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Limited Edition and Rare Books

Betty Woodman
Janet Koplos, Arthur C. Danto, Barry Schwabsky
This beautifully produced retrospective of Woodman's work includes several essays, and a timeline of her career in clay. The diversity of her forms are represented, from pillow pitchers to large installations, on 277 pages of color photos. The richness of color, pattern, and line is lovingly captured in this beautiful book. This book is recent and is in print. However, there are two editions of this book available. The standard trade edition is a lovely hardcover as described above. In addition, we have a VERY limited number of special copies. These are the same book but published in a limited edition of 125 copies. Each is housed in a hard, cloth covered slip case, and is numbered and signed by Betty Woodman. Included with each book is an original signed and numbered litho woodblock print by Betty. The print is protected with a plastic sleeve and removable for proper framing. This is a unique opportunity to acquire both a signed book and original art work by this major contemporary artist.
Regular trade edition $60. Special Limited Edition $350. Usual discount applies.

Ceramics by Picasso, Vol 1 & 2    SOLD OUT
Photos by Eric Baudouin, Text by Marilyn McCully
Very few copies of this limited edition were printed and they were sold quietly and without fanfare. It is now out of print and very hard to find. This is a magnificent monument to Picasso's extensive work in clay. The first volume in this slip-cased set presents an in-depth look at Picasso's life in the studio and an intelligent exploration of his work by well-known author and Picasso expert, Marilyn McCully. Historical photos are interspersed with the text, as well as full-color, full-page plates of his work. There are 583 pages in volume one. Volume 2, 93 pages, contains plates of pages from Picasso's sketchbooks, including several pages of beautiful line drawings of bulls, as well as an index to the plates in volume 1. This index is keyed to thumbnail pictures of the work, and includes the forming and decorating techniques used, and the date each piece was produced, for easy reference. The two books in the slipcase are 12"x12", 3" thick and weighs 14 pounds! We have seen this museum-quality edition sold for $500. This is one of the most magnificent books I have ever seen. 
We have a one copy available for $375.00. Usual discount applies.

Ceramics By Picasso
Forward by Suzanne and Georges Ramie
Not to be confused with the book described above, this is an exceedingly rare portfolio of 18 ceramic plates (including the cover plate) by Picasso. Published by Skira Art Books in 1950 and published again in 1955, the book is 11" x 15". Each plate is photographed in color and is set on a single side of an individual page. The pages are separate in portfolio style and each is suitable for framing. In addition, there is a full page photograph of Picasso with some of his ceramic work. The forward is insightful and informative. If you are fan of Picasso this is a very special book that would be a wonderful addition to your library. Both editions are identical except for the pages on which the photos are mounted. In the 1950 edition the pages are plain. In the 1955 edition the pages have drawn vertical and horizontal lines framing the photos.We have three copies of this book in stock.
COPY 1: 1955 edition. There is some minor damage at the top and bottom of the spine and though it has the original glassine protective cover, the glassine has a few tears. However, except for some minor yellowing at the edges of the paper, the pages are in excellent condition and the photos are mint. The photo of Picasso is missing. $175.
COPY 2: 1955 edition. The original glassine cover is intact and there is no damage to the covers. Pages show some age though yellowing and the title page has some minor spotting due to age. Other wise this copy is in excellent condition with mint quality photos. $195.
COPY 3: 1950 edition. There is some very minor damage to the top and bottom of the spine. The glassine cover is almost totally intact. The pages show some yellowing but are in excellent condition. The photos are in mint condition. $210

World Ceramics: An Illustrated History
edited by Robert J. Charleston
Originally published by Hamlyn Publishing Group in 1968, this is a recent reprint that is also out of print. Care was taken to preserve the original feel and texture and the result is a well done edition. 13 1/2"x 10 1/2", 352 pages. There are over 1000 b&w photos and 64 color plates. The text is comprehensive, extensive, and detailed with contributions by 20 leading experts in ceramic history and culture. If you are looking for a book of this nature, you should consider seriously consider this one. $70.

Japanese and Oriental Ceramics
Hazel H. Gorham
A wonderful book published in 1971 by Charles E. Tuttle Company, this is a first edition, second printing in practically new condition. The dust jacket is almost mint and has been protected by a mylar cover. The book overs all the popular wares and some not so familiar. It's primary focus is on the ceramics of Japan with some writing dedicated to Korean and Chinese wares. Individual potters and pottery families are profiled and the author shares many details and insights from her personal experiences and travels. There are 256 pages and 286 illustrations in the form of detailed b&w prints and line drawings. This is a book crammed with information and will keep you reading for many many hours. $40.

Art Of The Far East
Hugo Munsterberg
A comprehensive presentation and survey of the arts of China, Korea, and Japan. Though ceramics dominates, there is substantial representation of bronze, wood, textiles, precious metal work, architecture, painting, and more. The author was a recognized expert on the art of Eastern Asia and spent his life studying, collecting, teaching, and writing. This is a truly lovely and handsome book. Published in 1968 by Harry N. Abrams, it is 264 pages with 115 b&w and 122 color photos. The book is in excellent condition including its dust jacket and has a mylar protective cover. Another very desirable and enjoyable book. $50.

Chinese Ceramics From Japanese Collections
T'ang Through Ming Dynasties
Siezo Hayashiya and Henry Trubner
A sweet book published in 1977 for the exhibition that originated at the Asia House Gallery in New York. It subsequently traveled to Seattle, Forth Worth and San Francisco. Two well written essays by the authors introduce Chinese ceramics and the collection followed by over 80 b&w and color photos with detailed descriptions of the wares. This is a very lovely hardcover book. This copy has its dust jacket and is in virtually new condition. 135 pages, 10"x9". $30.

Old Gods and Young Heroes
The Pearlman Collection of Maya Ceramics
Michael D. Coe
Photographs by Justin Kerr
Published in 1982, this is the fourth book on the Mayan pantheon and iconography by author Michael Coe. He illuminates the detailed layers of ceremony depicted on funereal vessels, effigy pots, polychrome plates, and other ceramic objects. Justin Kerr uses his specially developed roll-out camera to produce color photographs that unwrap the designs from around the pots, allowing the viewer to follow the pictoral narrative around the pieces. Fascinating. Black and white and color photos. 127 pages. $45

St Ives 1939-64: Twenty Five Years of Painting, Sculpture and Pottery
The Tate Gallery
A lovely little book on all the artists of the town over 25 years. At the same time that the war drove many surrealists overseas to New York, St Ives was colonized by a large group of abstract avant-gard artists. Includes maps, poems, color plates, black and white photos of artists with their biographies, a chronology of the town history, one chapter on the St Ives Pottery, and one on ceramics in St Ives in general. Published in 1985 by The Tate Gallery. Wonderful and hard to find. 248 pages. Paperback. In very good condition. $50

Style Trends of Pueblo Pottery, 1500-1840
H. P. Mera
A sought after reprint of the 1939 classic from the "Memoirs of the Laboratory of Anthropology" series. In addition to the complete and unfooled-around-with original manuscript, the 1991 edition also includes a forward by Bruce Bernstein and an introduction by Jonathan Batkin. Plates are in black and white with a color drawing below showing the entire design as it continues around the pot. Particularly interesting details stem from the history of the site where each olla or bowl was found. A detailed discussion of the decoration of each piece and a profile view accompany the pictures as well. Scrupulously researched. One copy available, in excellent condition. $30.00. Paperback.

The Trojan War: Sculptures by Anthony Caro
Lund Humphries
Published in 1994 in conjunction with the London exhibition of the same name. Caro's 38 ceramic and steel sculptures represent the major characters from the epic tale, from gods and goddesses to prominent Achaians and Trojans. Pictured here in full-color, full-page plates, they radiate strength and presence. Essays by Julius Bryant and John Spurling fill in the story as well as the history of representation of The Trojan War in art. Fascinating and difficult to find. A great book for history lovers as well as those interested in ceramics. 88 pages. Paperback. Excellent condition. $30

Out of Print Books

American Indian Pottery: An Identification and Value Guide 2nd Ed. -BARRY, J., 1984, out of print, fair condition, This book houses 200 pages of color photographs of American Indian potters, as well as the names of the potters and a brief description of where they came from. There are pots pictured here from most Native American tribes, from all over the United States.  $30.00 no discount

American Stoneware -KETCHUM, William C., 1991, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. This book is organized regionally giving a brief history of stoneware from all fifty states. Contains over 100 color photos. $50.00 no discount

Andalusian Ceramics in Spain and New Spain: A Cultural Register from the Third Century B. C. to 1700 -LISTER, Florence and Robert, 1987, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact The title says it all. A historical and archeological study of Andalusian Ceramics that contains black and white photographs, illustrations, a chronology, glossary and index. $40.00

Art & Craft of the Tile -FANNING, Janis & Mike Jones, 2001, UK ed., sold in US as Handcrafted American Tiles, good condition, dust jacket intact. This introduction to tile making and decorating describes the most common materials and techniques used in tilemaking and gives illustrated step-by-step instructions for 30 projects. $25.00

Art Deco Tableware: British Domestic Ceramics 1925-1939 -SPOURS, Judy, 1988, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. This history of British Art Deco ceramic tableware covers over 100 factories and includes color photographs of over 150 designs. $38.50

Arts and Crafts Pottery and Ceramics -WISSINGER, Joanna, 1994, out of print, good condition, dust jacket torn. A slim 64-page volume containing 75 color pho
tographs of Arts and Crafts objects both original and contemporary. $15.00
Artist's Guide to Firing Pottery -MEMMOT, Harry, 1989, 3 copies, fair condition. A comprehensive guide to firing techniques which includes illustrations, drawings, graphs, tables and a glossary. $20.00
Australian Porcelain A Fine Art: Porcelain Art in Australia Today, Book 3 -BRADFORD, Tricia, 1986, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. An index of Australian potters working in porcelain. $15.00

Ceramic Art of Japan: One Hundred Masterpieces from Japanese Collections -SEATTLE ART MUSEUM, 1972, Introduction by Henry Trubner, out of print, good condition. Catalog for an exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum with photographs of each piece and 30 color plates. $30.00

Ceramic Sculpture: Methods an Processes -KENNY, John, 1953, out of print, 2 copies. Copy 1: fourth printing 1959, fair condition, dust jacket worn, $25.00 Copy 2: tenth printing 1974, good condition, dust jacket intact. A guide to handbuilding sculptural forms including step-by-step photo illustrations and 4 pages of color plates. $25.00

Ceramics: An Illustrated Step-by-step Guide to Creating and Enjoying Pottery -ROY, Vincent, 1959, good condition, dust jacket intact. A beginners guide to ceramics covering all basic methods and possibilities with over 750 black and white illustrations and 8 pages of color plates. $20.00

Charles B. Hoyt Collection, Volume II-THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON
1972, multiple copies available, excellent condition, includes slipcase, $30.00

Chinese Stoneware Glazes- GREBANIER 
Two copies available of this title. Copy 1- This copy is a first printing and in very good condition. No problems with binding, a few stains on front cover and some wear marks on the dust jacket. $65.00. Copy 2- second printing, no dust jacket, library stickers on inside of front cover, library stamp on edge of pages, minimal writing in pencil on a few pages, otherwise good condition. $35.00

Clayworks; Colorful Crafts Around the World -FOWLER, Virginia, 1987, out of print, 2 copies, dust jacket intact. An brief guide to making pottery at home in a home oven with 31 projects based on classic styles from around the world. $15.00

A Collector's Guide to Modern Australian Ceramics-MANSFIELD, Janet, 1988, 1st printing, out of print, excellent condition. Black and white and color photographs of work by potters and ceramic sculptors from Australia. Includes work by Greg Daly, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, Janet Mansfield, Bruce Anderson, and many others. Hardcover, dust jacketed. 128 pages. $50.00

Complete Book of Pottery Making -KENNY, John B., 1949, 19th printing, out of print, fair condition. Book includes copious illustrations and step-by-step photographs for handbuilding, wheel, and slipcasting techniques and 4 pages of color plates. $25.00

Connoisseur's Guide to Chinese Ceramics -BEUREDELEY, Cecile and Michel, good condition, dust jacket wrinkled, $40.00

Corean Pottery-HONEY, hardcover, good condition with some markings from library circulation; stamps and name in ink on front cover page, checkout card and sticker on back inside cover. Many black and white photos inside. $40.00

Crafts of the Modern World -SLIVKA, Rose, ed., 1968, out of print, 2 copies: Copy 1, fair condition, dust jacket intact, $25.00 Copy 2, fair condition, dust jacket torn, $25.00

Discovering Pottery -MEMMOT, Harry, 1972, dust jacket intact. One of Australia's leading potter's introduces the joys of making pottery through text and copious black and white photographs. $10.00
Early Canadian Pottery -WEBSTER, Donald, 1971, out of print, dust jacket intact. The first fully documented study of Canadin pottery including 16 color and over a hundred black and white photos and a glossary. $55.00

Edo Craftsmen: Master Artisians of Old Tokyo -JUDGE, Thomas F., 1994, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. Photographic documentary on the master craftsmen still at work in the shitamachi area of Tokyo.$ 30.00

Folk Kilns I- MIZUO, 1981. This volume focuses on the Honshu area. Hardcover and large in size. About 20 pages of info and about 20 pages of large, full color photos. Some identifying marks as an old library book- small sticker with decimal number blacked out on front and back cover, wear and markings on inside cover from envelope being removed, markings and wear from due date tag on inside back cover. Mark on copyright page. All pages are clean and in great condition. $60.00

Folk Kilns II- OKAMURA, 1981. This volume focuses on Kyushu, Shikoku, and Okinawa. 
Hardcover and large in size. About 24 pages in info and 20 of large, full color photos. Some identifying marks as an old library book- small sticker with decimal number blacked out on front and back cover, smudges of marker on front cover, wear on inside cover from envelope being removed, markings on inside back cover. Mark on copyright page. All pages are clean and in great condition. $60.00

Glass: Material in the Service of Meaning -GLOWEN, Ron and Levin, Kim, 1992, good condition. Book published in conjunction with and exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum which includes 2 essays, bios on the exhibitors, and color photographs from the exhibition. $5.00

Glazing techniques -CHAVARRIA, Joachim, 1998, used, good condition. A review of glaze types and glazing techniques with color photos, glaze recipes, and step-by-step instructions -- 63 pages. $8.00

Hagi- KAWANO, 1983. This book on the Japanese style has 20 pages of large, full color photos and about 24 pages of info, including the history and techniques of Hagi, and a map of kiln sites. Hardcover and large in size. Some identifying marks as an old library book- small sticker with decimal number blacked out on front and back cover, wear on inside cover from envelope being removed, markings and wear from due date tag on inside back cover. Mark on copyright page. All pages are clean and in great condition. $60.00

Health Hazards Manual for Artists -McCann, Michael, 1985, 3 copies, good condition. 100 pages that might save your life! This is the 3rd revised and augmented edition of this well-known and trusted manual. $5.00

How to Make Pottery -SANDERS, Herbert H., 1974, fair condition, dust jacket has slight tears. This clear, easy-to-follow introduction to making pottery has 280 black and white photos in 144 pages. $10.00

How to Work in Stained Glass -ISENBERG, Anita & Seymour, 1972, out of print, 2 copies, good condition, dust jackets intact. An excellent primer for the beginning stained-glass artist that includes a description and history of the medium and a section on repair; includes 4 pages of color plates and numerous black and white photos. $15.00

Italian Maiolica: Catalogue of the Collections -HESS, Catherine, 1988, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. Photos and descriptions of the J. Paul Getty Museum's Italian maiolica holdings. $50.00

Keramos _KRIWANEK, Franz F., 1970, out of print, fair condition. In the words of the author, this slim volume presents the necessary technical know-how of pottery making within . . . a humanistic context." $20.00

Kiseto and Setoguro-FURUKAWA, 1983, good condition with dust jacket, some wear from library circulation;remnants of sticker on dust jacket spine, stamp on inside cover page, stamps and checkout pocket on inside of back cover. hardcover, $70.00

Made in Sweden -NOTINI, ANJA, 1987, good condition, dust jacket intact. A volume of brief interviews with 50 Swedish artists with copious color phtographs of their work. $35.00

Making Pottery without a Wheel; Texture and Form in Clay -BALL, F. Carlton and Lovoos, Janice, 1965, out of print, good condition, dust jacket intact. Amply illustrated review of handbuilding techniques with dedicated chapters on surface textures, preparing pots for the the kiln, and glazing includingPublish Post 39 glaze recipes. $25.00

Mary Rogers on Pottery and Porcelain -ROGERS, Mary, 1979, fair condition, dust jacket lacking. Rogers describes her approach to form and handbuilding techniques using black and white photos of her works. Also contains 8 pages of color plates. SOLD, Please contact us if we can help you find another copy.

Mingei Japanese Folk Art from the Brooklyn Museum -MOES, Robert, 1985, out of print, $25.00

Modeling a Likeness in Clay: Step-by-step Techniques for Capturing Character -GRUBBS, Daisy, 1982, 2 copies, good condition: Copy 1 -dust jacket has a small tear, $20.00 Copy 2 -torn dust jacket, $15.00

New Ceramics -LEWENSTEIN, Eileen and COOPER, Emmanuel, 1974, 1st Ed., fair condition, dustjacket torn, $45.00

Nineteenth Century Pottery and Porcelain in Canada -COLLARD, Elizabeth, 2nd Ed., 1984, 2 copies, good condition, $35.00

Oriental Glazes- WOOD
Part of the Ceramic Skillbooks series, two copies available, both from 1978. Copy 1-$35.00, Very good condition, some marks and yellowing on pages, dust jacket in good condition other than some discoloration from light. Copy 2-$30.00, Very good condition, small tear with tape on dust jacket, some discoloration from light.

