Apprenticeship in Craft-WILLIAMS $10.50
Different apprenticeship situations, interviews with craftsmen, etc. How apprenticeship fits in with our modern society and how it applies to the craft student.

Art Business Encyclopedia-DUBOFF $30.00 $20.00
Over 300 pages of legal and other aspects of business practices for all artists. More than you may need, but why not have it all at your fingertips? This is not a how-to of setting up a business but a resource book to help you identify and answer questions.

Artist Beware-McCANN $25.00
This is an essential tool for all artists, craftspeople, and teachers. Covers all areas of health and safety including first aid procedures. An absolute must!

Artists Complete Health And Safety Guide, 3rd Edition $25.00
Monona Rossol has completely revised and expanded her classic book covering all aspects of health & safety including ventilation equipment, govt regulations and the latest health discoveries. Rossol is a recognized expert in the field.

Artists Communities-KUNITZ $17.00
A directory of residencies in the US for artists and craftspeople. Descriptions and complete information.

Arts And The Internet-SHIVA $19.00 OUT OF PRINT
Explores selling, promoting, exhibiting, and creating artwork on the net. Covers a variety of subjects. Well done.

Basic Guide To Pricing Your Craftwork-DILLEHAY $13.00
Demystifies the conundrum of pricing. Very down to earth and helpful.

Basic Guide To Selling Arts And Crafts-DILLEHAY $15.00
Good handbook on getting started in marketing your wares. Very comprehensive and, well conceived and friendly style.

Basic Guide To Selling Crafts On The Internet-DILLEHAY $17.00
All the help you need to get started tapping into the internet sales market.

Business And Legal Forms For Crafts, 2nd Edition -CRAWFORD $30.00
The only business forms book tailored to the specific needs of craftspeople. 30, ready to use forms and checklists to fill every need. Included is a CD-ROM with electronic versions of each form for you to copy, modify and customize. This is a great resource.

Business Of Art-CAPLIN $33.00 $17.00
Very complete covering a myriad of areas including business forms, copyright, agreements, lawyers, contracts, etc.

Business Of Being An Artist-GRANT $20.00
A load of useful, interesting, and provocative stuff . I recommend this highly for anyone whose craft 

Business Of Crafts-BORRUS $22.00
Complete guide to marketing crafts including a brief history of American crafts, identifying markets, pricing, promotion, and much more. Very well presented.

Craft & Craft Shows, How To Make Money-KADUBEC $17.00
Devoted to the craft show venue. Loaded with tips, advice, instructions and general good information to help make your show efforts successful.

Crafting As A Business-Rosen 2nd edition! $25.00 Limited stock then OUT OF PRINT
Excellent manual covering all of the basic areas surrounding doing your craft as a business. Interviews with craftspeople, gallery owners, pricing, marketing, etc.

Creating a Successful Craft Business-ROBBINS, ROBBINS $20.00
Contains homework assignments and checklists to whip right-brainers into organizational shape. A good place to start researching your options. Lists other resources for further study.

Creative Careers in Crafts-SAGER $20.00
Profiles of craftspeople in a variety of mediums discuss individual educational and career paths. This book also includes discussion of the evolution of the crafts markets over time, different educational opportunities and special programs for young crafters.

Directory Of Grants For Crafts-DILLEHAY $20.00
Useful resource for individuals as well as schools and institutions. Directory listings, how to write grant proposals, using the internet, finding local grant sources and more.

Guide to Getting Arts Grants-LIBERATORI $20.00
A writing guide for those who are shy about selling themselves. The author also discusses general career development for artists, such as creating a strong portfolio.

Health Hazards Manual For Artists-McCANN $13.00
Fully revised and expanded, this popular book is now in it s fourth edition. Very complete study covering all craft and art areas.

How To Sell What You Make-GERHARDS $15.00
Excellent handbook covering all the basics of marketing. Simple yet professional approach to this intimidating subject.

