Tiles and Mosaics
Art Noveau Tiles c.1890-1914-FOWLER, HARVEY $50.00
The authors, internationally recognized experts on ceramic tile, have assembled a dazzling collection of work from the major makers and factories as well as lesser known makers and unattributed pieces. 191 pages, all color photos. A price guide is included.

Art Of Mosaic Design-LOCTOV, CLAGETT $30.00, $20.00
Inspiring collection of 42 contemporary artists featuring a range of works. Functional and non-functional art in a variety of materials.

Art Nouveau Tiles-VAN LEMMEN, VERBRUGGE $65.00
The first book to to examine Art Nouveau tiles from all over Europe as well as the U.S. History, technique, process, motif, and a chapter on collecting make this an essential resource for the designer, collector, and maker.

Art Of The Islamic Tile-DEGEORGE, PORTER $65.00 OUT OF PRINT
A brilliantly illustrated 280 page volume. A broad panorama of Islamic architectural decoration is drawn from Spain, North Africa, Turkey, Iran, and the Indian subcontinent. A lovely large format book that will not disappoint.

Art Tiles- LARK PUB. $13.00
This book is small in size and in price. Presented as to look like a tile, being 5"x5", you know you're in for something good. Similar to Larks' '500 Series' this book does not give instruction or include text beyond titles, artist's names, size, and materials. It does, however, deliver on inspiration. 200 pages are filled with full-color photos of many styles, techniques, and aesthetics. Perfect to toss into you bag and browse through while waiting in line at the store.

Barcelona Tile Designs- NAVARRO $20.00
Very similar to Havana Tile Designs. Same small comforting size, and includes a CD-ROM if all images included. The book begins with a very short intro of these hydraulic pressed tiles. Much more visual than informative. Rich colors enhance the beautiful designs, pegged as Modernismo, a local style based on Art Nouveau.

Ceramic Art Tile For The Home-GOLETZ $30.00
Exciting introduction to art tile. Hundreds of color photos of the best contemporary tile makers in the USA. Great ideas, resource index, and a directory of artists.

Collecting Victorian Tiles-LOCKETT $30.00
Detailed account of Victorian era tiles available to the collector. Well organized by subject matter, nearly 500 tiles are illustrated with all kinds of information.

Decorative Tile In Architecture and Interiors $30.00
Authors Tony Herbert and Kathryn Huggins bring us a magnificent volume of all color photos and informative, insightful text. Huge and thick!!!

Delftware Tiles-VAN LEMMEN $65.00
This lovely book is the definitive visual history of Holland signature decorative art. 224 pages, 195 full color photos.

Dutch Tiles In The Phil Museum Of Art-SCHAAP et al $23.00
Extensive catalog of the collection. Excellent historical and technical text with detailed descriptions of the tiles. An outstanding value in a book!

Encyclopedia Of Mosaic Techniques-BIGGS $25.00
Comprehensive guide to the art of making mosaics. Equipment, tools, materials, as well as step by step instruction for more than 25 mosaic techniques. Excellent all color photos.

English Tin Glazed Tile-HORNE $90.00
A catalogue of tiles, mainly from the 18th century with descriptions and historical information. A wonderful resource for the collector or design source for the potter. 800 illustrations, 16 color.

Essential Techniques & Classic Projects: Mosaics-SOLER $18.00
Complete basic handbook covering tools, safety, materials, and 20 projects chosen for their range of styles, methods, and applications. Well illustrated and written.

Extruder, Mold & Tile: Forming Techniques- TURNER $30.00
See Handbuilding and Sculpture section for description

Fired Earth, 1000 Years Of Tiles In Europe-DENNIS $40.00
Several excellent essays on tiles accompany an extensive exhibition in this lovely catalog. 178 pages, 524 tiles are shown in b&w and color photos.

Handcrafted Ceramic Tiles-FANNING, JONES $18.00
Very complete basic guide for the beginner to tile making. Well organized, good information, excellent illustrations


Havana Tile Designs- NAVARRO $20.00
A beautiful hardcover book in a small, comfortable size. Includes a CD-ROM of images contained in the pages. The book is nearly all images, but it does include a short introduction (in eight languages!) on the production of tiles in Havana. The images are boldly colored and designs show quite a bit of variety in styles. Complicated and delicate to organic to geometric. It won't take long for inspiration to strike after flipping through this one.

History Of Decorative Tiles-RILEY OUT OF PRINT

Hopi & Pueblo Tiles, An Illustrated History- MESSIER $15.00
Though Hopi and Pueblo vessels and figures are well known by collectors and potters, their tile work is relatively unknown. Tile work began in the late 19th century and continues today. This beautiful little book filled with color photos, covers the entire history including methods, commerce, influences, aesthetics, and more. You will be fascinated and it will add to your understanding of the legacy of Southwestern ceramics.

1000 Tiles: Ten Centuries of Decorative Ceramics-LANG OUT OF PRINT

Traditional Dutch Tile Designs-AGILE RABBIT EDITIONS $20.00
140 pages of dutch tiles in full color. Lots of blue and white floral designs, ships, and borders. Includes a CD-ROM of the images as well for professional quality use in webpages, wordprocessing, and design applications. Free to use, up to 10 images per application.