Potters' View of Canada: Canadian Scenes on Nineteenth Century Earthenware -COLLARD, Elizabeth, 1983, good condition, dustjacket intact, $25.00

Pottery: Form and Expression -WILDENHAIN, Marguerite, 1966 (enlarged ed., 3rd printing), out of print, good condition, dustjacket intact, $28.00

Pottery: Form and Expression -WILDENHAIN, Marguerite, 1959, out of print, good condition, $25.00

Pottery: Materials and Techniques -GREEN, David, 1967, out of print, fair condition, $20.00

Pottery: Raku Technique -LYNGAARD, Finn, 1970, out of print, fair condition, $10.00

Pottery and Ceramics, Van Nostrand Reinhold Manual of -HAMILTON, David, 1974, out of print, fair condition, dustjacket intact, $25.00

Pottery in the Making -LUNN, Dora, 8th Ed., 1967, out of print, fair condition, dustjacket torn, $3.00

Pre-Columbian Ceramics from Ecuador -LOWE ART MUEUM, out of print, 3 copies, fair condition, $6.00

Prehistoric Japanese Arts: Jomon Pottery-KIDDER, 1968, missing original dustjacket, good condition, a bit marked from library use, stamp and pencil writting inside front cover pages, checkout pocket and stamp on inside of back cover as. $130.00

Professional Potter -SHAFER, Thomas, 1978, fair condition, dustjacket intact, $30.00

Raised in Clay: The Southern Pottery Tradition -SWEEZY, Nancy, 1994, 2 copies: Copy 1 -dented, p12.00, Copy 2 -damaged, $15.00

Richard Slee: Ceramics in Studio -HOUSTON, John, 190, slight cover damage, $12.60

Shino- KURODA, 1984. Discusses the history of this wonderful glaze. About 20 pages of info and 20 pages of large, full color photos. A large hardcover. Some identifying marks as an old library book- small sticker with decimal number blacked out on front and back cover, smudges of marker on front cover, wear on inside cover from envelope being removed, wear and markings on inside back cover. Mark on copyright page. All pages are clean and in great condition. $60.00

Shino and Oribe Ceramics-FUJIOKA, 1977. Good condition with some wear from library circulation. Two stamps on inside of front cover, remnants of a sticker on spine of dust jacket as well as a small tear. Hardcover, b&w and color photos, $50.00

Southeast Asian Ceramics: Ninth through Seventeenth Centuries-FRASCHE, Dean, 1976, out of print, good condition, dustjacket intact, $35.00

Stoneware & Porcelain: The Art of High-Fired Pottery -RHODES, Daniel, 1959 1st Ed., out of print, 2 copies, fair condition, $25.00

Stoneware & Porcelain: The Art of High-Fired Pottery -RHODES, Daniel, 1959 1st Ed., out of print, fair condition, $20.00

Technique of Sculpture -MILLS, John, 1965, good condition, dustjacket intact, $30.00

Tempest in a Teapot: The Ceramic Art of Peter Shire -DROHOJOWSKA, Hunter and KLEIN, Norman, 1991, 2 copies, good condition, $25.00

Terracotta: The Technique of Fired Clay Sculpture -MALMSTROM, Margit and LUCCHESI, Bruno, 1996, 2 copies, slight damage, $10.00

Tile Art: A History of Decorative Ceramic Tiles -RILEY, Noel, 1987, good condition, dustjacket intact, $30.00

Tin-glazed Earthenware: From Maiolica, Faience and Delftware to the Contemporary -CARNEGY, Daphne, 1993, out of print, good condition, dustjackets intact, $30.00

Tonita Pena: Quah Ah 1893 - 1949 -GRAY, Samuel, 1990, new, $10.00

Typically Australian: Porcelain Art in Australia, Book 2 -BRADFORD, Tricia, 1985, good condition, dustjacket intact, $15.00

Using the Potter's Wheel -CAMPBELL, Donald, 1978, out of print, signed by author & photographer, good condition, $25.00 
**There are no additional discounts on books already listed as specials**

Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques-WATKINS, WANDLESS
An elegant explanation of Western Raku, saggar, pit, and barrel firing techniques. Very well illustrated in all color. Particularly helpful are photos of work fired using different techniques with start to finish notes on their firing. regular paperback $15 SPECIAL $7.50

American Art Pottery -David Rago
An outstanding book by one of the subjects leading experts. Over 250 color photos and informative text bring the ware to light. All the major producers are covered. A must for those interested in the subject. hardcover reg. $45 SPECIAL $29

American Studio Ceramics 1920-1950
A lovely catalog of the exhibition held at the U of Minnesota. Color and b&w photos along with very informative biographical essays. Includes Maija Grotell, Samuel Haile, Glen Luckens, Gertrude & Otto Natzler, Henry Varnum Poor, Mary & Edwin Scheier, Viktor Schreckengost, and Margaret Wildenhain. This book is a real bargain and should not be missed! 
paperback reg. $15 SPECIAL $8.50

America's Traditional Crafts - Robert Shaw
An enormous, beautifully photographed book. This is an incredible bargain! An exploration of the culture surrounding traditional crafts before the Industrial Revolution. Informational about their manufacture and their place in society. More cultural and historical than technical. Fiber, wood, leather, metal-craft, and pottery. 305 pages, stuffed with color photographs. 
hardcover reg. $95 SPECIAL $40

Art of Craft: Contemporary Works From the Saxe Collection
Timothy Burgard and the Fine Arts Museums Of San Francisco bring us 220 gorgeous color photos of works from this renowned collection. Works in ceramics, glass, wood, fiber and metal. A beautiful book, not to be missed at this price.
hardcover reg. $50.00 SPECIAL $25.00

Art That Works: Decorative Crafts Of The Eighties Crafted In America-Lloyd Herman
A lovely book and inspiring collection of works in clay, glass, wood, metal, leather and more. Vessels, furniture, lamps, clocks, and a variety of other objects are presented in glorious color photos. Informative and provocative text introduces the collection. paperback reg. $20 SPECIAL $10

The Arts and Crafts Companion - Pamela Todd
Traces the development of the Arts and Crafts movement in America and Europe. Discusses designers and manufacturers in depth, working in the fields of architecture, furniture, textiles, wallpaper, stained glass and lighting, ceramics, metalwork, jewelry, print, and landscaping. Color photos on nearly every page. Includes a source book of museums and other places to visit. 320 pages. hardcover reg. $45.00 SPECIAL $22.50

Athenian Vase Construction: A Potters Analysis
Toby Schreiber presents a fascinating study detailing the manner in which the major Athenian forms were made. 542 b&w photos, 440 line drawings. Incredibly detailed and informative. Learn how these ancient potters worked. hardcover reg. $70 SPECIAL $35

Bauer, Classic American Pottery - Mitch Tuchman
A lovely clothbound book with 86 color and 24 b&w photos featuring hundreds of items and archival images. A complete history and chronicle of the company and these wonderful classic wares. hardcover reg. $19 SPECIAL $9.50

Bernard Palissy: In Pursuit Of The Earthly Paradise-AMICO
An enlightening study of the most innovative ceramist of the French Renaissance. An exciting book. 200 illustrations, 100 in color, 240 pages. This book is just as much of a history lesson as it is an observation of work. hardcover regular $75 SPECIAL $35

Best Of New Ceramic Art-SIKES
A full color showcase of the 100 winners of the Monarch National Ceramic Competition. Arranged by category, outstanding photos. Reg. $25 SPECIAL $15

California Pottery: From Missions to Modernism- STERN
A comprehensive history of the diverse and colorful pottery of California for the collector or enthusiast. Batchelder, Kent, Heath, Bauer, Catalina, Vernon Kilns, etc. Reg. $23 SPECIAL $10

Ceramic Continuum, 50 Years Of The Archie Bray Influence
Edited by Peter Held, 6 essays discussing different aspects of the institution, a selection of 85 full page color photos of works, historical records including a directory of resident and visiting artists, and more make this a significant contribution to the literature on clay and ceramics. A fascinating story and a beautiful book. Reg. $40 SPECIAL $20

Ceramics For Gardens And Landscapes-HESSENBERG
From the author of  Sawdust Firing  comes this handsome book. International potters share their techniques of design, forming, and a variety of other special considerations. Pots, planters, birdbaths, fountains, tables, sculpture and more. paperback regular $30.00, SPECIAL $15

Ceramics Of South-East Asia: Their Dating and Identification - Roxanna Brown
Comprehensive analysis and study of the wares from this region. Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Guangdong, Khmer, and others are covered in great detail. This second edition offers updated information, new and additional images, and helpful text revisions. B&W and color photos, line drawings, and maps. paperback reg. $50 SPECIAL $30

Ceramics-Ways Of Creation-Richard Zakin
36 ceramic artists share the way they create through insightful stories and illustrations of their work. Among the potters included are Rick Hirsh, Andrea Gill, Bruce Cochrane, Ron Roy, Eva Kwong, Wayne Higby, John Neely, and Harris Deller. paperback reg. $40 SPECIAL $20

CLARICE CLIFF, The Bizarre Affair - Leonard Griffin, and Louis K. & Susan Pear Meisel
The first book on the premier potter of the Art Deco Period. This 15"x10" paperback takes full advantage of its size with 80 full color photos of the wares and 75 b&w archival photos. Cliff s life and work are brought to life. paperback reg. $20 SPECIAL $12

Clay: The History And Evolution Of Humankind's Relationship With The Earth's Most Primal Element-Suzanne Staubach
An absolutely fascinating book. The author presents a lively and creative look at the existence, uses, impact, and implications of clay throughout history. Cultures and the effect that clay has had on the development of civilizations from writing to the space shuttle are all discussed in a writing style that is friendly and fun to read. You will be amazed, entertained, and educated. I guarantee it! hardcover reg. $24 SPECIAL $12

Clay Bodies - Robert Tichane
A thorough study of clays and clay bodies. Identifying clay types, tools and techniques of clay preparation, firing, characteristics, standards. Sample recipes, bibliography, glossary, etc. This is now out of print with only a very limited supply available. hardcover reg $27 SPECIAL $10

Complete Potters Companion-Tony Birks
A wonderful book offering lots of information and encouragement to all students of clay. 440 color photos. Technique, process, history, it s all here. Most recent edition.
Paperback Reg. $30 SPECIAL $15

Copper Red Glazes - Robert Tichane
An extensive and exhaustive study and presentation including the history and technology of copper red glazes. Tireless research went into the writing of this book. Your understanding and utilization of these glazes will be complete. Color and b&w photos and drawings.
paperback reg. $25 SPECIAL $12

Country Pottery, Traditional Earthenware Of Britain - Andrew McGarva
A look at the rich tradition of British earthenware up to the present day. Culture, society, and technical info all come together. Included is a wonderful chapter on Issac Button. Color and historical b&w photos throughout. Hardcover reg $60, SPECIAL $30

Crafting A Legacy, Contemporary Ceramics In The Philadelphia Museum Of Art
Marking the 25th anniversary of the Phil Mus Of Art Craft Show, this is a sumptuous showcase of the museum s collection. Over 100 color photos of works in clay, wood, metal, fiber, glass, and furniture. Represented in clay include Arneson, Daley, Duckworth, Frey, Higby, Kaneko, Natzler, Staffel, Turner Wood, and more. This is a large format volume with outstanding photography. reg. $60 SPECIAL $30

Dirt for Making Things: An Apprenticeship in Maricopa Pottery - Janet Stoeppelmann
As told to Janet by Mary Fernald, this is a book about how this distinctive pottery is made, and also about relationships between people and cultures. Only a handful of members of the Maricopa tribe were making traditional pottery at the time the book was written. Mary Fernald tells how she learned the techniques of this pottery from a group women south of Phoenix, Arizona, who were initially suspicious of her motivations. Reg. $15 SPECIAL $9

Dreaming In Clay On The Coast Of Mississippi - Christopher Maurer with Maria Estrella Iglesias
From the liner notes:  A moving family history of four generations of artisans, replete with romance, tragedy, passion, eccentricity......set against the backdrop of myth drenched Mississippi.  The story of the Anderson family and the Shearwater Pottery of Ocean Springs. Wonderful telling with emotion, respect, and love. hardcover reg. $30 SPECIAL $18

Early Islamic Ceramics - Helen Philon
The 655 pieces in this extensive collection from the Benaki Museum in Athens are photographed and described with references to variations in form and decoration over time and in different regions. A good source for design ideas. B&W photos with some color plates. 10"x13", 323 pages. An unbelievable offer! hardcover SPECIAL $30

Emergence Of Pottery- William Barnett, John Hoopes
Fascinating academic study of the origination and development of pottery making in ancient societies. 71 illustrations, 17 tables. Intriguing reading, very enlightening. Paperback Reg. $35 SPECIAL $21

Eva Zeisel- YOUNG
A compact monograph, Zeisel s elegant housewares over her 70 year career are covered in 96 pages and 75 color and b&w photos. A wonderful presentation. Regular price $13, SPECIAL $6.50

Extruded Ceramics - Diana Pancioli
Wonderful book. All color photos, lots of excellent technical information and many photos of finished wares of all kinds. The author is an excellent teacher.
paperback reg $25 SPECIAL $15

From the Kilns of Denmark: Contemporary Danish Ceramics - Wendy Tarlow Kaplan & Hope Barkan
A stunning catalog 30 artists are represented by beautiful color photos of their work and biographical information. Down to earth and informative essays introduce the Danish culture and ceramic traditions. An excellent volume. See videos for the video production. paperback reg $35. SPECIAL $ 25.00

Handmade In America, Conversations With 14 Craftmasters - Barbaralee Diamonstein
A celebration of contemporary crafts. A beautiful book featuring stunning photos and conversations with the makers. Clay, wood, glass, fiber, furniture, metals and more. 210 photos with 111 in full color. paperback reg. $25. Are you ready for this? SPECIAL $8!!!!

Hares Fur, Tortoiseshell, & Partridge Feathers; Chinese Brown And Black-Glazed Ceramics, 400-1400 - Robert Mowrey
A technical, historical, and archaeological study of these magnificent wares. Over 111 pieces in full color. The photographs are excellent. Very detailed descriptions. There are no glaze or clay body recipes. However, there is a technical chapter that offers chemical analysis in text and chart form that can be used to embark on experiments. I was able to get another supply of this wonderful and important book at this special value. paperback reg $40 SPECIAL $30

Howard Kottler: Face To Face - Patricia Failing
A comprehensive and richly illustrated study of the life of one the most influential and important ceramic artists of the last few decades. Through a series of interviews we learn of his wit, seriousness, passions, and love of expression. Howard Kottler is an artist that you should be familiar with. hardcover reg $45 SPECIAL $23

I Shock Myself: The Autobiography of Beatrice Wood
Beatrice Wood was a living history of 20th century art and ceramics. Her life was an extraordinary journey among some of the most noted and notorious art personalities of our time. In 1933 at the age of 40 she uncovered her passion for pottery. Her writing lends rare glimpses into her own life as well as Duchamp, Brancusi, Isadora Duncan, Anais Nin, and others. This is a must have. Paperback regularly $25.00 SPECIAL $12.50

Inside Japanese Ceramics-WILSON
Historical text, pottery making, tools, kilns, firing, the studio. Color, b&w photos, drawings, maps. A wonderful book of technical, historical, and cultural information. paperback regularly $20, SPECIAL $12

Interpreting The Past, Roman Pottery - Kevin Green
64 page handbook analyzing different aspects of Roman pottery including the development of Roman pottery studies, classification, science, working with Roman pottery, pottery production, and economics. For those interested in archeology and history. A British Museum publication. paperback reg $13 SPECIAL $7

Korean Art and Design - Beth McKillop
From the Samsung Gallery of Korean Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum. A survey of works in the collection including lots of pottery, metalwork, embroidery and textiles, furniture. Color photos and lots of background information as well as pictures of contemporary artists practicing these ancient crafts. paperback reg. $35 SPECIAL $18

Legacy, Southwest Indian Art At The School Of American Research - Duane Anderson, editor
This is an absolutely magnificent volume. 10"x11", beautiful heavy stock and the most outstanding full page color photos of the art you have ever seen. Pottery, paintings, textiles, baskets, jewelry, katsinas, leather, and bead work comprise the collection are are brought to life here. Extensive entries explain and analyze the pieces. Nothing was spared in the production of this book.
Limited edition, numbered, hardcover and slip cased. Published at $300 SPECIAL $95

The Letters Of Gerhard Marcks & Marguerite Wildenhain, 1970-1981
Ruth Kahn brings us the written conversations during the last 11 years of their friendship. Talk of their friends, family, art, and concerns for humanity. A rare look into their lives. hardcover reg. $35 SPECIAL $10

Maiolica Ole, Spanish and Mexican Decorative Traditions
Recognized ceramic authorities Florence and Robert Lister bring us a thorough study of Spanish and Mexican maiolica. Featuring the collection of the Museum of International folk art, they trace the decorative styles and influences through history. 145 color photos. A lovely book. paperback reg $32.50 SPECIAL $16

Mary Wondrausch on Slipware
Historical and complete technical information on traditional slip decorating and trailing processes by Mary Wondrausch herself. Over 100 photos and drawings. hardcover reg $40 SPECIAL $20

Mojave Pottery, Mojave People: The Dillingham Collection of Mojave Ceramics - Jill Leslie Furst
Over 240 color photos plus additional b&w photos and illustrations forms the basis for this ethno-historical study of this little-known culture and their pottery. The book an the collection are comprehensive, bringing to work wondrously creative work. paperback reg $25 SPECIAL $15

The Mud-Pie Dilemma - John Nance
First published in 1978, this is the original edition of this book and we have all the remaining copies. John Nance brings us a moving account of Tom Coleman s struggles, efforts, and rewards while preparing for a major exhibition. See how he tries to  weave a life of creative commitment with economic survival.  This is a sweet book in both appearance, feel, and content. You will really enjoy owning this first edition. hardcover reg. $40 SPECIAL $12

New Clay: Techniques and Approaches to Jewelry Making- Nan Roche
How to work with the new kinds of  polymer  clays-fimo, sculpey, etc. Technique, projects, firing. Also useful information on mixing colored clays. Reg. $25 SPECIAL $12.50

Oaxacan Ceramics, Traditional Folk Art By Oaxacan Women - Lois Wasserspring
Profiles of six of the most renowned artisans who live and work in villages near the city of Oaxaca. Their exuberant, whimsical creations range from the fantastic to the religious, including mermaids, angels, Zapotec creatures, figures of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, vases, candle holders, and decorative plates-all finely crafted and distinctly colored. Oaxacan Ceramics paints an extraordinary portrait of a vibrant culture and its art. paperback reg. $19 SPECIAL $10

Objects For Use: Handmade By Design NEW PRICE!! - ed. Paul Smith
A tribute to a geographically an culturally diverse group of nearly 200 American craftspeople whose work epitomizes the collaboration between function and beauty. A wonderful variety of wares and media with a significant selection of clay. 2 introductory essays focus on the role of craft and design in contemporary life. Artist profiles, statements, and bios. 336 pages, 10"x12". hardcover reg. $75 SPECIAL $25.00