Keeping Claywork Safe And Legal-ROSSOL $18.00
Very simple yet complete handbook on health and safety. Adapted from her award winning book  Artists Complete Health And Safety Guide.

Law (In Plain English) For Crafts-DUBOFF $19.00
New 5th edition, this guides you through pertinent laws relating to every aspect of crafts business including copyright, liability, consignment, taxes, and more. Excellent!

Organizing For The Creative Person-LEHMKUHL $14.00
A variety of approaches to organizing style, time management, paper organization, etc. for us right brainers!

Photographing Arts, Crafts, and Collectibles-MELTZER $25.00
A good introduction to digital photography for people from the age of 35mm film. The author covers equipment, camera settings, photo editing and more. This book is geared toward the professional artist taking photos for show cards, websites, gallery entries, and the portfolio.

Potters Beware-PERRY $13.00
Popular handbook distributed by the New Zealand Society Of Potters. Very useful table of the most popular materials and their toxic effects.

The Potters Professional Handbook- Steven Branfman $30.00
The newest book from the author of the best selling Raku: A Practical Approach, this book addresses the multitude of questions surrounding the practice of your craft at the next level. Business, marketing, studio design, teaching, philosophy, lifestyle, and more. It s all here. No matter what your  next step  is, Steven s book will help you get there. Lots of photos and drawings too. Easy and fun to read. Enclose a note for an autographed copy!

Running A Workshop-PRICE $25.00
From the Crafts Council in the UK comes this basic guide to establishing your business and operating your studio. Lots of good information and very useful.

Safety In The Ceramics Studio-ZAMEK $22.00 See Specials!
The author of  What Every Potter Should Know , takes a sensible, practical, professional, and expert view on health and safety. Loaded with important and useful information, this book should be in your library and will become an essential reference.

Selling Art without Galleries-GRANT $20.00
Some artists shoot straight from school to selling millions in New York galleries. Author Daniel Grant has put together a very helpful resource for the rest of us. He has canvased hundreds of artists about their exhibition and sales techniques. Most encouraging is hearing all the stories of what didn't work for someone, and what they are now successfully doing instead, from brochures, to art dealers, to open studios, to hanging work at the library, to ads in magazines...

Selling Your Crafts-SAGER $19.00
Excellent book covering all the important business practices, profiles of individuals, and more. Very well written for the craftsman and not the  weekend crafter.

Setting Up A Pottery Workshop-YOUNG $25.00
This is the new edition of this fine handbook. General overview of the concerns and issues in putting together a workplace. Good ideas in the areas of planning, equipment, materials handling, kilns, business issues, and a visit to 14 potters studios. A good start for those setting up for the first time.

Setting Up Your Ceramic Studio-SCOTCHIE OUT OF PRINT

Stayin Alive-HOPPER $22.00 OUT OF PRINT
Robin Hopper and friends bring us years of experience to help you transform your pottery making into a career. Tons of advice and tips, intriguing anecdotes and stories.

Small Scale Photography-BRAIN PRESS $35.00
Very comprehensive manual to photographing 3-D work providing all you need to know from equipment to film to developing and more. See the Video section for the companion video. Together they make a great instructional pair.

Toxicology: Ceramics, Glass, and Metallurgy - BASTARACHE $53.00
A compilation of all the information currently available about the toxicity and hazardous effects of over 60 chemicals commonly used by potters, glass artists, and metal workers. Each chemical is identified by it's chemical formula and common names. Uses and emission sources, preventative measures, exposure controls, fire-fighting measures, and accidental spill clean-up are covered, as well as signs of poisoning, effects on pregnancy, and the effects of long-term exposure. A must have for any professional potter, teacher, or studio manager.

Writing The Artists Statement-GOODWIN $20.00
An intelligent, encouraging, and supportive book that helps break down your creative endeavors and helps you better understand your own knowledge of what your art and creativity is all about. This is an enlightening work that will allow you to frame your own statement with inspiration, substance, and elegance.