Decorating, Casting, and Moldmaking

A Glaze of Color, Creating Color and Design on Ceramics-DAVIES $19.00
A source of ideas on color theory and underglaze and glaze application techniques. The book specializes in the use of commercial glazes and underglazes of all types including brushing, trailing, sponging, masking, sgraffito, marbling, and more. The inspiration of the book comes from the "paint your own" craze but the information and instruction is sound and very useful for those who want to expand their use of these products. All color photos, well organized and well written.

Art and Technique Of Sumi-E-THOMPSON $20.00
The techniques and style of master Ukai Uchiyama. Well illustrated with many color and B&W photos. First published in 1960 and just recently made available again.

Ceramic Surface-OSTERMANN $50.00
A wonderfully handsome and well thought out book presenting a variety of approaches to using, treating, and decorating the surface of ceramic ware. A full spectrum of glazing, slip decoration, clay manipulation, painting, firing, atmospheres, clays, motif, design, and more, are explored in this visually exciting volume.

Ceramic Transfer Printing-PETRIE $30.00
This book focuses on ceramics and print in the context of transfers and decals. These can be done very simply, or in more sophisticated ways - it allows you for example to create your own screen print or take a photo and then create your own transfer or decal to place the image and fix it to the ceramic surface. Print (especially in this format) is being used extensively now, and this book will cover everything you need to know.

Ceramics and Print, 2nd Edition-SCOTT $29.00
Complete study of printing techniques on ceramics. 70 photos and a load of info.

Ceramics Class: Decorating Techniques-CHAVARRIA $17.00
Excellent basic handbook that covers a wide variety of methods for decorating ware in soft clay, leather hard, dry bisque, and after glaze firing stages. Impressions, textures, fluting, carving, resists, underglaze, sgraffito and much more! All color photos.

Ceramics Class: Molding Techniques-CHAVARRIA $15.00 OUT OF PRINT
Well done for the beginner to moldmaking. Tools, materials, template and prototype making are 
covered with instructions for waste, press, and slip cast molds. All color

Ceramics: Materials For Inspirational Design-LEFTERI $40.00
see the misc section for a description

Ceramics for Beginners: Surfaces, Glazes, and Firing- POZO $25.00
Written by well known potter Angelica Pozo, this title covers all there is to cover with clay newbies and their decorating pots. Giving a nice overview of what is possible, the book starts with a general "Getting Familiar" where potters will learn the basic do's and don't as well as safety. The fun starts from here. Chapters next up are Working with Clay Itself, Working with Slip, Working with Underglazes, Stains, and Oxides, Working with Glazes, and Post-Firing Techniques. The book ends with a section on kilns and firing, and recipes for the potter to use. Lark does it again, presenting possibilities in a very approachable, non-overwhelming way.

China Paint & Overglaze-LEWING $60.00
A groundbreaking book from one of the methods foremost experts. Paul Lewing has, for the first time, brought together the work of traditional china painters and contemporary studio potters and clay sculptors. Written for studio potters, Lewing covers all the bases; history, tools, equipment, mediums, solvents, application, kilns, firing, and safety. Well written and profusely illustrated in full color, this book will open up new avenues of surface and color.

China Painting Projects Around The World $20.00
Sheila Southwell brings us a variety of techniques from 9 countries. You may not like the motifs (they are a bit kitchy) but the info is good.

Clay Lover's Guide to Making Molds-CLAYTON OUT OF PRINT

Coloring Clay-CONNELL $26.50
From the Ceramics Handbook series. A good introduction to using colored clays. Includes a history dating back as far as ancient Egypt with photos and explanations of the historical techniques used. Health and safety concerns, a color guide to oxides and stains, sprigging, coiling, agateware, and neriage, nerikomi, and millefiori techniques. Of particular interest to some potters is a section of famous colored clay users and their specific techniques.

Decorative Techniques: Ceramics-ROS $20.00
A manual that offers basic clay forming instruction and methods followed by some excellent decorative techniques, ideas, processes, and methods. Clearly illustrated with color photos, well written text, and logically arranged. Beginners to intermediates.

The Essential Guide To Mold Making & Slipcasting-MARTIN $25.00
Brand new updated and revised edition of Martin's outstanding book Definitive Guide To Moldmaking & Slipcasting. Excellent and complete treatment of the subject with all color photos. Tools, materials, one and multiple piece molds, master molds, slip formulation, casting methods, and troubleshooting. Clear, easy to follow text with detailed instruction makes this THE book to get. Featured artists include Richard Notkin, Donna Polseno, Rick Hensley, Anne Kraus, and Tom Spleth 
with works by over 50 other contributing artists.