Of Earth and Fire - Maud Girard-Geslan
This is a handsome catalog of the T.T. Tsui Collection of Chinese Art in the National Gallery Of Australia. Extensive and detailed descriptions accompany lovely full page color photos of the pots and sculptures. The 31 pieces span the neolithic period to the 18th century. paperback reg. $25 SPECIAL $12.50

Overglaze Imagery: Cone 019-016 - CSU MUSEUM
This is a catalog that complimented the exhibit at the California State University Art Gallery in late 1977. There is a forward by Garth Clark and the photos are both in black and white as well as color. A great deal and must-have for any serious surface decorator. paperback reg. $25 SPECIAL $7.50

Palissy Ware-KATZ, LEHR
243 full color photos provide the first comprehensive account of the 19th century French followers of Bernard Palissy. Striking, intriguing work, brilliant colors.
Hardcover reg. $120.00 SPECIAL $60.00

Persistence of Craft - Paul Greenhalgh
A collection of essays from artists, historians, and philosophers from around the world that explores some of the most important and provocative issues involving crafts. Included are discussions on post-modernism, tradition, ethnicity, the avant-garde, museums, and craft literature. A very handsome book filled with color photos that is intelligent and thought-provoking. reg. $55 SPECIAL $20

Portuguese Palissy Ware - Marshall Katz
This is a wonderful book attesting to the far reaching influence of Bernard Palissy. Showcased here is ware produced in the town of Caldas de Rainha between 1853 and 1920. Included is a history, background information on Bernard Palissy, technical information, makers marks, and more. The detailed text is accompanied by 159 outstanding color photos of some of the finest work made. This book is an outstanding value. hardcover reg. $75 SPECIAL $40

Predynastic Egyptian Pottery- KAPLAN
This is an exhibition catalog from a show at California State University in late 2006 and early 2006. The photos are great; full color shows the red and black wares well. A deal for anyone interested in historical pots. paperback reg. $30, SPECIAL $13.50

Revolution, Life and Labor: Soviet Porcelains 1918-1985
Deborah Sampson Shinn
83 pieces, with many in full color, present the Ludmilla and Henry Shapiro collection of the Cooper Hewitt Museum. Extensive introductory essay, explanatory notes, chronology of Soviet history, and detailed descriptions of the wares make this a very fine catalog. paperback SPECIAL $7

Robert Turner: Shaping Silence-Marsha Miro, Tony Hepburn
An outstanding book on one of our most important and influential potters and teachers. Personal history, intimate thoughts and perspectives, analysis of his work, insightful commentary, and much more make this a must read for anyone interested in the potters that have helped to shape our craft. Hardcover Reg. $45 SPECIAL $22.50

Rookwood Pottery Identification and Value Guide - Nick and Marilyn Nicholson, and Jim Thomas
Photos, estimated values as of 2002, and a few notes on possible condition issues for bookends, paperweights, and animal figures from the Rookwood Pottery. Hardcover Reg. $25 SPECIAL $12.50

Russell Wright: Creating American Lifestyle - Donald Albrecht, Robert Schonfeld, Lindsay Stamm Shapiro
Essays on the dinnerware, furniture, appliances, and buildings of Russell Wright and how they defined American culture from the 1930s onward. Wright was a master of creating unified spaces for simple, modern living. As much a designer as a potter, this book explores his legacy. Color and historical black and white photos. 165 pages
Hardcover Reg. $35 SPECIAL $18

Safety In The Ceramics Studio-Jeff Zamek
The author of  What Every Potter Should Know , takes a sensible, practical, professional, and expert view on health and safety. Loaded with important and useful information, this book should be in your library and will become an essential reference.
Paperback Reg. $22 now hear this.........SPECIAL $9

Salt-Glaze Ceramics-Rosemary Cochrane
Lavish color photos with well organized and written text make this new addition to the bibliography on salt glazed pottery a welcome and useful one. History, technical information including kilns, firing, glazes and decoration, artist profiles and much more.
Hardcover Reg. $50 SPECIAL $25.00

Scandinavia: Ceramics and Glass in the Twentieth Century - Jennifer Opie
From the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum. A survey of works, mainly collected from 1930 to 1960. Includes a history of the region, particularly of the divisive impact of WWII. Work from this region is often pigeon-holed stylistically. The museum has made a particular effort to represent artists working in a variety of styles. Black and white photos. 181 pages. Paperback Reg. $30 SPECIAL $15

SHUNZHI PORCELAIN 1644-1661: Treasures From An Unknown Reign
Michael Butler and a distinguished team of writers have collaborated on a lavish catalog documenting the exhibition of the same name. 87 exquisite pieces are illustrated in georgeous color and b&w photos. This is a high quality publication and the works are breathtaking. A great opportunity at this price. paperback reg $40 SPECIAL $22

Skilled Work, American Craft In The Renwick Gallery
Curator Kenneth Trapp presents an impressive selection of craft objects from the collection in clay, metal, fiber, glass, and wood. Interesting and provocative essays introduce the objects that are accompanied by descriptive captions. Included are artist bios. A very nice book! hardcover reg. $45 SPECIAL $25 paper reg. $30 SPECIAL $16

Southeast Asian Ceramics FROM THE COLLECTION OF Margot And Hans Ries
The catalog of the exhibition in the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, 1989. Extensive text introducing the collection and the culture and history of the wares. 114 photos with 20 in color, maps and line drawings.paperback reg. $28 SPECIAL $15

Figurative sculpture using terracotta. Full color photos. Excellent instruction. This is a very useful, well done, and popular book! paperback reg. $20 SPECIAL $10

Traditional Pottery Of Papau New Guinea-MAY, TUCKSON
The most comprehensive survey ever of the traditional pottery of Papua New Guinea. Clay preparation, pottery formation, and firing techniques are interwoven with information on the functions of the pottery and the various approaches to decoration. Detailed descriptions of the pottery and legends about the origins of the clay and potmaking. regular $65, SPECIAL $32.50

Vietnamese Ceramics, A Separate Tradition - Jon Stevenson and John Guy
The first definitive study of the Vietnamese ceramic tradition in any language. Over 500 illustrations with 422 in color. 422 pages, detailed historical text, and contributions by 7 other scholars including Louise Allison Court. A big beautiful book.
hardcover reg. $125 SPECIAL $87.50

Warren MacKenzie, Potter, Warren MacKenzie, Teacher
A very nicely done book chronicling a retrospective exhibition held at the University of Minnesota in 1989 spanning over 40 years. Works by 16 of his former students comprise the balance of the show. Informative and insightful essays compliment the show. paperback reg $30 SPECIAL $20

Women Potters, Transforming Traditions- Moira Vincentelli
A look at female pottery traditions around the globe. The archaeological record, gender roles, and interviews with current women potters. Very interesting on multiple levels. Hardcover Reg. $40 SPECIAL $20

Yemini Pottery, The Littlewood Collection - Sarah Posey
63 page handbook exploring this centuries old pottery tradition. A survey of the potters, their techniques, and the types of pottery. 42 b&w and 8 color illustrations. Based on the collection in the British Museum.
Paperback Reg. $15 SPECIAL $7

William Morris Tiles: The Tile Designs of Morris and His Fellow-Workers -MYERS, Richard and Hilary, 1996, cover & dustjacket dented, $45.00 no discount  


Adobe and Rammed Earth Buildings-MCHENRY $27.50 
Designing and construction with adobe. Well illustrated and very complete.

Adobe Book-O'CONNOR $17.00
All the steps necessary for adobe construction including woodwork, electricity, plumbing, tile work, and more.

Adobe: Build It Yourself-McHENRY $25.00
Perhaps the best guide to building with adobe. All phases of construction are covered. Very complete.

Architectural Ceramics For The Studio Potter-KING OUT OF PRINT
Practical how-to information along with a full color survey of a variety of approaches. Step by step details on creating a sink, door surround, countertop, and fireplace. 350 color photos, 20 b&w illustrations.

The Art and Craft of Ceramics: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration-FRIGOLA $30.00
A lot of information on varied ceramic subjects. Gives beginners a good idea of what's out there. Includes an overview of ceramic history, raw materials, tools, production processes, glazing techniques, decorative techniques, step-by-step projects, and a gallery of contemporary work.

Basic Pottery Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started – FRANZ $18.00

•  Step-by-step instructions complete with color photographs

•  Includes a chapter on bisque firing, waxing, and glazing

•  4 basic pottery projects for the beginning potter

The art of pottery making is described in detail for the beginning or experienced potter. Complete with a chapter on tools and materials to get started, this easy-to-use guide explains and illustrates how to wedge clay, use a pottery wheel, shape and trim pots, determine clay thickness, add handles, and a host of other pottery-making techniques. It also contains a chapter on bisque firing and glazing, the final steps in creating beautiful and functional pottery. Includes complete instructions for making a large bowl, three styles of mugs, and a sugar bowl and creamer set.

Big Book Of Ceramics-CHAVARRIA $35.00
A fine addition to our list. Clear text and over 700 excellent color photos cover history, materials, forming techniques, firing, glazing, and more.

Ceramics: A Beginner's Guide to Tools and Techniques – LANDBERGER & LUNDIN $12.50
This comprehensive guide covers the materials, tools, methods, and techniques for making original ceramic pieces in a wide range of forms. From hand sculpting to pinching, wheel throwing to slip casting, here you’ll ?nd easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by beautiful photographs to make the world of ceramics clear and exciting. Readers will also learn about glazes, firing techniques, decorating tips, and much more.

Ceramic Design Course-QUINN $22.00
The only book of its kind I've seen. A resource for those interested in designing pottery for large scale production or getting their creative juices flowing for smaller design challenges. Discussion of visual aids for presentations, a variety of model-making techniques, including computer generated 3-D modeling, concept-driven design, story-boarding your ideas, technical considerations for different types of pottery, slip-casting, use of surface texture and color...A good foundation course in design tailored to the ceramicist.

Ceramic Houses and Earth Architecture-KHALILI $25.00
Fascinating presentation of the construction, glazing, and firing of adobe and rammed earth buildings. It is also a personal vision and quest.

Ceramic Form-LANE $32.50

A much awaited revised edition of the original work, this edition has new color photos and and entire new chapter. The illustrations are fabulous and the text is intelligent, thoughtful and educational. This book should be in your library.

Ceramics: A Beginner's Guide to Tools and Techniques – LANDBERGER & LUNDIN $12.50
From the European Ceramic Work Centre comes a manual and source of inspiration and experimentation. An eclectic and unusual compilation of technical information on materials and instruction on forming, glazing, decorating, firing, and more. A useful studio handbook for all clay workers.  This comprehensive guide covers the materials, tools, methods, and techniques for making original ceramic pieces in a wide range of forms. From hand sculpting to pinching, wheel throwing to slip casting, here you’ll ?nd easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by beautiful photographs to make the world of ceramics clear and exciting. Readers will also learn about glazes, firing techniques, decorating tips, and much more.

Ceramics: A Potter's Handbook-NELSON, BURKETT 6th edition $87.00 OUT OF PRINT
Probably the most popular college text. The 6th edition was completely reviewed, revised, and brought up to date by Richard Burkett. Very comprehensive, competent, and well illustrated.

Ceramics For Gardens And Landscapes-HESSENBERG $30.00
From the author of  Sawdust Firing  comes this handsome book. International potters share their techniques of design, forming, and a variety of other special considerations. Pots, planters, birdbaths, fountains, tables, sculpture and more. see specials section also.

Ceramics, Mastering The Craft, 2nd Edition-ZAKIN $40.00
Excellent handbook, completely revised and expanded covering a whole host of subject matter. An outstanding general handbook by the author of  Electric Kiln Ceramics.

Ceramics with Mixed Media - BOSWORTH $26.50
From the popular "Ceramics Handbooks" series comes another great book. Inspiring photos of solidly crafted mixed media work, from funtional pieces with copper or wooden handles, to sculpted light sources combining porcelain and glass. Discusses techniques for incorporating metal, electrical elements, textiles, glass, and wood into your work.

Ceramics Monthly Handbooks: each $10.00
These have been around almost as long as pottery. Still useful and worth the price! Now out of print and very limited in quantity:
Brush Decoration
Copper Enameling
Underglaze Decoration
Answers To Potters Questions I SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT
Answers To Potters Questions II SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT
Great Ideas For Potters I SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT
Potters Wheel Projects SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT
Throwing on the Potter's Wheel SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT

Ceramics Monthly On CD Rom 1953-1979 see pricing below
All issues of vintage Ceramics Monthly! Travel back to the early days of the studio pottery movement through the historical pages of CM Magazine. Available as 3 separate CD's; 1953-59 $30, 1960-69 $40, 1970-79 $40, or the complete set for $80.

Ceramics: Shape And Surface-WILSON $25.00
A collection of handouts and teaching materials covering ideas, glazes, firing techniques, and studio tips from Lana Wilson.

Clay: A Studio Handbook, Second Edition-PITELKA $40.00
This is an outstanding piece of work that will guide you through most everything a potter will face as they practice their craft. Equipment repair, tool making, studio design, glaze technology, and so much more. This should be in every potters library

Clay Whistles-MINIOT $20.00
see the handbuilding section for a description

Claywork-NIGROSH 3rd edition OUT OF PRINT

Complete Potter-MATTISON $25.00
Very complete manual incorporating a myriad of areas of interest to the beginning to intermediate potter: materials, methods, techniques, tools, decoration, firing, safety. Written in a friendly and accessible style full of color photos and clear illustrations.

The Complete Practical Potter-WARSHAW OUT OF PRINT

Complete Potters Companion-BIRKS $30.00 OUT OF PRINT
A wonderful book offering lots of information and encouragement to all students of clay. 440 color photos. Technique, process, history, it s all here. Most recent edition.

Contemporary Crafts:Pottery And Ceramics-GARDNER OUT OF PRINT

Contemporary Tableware – BOOMFIELD $38.00
Tableware has occupied a special place in our kitchens and dining rooms for thousands of years, and continues to enchant us today. Ranging from the purely functional to the fine and delicate, the evolution of domestic pots tells us much about our changing tastes and habits, and the wider art and cultural movements that have influenced their decoration and forms.

Craft And Art Of Clay, 5th Edition-PETERSON $45.00
Brand new edition of Susan's classic book. Redesigned with 125 new color photos, a poster displaying 50/50 blends of 28 common glaze materials, a new section of shino glazes, revised info on computer programs, more process illustrations, and updated throughout. This is an invaluable book.

Craft of the Potter-CASSON $19.00 OUT OF PRINT

Creative Ideas For Clay Artists-TURNER $29.00 OUT OF PRINT
A carefully selected collection of articles from CM brought together to challenge and inspire. 21 articles arranged in the categories of pottery, sculpture, and finishing techniques. An excellent group of writing.

A wealth of info on many techniques & processes. Well organized, Color photos.
A limited number of hardcover editions are still available at $25.00

Environmental Ceramics-BITTERS $65.00
Author and environmental ceramicist, Stan Bitters, discusses crafting techniques for large-scale installations. Includes general advice for working large, as well and Stan's specific working practices for fountains, pools, garden walks, walls, container forms, sculpture, raku walls, and complete clay rooms. Lots of black and white photos of work in progress and finished public art illustrate the techniques involved. This book is a good starting point for those thinking about going large!

Hand And Home: The Homes of American Craftsmen $40.00
Visit the homes of 19 well known craftspeople with authors Tommy Simpson and Lisa Hammel. Gain a unique insight into the aesthetic sensibilities of these artists. Lovely!

Handmade Potters Tools-WONG, WHITFORD $45.00 OUT OF PRINT
Long out of print and highly sought after, available again in a revised edition. Instructions to make and use a variety of tools to fit your hands and your purpose.

Hands In Clay-SPEIGHT, TOKI NEW! 5th Edition $82.50
Very popular college textbook used extensively in university and art school programs. This 5th edition is completely new and contains hundreds of photos, drawings, and charts. Seven excellent chapters cover the history of ceramics the world over. All areas of clay working are covered. This is chock full of technical and practical instruction and information. An added feature is a separate, spiral bound supplement containing a variety of appendixes, glaze recipes, materials analysis, technical tips, and much more. Thick, full of stuff and very well written.

Illustrated Dictionary Of Pottery Form-FOURNIER $40.00
A clearly organized dictionary of pottery forms from all nations, time periods, and styles. Over 800 photos, drawings, and silhouettes. Another wonderful resource book.

International Catalogue of Films On Ceramics $45.00 OUT OF PRINT
A virtual encyclopedia listing thousands of films and videos from the world over. Descriptions and sources for purchase/rental. The only source of it s kind.

In the Potter's Kitchen: Handmade Pots for Home-cooked Recipes – VON DASSOW $27.00
Do you even know any potters who don't cook? Wouldn't it be great if there were a pottery design, technique, and glaze recipe book put together with a food recipe book? Well now there is, and it comes from the extensive research and passion of veteran author Sumi von Dassow. Each chapter includes an overview of the type of ware being discussed, design considerations, projects for making pots, and of course, recipes to cook in them! Besides her own explorations in the studio and kitchen, she's reached out to potters who share her passion of food and clay to make this book a truly one-of-a-kind experience. This book comes out Sumi von Dassow's love of both cooking and pottery, and her desire to share both passions with as many people as possible. You'll discover information on materials, glazes and what to consider when making pots to cook in and serve on. You'll also find many step-by-step techniques for creating casseroles to tagines, as well as scores of examples from dozens of artists, well-tested recipes and more. If you are a potter who loves to cook (or a cook who loves to pot), happy potting, and bon appétit!

Introduction To Pottery: A Step By Step Project Book-WALLNER expanded version $15.00
Very basic handbook for beginning students and potters. Excellent choice for ones first book on clay with a brief historical chapter followed by chapters on equipment, handbuilding throwing decortion and firing. The projects are suitable for children as well as adults. All color photos and well written text make this an attractive book.

Introducing Pottery: The Complete Guide – RHODE $30.00
In Introducing Pottery, international potter and teacher Dan Rhode shares more than twenty years of experience in a well-organized, fully illustrated volume. Rhode's comprehensive overview of the methods, techniques, equipment, and theory allows novice and more advanced clay artists to solve problems as they develop and to keep improving.