Islamic Tiles-PORTER $20.00
Lovely book covering tiles throughout the Islamic lands. Technical and historical info. 43 color, 71 b&w illustrations many from the British Museum.

Making And Installing Handmade Tiles-POZO $18.00
12 tile projects from trivets to tabletops to stepping stones. A wealth of practical information including basic tools, materials, forming techniques, glaze application, and site installation. All color, a very well done book.

Making Mosaics-DIERKS $25.00
All the basic techniques plus tools, supplies, detailed instructions, patterns, projects.

Mexican Tiles-COHAN $19.00
A colorful architectural tour of Mexico through the many ways tiles are used for function, and decoration. Over 125 color photos present classic as well as contemporary work. A beautiful presentation.

Mintons Tiles-BLANCHETT $20.00
Reproduction of the Mintons Tile Works (London) 1885 catalog. Brief history of technique followed by beautiful color illustrations. Great ideas!

Mosaic Book-VANCE, CLARK 25.00, $18.00
A wonderful complement to the potter s library. Brief historical account followed by 16 projects that illustrate a variety of mosaic applications. All color photos.

Mosaic Sourcebook: Projects, Designs, Motifs $23.00
Authors Paul Cooper and Paul Siggins bring us a lavish guide for beginners. Full explanation of tools and techniques, 50 striking motifs, and 8 projects for the home.

Mosaic Techniques And Traditions: Projects And Designs From Around The World-KING $35.00, $25.00
With over 500 full color images this book provides historical information on mosaics and mosaic-making traditions from around the world, extensive discussion of materials and design issues, in-depth technical instruction on the creation of mosaics as well as seventeen projects. Additionally, the book features a running gallery showcasing a variety of works by international, contemporary mosaic artists.

Mosaic Workshop-BIGGS, HUNKIN $25.00
More sophisticated than most, an excellent book. Following a brief history, each chapter focuses on a different aspect of design and technique. 200 color photos & 24 projects address color, layout contrast, texture, pattern, movement and the technical aspects of the craft.

Motawi Tileworks: Contemporary Handcrafted Tiles in the Arts & Crafts Tradition- O'DONNELL $30.00
In this book Motawi Tileworks, which started as a small family owned business in 1992 and blossomed into a leading craft tile producer, is under the microscope. Finished works as well as business practice are discussed. Many beautiful color photos are presented throughout to gaze at while reading the story of the studio, how it came to be, and how it functions. An interesting look at both the business and art side of a tile producer.

Portuguese Decorative Tiles-SABO,FALCATO $55.00 OUT OF PRINT
Lovely. 215 color photos of tiles in their architectural context. Complete captions, glossary and explanation of techniques make this practical as well as inspirational.


Setting Ceramic Tile-BYRNE $20.00
A thorough manual covering tile and ceramic installations of all kinds.

Tile Artist's Motif Bible-ATKIN $30.00 OUT OF PRINT
A must for those working with tiles and those wishing to expand their creativity into tile making. All color photos of 200 decorative designs with step-by-step instructions for making, decorating, and firing. Information on kilns, glazing, firing, tools, mold making, printing, glazes and clay body recipes. Hard cover and spiral bound, use it by your side in the studio.

The Tile: Making, Designing and Using-CLARK $55.00
A gloriously handsome book loaded with information, inspiration, technical advice and instruction, history, and more. Loaded with color photos. The author is a distinguished ceramist and a British national treasure!

Tile-HERBERS $35.00
Over 175 color photos from the US, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, & Turkey of tile around the home. Common and unusual installations and uses. Great ideas and inspiration.

Brightly illustrated, well written, covering the history and use of tile in a variety of decorative applications. Good suggestions, advice, and practical information.

Tiles: A Collectors Guide-VAN LEMMEN $22.00
Medievel through early 20th century examples are illustrated in numerous photos.

Tiles And Tilework-GRAVES $45.00
Beautifully illustrated and well written book covering the production and use of tiles in architecture and interiors from the Middle Ages to the present day. The vast collection of the V&A Museum is the basis for the book written by its Curator of Ceramics, Sculpture, Metalwork, and Glass. Hundreds of pictures in full color.

Tiles: Choosing Designing, & Living With Ceramic Tile $40.00
Comprehensive intro to the world of ceramic tile from a consumer's point of view. A zillion photos all in color, great for ideas on designs and installations.208 pages.

Tiles:1000 Years Of Architectural Decoration-VAN LEMMEN $60.00
The varied applications of tiles in Europe and America are brought to life through 266 full color photos. This book is of the highest quality-thick, glossy, and well written.

William De Morgan Tiles-CATLEUGH $25.00
Three essays and extensive descriptive text accompany over 250 of De Morgans tiles. He was one of the most important potters and designers of the Victorian era.

William Morris: Tiles-MEYERS $80.00
First comprehensive survey of the works produced by Morris & Co. Over 350 illustrations, most in color. A very nice clothbound book. Imported from the UK.