Extruder, Mold & Tile: Forming Techniques- TURNER $30.00
See Handbuilding and Sculpture section for description

Geometric Patterns-SOO $40.00
200 pages of Korean geometric patterns from the Onyang Folk Museum. A fantastic collection that will inspire you towards new decorative elements in your work.

Illustrated Dictionary Of Pottery Decoration $40.00
Robert Fournier has assembled over 450 entries and 700 illustrations from A-Z. Lengthy explanations that include historical as well as technical references. An invaluable source of information for all potters.

Image Transfer on Clay-WANDLESS $20.00
The world has been waiting for this book! Author Andrew Wandless gives a thorough presentation of techniques for printing and image transfer on clay. Topics include screen printing, light-sensitive emulsions, decals, monoprints, and direct prints. Detailed instructions for a variety of approaches and recipes for slips, engobes, and clay accompany each section.

Impressed and Incised Ceramics-MINOGUE $25.00
Lots of ideas for altering the surfaces of your ware. Plenty of photos and instruction.

Irma Starr Demonstrates The Lost Art of 17th Century English Slipware Pottery-STARR $25.00
The author is a recognized expert in the technique with work in major museums. The 78 page spiral handbook offers an introduction, overview, and detailed instruction in English Slipware techniques. The quality of the photos is disappointing but the historical and technical information is instructional and valuable. See also the video section.

Lettering On Ceramics-WHITE $25.00
Another in the Ceramics Handbook Series, this covers various methods and approaches to the use of letters and lettering as decorative elements on clay.

Maiolica-CARNEGY $27.50
Another in the Ceramics Handbook Series, this practical guide covers the essential steps of creating maiolica ware, from clay selection to glaze firing. Daphne Carnegy explains how to choose the right clay body, compose glazes, and use glaze application techniques such as brushwork, wax resist, decals, lusters, and enamels. Maiolica includes glaze recipes and a chapter on troubleshooting, as well as important health and safety information. Each procedure and concept is presented in clear detail, accompanied by color photographs and easy-to-read tables. In addition to providing how-to instruction, this inspiring book celebrates maiolica traditions as far back as ninth-century Mesopotamia. It also shares useful insights from many of the best artists working in the medium today. 100 full-color illustrations and instruction from one of the world's finest potters, this beautiful and useful book is an excellent choice for novice potters and ceramics teachers alike.

Making Marks: Discovering The Ceramic Surface-HOPPER $45.00
Prolific potter, teacher, and writer Robin Hopper has used all of his experience, insight, knowledge, and creative energies to bring us this wonderful book on the clay surface and the process involved in  making marks.  Over 300 photos of both historical and contemporary pieces show a multitiude of approaches, methods, aesthetics, and styles.

Mold Making for Ceramics-FRITH OUT OF PRINT

Mould Making-COLCLOUGH $22.00
Excellent handbook showing a variety of moldmaking techniques and types. Clear instructions and illustrations.

New Ceramic Surface Design: Learn to Inlay, Stamp, Stencil, Draw, and Paint on Clay – HATCH $16.00
New Ceramic Surface Design is a fully-illustrated manual covering a wide range of creative surface decoration techniques presented in an approachable and accessible format. Ceramic artist and expert Molly Hatch guides beginners and more advanced ceramicists through various methods for creating designs on clay. You will be introduced to several different and new approaches for using your own imagery and content on the ceramic surface. Techniques include Mishima, tape resists, rubber stamping, and doodling to create line art, stamping, nature resists, found objects, and shellac resists to create textures, and sticker resists, contact paper stencils, paper resists, and Sgrafitto to create shaped designs. Detailed photography and hand-drawn illustrations document the processes and show beautiful completed samples. Templates and stencils for all the featured designs are included in the back of the book to use as is, or to tailor to your own tastes.

New Maiolica-OSTERMANN $45.00
This book sets the standard for instruction and inspiration in maiolica. History, recipes, firing, decorative techniques, it s all here. A beautiful all color book.

Plaster Of Paris: Techniques From Scratch-HARVEY $11.00
Terrific handbook covering plaster use and moldmaking. Clear instructions, tricks of the trade, technical information, it s all here. Have fun.