Large Scale Ceramics-ROBISON $26.50
Ceramics Handbook Series. General overview of really big ceramics projects. Murals, on site projects, using a factory, technical notes and more.

Make It In Clay, Second Edition-SPEIGHT $45.00
Excellent handbook for the beginning potter. Very well illustrated covering all of the important subject areas. Just the right amount of history along with solid technical and instructional information. Revised and now an even better book!

Manual Of Pottery & Porcelain Restoration-EVERETT $14.00
Excellent handbook written by a recognized restoration expert. Materials, tools, procedures are given, simple as well as complicated repairs are explained.

New Terra Cotta Gardener-KEELING $20.00 OUT OF PRINT

Ten of the most popular potters who have taught Penland share their methods, approaches, philosophies, inspirations and techniques in this sumptuous book. Gorgeous color photos, clear text, and a ton of images bring you into the potters studios to watch them work.

Porcelain Repair and Restoration, 2nd edition-WILLIAMS $32.50
Detailed and comprehensive . All necessary aspects are covered and presented with expert instruction and explanation. The author is world renowned from the British Museum.

Pots In The Kitchen-WALTER $60.00
A sumptuous presentation of pots designed and produced for cooking. Over 300 color photos from a variety of countries, potters, and factories trace the development of the wares from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. Profiles of potters, production methods, technical tips, glaze recipes, firing and advice on using the wares are included.

The Potter's Bible - SCOTT $13.00
Though somewhat superficial in its approach, this little reference covers a lot of ground. Two-page spreads with full color step-by-step photos introduce students to everything from clay recycling to applying gold leaf to finished pots. A fair amount of technical information is included and examples of pots by well-respected contemporary potters accompany each section.

A Potter's Book-LEACH
Currently out of print, but it is coming back into print soon and we will have it! Check back often!

The Potter's Complete Studio Handbook: The Essential, Start-to-Finish Guide for Ceramic Artists (Studio Handbook Series) – MULLER & ZAMEK $16.50

Pottery making and wheel throwing is a timeless craft, perfect for beginner crafters and artisans who don't mind getting their hands dirty. The Potter's Complete Studio Handbook is the perfect guide for all levels to enjoy and master the art of pottery. The book is a compilation of the best features from The Potter's Studio Handbook and The Potter's Studio Clay and Glaze Handbook, bringing the best of hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques together with comprehensive instruction for clays and glazes.

Inside, you'll find:

—expert tips and tricks for selecting and preparing your clay, constructing slab projects, throwing and centering clay on the wheel, firing your project to perfection

—16 beautiful and functional projects with step-by-step photos using wheel-throwing, hand-building, and slipcasting techniques that can be done at home

—more than 40 formulas for unique clays and glazes with instructions on how to use them plus troubleshooting tips from the experts

—behind-the-scenes access to production and mining facilities. . . and much more!

Potter's Craft-BINNS $30.00

A reissue of the first handbook written for potters and pottery students in this country. Binns can be considered the  father  of studio ceramics in the US and this is a major portion of his legacy. A wonderful addition to your library.

Potter's Directory Of Shape And Form-FRENCH OUT OF PRINT

The Potter's Studio Handbook- MULLER $25.00

This book goes over everything! From setting up your studio to scraping those kiln shelves and all that is in between. Many topics are discussed including mixing glazes, handbuilding and throwing projects, safety, molds, kilns, glazing, pinch pots. A great resource for beginners to intermediate. Many color photos throughout.

Potter's Tips-1st edition, CERAMIC REVIEW MAGAZINE $20.00

Collection of readers suggestions. Lots of good information. Edited by Robert Fournier.

Potter's Tips-2nd edition, CERAMIC REVIEW MAGAZINE $20.00
A new expanded edition of the first Potter's Tips. Over 600 ideas for potters suggested by the readers of Ceramic Review Magazine and edited by Emmanuel Cooper. Everything from making your own trim tools to the easy way to get a wet distorted pot back into shape.

Potter's Workshop-RODWELL $20.00
A practical handbuilding course for the home potter with 20 interesting projects. Info on clays, glazes, materials, and setting up a home workspace are included along with a glossary and practical advice from 12 potters. Very well done.

Pottery Basics-ATKIN $24.00
Information for beginning students and 12 first projects to try. This book concentrates on handbuilding, but does touch upon throwing as well. Projects are well-conceived and clearly explained. Step-by-step color pictures and text.

Pottery Form-RHODES $25.00
Finally! A reprint of the beloved, long out of print text. Rhodes speaks wisely about the essentials of form for thrown and handbuilt pots.

Pottery Making Techniques-TURNER $29.00
A collection of the most sought after and requested technique related articles from Pottery Making Illustrated. Throwing, handbuilding, decorating, firing, and more.

Pottery Workshop-COUNTS $30.00
Charles Counts was one of our most inspiring, knowledgeable, and expert potters and teachers. In this complete manual of clay working his love of the craft shines throughout. Out of print for many years , this is a book that should be on every potters shelf.

Pottery, People and Time-CAIGER SMITH $60.00
A beautifully written book in the tradition of Leach's A Potters Book. Inspirational and instructional, Alan Caiger-Smith passes on over 40 years of experience and wisdom as a potter.

Practical Ceramic Conservation-ACTON, SMITH $37.50
Repair and conservation of decorative ceramics. Includes comparisons of different materials and addresses of suppliers.

Repairing Pottery and Porcelain: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition-ACTON, McAULEY $20.00 OUT OF PRINT
A thorough guide to the subject. Covers cleaning, bonding, filling chips, making molds for reproductions, retouching colors, and discusses many commercially available products and their suitability for various types of repair. Very helpful.

Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook [With 2 DVDs][SIMON LEACHS POTTERY HA-W/2DVD][Spiral] – LEACH $33.00
At one time or another, every potter gets frustrated at the wheel. Whether struggling to center the clay or attach a handle with precision, potters of all levels crave advice and answers, and world-renowned ceramicist and YouTube sensation Simon Leach has plenty to give. In Simon Leach’s Pottery Handbook—a book-and-DVD package—he presents clear tutorials and loads of original instruction on all of the core techniques, from studio setup to basic throwing, to applying appendages, trimming, glazing, and firing. For each technique, detailed step-by-step photography captures the subtle, intricate movements that typically fly by too fast to be learned when watching a video lesson; callouts then lead readers to the relevant video on the DVD so they can see the technique demonstrated in real time—an ideal combination that makes learning from the master easy.

Simply Pottery-PEARCH $25.00
  A practical course in basic pottery techniques.  Well illustrated and simple informative text makes this a book well suited for its audience. Over 25 projects of all kinds included.

Spirit Of Clay-PIEPENBURG $50.00
A technical as well as personal handbook and guide by the author of  Raku Pottery , Materials, clay forming, glazes, kilns, firing, health. It is educational and inspirational.

Studio Potter Monographs-STUDIO POTTER each $5.00
Six popular reprints from Studio Potter Magazine. Titles are: Toward M.C., Reitz, Reflections On Hamada, The Case For Clay In Art Education, Frans Wildenhain, Voulkos.

Studio Practices, Techniques and Tips-TURNER $29.00
A collection of articles, suggestions, and Q&A from the last 20 years of
Ceramics Monthly. A wide variety of topics: tools, studio design, equipment, marketing, kilns, firing, & more.

Tableware In Clay-WOOD $50.00
Devoted exclusively to tableware throughout the ages. Begins with a history of handmade tableware from neolithic times to the present day and goes to a survey of contemporary ware including bowls, jugs, pitchers, pots for drinking, for serving, teapots, coffeepots and more. Wonderful color illustrations and thoughtful text.

Teapot Book-WOODHEAD $55.00
Beyond how to. This book ranges from general discussion of aesthetic concerns through the specific processes of several well known teapot makers. Beautiful full color photos throughout.

Teapots: Makers and Collectors- MERLACH $50.00
A wonderful book for collectors and those that admire teapots of all types. Mostly ceramic, but does include other media such as glass, metal, and mixed. 450 photos from 228 artists in 14 countries.

Techniques Of The Worlds Great Masters Of Pottery & Ceramics $22.00
Hugo Morley-Fletcher brings us a fascinating historical and technical study of the craft of pottery. A variety of methods and techniques are examined in detail. Excellent photos and text.

Two Books In One, Ceramics-MATTISON OUT OF PRINT

250 Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets for Potters-ATKIN $25.00
Tips on slip trailing, mold making, slab working, throwing, pinching, handle pulling, spouts, glazing,'s all here. This book hits all those problem areas that so many of us face

Working With Clay, An Introduction, 2nd Ed-PETERSON $45.00
Completely revised edition. Lovely book from Susan Peterson, author of  Craft And Art Of Clay.  Excellent study for beginners giving essential information in a professional manner. Very complete with full color photos, projects, pictorial history of ceramics, glossary, glazing, forming, firing, and more. Highly recommended! 

Workshop Guide To Ceramics-HOOSON, QUINN $35.00
Designed as a general studio reference and guide, this book is divided into eight parts covering all areas of importance to the studio potter: Materials, Tools, and Process; Forming Techniques; Prefiring Surface Decoration; Firing; Glazing; Post Glaze Surface Decoration; Design; Professional Practice. A very well organized and presented book with full color photos and illustrations on every page. A very useful book to have in the studio.


Arcanum- GLEESON $22.00 or a 4 cassette audio book for $24.00 
This story is based on true events in the 18th century when Europeans were trying to discover the secret to making porcelain. The story focuses on three characters and the greed and glory that surrounds them with this royal discovery.

Art Forms In Nature-HAECKEL $25.00
About 1000 objects including shells, plants, orchids, sea life, lichens, algae, ferns, and a host of other life forms in beautiful lithographs. Wonderful renderings. Published in 1904.

Art Forms In The Plant World-BLOSSFELDT $15.00
First published in 1929, this is a wonderful collection of 120 photographs of plants, stems, buds, pods, twigs, and more to inspire you and charge up your creative mind.

Booklovers Repair Kit-ELLIS $50.00
A complete kit that will teach you how, and help you to maintain and repair your treasured volumes. A real must for anyone interested in books as objects to keep and love.

Brushes: A Handbook For Artists and Artisans-TURNER $15.00
Everything you need to know about brushes. Written mostly for painters but equally informative for us potters! History, materials, hairs, styles, etc.

Calling The Planet Home-TROY $15.00
A sweet, lovely, and wonderful collection of 52 poems by Jack Troy, potter and author of  Wood Fired Stoneware And Porcelain . This is his first book of poetry and I hope it s not his last. You will find much enjoyment and pleasure in this little volume.

The Cave-SARAMAGO $25.00, $14.00
Newest novel from Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago. An elderly potter is suddenly told his wares are no longer wanted for sale. Undaunted, he perseveres. Allegory, metaphor, implied and expressed meanings; a gripping novel of suppression of individuality, and stoic humanity.

Ceramics: Materials For Inspirational Design-LEFTERI OUT OF PRINT

Ceramics Display Cards- CRYSTAL PRODUCTIONS $16.00
16 cards, 18"x6"mini posters of wedging, pinching, coiling, slab building, hump molds, centering, throwing, trimming, glazing, firing, raku, tiles, decorating, score and slip, stamping, and sculpture. Each card has 4-9 photos of the process and finished pieces, although the process is not illustrated as fully as the Ceramics Posters below also by Crystal Productions. Requires an additional $5 packing and shipping charge. Sorry.

14 posters, 17"x22" posters of wedging, pinch pots, coil, slab, hump molds, centering and throwing, manipulating the cylinder, handles/lids/covers, trimming, profiles of pots, glazing, and firing. Each poster contains a series of well done photos illustrating the theme. Heavy duty stock with a protective plastic coating. Great for hanging in the classroom or studio. Requires an additional $5 packing and shipping charge. Sorry.

Ceramics Prints-CRYSTAL PRODUCTIONS $30.00
12 prints, 12"x16" covering a diverse selection of styles and techniques from ancient to contemporary work. Requires an additional $5 packing and shipping charge. Sorry.

Ceramics Timeline-DAVIS PUBLICATIONS no discount $44.00 OUT OF PRINT
Three 60"x12" panels with beautiful reproductions and informative text highlighting clay from 35,000 BC to the present. A wonderful teaching tool. A curriculum guide with suggested activities, vocabulary with definitions, and bibliography is included. Requires an additional $5 packing and shipping charge. Sorry.

ClayArt Cooks!-ed SKEEN $28.00
A wonderful and eclectic collection of recipes (and images of pots) culled from members of ClayArt, the online potters discussion group. (Not many copies left!)

Clay, Light, and Water- O'ROURKE, $29.00
The first half of this title shows examples of artists and their work using the materials of the title. From there is proceeds to discuss methods of working, electrical wiring, and the use of fountains. A must have if you've been thinking about lamps or fountains.

Dreaming In Clay-MAURER, IGLESIAS $30.00
From the liner notes:  A moving family history of four generations of artisans, replete with romance, tragedy, passion, eccentricity......set against the backdrop of myth drenched Mississippi.  The story of the Anderson family and the Shearwater Pottery of Ocean Springs. Wonderful telling with emotion, respect, and love.

From Mud To Music: Making & Enjoying Ceramic Musical Instruments-HALL $60.00
A textbook on clay instruments. Includes general information on building drums, gongs, bells, flutes, horns, and stringed instruments. A brief discussion of technical challenges and profiles of leading ceramic instrument makers, and a CD of music on clay instruments are included.

An eclectic collection of shared recipes by the members of the OCGA. What could be more sumptuous that recipes from fellow potters??

Fine Art Of Japanese Food Arrangement-TSUCHIYA $35.00 OUT OF PRINT
An absolutely wonderful book that is as much about pottery and vessels as it is about food! Page after page of pots including a chapter on foods and utensils in Japanese history. This is truly a feast for the eyes!

Firing: Philosophies Within Contemporary Ceramic Practice-JONES $60.00
An interesting look at the potter's relationship to firing. Everything from the chemistry of combustion and heat retention in kilns to firing as metaphor and performance art. Chapters on experimental kilns, profiles of potters grouped by firing type. Technical information, pictures of pots, photos of firings and kilns. A little bit of everything.

Flowerpots, A Seasonal Guide To Planting, Designing, and Displaying Pots-KEELING $30.00
Potter Jim Keeling, author of  The Terracotta Gardner creatively weaves the story of pottery making with container planting designs. Arranged by season, this visually captivating book offers all the ideas, step by step instruction, and encouragement one needs to be on their way to successful container gardening. And the pots?.......... beautiful!

Hare With Amber Eyes-DE WAAL $16.00, deluxe illustrated hardcover edition $40.00
Internationally known potter Edmund de Waal's biographical memoir weaves a tale of mystery, intrigue, tragedy, and triumph as he tells the story of his family through the travels and chronology of a collection of Japanese netsuke. It is the story of lavish lifestyles, unexpected turns of events, and the rise of anti-semitism in pre and post WW II Europe from Odessa to Paris to Tokyo to England. A remarkable story about an equally remarkable family.

Mesa Verde Mug Poster- SWINK, $18.00
18" x 24", printed in color on heavy stock paper. A display of 57 authentic replicas of actual Mesa Verde mugs by Clint Swink.

Minnesota Hot Dish-NORTHERN CLAY CENTER $6.00
Each page has a photo of a baking or serving dish with a recipe from the artist. It s a wonderful little book!! From the exhibition at The Northern Clay Center in 1995.

Natural Art Forms-BLOSSFELDT $15.00
Another inspirational and creative collection of photos from nature. This book contains 120 classic photos first published in 1932 and all different from  Art Forms In The Plant World.

Potters Pantry: Fabulous Food From Fusion $12.00
A wonderfully eclectic collection of recipes by members and friends of the Ontario Clay & Glass Association. Appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, veggies, breads, deserts, you name it. This is full of mouth watering concoctions by some pretty creative folks!

Smart Claypot Cookery $12.00
An eclectic collection of recipes for cooking in earthenware pots. Meats, fish, soups, veggies, etc. Includes info on use and treatment of clay cooking pots.

Sustainable Ceramics – HARRISON $27.00
More and more artists are interested in producing work that is not only beautifully designed and produced, but is also environmentally friendly and socially responsible. In Sustainable Ceramics, pioneer Robert Harrison draws on more than four decades of making to present practical possibilities for ceramic artists.
This book covers all the factors to consider when going 'green', from fuels and alternative firing technology to energy-saving methods, sustainable ways to collect and use clay itself, and ways to deal with waste materials and save water. He suggests simple and achievable methods by which to reduce the carbon footprint of ceramic art, and offers examples throughout of practitioners who reclaim, reuse and recycle in their work.
Sustainable Ceramics is an essential resource for any ceramicist, studio or school wishing to reduce the impact of their practice on the environment.

Uncommon Clay-MARON $24.00, $7.00
Another in the author s Deborah Knott mystery series, this takes place in North Carolina clay country and follows the stormy story of two potters as they work through a bitter divorce. Suicide, scandal, death, and a closet of secrets come to light in this intriguing novel.

Writing Life-DILLARD $11.00
A sensitive, insightful collection of thoughts, phrases, advice, observations, and expressions on the art and craft of writing. Writing however is a metaphor and Annie Dillard may as well be talking about being a potter. Wisdom, reality, and encouragement.

Zen Of Seeing-FRANCK $21.00
A book that defies categorization. It is about drawing but it is much more about our sense of observation and how we can translate our vision into an expression. This book taught me how to see and draw.

Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing, Meditation In Action-FRANCK $19.00
The second book on the subject from Frederick Franck. Here he continues his journey and teaching in newly discovered ways offering more personal and deeper insights into the practice of seeing and drawing. Stories, quotations, observations, anecdotes, and more surround his sensitive drawings.




Additions to Clay Bodies (The New Ceramics)– STANDEN $30.00
This book is an introduction to the use of additions in clay bodies, from hard materials like stones and glass to combustible matter, fiber, metals and color. It looks at the work of a range of contemporary international makers who are using additions.
Clay body additions can introduce remarkable new forms and textures in ceramic work. With an emphasis on creatvity and experimentation, ceramicist Kathleen Standen reveals a range of possible effects, and profiles the extraordinary work of contemporary makers using additions in their practice. 

