participate in open studios and other events (gallery commission applies)
  • Participation in free member-only workshops and demonstrations
  • Registration priority for workshops that are open to the general public
  • Participation in our monthly, member only Raku firings (firing fees additional)
  • Library borrowing privileges (books, videos, and DVDs)
Unlimited Access Resident Member Fee-$210/monthly, $575/quarterly, $2,075/yearly. A $50 key deposit is required of which $40 is refunded upon the return of your keys.

  • All of the unlimited access benefits EXCEPT for a key and 24 hour access.
  • Access and studio use is unlimited but available only during open business hours Monday 12-6, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11-5, Friday 10-4. Closed for major holiday's.
  • NOTE: We are closed Friday when we go to our summer hours for July and August. We also close for two weeks prior to Labor Day and reopen after Labor Day. This impacts limited access.
Limited Access Resident Member Fee-$160/monthly, $425/quarterly, $1540/yearly

For those currently enrolled in our adult classes who wish to have additional studio access, we offer a special Potters School Student Membership. Student Membership includes a student discount on firing rates and does not include a cubby for personal storage. All other member benefits as listed above are included. The member fee is in effect during the quarter in which the class is in session.

UNLIMITED ACCESS RESIDENT MEMBER: $415 quarterly regularly $575

LIMITED ACCESS RESIDENT MEMBERSHIP: $315 quarterly regularly $425

We offer a special Family Membership for two or more members of the same family for our Unlimited Access Resident. Limited Access Resident, and Potters School Student Member categories. Each member is entitled all of the benefits in either category. The only restriction is that Family Members must share the same bag of clay, slip recycling bucket, and cubby. 

Fee: First Family Member- full membership fee. Each additional Family Member-50% discount. NOTE: The Family Membership discount does not apply to Trial Studio Membership.

Not sure whether this is the studio for you? We offer a trial membership for potential new members. All requirements for membership apply. Trial Studio Membership includes all of the Unlimited Access Resident Membership benefits including 24 hour access.

Trial membership is for one month only, for new members only, and is a one time offer per member. NOTE: The Family Membership discount does not apply to Trial Studio Membership.

Trial Membership Fee-$190. A $50 key deposit is required of which $40 is refunded upon the return of your keys.

Non-Resident Membership is designed for potters with their own work places, and would like to be part of our clay community: use of our library, access to our free member-only workshops, eligibility to show your work in our gallery, discounts on books, videos, and tools, participation in our monthly Raku firings (firing fees apply), member rates for firing, access to our extensive stock of raw materials, and more. Non-Resident Members must be fully experienced in, and comfortable with the use of glazes and glazing procedures if you are going to utilize our glazing facilities and spray booth.. 
  • all of the privileges of Limited Access Resident Membership except for studio use and use of studio equipment other than glaze room, glazing equipment, kilns, and the photo studio.
  • option for studio access is available. Please inquire.
Non Resident Member Fee-$165 annually 

Occasionally a Non-Resident Member my may find access to our studio necessary for a particular project or to use pieces of equipment not otherwise available to them, Non-Resident Members may opt for 3 months (not necessarily contiguously) over the course of the year when they may upgrade to full Unlimited Resident Membership for that month. This is available only to fully paid Non-Resident Members and only for 3 months out of the year. The upgrade for each of those months is $195. This does not include a cubby. 

Of course if you want to switch your membership to Unlimited or Limited Resident Member, this does not apply. This also does not apply to our Resident Members who opt to pay on a monthly basis for their quarter. We extend that payment option for those who find monthly payments easier to manage financially.