Potter's Encyclopedia of Color, Form, and Decoration-FRENCH $25.00
A unique and comprehensive manual consisting of three chapters each covering in detail the three areas in the title. This is full of ideas, inspiration, methods, processes, recipes, and more. Great resource material!!

Potter's Guide To Ceramic Surfaces-CONNELL OUT OF PRINT IN THE USA. Update 1/10. I am waiting to hear whether this is available again. Call for more info.

Pottery Decoration-SHAFER available again! $30.00
Sculptural decoration including carving, incising, and clay application as well as color decoration using slips, underglaze, enamels, majolica, and lusters are covered along with many more methods. The medium quality b&w photos are acceptable.

Pottery Decoration: Contemporary Approaches-GIBSON $35.00
Five areas of clay decoration are presented through the work of 16 well known potters including Daphne Carnegy, Anne Shattuck, John Maltby and Susan and Steven Kemenyffy. Beautifully illustrated with color and b&w photos.

Pottery: Techniques of Decoration-COLBECK $40.00
Out of print and available again, an exhaustive collection of decorative techniques, processes, and approaches. Over two dozen distinct processes are demonstrated in fine detail. 622 b&w photos.

Pressing Ceramics with Air Release-HARVEY $11.00
34 page handbook on using hydraulic air release technology in ceramic production. Die making, building the press, master molds, and clay bodies are covered.

Pueblo Pottery Designs-CHAPMAN $12.00
Over 1200 illustrations with descriptions as well as a detailed study of the wares of Santo Domingo Pueblo.

Resist and Masking Techniques-BEARD $30.00
A variety of approaches are explained including various waxes, tapes, slips, spraying, acid etching, sandblasting, lustre, and smoke. Good illustrations.

Slip and What Every Ceramist Needs to Know About It $9.00
A complete handbook from Charles Lehman, the son of the founder of the company that invented the slip casting machine! All kinds of useful info about casting with slip.

Slip Casting, 1st edition-WARDELL $26.00 25% discount!
A limited number of copies are still available. See below for the new second edition.

Slip Casting, 2nd edition-WARDELL $27.50
Very competent handbook covering tools and materials, plasters, molds, modelmaking, bone china and clean-up. Several helpful charts discuss appropriate plaster to water ratios and casting times for casting slips to be fired at different temperatures. Wardell emphasizes precise control of the process. The 2nd edition includes color photos and a chapter highlighting the enterprising use of slipcasting by well-known contemporary artists.

Slipware: Contemporary Approaches-EDEN $42.50
The authors trace the history of slipware, discuss the techniques, and present the work and methods of over 25 contemporary potters from Britain, Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia. Beautifully illustrated.

Sources Of Inspiration-GENDERS $40.00
An unusual book offering an eclectic collection of colorful visual images-natural and man made that will spark the imagination of all who see them. The author then extrapolates, suggesting how these images can be developed, abstracted, and refined to create beautiful patterns and designs. A lovely book written by a potter with over 20 years of experience.

Sumi-e Just For You-HIRAYAMA $25.00
Extremely well illustrated with detailed instructions. Many examples are pictured.

Sumi-e Book-MAYALL $19.00
Simple detailed instruction on the 4 basic brushstrokes of Japanese brush painting.

Surface Decoration: Finishing Techniques- TURNER $30.00
This is not your average decoration book and it contains some more advanced techniques. How about a relief plate with your photo on it? Not interested? Try a color photo on a pot! Then put dichroic glass on it! And some rolling stamp patterns! With a weathered patina finish! And some airbrushed underglazes! All over the texture of a sewer cover! So many possibilities. Another great title from the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series.

Surface Decoration for Low Fire Ceramics-PETERS OUT OF PRINT

Surface Design for Ceramics-MILLS $30.00
This book covers all the possibilities for surface decoration, and is filled with beautiful examples of techniques. Cord impressed, decals, sprigs, stamping, wax resist, monoprinting, carving, and many more ideas are covered here. A good book to open eyes to possibilities.

Techniques Using Slips- MATHIESON, $29.00
This book was made for anyone who is the least bit interested in working with slips. Mathieson begins the book discussing the history of and methods of applying slip. From there he presents 40 artists, delivering a short biography along with exploring how they use slip in their work. There are many slip recipes included throughout, as well as many beautiful photos of work. This book is as much about looking as it is learning.

Way of the Brush-BRIESSEN $35.00

Over 275 illustrations help present the technique, style, traditions, and methods of Chinese and Japanese ink painting. Brushstrokes, composition, meaning, perspective and philosophy are all discussed.