Advanced Ceramic Manual-CONRAD $35.00
Brand new and completely updated, this is a comprehensive and essential studio reference full of useful technical information in all areas: history; clays and engobes; glaze and glaze technology; firing; kilns, fuels, and insulation; and so much more. You will consult this book often with satisfying results! I use it all the time.

Alternative Kilns- GREGORY $26.50
This new companion volume to Gregory s book, Kiln Building, introduces the reader to exciting deviations from traditional kilns. The book was designed to be a show and tell rather than a detailed how-to, but the text, diagrams, and photographs provide some good technical information to get you started.

Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques-WATKINS, WANDLESS $30.00, $15.00
An elegant explanation of Western Raku, saggar, pit, and barrel firing techniques. Very well illustrated in all color. Particularly helpful are photos of work fired using different techniques with start to finish notes on their firing.
Special Listing

Anagama: Building Kilns and Firing
Odin Maxwell and Dick Lehman, ed. Translated by Shiori Noro
Michio Furutani was a pioneer in the revival and revitalization of the use of anagama kilns in Shigaraki, Japan during the last 40 years. In his book, Furitani provides an understandable  how-to  approach for building and firing anagama kilns. He explores a variety of kiln designs, clay bodies, and firing approaches with an end toward explaining how wood-fired surface effects are achieved. The writing is friendly, easy to follow, and includes personal stories, anecdotes and humor. The authors passion for wood fired effects comes through loud and clear. 224 pages, 4 color and 224 b&w photos, 42 drawings. A wonderful and important book. This is a two volume set. You will receive the original hardbound text and a supplementary softbound volume containing the translation. $75.
This book is not for sale through The Potters Shop but it is such a worthwhile book that I want to bring it to your attention. It is available only through the editor Odin Maxwell at You will find purchasing information on the web site.

Art Of Crystalline Glazing; Basic Techniques-PRICE,PRICE -OUT OF PRINT

Art And Craft Of Crystals-HOLLOWAY no discount! $50.00
Very detailed presentation on crystalline glazes including history, frits, formulation, clay bodies, forms, kilns, firing, slip casting, and common questions and answers. There s even a section on photographing your wares. Self published by the author in looseleaf format. Lots of great information but very carelessly edited with many typos.

Art Of Firing-LOU $30.00 OUT OF PRINT
Revised edition of Nils  original. Extensive text covering kiln design construction techniques, combustion, firing, troubleshooting and more. A must for potters who want to better understand their kilns.

Art Of Woodfire: A Contemporary Ceramics Practice-RYE $50.00
In this lovely cloth bound book, Owen Rye, a respected and well-known practitioner of woodfiring, discusses his perspective on the background of the art, its technical aspects and the aesthetic possibilities that woodfired ceramics can express. It is intended to encourage the interest of artists and those who collect their work. This book illustrates the work of more than 24 ceramic artists who are scattered throughout Australia. The project began with an exhibition of woodfired ceramics held at The Front Room Gallery in Gulgong, NSW, and will travel in Australia during 2011. The artists have provided statements of intent which appear beside their work and they explain why they are working in this genre to produce objects of beauty and meaning.

Artists Guide To The Use Of Ceramic Oxides- MEMMOT $30.00
Excellent reference with all the basic information you need right there in front of you.

Artists Guide To Firing Pottery-MEMMOT $36.00
Good coverage of many types of firing including gas, wood, sawdust, primitive, etc. Not a treatise on each but enough to get you going and answer basic questions.
Ash Glaze, Traditions In Ancient China and the American South-BRIDGES OUT OF PRINT

Ash Glazes-TICHANE $25.00
Revised edition of this classic study. New color photos and updated text. Very thorough!

Ash Glazes, 2nd Edition-ROGERS $50.00
New and completely revised and expanded. The definitive book on the subject! A practical guide to the design, application, and firing of ash glazes. Recipes, troubleshooting, and a survey of contemporary ash glazed ware.

Athenian Vase Construction: A Potters Analysis $70.00, $35.00 SEE SPECIAL SECTION
Toby Schreiber presents a fascinating study detailing the manner in which the major Athenian forms were made. 542 b&w photos, 440 line drawings. Incredibly detailed and informative. Learn how these ancient potters worked.

Australian WoodFiring, 2nd Edition- HARRISON $75.00
A loving look at woodfiring as practiced in New South Wales since WWII. Steve Harrison covers history, ecology, kiln design, firing techniques, and clays and other materials that give good results in wood kilns. Complete with many diagrams and color pictures, this is a wealth of information and an interesting read, as well.

Barrel, Pit, And Saggar Firing-von DASSOW

Black Pearl and Other Saturated Metallic Glazes-CONRAD $36.00
The black pearl glaze is a unique variation of Chinese tenmoku. It is a true black with "partridge" patterned silver-like white markings. John Conrad spent several years researching this glaze by visiting China, observation, collecting data, and completing hundreds of glaze tests. In addition to the complicated black pearl, the author extended his research to include other saturated metallic glazes. The result is this comprehensive book which presents the history of tenmoku and other metallic saturated glazes. Well illustrated in full color, there are over 100 recipes plus details of glaze composition, temperature, opacity, fluidity, color, and other data. This is a fascinating and completely usable study!

Book Of Low Fire Ceramics-BRODY $30.00
Complete handbook on clays, glazes, forming methods, decoration, firing, and more. In fact, this is just as useful as a well rounded general potters handbook since much of the info is applicable to other decoration, firing temperatures, & methods. Underglazes, overglazes, decals, and other unusual methods are described. Published in 1980 and now back in print.

Building Your Own Kiln, Three Japanese Potters Give Advice-ITABASHI, TAMURA, KAWABUCHI $25.00 OUT OF PRINT
Excellent book with clear, easy to follow text. Many photos and diagrams. Concise advice on building three types of woodfired kilns. Tips on firing, maintenance, etc.

Calibrating & Calculating The Electric Kiln-WIKEY $19.00
If you want intimate knowledge and understanding of the technical workings of electric kilns then this is for you. Elements, refractories, and calculations galore.

Celadon Blues-TICHANE $25.00
Reprint of his original book on Celadon glazes, this volume has 150 b&w and a 16 page section of beautiful color photos. Technical study in an easy to read style.

Ceramic Arts Handbook Series- $30.00 each
This is a diverse series on clay, and each book if filled with fabulous ideas and techniques.
Electric Firing- see Technical section for description
Glazes and Glazing- see Technical section for description
Extruder, Mold and Tile- see Handbuilding section for description
Surface Decoration- see Decorating section for description
Raku, Pit and Barrel- see Technical section for description
Throwing and Handbuilding- see Throwing section for description
Ceramic Sculpture- see Sculpting section for description
Ceramic Art- see Technical section for description
Raku Firing- see Technical section for description

Ceramic Art: Innovative Techniques- TURNER, $30.00
Another title in the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series, again giving many new and fresh ideas to the reader. Silk screening, soluble metal salts, burnishing a layer of graphite, throwing square casserole dishes, or burning out organic material may just be your newest creation after reading this book.

Ceramic Class: Glazing Techniques-CHAVARRIA $15.00
Very good overview of the glazing process including techniques, methods and a multitude of glaze varieties for beginning to intermediate potters. Excellent instruction with color photos throughout.

Ceramic Faults & Their Remedies-FRASER $27.00
Available again! The only book of its kind. Helps you through problems of all kinds.

Ceramic Formulas;The Complete Compendium-CONRAD $26.00
Popular compilation of recipes; glaze, clay , slip, stains, enamels, glass, & more in all temperatures, styles, types, etc.

Ceramic Glaze Handbook-BURLESON $25.00 OUT OF PRINT
Mark Burleson of the Odyssey Center has written a book that has been needed for years. All of the fundamental questions about glazes and glazing are answered for the novice, plus more for the intermediate potter. Well illustrated with all color photos.

Ceramic Glazes-PARMELEE no discount! $90.00
What s to say. The most sought after technical book for potters in existence. Available again but who knows for how long. If you want it, get it before it disappears again.

Ceramic Process-REIJNDERS $70.00
see the General/How To/Misc section for a description

Ceramic Science For The Potter-LAWRENCE, WEST $35.00
A much needed reprint of this classic book on ceramic materials and science. An excellent choice to add to your library of technical books.

Ceramic Spectrum, 2nd Edition-HOPPER $45.00
Auto and house paint as glaze ingredients? You bet! A study of the development of color in glazes. All types, temp. ranges and styles. A terrific book with many photos.

Ceramic Technology for Potters And Sculptors $30.00 OUT OF PRINT
Yvonne Hutchinson Cuff has written a comprehensive manual that demonstrates the technology involved in making and firing ceramics. 127 b&w and color photos, this promises to be a valuable resource for anyone working in clay.

Ceramic Raw Materials-WORRALL no discount! $150.00
This is a valuable book with extremely technical data of all kinds. Not for everyone. It is now out of print and we have only a few copies left. Call us for a more detailed description if you think it sounds interesting.

Ceramics For The Archaeologist-SHEPARD $32.00
A very academic work on analysis of ancient ware. Glaze, clay, firing, etc.

Chinese Copper Red Wares-SCOTT $30.00
Five essays present a scientific, technical, and studio potters study. Though technical in nature, this monograph is not above the heads of most potters with raw materials and firing experience. Very useful color photos help our understanding.

Chinese Glazes-WOOD $55.00
A long awaited sequel to the author s earlier book on Oriental glazes, this is a major work on the subject. Descriptions of how glazes were made, materials analysis, and how they can be duplicated with today's raw materials. 280 photos with 100 in color.

Clay & Glazes: Ceramic Review Book Of Clay Bodies & Glaze Recipes $35.00
Emmanuel Cooper brings us the third edition of this popular collection. Over 900 recipes from professional potters of all types. This has been completely revised and includes color photos, technical advice, and tips on health and safety.

Clay And Glazes For The Potter-RHODES/HOPPER OUT OF PRINT

Clays- HAMER $25.00
Vital information to aid in the understanding of the potters most basic material. Well written and to the point, this will help demystify what is for many a difficult subject.

Clays And Glazes In Studio Ceramics-SCOTT $50.00
Welcome addition to the available texts on the subject. Clear instruction and technical info makes difficult material understandable, 180 color photos, drawings, charts, etc.

Colour in Clay- WALLER $55.00
Now back in print! 50 Artists from Europe and the USA that work with stained and colored clays are profiled. Work, methods, and techniques are presented. Full of beautiful color photos. A lovely book to learn from as well as study aesthetics.

Complete Ceramics: Easy Techniques and over 20 Great Projects- COLLINS & BROWN $25.00
This book may be concise, but it has many interesting projects presented in full page color photos. Small unique projects listed can really spark your interest like, say, a raku banana, a soap dish, or an abstract handbuilt piece. Good for potters of all skill levels.

Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes-BRITT $18.00
Outstanding book full of information on mixing, testing, applying and firing a variety of cone 10 glazes. Color photos of test tiles and lots of recipes. 

Cone 5-6 Glazes: Materials and Recipes (Ceramic Arts Handbook) $65.00
Whether you're just getting started with making glazes or you're a seasoned pro, there's something for everyone in Cone 5-6 Glazes: Materials and Recipes. This book features the research of more than thirty potters and glaze enthusiasts who have dedicated hundreds of hours of research into finding and understanding materials and glazes that provide the right effect for their pots. Bringing together a wealth of information published in Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated over the past 30 years, this book will be an invaluable resource in any ceramic library. In Cone 5-6 Glazes you'll discover an easy way to test, tips for glazing, and insights into key glaze materials such as frits, feldspars, iron, commercial stains, and more. if you're looking for glazes with a special effect, you'll find snowflake crackles, crystals, Bristols, and saturated mattes just to name a few. And, of course, there are recipes - all in the cone 5-6 firing range. Whether you're an old pro or new to making glazes, you'll discover a wealth of inspiring information that will help you develop a personal palette for your ceramic work that you can call your own.

Cone Three Ceramic Formulas: Clay, Engobe, Stain, and Glaze-CONRAD $24.00
Brand new book from well known potter John Conrad. Reduce your utility rates and explore a new firing range. 150 wide ranging recipes including copper reds, crystalline, and black pearl with illustrations and color photos of samples and ceramics. The glazes are primarily formulated for oxidation firing in an electric kiln but most will work equally well in reduction. When the results are different or if a glaze is designed for oxidation or reduction only it is indicated.

Contemporary Ceramic Formulas-CONRAD $22.00
At last, a revised edition of John Conrad s second book of clays, glazes, stains, and more covering a variety of temperatures and styles.

Copper Red Glazes-TICHANE $25.00
Revised version of Reds, Reds, Copper Reds. Updated text and color photos. Get it!

Crystalline Glazes-CREBER $26.50
Very complete handbook covering all the basic information you need to get on with it! Well presented with lots of color photos.

Cushing's Handbook-CUSHING, $30.00, no discount
This book needs almost no introduction. It is Val Cushing's unique compilation of papers on glaze calculation, clay bodies, materials, firing, slip and glaze recipes, and a host of useful pottery making tips and instruction. Written for his classes at Alfred University, his handbook has become one of the most sought after potters technical handbooks.

Dechter Collection of Greek Vases- HAMMA, $15.00
A book to study from more than to admire. Classic shapes of pots are identified and discussed. Individual pieces are observed as well, studying the imagery and it's historical relevance and reasoning. Mostly black and white, but a few color photos inside as well.

Developing Glazes (The New Ceramics) – DALY $29.00
Developing your own glazes can be tricky and success is dependent on many factors. In this book, ceramicist Greg Daly aims to demystify the process with practical advice and complete, step-by-step instructions. He covers all the essentials, from planning your recipes and recording results to mixing glazes and finding the correct firing temperature. This hands-on technical guidance is supported with helpful how-to images and example tests and recipes. For any potter beginning to experiment with fired color, texture and decoration in their work, Developing Glazes is an essential reference, revealing workable, exciting methods for achieving the glaze results you want.

Early Islamic Pottery: Materials & Techniques-BERNSTEDT $50.00
A special import from the UK, this illustrated volume is in two parts : Ceramic Raw Materials and Technique and Chemical and Petrographic Investigations. Pottery of the early Islamic Period is made accessible to those interested in ceramic techniques - manufacture, materials and pigments of both body and glazes. Included is information on unglazed, pre-Islamic pottery; early glazes; white-ground decoration; inglaze colours; lustre wars; slip-painted ware ; Fritware; Silhouette ware; Raqqa ware; Laqabi ware; relief-moulded ware; Minai ware, Lajvardina ware, kilns, techniques and methods. The clay properties of Iraqui, Egyptian, Syrian, and Persian wares are presented.

Electric Firing: Creative Techniques- TURNER $30.00
Part of the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series. This book included information on materials and glazes for the electric kiln, and even some maintenance tips. Have an old electric kiln gathering dust? Use this book to make it into a gas one. Lots of great ideas and tips.

Electric Kiln Ceramics-RIEGGER $30.00
Published in 1978 and now back in print after many years. This is a wonderful handbook helping you understand and use your electric kiln to the fullest. Kiln design and theory, clays, and glazes all geared to electric kilns and firing.

Electric Kiln Ceramics, 4th ed.-ZAKIN $60.00
This is the newest edition of this classic book by Richard Zakin. In full color with an expanded section on individual artists. As always, sound technical information on clays, glazes, and working techniques.

Electric Kiln Construction For Potters-FOURNIER $30.00
Available again, this is THE book for understanding and building electric kilns. Clear instructions and information on all aspects of electric kilns is provided. A must have if you want to have a better understanding of electric kilns.

Electric Kiln: A Users Manual-FRASER $32.50
Covers all of the essentials. Clear, simple, yet technical information on how to use your electric kiln including special effects and troubleshooting.

Elements Of Ceramics-NORTON no discount! $60.00
Another hard to find, sought after technical book available again. All about the physics and chemistry of clays and materials.

Exploring Electric Kiln Techniques-VON DASSOW $29.00 OUT OF PRINT
A well-rounded and comprehensive collection of articles from  Ceramics Monthly  addressing a variety of approaches and methods of using the electric kiln. This will expand your ideas about using electric firing and get you going.

Fibre Reinforced Clay Bodies-HARRISON $25.00
A slim volume with instructions for ceramic fiber and paper additions to clay, and the use of wire armatures for strong large-scale sculptures. These techniques can be used to make extremely light pieces or to easily imitate the drapes and folds of cloth.

Fire Marks: A Workbook On Low Temperature Smoke Firing $25.00
Cheryl Herr-Rains brings us a user friendly handbook covering all kinds of smoke firing techniques. Full of tips, secrets, and supportive coaching and advice, this book will really help you in your pursuit of this type of firing. The author is also very safety conscious which is nice to see!

Fired Up With Raku: Over 300 Raku Recipes-POULTON $35.00
A wonderfully concise technical book on raku. Over 50 pages of glaze recipes, some with photos. Health and safety information, kilns, trouble shooting, alternative methods... In the "invited artists" section well-known raku artists (including the Potters Shop's Steven Branfman!) discuss their favorite techniques. A handy reference for anyone interested in raku.

Firing Kilns (The New Ceramics) – BRIERLEY $29.00
The range of extraordinary effects that can be achieved in a kiln is infinite. However, the technical requirements of different firing processes and equipment can often seem intimidating, particularly for those new to ceramics, and this can limit artists' confidence to explore and experiment.In Firing Kilns, wood-fire potter Benedict Brierley demystifies the firing process, explaining key methods and effects in simple, straightforward language. Beginning with the basic principles, including heatwork, firing schedules and cones, the book goes on to cover the various types of kilns and kiln packing, oxidation and reduction firing, and then special firing methods such as salt, soda, wood, pit, smoke and raku. Finally, it covers common firing faults and how these can be avoided to achieve consistent, successful results. Firing Kilns is a comprehensive handbook for anyone new to firing their work or for established ceramicists wishing to experiment with different firing effects.

Firing: Philosophies within Contemporary Ceramic Practice-JONES $60.00
See Miscellaneous section for description

From Mud To Music: Making & Enjoying Ceramic Musical Instruments-HALL $60.00
See Miscellaneous section for description

The Glaze Book-MURFITT $40.00
Over 700 recipes covering domestic and decorative ceramics are illustrated in over 100 color photos showing the color and surface response of each. Information on application, firing, kiln cycles, health and safety is included.

Glaze: The Ultimate Ceramic Artist's Guide to Glaze and Color – TAYLOR $26.00
Anyone who loves creating ceramics knows that glazing can be a labor of great love or the bane of the entire ceramic process. In the instructional and inspirational Glaze, potters will find a wealth of guidance on the glazing process as several of today's leading ceramicists share the recipes and techniques behind their most stunning works of art--each selected specifically for its unique glaze. Entries include: 
•  An overview of the artists' work
•  A technical description of the featured piece
•  The artist's creative intention behind the glazes used
•  Glaze recipes
Pieces are organized by color, so the potter can easily find work that relates to his or her own color aesthetic, or simply discover other incredible approaches. With more than 450 beautiful color illustrations, a technical how-to section, and a detailed glossary, Glaze is an absolute must have for potters of all levels.

Glaze Master-HESSELBERTH book and CD $50.00
From the author of Mastering Cone 6 Glazes comes a brand new glaze and clay data base and calculation program. Years of research and testing went into this comprehensive application that will prove to be the most useful tool in your glaze lab. For Windows and Mac.

Glazes and Glazing: Finishing Techniques- TURNER $30.00
Another book from the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series. Enough tips to help you dip, pour, spray, paint, and layer your glazes with success. Includes recipes also.

Glazes And Glazing Techniques-DALY OUT OF PRINT

Glazes Cone 6-BAILEY $30.00
Finally a book that addresses the needs of the mid-range stoneware potter. Very well organized and presented. If this is your interest get this book!

Glazes For The Craft Potter-FRASER $30.00
Long awaited revised edition of this classic book on glaze understanding and formulation. Materials, calculation, preparation, application, faults, health, and safety. An excellent book.

Glazes from Natural Sources-SUTHERLAND $30.00  OUT OF PRINT
Revised edition of this classic book with a new chapter by glaze expert Nigel Wood. Not only instruction and guidance on using natural materials for glaze design and formulation but a complete education in understanding and the use of ceramic materials. Glazes in all temperature ranges from raku to stoneware. Well-illustrated with b&w and color photos, drawings, and charts.

Glazes I Use-COLEMAN temporarily unavailable, being reissued as a new edition
A collection Of Tom Coleman s best current high fire reduction glazes. Clear descriptions. 58 glaze recipes and 12 recipes for oxides and pigments.

Glazes: Materials. Recipes, and Techniques-TURNER $29.00
Written by potters and technical experts these articles from Ceramics Monthly cover a wide range of materials, recipes, and techniques.

Glazing Techniques (Ceramics Arts Handbook) $27.00

Techniques for applying glaze to the surface of ceramic pots, presented in step-by-step images and accompanying text.

Gulies Glaze Making and Related Subjects $13.00
50-page handbook by the New Zealand Society Of Potters presents basic glaze methodology in a simple, concise format. Easy to follow instruction and recipes. Included is some introductory material on propane fuel and ceramic fiber repair.

 The Handbook of Glaze Recipes: Glazes and Clay Bodies – BLOOMFIELD $32.00
The Handbook of Glaze Recipes is an essential studio companion for any potter. Covering a comprehensive range of glazes including porcelain, crystalline and raku as well as stoneware and earthenware, each recipe is illustrated with a useful test tile to demonstrate the effects of opaque, matte, and transparent glazes on different clays and at varying temperatures, and numbered for ease of reference. The book also features an introduction to the basics of mixing, applying and adjusting glazes, and correcting typical glaze faults. It also includes many clay body recipes, including a variety of ones for porcelain, wood firing and even Egyptian paste. Compiled by studio potter and glaze expert Linda Bloomfield, and based not only on on years of meticulously recorded tests, but also researched from a large assortment of established ceramic artists, The Handbook of Glaze Recipes is a must-have resource for any potter wishing to experiment or expand their glazes and clay bodies.

Hyperglaze- BURKETT $100.00
This is the help you need for formulating glazes. A software program to help figure cones, shrinkage fits, colors and more. Also helps file and organize your recipes. Comes loaded with 75 glaze recipes, 50 clay recipes, and 750+ material analyses. Now for PC and Mac. Requirements: Mac OSX on G3, G4 or G5 or Intel Mac, OS9 on G3 or PowerPC, Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, Me, and Windows 98

Illustrated Dictionary Of Ceramics-SAVAGE $30.00
Reprint of this famous reference book. Over 3,000 terms relating to wares, materials, shapes, process, styles, and patterns from antiquity to the present day.

Illustrated Dictionary Of Practical Pottery-FOURNIER $40.00
New and fully revised, this classic reference belongs in your library. By one of the foremost potters and teachers of our time.

Japanese Wood Fired Ceramics-LANCET, KUSAKABE $45.00 OUT OF PRINT
The methods, materials, and aesthetic appreciation of Japanese wood firing are presented and explained in exquisite detail. Kiln building, glazing, slips, and natural surfaces, loading, firing, unloading, alternative firing, health and safety. This is unlike any other book on the subject. The passion of the authors is clear and contagious. If you have any interest in wood firing or Japanese pottery aesthetics you will love this book. 320 pages, all color. 

Kiln Book, 3rd Edition-OLSEN $45.00
This is THE most comprehensive book on kiln design, construction, materials, & combustion. Everything from refractories, fuels, combustion theory and equipment, methods of construction, and safety practices and systems. Detailed plans for many types and styles of kilns. There is a chapter on electric kilns and an extensive appendix that includes estimating data, arch calculation, conversion tables and more.

Kiln Building-GREGORY $25.00
Fine handbook on types of kilns, fuels, materials, construction, & firing principles giving the reader a basic introduction to design, construction, and firing.

Kiln Construction, A Brick by Brick Approach-FINCH $32.50
Demystifies the intracasies of kiln design and construction. This is a user-friendly guide covering gas, wood, and oil fired kilns. Time-tested designs are presented with clear, detailed illustrations and instruction. Informative and confidence building, this is a much needed book.

Laid Back Wood Firing, 3rd Ed.-HARRISON $40.00
26 years after its first publication, this is as useful and relevant today as it was then. Well-known Australian potter Steve Harrison has carefully updated, revised and enlarged his original edition while maintaining a clear, friendly, and easy to read style. Designed as a kiln-side reference for the rookie down draught kiln operator, it is this and much more. Several different kilns or varying sizes are discussed and illustrated. Includes a CD with additional pictures and diagrams.

Low-Firing and Burnishing-VON DASSOW $27.00
Both ancient cultures and contemporary potters have used low-firing to great effect, adding slips and burnishing pieces to create finishes not possible with any other firing method. Low-firing and Burnishing provides step-by-step practical information focusing on various approaches to low firing and methods for creating natural finishes. Whether using an old garbage can, a pit in the ground, or a bonfire, low-firing is accessible to anyone with an outdoor space. 


Lustre Pottery-CAIGER SMITH $40.00

Out of print for some time, now available again, this is the definitive work on the history and technique of traditional lustre ware. 33 color and 105 b&w photos, 12 line drawings, two maps.

Macro-Crystalline Glazes: The Challenge of Crystals-ILSLEY $60.00
Clear instructions and beautiful color photos. An excellent book on all aspects of crystal glazes including history, clays, recipes, kilns, firing, safety, and more.

An outstanding presentation including formulation, theory, concepts, recipes, and full explanations. There is a clear focus on stable glazes for all applications. The authors have taken great pains to make this a most useful and important study.
This is now available only directly from the author John Hesselberth at

Mastering Raku: Making Ware-Glazing-Building Kilns-Firing STEVEN BRANFMAN 
See the complete description below under "Raku."

NOTE: Mastering Raku: Making Ware, Glazes, Building Kilns, Firing, it is out of print. While it may be reprinted, I have been searching for used copies. Unfortunately the prices are astronomical!!! Presently I have a limited number of used, hardcover copies, all is excellent condition. I am offering them at my cost, $95 (no additional discount)

Minigama-YOSHIDA $15.00
A most unusual book. Contains complete instructions to make and fire a portable mini wood-kiln. The minigama fires in about 3 hours. Concise, well illustrated and a load of fun. Great as a teaching tool for all ages. There is now a Minigama Yahoo Group! Log on at: Have fun!!

Minnesota Flat Top Car Kiln Plans-LOU $20.00 OUT OF PRINT
Complete plans including materials list for this widely used kiln. Nils is the original designer so you re getting it from the horse's mouth!

More Glazes I Use: Glazes, Clays and Ideas- COLEMAN $40.00
Filled with cone 8-11 reduction type recipes in a spiral bound format for ease in the studio. Glazes are separated by type. The book also includes some clay body recipes as well as some recipes for pigments for brushwork.

Naked Clay, Ceramics Without A Glaze-PERRYMAN $40.00
A comprehensive look at pots, pottery making, and the potters working without glazed surfaces. Profiles of an international group of artists reveal techniques, methods, styles, influences, ideas, and more. Well illustrated with color photos.

Naked Raku and Related Bare Clay Techniques-LAZO, et al. $30.00
Assembled and edited by Eduardo Lazo, he has brought together an expert collection of Naked Raku practitioners; Kate and Will Jacobson, Wally Asselberghs, Linda and Charlie Riggs, Amber Aguirre, and Dana Bilello-Barrow each share their years of experience and personal working techniques and styles. The book includes virtually every aspect of the process including clays, slips, color, glaze, firing, post firing, and finishing. With an introduction by Steven Branfman, author of Mastering RakuNaked Raku will be a welcome addition to your library of alternative firing practices.

Natural Glazes: Collecting and Making (The New Ceramics) – FORREST $22.00
Like clay, all glaze materials come from the earth. Traditionally, stones, plants, and other natural materials provided the elements for ceramic surface decoration. In an age of synthetic and mass-produced glazes, handmade glazes from locally sourced ingredients allow artists to produce unique pieces that reflect their surrounding landscapes. In Natural Glazes, Miranda Forrest guides readers through the process of experimentation and discovery to make amazing hues from organic materials.
Whether a glaze is mixed from scratch or local items are added to a commercial glaze, this concise book teaches the essential steps. A variety of glaze materials is available in any location, and Forrest shows artists how to recognize and gather appropriate ingredients and prepare them for blending. She explains how to work with vegetation and organic materials such as grass, wood, and seashells, giving step-by-step directions for mixing glazes and testing sample blends for optimal results. Natural Glazes covers application and firing techniques such as raku and offers health and environmental safety information.
Natural Glazes contains full-color photographs of completed works, charts and tables providing firing times and other data, and insightful essays from other ceramic artists specializing in natural glaze work. Using found materials in glazes is a creative way to add a local touch to ceramics. With Natural Glazes, inspiration may be as close as your own backyard.

Notes From A Ceramics Lab pottery analysis & archeology $16.00

Oriental Glazes-BAILEY $26.50
Inspired and modeled after the long out of print book of the same title by Nigel Wood. A great resource and handbook. Recipes with pictures, plus  potter s notes  on the quirks of each glaze.

Out Of The Earth, Into The Fire-OBSTLER $50.00
Very extensive yet comprehensible presentation of the study of clay and glaze materials and technology. Well designed format and organization make this easy to use.

Pioneer Pottery-CARDEW $45.00
This is exciting. Seth Cardew has finally made this available again after many, many years: The quintessential potters technical manual. So much information it defies description. Do not be without this book!!

Potters Alternative-DAVIS $40.00
Harry Davis, like Michael Cardew, was a pottery pioneer. Self-sufficient, he traveled the world starting potteries in developing countries before establishing Crewenna Pottery in New Zealand. This is his potters handbook. An icon of 20th century ceramics, there is much in his writing to learn.

Potters Book Of Glaze Recipes-COOPER $37.50
Long out of print, finally available again. One of the most popular glaze compendiums ever written. Comprehensive collection of recipes in all ranges, styles and firing methods. Many potters have relied on this collection for their entire palette of glazes!

Potters Complete Book Of Clays And Glazes-CHAPPELL OUT OF PRINT

Potters Dictionary Of Materials And Techniques-HAMER $70.00
5th edition, new and updated. This essential reference book keeps getting better. Every potter should have this book. A week doesn t go by without me going to it!

Potters Guide To Raw Glazing & Oil Firing-PARKS $30.00
A welcome reissue of this classic book-the first one to address raw glazing (once firing) and the only one to advocate and explain the use of waste oil as a fuel. Detailed step by step instruction in all 
phases including recipes, kiln building, and more.

Potters Odyssey-SPENCE $13.00
A unique and very personal approach to claywork and glaze comprehension and formulation. It is a path to understanding and mastery rather than a step by step manual.

Potters Palette-CONSTANT $20.00 OUT OF PRINT

The Potter's Studio Clay & Glaze Handbook: An Essential Guide to Choosing, Working, and Designing with Clay and Glaze in the Ceramic Studio-ZAMEK, $25.00
The title says it all on this one. Filled with small tips that you hadn't thought of and facts you never knew. This is an informative book hitting on all aspects of potting from studio layout to making sales with major focus on the clay itself; types, options, mining process, reclaiming, identifying faults, etc. This book will make you reconsider why exactly you do what you do once in the studio. Many color photos.

Pottery Analysis; A Sourcebook-RICE 10% discount only $65.00
A well rounded study of analysis including materials, trade, manufacture, decoration, etc. Of interest to scientists, historians, potters, ceramic engineers, and others.

Prehistory & History Of Ceramic Kilns-RICE $95.00
Essays and presentations on the subject. Fascinating information for the serious student of ceramic history. No color photos, this is a scholarly study.

Primitive Pottery-RIEGGER $30.00
Hal Riegger s second book published in 1972 should be in your library if you have the slightest interest in the subject. Simple and straightforward giving you the background, information, and encouragement that you need to proceed. Finding clay, forming, drying, simple glazes, firing without kilns as well as simple and more complex kilns are all covered.
Raku: A Practical Approach, 2nd Edition - STEVEN BRANFMAN OUT OF PRINT
Steven's new book "Mastering Raku" is even better!! See the description below!

Advanced Raku Techniques-AM CER SOCIETY $29.00 OUT OF PRINT
We have a limited supply of this book which is now out of print. Get it while you can! Another in their continuing series of books featuring the best articles from Ceramics Monthly within each given subject. 37 articles covering a multitude of approaches, styles, and aesthetics. Technical, historical, and personal.

Fired Up With Raku: Over 300 Raku Recipes-POULTON $35.00
A wonderfully concise technical book on raku. Over 50 pages of glaze recipes, some with photos. Health and safety information, kilns, trouble shooting, alternative methods... In the "invited artists" section well-known raku artists (including the Potters Shop's Steven Branfman!) discuss their favorite techniques. A handy reference for anyone interested in raku.

NEW......... NEW......... NEW......... NEW......... NEW.........
Mastering Raku: Making Ware-Glazing-Building Kilns-Firing 
This is Steven Branfman's newest book and it is a beauty! Full color throughout. From forming to firing to finishing, this is the definitive reference on raku. Ceramists of all levels of experience will be informed and inspired by this completely updated, technique-based book with detailed and extensive how-to photos and text. It covers everything from beginning to end including history, culture, types of clay, forming techniques, firing, glazes, decoration, and kilns and kiln construction. Tips on troubleshooting a myriad of potential problems are shared and drawn from Steven's long experience with this fascinating technique. Mastering Raku also includes a gallery of works from around the world along with updated clay and glaze recipes. You will not be disappointed. If you would like your copy autographed just let us know. 
paperback $22.00

Raku-MATHIESON $26.00
Nice small handbook presenting all the essentials. Well illustrated with all color photos. More pots and methods to inspire and excite.

Raku: Art And Technique-REIGGER $30.00
The first book written on the raku technique and the one that first inspired me! Available again after many years, all raku potters should have this book. Riegger s philosophy and style is one of simplicity and respect for tradition. Honest and refreshing.

Raku Firing: Advanced Techniques- TURNER, $30.00
One more title in the fantastic Ceramic Arts Handbook Series. This time around we're checking out an inlaid glass technique with the Potter Shop's own Steve Branfman, building alternative kilns, glaze recipes, flashing pots with torches, and reduction stenciling. Once again, many new ideas to get your own flowing.

Raku Glazes: The Ultimate Collection, 2nd Edition-FERGUSON $25.00
360 recipes in a handy reference book. Spiral binding opens flat for hands-free use in your glaze room. An quick reference index organizes glazes by color, surface type, and creator. Sorry, no 
pictures, but descriptions accompany recipes with particularly un-enlightening names.

Raku: Investigations Into Fire- JONES $50.00
Hardcover with all color photos, this is a fine book giving a general overview of the raku process. Info on history, materials, kilns, firing, glazing, and more. Survey of a small group of individual artists rounds out the book.

Raku: Origins, Impact, Contemporary Expression - ROMBERG $65.00
No technical information, but a beautifully produced book. Accompanies the 2005 exhibition of contemporary and historical raku-ware from the Eagleheart Center for Art and Inquiry. Includes 10 potters from the USA, UK, Taiwan, France, Switzerland, and Japan. Artist statements, drawings, photos of firings, and pictures of finished pots all flow in a beautiful stream of conscience format from page to page. It is like an artist notebook passed from friend to friend. Lovely.

Raku Pottery-PIEPENBURG $28.00
A wonderful book on the subject. Very complete account. Piepenburg s approach is personal and comfortable. Many of his glazes have become standards. Techniques and personal processes are shared. Lots of good information.

Raku, Pit, and Barrel: Firing Techniques-ed TURNER $30.00
From the Ceramic Arts Handbook series, a compilation of articles on alternative firing techniques by experts in the field. Includes profiles of prominent artists and lots of technical information. Glaze recipes are highlighted in handy sidebars. Step-by-step photos guide you through various processes. Highlights include sections on crackle glaze, peel-away slips, wrapping raku pots in wire, lusters, making Anasazi black and white wares, and aluminum foil saggars. Accessible but thorough. Excellent. Replaces the now out of print Barrel, Pit, and Saggar.

Raku, 2nd Edition-ANDREWS OUT OF PRINT

Raku Secrets: The Complete Guide to Amazing Raku Results-FERGUSON $30.00
A solid book for raku beginners. Includes a handful of glaze recipes to get you started, charts comparing the benefits of different types of kilns, and tips for reducing thermal shock breakage. Does not overwhelm the beginner with technical information.
Revealing Glazes-CURRIE $45.00 OUT OF PRINT
Ian Currie s new book is a real winner. A simple approach to the development of color and glaze alteration. Well written, easy to follow and use. NOTE: December 2017-The Currie Family is working on a downloadable .pdf of Revealing Glazes. If you would like to be kept up to date on it's release, send us an email with your name, phone# and email address.

Rock Glazes, Geology and Mineral Processing for Potters $38.00
Well known Australian potter Steve Harrison has written an excellent manual for those interested in using local glaze materials. Identifying, processing, and testing local materials.

Salt-Glaze Ceramics-COCHRANE 50.00 now available as a special for $25.00!
Lavish color photos with well organized and written text make this new addition to the bibliography on salt glazed pottery a welcome and useful one. History, technical information including kilns, firing, glazes and decoration, artist profiles and much more.

Salt-Glaze Ceramics: An International Perspective- MANSFIELD $50.00
Handsome volume, large color photos, lots of quality info, enjoyable to read.

Salt Glazing-ROGERS $50.00
An extremely well written complete presentation of salt glazing for the contemporary potter. Clay bodies, slips, glazes, decoration, kiln plans, stacking, firing, and profiles of 25 potters. Tons of photos & illustrations, this is the first book to get for salt glazing.

Sawdust Firing-HESSENBERG $35.00
Introduction to the process of sawdust firing. Methods and ideas are presented through the work of different potters. Full color photos.

Self Reliant Potter Series-NORSKER see our out of print section for pricing
Written for potters in developing countries and where there are few or no commercial suppliers, four volumes that cover all the nitty-gritty technical know-how you need to build your own equipment, make clay and glazes, and start your pottery from scratch. A great resource for anyone who thirsts for technical knowledge or just likes the feeling of doing it themselves.
Available titles:
Clay Materials SOLD OUT
Forming Techniques
Refractories and Kilns SOLD OUT

Single Firing, The Pros and Cons-TRISTRAM $25.00
Complete handbook on the subject covering all the necessary areas. Very good as an introduction and guide to experimentation.

Smashing Glazes-PETERSON $35.00
From the author of  The Craft And Art Of Clay ,  Jun Kaneko ,  Lucy M Lewis  and other best selling books. 53 artists covering a wide range of styles, temperatures, and firing methods who share their recipes and insights. All color, an inspiring group.

 See Jane Perryman's new book Smoke Firing: Contemporary Artists And Approaches

Smoke Firing: Contemporary Artists And Approaches-PERRYMAN $50.00
Not a revised edition but a brand new book from the author of "Smoke Fired Pottery." Here, Jane Perryman "introduces the work of 29 ceramicists who use smoke firing in different ways to express their art." Gas, wood, and electric kilns are utilized as well as pit and open fire methods. Technical information is shared and color photos throughout bring the work and the techniques to light. This is a long awaited book that is sure to inspire and educate.

Soda, Clay, and Fire-NICHOLS $35.00
A detailed explanation of the soda firing process that doesn't get bogged down in excessive technical jargon. Nichols' book encourages experimentation. She juxtaposes numerous photos of work by prominent clay artists with information about slips, clay bodies, kiln design, wadding, firing strategies, draw rings, post-firing treatment, soaking, cooling, interchanging salt and soda...

Soda Glazing-TUDBALL $25.00
At last a book on the subject. Covers clays, slips, kiln designs, firing. Well illustrated.

Stoneware Glazes: A Systematic Approach-CURRIE $40.00 OUT OF PRINT-See note below
A complete course in glaze calculation & formulation. Ian Currie travels the world presenting workshops that follow his book. Reading the book and following the detailed yet completely comprehensible instructions will give you a thorough understanding of glaze formulation. The best of it s kind.
Ian Currie passed away in 2011. Upon his death, the Currie family decided to make his books available in the public domain. Here are two sources: 

Stoneware, Ceramics Handbook Series-DEWAR $27.50
Well written and informative providing an overview of stoneware pottery. Technical information on materials, clays, glazes, slips, firing kilns, and more. A variety of potters' works are illustrated along with individual working methods and processes.

Studio Ceramic Dictionary-CONRAD $16.00
2500 terms & definitions. A handy reference to have in the studio.

Substitutions For Raw Ceramic Materials-BASTARACH $60.00
For those with limited knowledge of ceramic chemistry, a very useful resource. Recipes are given with variations. Easy to use and understand. Also available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portugese (Brazil), and Portugese (Portugal) versions.

Surface Matters: An Exhibition of Ceramics-EMPORIA STATE UNIVERSITY $25.00
An exhibition catalogue designed to be a resource for potters. Includes a photo of a piece by each artist included in the show with an explanation of their process and a recipe for a special surface treatment. Includes recipes by 36 artists for clays, glazes, engobes, casting slips, decorating slips, and terra sig. Spiral bound with plastic-coated pages for easy use in the studio.

Thoroughly Modern Milling: Directions on Building a Small Ball Mill-HARRISON $25.00
Short, but sweet technical instructions and several fold-out pages of diagrams. Includes suggestions for inexpensive parts and materials. If you have some technical know-how and a friend with metal working tools, this will get you up and running.

Tin Glazed Pottery-ALAN CAIGER SMITH $40.00
An important book. 1000 years of Maiolica, Faience, and Delftware from Mesopotamia and Egypt, to Persia and the Middle East to the Netherlands, Spain, France, Britain, and more. History, culture, but full of technical info on materials and methods.

Troubleshooting for Potters: All the Common Problems, Why They Happen, and How to Fix Them – ATKIN $14.00
Trial and error has long been considered the best way to learn the craft of pottery. Discovering how to avoid and repair issues like cracks, blistering, and color distortions happens over time through working with various clays again and again. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a resource that took some of the guesswork out of the ceramic process? This comprehensive, down-to-earth manual, created by master ceramicist Jacqui Atkin, is the answer. Inside, craft potters will discover how common problems arise and learn foolproof solutions for fixing them.
Organized into sections that cover each step in the ceramic process--from preparing clay, to glazing and firing--readers will find methods for dealing with just about every issue imaginable. Handy diagnostic charts at the beginning of the book provide a super-quick reference for problems and solutions. Hundreds of detailed drawings and illustrative color photos provide even more help.

This book is a masterpiece! 21st Century Kilns single-handedly takes the mystery and intimidation factor out of kiln design and kiln building. It brings the kiln out of the Dark Ages and into the milieu of every potter for whom a fuel fired kiln has been a dream. Not to ignore those of us that fire in electric kilns, there is a wonderful section on troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, and firing electric kilns! YOU can see my complete review in the Winter/Spring 2011 issue of Clay Times. This book and the accompanying DVD is available only from Mel Jacobson directly. Go to to order.

Understanding Glazes-EPPLER, OBSTLER $84.00, no discount
Partly a dictionary of materials and partly a glaze chemistry textbook, this portable little paperback is an advanced reference book for the studio. Written for ceramic scientists and engineers, it is technical in nature but an accessible read. This book is likely going out of print in the near future.

What Every Potter Should Know-ZAMEK $28.00
Much needed addition to the pottery book library! Loads of questions and problems are asked and answered in education, materials, marketing, clay bodies, glazes, firing, safety, and much, much more. The author is a leading expert on materials technology and offers his years of experience as a ceramics consultant. Very worthwhile!

With A Little Help From My Friends-COLEMAN temporarily unavailable, being reissued as a new edition. Call for more info.
The latest collection of recipes, tips and philosophy from Tom Coleman and some of his friends. Clays, glazes, firing tips, and more. Color photos this time!

Wood Fired Ceramics-MINOGUE, SANDERSON $50.00 OUT OF PRINT
Well illustrated book featuring profiles of 36 potters along with the work of an additional 30. Bourry-box, non traditional, and Oriental influenced kilns are described. Lots of technical info and personal nuances.

Wood Fired Stoneware and Porcelain-TROY OUT OF PRINT
see out of print section above

Wood Firing: Journeys And Techniques-LEHMAN $26.00
A well written introduction by Dick Lehman and 24 articles from CM chosen for their diversity, interest, and well rounded approach to the myriad approaches to the subject.


Art Of Throwing-MCERLAIN $60.00
Well illustrated & beautiful color photos throughout. More than a book on technique, this will excite and inspire you to new levels of accomplishment. History, culture, individual potters, personal approaches, and more are presented in a terrific package.

The Basics of Throwing: A Practical Approach to Form and Design- COHEN $30.00
This book is filled with color photos to help get a grasp on the fundamentals of throwing. There is a large emphasis on form and its importance, including the initial learning good from bad and how to apply it to your work.

Ceramics Class: Throwing Techniques-CHAVARRIA $15.00
A new series of books aimed at beginning to intermediate potters. Very good overview of throwing, detailed instruction and excellent color photos. Projects include bowl, plate, cylindrical pot, vase, spout, lids, handles, a two part vase, teapot and more.

Ceramics for Beginners: Wheel Throwing- REASON $25
Another book for newbies of throwing. This one, however, teaches skills in an order that allows the reader to gain on what they have already learned in previous projects in the book. Practiced the cylinder to where you are comfy with your skills? Time to turn to the pulled handle page to expand on the cylinder shape. Got bowls down? Go for a berry bowl next! Each project highlights other projects and skills that compliment it, sort of a "don't forget to look at" guide. Of course the book contains all the basics; selecting clay, wedging, glazes, tools, etc.

Ceramic Studio: Wheel Throwing – REASON $7.50
Featuring the same bright, open design as Ceramic Studio: Hand Building, this second entry in the series offers an introduction to the mechanics of wheel-thrown ceramics. Artist Emily Reason takes beginners through nine projects, including a mug, pitcher, teapot, and fluted baking dish. Starting from one of two fundamental forms (cylinder or bowl) she covers such basics as centering, pulling a handle, trimming, firing, and glazing. Color bands throughout point the reader to related information on various techniques, while gallery sections provide inspiration. This book was formerly published in hardcover as Ceramics for Beginners: Wheel Throwing.

Clay: The Potters Wheel-SAPIRO $13.00 OUT OF PRINT
Very elementary book for beginners to intermediates. Quite outdated, but still used by many teachers. I do not recommend it.

Functional Pottery, 2nd Edition-HOPPER $45.00
A must for anyone involved with, the production of functional ware. or any ware for that matter! Historical, aesthetic, technical & emotional considerations all addressed.

Making Pots On The Wheel-ROSSI $20.00
Companion workbook to the videos making a complete instructional package. Not really suitable as a stand alone reference, should be used with the videos.


Potters Wheel-BARBAFORMOSA $30.00
Hundreds of color illustrations and generous explanatory text help guide the reader through the process of working on the wheel. Basic as well as more complex forms are shown. Very clear and thorough.

Potters Workbook-ILLIAN $25.00
The author, an apprentice at the Leach Pottery in 1964-5 has written a throwing textbook for the hand and the heart. If you are interested in the "why" of making pots, this book is what you need. Exercises teach shape, form, utility, aesthetics, comfort, balance, design, and more. A wonderful workbook for potters of all levels.

Pottery, The Technique Of Throwing-COLBECK $30.00
Out of print for many years, this is one of the best throwing manuals ever written. Clear and detailed instruction accompanied by excellent photos of the methods and processes described. In addition to basic skills, included are lids, large scale work, rims, combining forms, using calipers, throwing multiples, and much more.

Pottery on the Wheel-WOODY $30.00
Now back in print after much clamoring by the pottery community! Step-by-step throwing techniques. Clearly demonstrates throwing shapes based on the cylinder and bowl forms. Teapots, pitchers, clays, glazes, firing, kilns. An excellent handbook for the beginner or advanced potter.

Throwing (The New Ceramics) – PHETHEAN $20.00
Throwing is an important skill for any potter to master, using only a few tools, the guidance of their hands, and the momentum of a wheel. Having spent his life making pots and teaching others to make them, Richard Phethean describes essential techniques for working on the wheel with an eye for the practical. He covers a range of forms, from simple domestic pots to more complex vessels, with the aim of building makers' confidence in throwing techniques. The book features clear instructions for creating each type of vessel, accompanied by illustrated step-by-step instructions, which demonstrate the techniques described. It also profiles the work of contemporary potters for whom throwing is a vital part of their practice. Throwing is an essential companion for anyone attempting to master the art of forming pots on the wheel.

Throwing-PHETHEAN Simple approach, well illustrated $25.00

Throwing and Handbuilding: Forming Techniques-ed TURNER $30.00
An excellent book from the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series. A compilation of articles on advanced throwing and handbuilding techniques by a variety of respected authors. Everything from throwing big platters and sprigging, to tall strap handles and making large sculpture using a small kiln.

Throwing Large-COLLINS $25.00 
Nic Collins looks at throwing purely from the perspective of making very large work. He assumes you can already throw, but different techniques are needed when making large work because of all the added problems—buckling, collapsing, warping—not to mention that the techniques needed to physically throw much larger work are very different. Nic looks at all of this, offering clear guidance on how to make work successfully, covering the various traditional techniques used (such as those used by the Onggi potters of Korea), as well as how to avoid disastrous pitfalls.

Throwing Pots-ROGERS $27.50
A new handbook from the author of  Ash Glazes . A wide range of forms are covered for all abilities. Well illustrated, comprehensive, and inspiring.

Thrown Pottery Techniques Revealed-CHAPPELHOW OUT OF PRINT

Wheel Thrown Ceramics-DAVIS OUT OF PRINT

Wheel-thrown Pottery-VAN GILDER $18.00  OUT OF PRINT

Introduces the beginning potter to wedging, centering, and throwing basic as well as more advanced forms and shapes. Five starting projects are followed by six advanced projects. Each project contains detailed step-by-step photos and careful explanations of the entire process including decorating and glazing. Variations of Hesselberth and Roy's cone-six food-safe glazes are included. Bill Van Gilder is an excellent teacher and this is an outstanding book. 

 Handbuilding and Sculpture

Animal Forms and Figures-WREN OUT OF PRINT

Art Of Handbuilt Ceramics-BRUCE $50.00
Handsome manual includes a historical & cultural overview, all color step by step photos and excellent instruction in all methods of handbuilding. An interesting and unusual selection of wares are shown along with decorative ideas, glazing, firing, & more.

Art Of Polymer Clay-KATO $25.00
Interesting collection of techniques and approaches. Well illustrated with 290 color photos, this is a bit more sophisticated than other books on the subject.

Brickworks-HEENEY $50.00
A very handsome book on a very unusual area of clayworking. Examines the works of contemporary large-scale brick artists and details the process of production in all its stages. Intriguing, fascinating, inspirational, and quite interesting. All color photos.

Ceramic Class: Handbuilding Techniques-CHAVARRIA $17.00 OUT OF PRINT
A new series of books aimed at beginning to intermediate potters. Very good overview of a variety of handbuilding methods. Each method is illustrated by instructions for making several different types of forms. Excellent details and color photos.

Ceramic Extruder For The Studio Potter-CONRAD $22.00
The first book written on the extruder. Good information though the quality of the printing and illustrations are marginal.

Ceramic Extruding: Inspiration And Technique-LATKA $30.00
An outstanding addition to the currently available books on the subject. Well conceived format and design makes the reading logical, easy, and sensible. Over 200 color photos, 12 projects with step by step instruction, details on the extruder as a tool, how to make dies, and much more.

Ceramic Projects: Forming Techniques-TURNER $30.00 
In Ceramic Projects: Forming Techniques dozens of clay artists prove this over and over. You’ll discover some practical projects like Steve Davis-Rosenbaum’s unique Chip and Dip server and Dannon Rhudy’s Juicer to the more esoteric Pancaker of Keith Phillips and the exotic Condiment Server from Gwendolyn Yoppolo. Beyond simple cylinder and slab construction, these projects get into combinations of techniques-adding textures, cutting darts, extruding forms, faceting, assembling multiple parts, and more. Techniques that will make your work stand out. For the intermediate potter looking for the next challenge and the advanced clay artist seeking inspiration, these projects run the gamut of possibilities.

Ceramic Sculpture: Inspiring Techniques- TURNER, $30.00
The Ceramic Arts Handbook Series has consistently shown areas less explored in our craft and this title is no exception. Learn more about slip casting, life size sculpting, soft slab figure construction, building the kiln around your unmovable wares, and lots more.

Ceramic Windchimes-CONRAD $14.00
Elementary treatment, good project ideas, well done.

Ceramics for Beginners: Animal & Figures- HALLS $25.00
This lovely, easy to follow manual begins with an introduction to the clay studio; layout, health and safety, tools, clays, materials, kilns, and firing methods. Sections on design, inspiration, and surface treatments follow. The body of the book teaches the basic hand building techniques of pinch, coil, and slab in the context of creating 12 different animal and figure forms using variations on these construction methods. Abundant, full color photos fill every page. An excellent book for beginners to intermediate potters.

Ceramics for Beginners: Hand Building- AMBER $25.00
This book teaches technique through small projects. Pinching, coils, and slabs are covered, as well as using stamps and molds. There is a handy reference guide on the bottom of some pages to direct you towards other pages with topics discussed that may be of similar interest.

Clay: Handbuilding-SAPIRO basic handbook for beginners $13.00

Clay Modeling For Everyone-JOHNSON OUT OF PRINT 

Clay Whistles-MONIOT $15.00
This instructional book shows how to make a variety of whistles and ocarinas (vessel flutes) from clay and they really work! The excellent detailed drawings show construction, tuning, and problem-solving techniques and everything you need to be successful. Great projects for school children right through high school and equally suitable for adults. Also available in a Spanish language edition. There is a companion video see the video section for a special offer.

Coiled Pottery-BLANDINO $40.00
Newest revised edition. A complete treatment and study including history, techniques, and methods. Betty Blandino is a world renowned potter and author. This book is no longer published in the USA. We import it directly from the UK!

Coiling - HARDY $26.50
A bit less intense than Blandino's, this new coiling book is good for students or experienced potters. It discusses the work of some of the most influential coilers working today as well as working techniques, advice on clay bodies, and tools. Some beautiful photographs of finished work.

Creative Clay Jewelry-DIERKS $19.00
A variety of projects and techniques using polymer clays. Well illustrated and colorful.

Creative Metal Clay Jewelry:Techniques, Projects, Inspiration-WIRE $28.00
A good introduction for novices to precious metal clay with 90 pages of well described and illustrated projects.

Creating With Polymer Clay-FORD, DIERKS $19.00
Another book on designing and creating with the new polymer clays. All color photos, clear instructions, very complete.

Wonderful book. All color photos, lots of excellent technical information and many photos of finished wares of all kinds. The author is an excellent teacher.

Extruder Book-BAIRD $45.00
Fabulous presentation of the extruder and all its intricacies. Loads of color photos, well written text. If you need info on this tool, get this book.

The Extruder Book (2ND EDITION) – BAIRD $30.00
Revision of The Extruder Book published in 2001. New images, updated materials. If you have an extruder and aren't sure what to do with it, Daryl's comprehensive book updates his best-selling first edition. You'll discover tips for setting up your studio, supplies you'll need to make extruding easier, and accessories that will help you with more complicated extrusions. Your extruder set-up can be as sophisticated as any pros with less effort than you think. Since his first edition, Daryl has expanded his offering of projects and you'll discover sixteen great demonstrations which will increase your confidence and challenge your skills. From using simple dies to constructing projects from multiple-part dies, Daryl carefully leads you step-by-step through projects that run the gamut of complexity. As you master each process, your imagination will inspire even more ideas to take on. If you don't already have an extruder, don't worry. Daryl describes what's on the market today from major manufacturers, but he also includes plans on how to make your own extruder from parts you can gather at a local home center.

Extruder, Mold & Tile: Forming Techniques- TURNER $30.00
From the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series, featuring 29 different techniques by various clay artists. Make flatter tiles in less time! Make new dies and an extruder table! Use a thrown pot still on the wheel head as a mold for another pot! Learn how to make perfect plaster! There are too many possibilities to mention, see for yourself!

Figure in Clay, The: Contemporary Sculpting Techniques $25.00, $18.00
Nine exemplary ceramic artists discuss their working methods from slabs, to coils, to molds. The artists provide insights into the advantages and challenges of their particular techniques. Many color step-by-step photos and a gallery of exceptional work. From Lark books and edited by Suzanne Tourtillot.

Figure In Fired Clay-BLANDINO $40.00
A gloriously illustrated study of the human figure as a motif in claywork through the entire history of ceramics. Included are vessels, sculpture, domestic ware, decorative, and ceremonial pieces and more. Extensive text, 75 color and 45 b&w illustrations.

Finding Ones Way With Clay-BERENSOHN $26.50
The classic on handbuilding and colored clay. But it is much more than that. A clear philosophy of passion and commitment is loud and clear. NO clay person should be without this book.

Foundations In Polymer Clay Design-MCGUIRE $22.00
Color, pattern, shape, texture, and composition are explored then followed by 20 projects with step by step instructions & illustrations. 300 illustrations, 175 in color.

From A Slab Of Clay-BAIRD $30.00
From small dishes and plates to architectural installments, slabs can be used to create any form, any size. In From a Slab of Clay you’ll learn about what it takes to start out on a journey that’s sure to last a lifetime. From setting up a proper working space to selecting the right tools and equipment—including complete instructions for building your own slab roller—Daryl doesn’t miss any details for you to consider to assure your success.

From Mud To Music: Making & Enjoying Ceramic Musical Instruments-HALL $60.00
See Miscellaneous section for description

Handbuilding-HARDY $30.00
Very well done presentation of techniques, tips, and design. Good illustrations and text.

Handbuilding Ceramic Forms-WOODY $30.00
Back in print! This pottery classic includes basic and advanced techniques, glaze and clay recipes, and over 250 black and white illustrations. Large forms, lids, joining techniques...Wonderful.

Handbuilding Techniques (Ceramics Arts Handbook) $30.00
This Ceramic Arts Handbook brings together the best techniques, tips and projects from more than two dozen experts published in Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Monthly. You'll discover how to make challenging pots from coils, create plates and platters with a twist, design and use complex templates, and construct functional pieces from both soft and leather-hard slabs. And, when you mix and match techniques to suit your own style, the possibilities are endless. Illustrated with hundreds of step-by-step images, Handbuilding Techniques gives you all the how-to information you need to explore new methods and expand your skills. Written for intermediate to advanced potters, this book promises to move you out of your comfort zone into a world of inspired creativity.

Handbuilt Ceramics-TRIPLETT $25.00 OUT OF PRINT
Outstanding book, very complete and well illustrated. All color throughout.

Handbuilt Pottery Techniques Revealed-ATKIN $25.00
New expanded edition with 32 all-new pages! A great beginner to intermediate handbuilding book. Cut-away photos of each step. Text emphasizes attention to details for professional-looking results.

Handbuilt Tableware-TRIPLETT  OUT OF PRINT

How To Make Clay Characters-CARLSON $23.00
Fanciful approach to creating clay figures using polymer clay. Pretty wild!

How To Make Primitive Pottery-GIBBY $9.00
60 page handbook covering all the basics of primitive pottery making. B&W photos and drawings, glossary. Good instruction for novices.

Indian Pottery-ROLLER $13.00
In this sensitive little handbook, well-known Santa Clara potter Toni Roller explains in detail the steps and methods used to make authentic Santa Clara pottery. Clay preparation, forming, carving, decorating, burnishing and firing are all exposed!

Making North American Pottery-SIMPSON $8.00
Respectfully written on Native American hand building and open firing methods.

Modeling A Likeness In Clay-GRUBBS OUT OF PRINT

Modeling The Figure In Clay- LUCCHESI $20.00
see description below for Modeling The Head In Clay

Modeling The Head In Clay- LUCCHESI $20.00
Two popular books by this well-known sculptor and teacher. Excellent illustrations accompanied by clear, well written text. Used by many teachers and classes in sculpture.

Modeling In Clay-ARTHUR $30.00
A beginners step by step guide to creating heads, torsos and other figures. Molding, casting, and firing techniques are discussed.

New Clay-ROCHE $25.00
How to work with the new kinds of  polymer  clays-fimo, sculpey, etc. Technique, projects, firing. Also useful information on mixing colored clays.

Paper Clay: Art And Practice-GAULT $29.00
This is Rosette's newest book. Building on the success of her previous books, artist and teacher Rosette Gault explains how potters and clay sculptors can make, fire, and reshape paperclay. This comprehensive guide covers a range of methods from dry modeling to slurry state. Going beyond the basics, the book introduces advanced techniques for building armatures, sculpting figures, and forming wall hangings. It also includes information on recycled and sustainable ingredients. Paperclay features all-new color photographs and diagrams of techniques and tools, as well as inspiring works by today's leading international ceramicists. Packed with photographs and clear instructions, Gault's book is an essential introduction to paperclay for ceramics artists and educators.

Paper Clay, 2nd Edition-GAULT $27.50
This is the basic and essential handbook. In this, a revised and expanded edition of her first book Paper Clay, Rosette Gault clearly explains how to make, use, and fire paper clay successfully. She also brings the reader up to date on new developments in the field, including methods for the ecologically sound use of paper clay. This handbook incorporates several helpful charts and illustrations, featuring firing schedules and proportion guidelines, as well as cross sections and templates for common forms. Using the work of an international group of artists, Gault illustrates the flexibility of this exciting medium in a clear and accessible style. The text is replete with photographs and figures to demonstrate the techniques and their innumerable artistic applications.

Paper Clay For Ceramic Sculptors, A Studio Companion-GAULT $22.00
In this edition, Rosette Gault presents a question and answer format that will help you in your understanding and mastery of this new and exciting clay material. A slightly different focus than the 
book described above. Call us for more details.

Pinch Pottery: Functional, Modern Handbuilding – HALLS $17.50
The technique is simple; the results are gorgeous! Susan Halls has created an array of refined, sophisticated and incredibly modern-looking projects that are perfect for beginners, yet enticing for more seasoned ceramicists. The pieces range from a mug, vase, and jug to a bowl, teapot, and triple herb planter, and they start with a basic pinch pot before moving on to wider, taller, and more composite forms, all with stunning options for color and surface decoration. And, since many of the items can be made with easily found air-drying clay, no kiln's required! 

Portrait In Clay-RUBINO $25.00
Step by step guide to sculpting the portrait. Anatomy, tools, clay, firing, and more. Excellent photos guide you along with confidence.

Sculpting Clay-NIGROSH $32.00
Extend the boundaries of creative possibility with a guided exploration of the versatile potential of clay as a sculpting medium. Numerous approaches are detailed for each highlighted technique that takes you step-by-step from simple to complex applications; coils, slabs, wheel thrown sculpture, surface treatment, molds, firing, and more. 90 pages, 307 illustrations with 21 in color.

Sculpting the Figure in Clay- RUBINO $32.50
An excellent place to start if you are interested in sculpting the human form. There is a very strong emphasis on planes, proportion, and viewing work from all sides. The book discusses the form in different basic poses and also gives further attention to hands and feet. Overflowing with photos, both of models and works in progress, making for a wonderful step-by-step guide into the classic art of human sculpture. 

Sculpting and Handbuilding – LODER $30.00
Handbuilding with clay offers a unique opportunity to experiment, requiring few tools, and allowing intuition and imagination to come to the fore. In this overview of a fast-developing practice, artist Claire Loder explains time-honored methods of handbuilding, as well as introducing the fascinating new approaches of contemporary ceramicists.The basic techniques, from coiling and pinching to working with slabs, are explained with practical instructions and helpful accompanying images. Equipment, clay bodies and studio advice are thoroughly covered. Through the work of today's makers, the book then looks at new methods of building by hand, including mixed media work, sculptural methods, vessels and surface decoration, illuminating a wide variety of forms and styles. Sculpting and Handbuilding is an essential guide for any ceramic artist or student wishing to learn the basics of handbuilding, or seeking inspiration to integrate and adapt conventional methods.


Sculpture As Experience-2nd Edition PECK $35.00
A variety of approaches including clay are presented with lots of photos and instruction. Topics of interest to ceramicists include aesthetic considerations and how to "see with a sculptural eye", mounting possibilities, commercial products to create interesting patina, and special concerns for large clay sculpture. New and revised edition

Slab Building Illustrated-LAIDMAN $40.00
From ceramic sculptor Roberta Laidman: a guide to the ins and outs of slab-built sculpture. Covers joining slabs, supporting your form, and other basic knowledge as well as some fun projects to test your skills.

Slab-built Ceramics- MINOGUE, $35.00
This book is separated into two sections, sculptural work and vessels. Each section is then separated out by individual artists. Their work and methods are discussed to give a better overall understanding of the possibilities of this style of work.

Slab Techniques-ROBISON, MARSH $27.00
This broad approach to slab work shows a wide variety of building methods and illustrates the work of many high-profile ceramic artists using this forming technique. The book explores and explains most of these methods through step-by-step images and text, using a varied range of both pots and sculpture. There are often several techniques that could be used to achieve the same result and this book shows that no one method is correct, but there will be one which is appropriate for you, the clay you’re using and your firing process.

Figurative sculpture using terracotta. Full color photos. Excellent instruction.

Throwing and Handbuilding: Forming Techniques-ed TURNER $30.00
See Throwing section for a description

Working With Paper Clay & Other Additives-LIGHTWOOD $55.00
Very complete and handsome manual full of technical material as well as ideas & inspiration from an international group of artists. All color photos.

Working With Precious Metal Clay-McCREIGHT $30.00
Extensive handbook on all phases of working with this new material. 50 projects of varying difficulty, technical tips, tools you can make, health and safety. Very nicely presented with excellent color drawings.

Tiles and Mosaics
Art Noveau Tiles c.1890-1914-FOWLER, HARVEY $50.00
The authors, internationally recognized experts on ceramic tile, have assembled a dazzling collection of work from the major makers and factories as well as lesser known makers and unattributed pieces. 191 pages, all color photos. A price guide is included.

Art Of Mosaic Design-LOCTOV, CLAGETT $30.00, $20.00
Inspiring collection of 42 contemporary artists featuring a range of works. Functional and non-functional art in a variety of materials.

Art Nouveau Tiles-VAN LEMMEN, VERBRUGGE $65.00
The first book to to examine Art Nouveau tiles from all over Europe as well as the U.S. History, technique, process, motif, and a chapter on collecting make this an essential resource for the designer, collector, and maker.

Art Of The Islamic Tile-DEGEORGE, PORTER $65.00 OUT OF PRINT
A brilliantly illustrated 280 page volume. A broad panorama of Islamic architectural decoration is drawn from Spain, North Africa, Turkey, Iran, and the Indian subcontinent. A lovely large format book that will not disappoint.

Art Tiles- LARK PUB. $13.00
This book is small in size and in price. Presented as to look like a tile, being 5"x5", you know you're in for something good. Similar to Larks' '500 Series' this book does not give instruction or include text beyond titles, artist's names, size, and materials. It does, however, deliver on inspiration. 200 pages are filled with full-color photos of many styles, techniques, and aesthetics. Perfect to toss into you bag and browse through while waiting in line at the store.

Barcelona Tile Designs- NAVARRO $20.00
Very similar to Havana Tile Designs. Same small comforting size, and includes a CD-ROM if all images included. The book begins with a very short intro of these hydraulic pressed tiles. Much more visual than informative. Rich colors enhance the beautiful designs, pegged as Modernismo, a local style based on Art Nouveau.

Ceramic Art Tile For The Home-GOLETZ $30.00
Exciting introduction to art tile. Hundreds of color photos of the best contemporary tile makers in the USA. Great ideas, resource index, and a directory of artists.

Collecting Victorian Tiles-LOCKETT $30.00
Detailed account of Victorian era tiles available to the collector. Well organized by subject matter, nearly 500 tiles are illustrated with all kinds of information.

Decorative Tile In Architecture and Interiors $30.00
Authors Tony Herbert and Kathryn Huggins bring us a magnificent volume of all color photos and informative, insightful text. Huge and thick!!!

Delftware Tiles-VAN LEMMEN $65.00
This lovely book is the definitive visual history of Holland signature decorative art. 224 pages, 195 full color photos.

Dutch Tiles In The Phil Museum Of Art-SCHAAP et al $23.00
Extensive catalog of the collection. Excellent historical and technical text with detailed descriptions of the tiles. An outstanding value in a book!

Encyclopedia Of Mosaic Techniques-BIGGS $25.00
Comprehensive guide to the art of making mosaics. Equipment, tools, materials, as well as step by step instruction for more than 25 mosaic techniques. Excellent all color photos.

English Tin Glazed Tile-HORNE $90.00
A catalogue of tiles, mainly from the 18th century with descriptions and historical information. A wonderful resource for the collector or design source for the potter. 800 illustrations, 16 color.

Essential Techniques & Classic Projects: Mosaics-SOLER $18.00
Complete basic handbook covering tools, safety, materials, and 20 projects chosen for their range of styles, methods, and applications. Well illustrated and written.

Extruder, Mold & Tile: Forming Techniques- TURNER $30.00
See Handbuilding and Sculpture section for description

Fired Earth, 1000 Years Of Tiles In Europe-DENNIS $40.00
Several excellent essays on tiles accompany an extensive exhibition in this lovely catalog. 178 pages, 524 tiles are shown in b&w and color photos.

Handcrafted Ceramic Tiles-FANNING, JONES $18.00
Very complete basic guide for the beginner to tile making. Well organized, good information, excellent illustrations


Havana Tile Designs- NAVARRO $20.00
A beautiful hardcover book in a small, comfortable size. Includes a CD-ROM of images contained in the pages. The book is nearly all images, but it does include a short introduction (in eight languages!) on the production of tiles in Havana. The images are boldly colored and designs show quite a bit of variety in styles. Complicated and delicate to organic to geometric. It won't take long for inspiration to strike after flipping through this one.

History Of Decorative Tiles-RILEY OUT OF PRINT

Hopi & Pueblo Tiles, An Illustrated History- MESSIER $15.00
Though Hopi and Pueblo vessels and figures are well known by collectors and potters, their tile work is relatively unknown. Tile work began in the late 19th century and continues today. This beautiful little book filled with color photos, covers the entire history including methods, commerce, influences, aesthetics, and more. You will be fascinated and it will add to your understanding of the legacy of Southwestern ceramics.

1000 Tiles: Ten Centuries of Decorative Ceramics-LANG OUT OF PRINT

Traditional Dutch Tile Designs-AGILE RABBIT EDITIONS $20.00
140 pages of dutch tiles in full color. Lots of blue and white floral designs, ships, and borders. Includes a CD-ROM of the images as well for professional quality use in webpages, wordprocessing, and design applications. Free to use, up to 10 images per application.

Islamic Tiles-PORTER $20.00
Lovely book covering tiles throughout the Islamic lands. Technical and historical info. 43 color, 71 b&w illustrations many from the British Museum.

Making And Installing Handmade Tiles-POZO $18.00
12 tile projects from trivets to tabletops to stepping stones. A wealth of practical information including basic tools, materials, forming techniques, glaze application, and site installation. All color, a very well done book.

Making Mosaics-DIERKS $25.00
All the basic techniques plus tools, supplies, detailed instructions, patterns, projects.

Mexican Tiles-COHAN $19.00
A colorful architectural tour of Mexico through the many ways tiles are used for function, and decoration. Over 125 color photos present classic as well as contemporary work. A beautiful presentation.

Mintons Tiles-BLANCHETT $20.00
Reproduction of the Mintons Tile Works (London) 1885 catalog. Brief history of technique followed by beautiful color illustrations. Great ideas!

Mosaic Book-VANCE, CLARK 25.00, $18.00
A wonderful complement to the potter s library. Brief historical account followed by 16 projects that illustrate a variety of mosaic applications. All color photos.

Mosaic Sourcebook: Projects, Designs, Motifs $23.00
Authors Paul Cooper and Paul Siggins bring us a lavish guide for beginners. Full explanation of tools and techniques, 50 striking motifs, and 8 projects for the home.

Mosaic Techniques And Traditions: Projects And Designs From Around The World-KING $35.00, $25.00
With over 500 full color images this book provides historical information on mosaics and mosaic-making traditions from around the world, extensive discussion of materials and design issues, in-depth technical instruction on the creation of mosaics as well as seventeen projects. Additionally, the book features a running gallery showcasing a variety of works by international, contemporary mosaic artists.

Mosaic Workshop-BIGGS, HUNKIN $25.00
More sophisticated than most, an excellent book. Following a brief history, each chapter focuses on a different aspect of design and technique. 200 color photos & 24 projects address color, layout contrast, texture, pattern, movement and the technical aspects of the craft.

Motawi Tileworks: Contemporary Handcrafted Tiles in the Arts & Crafts Tradition- O'DONNELL $30.00
In this book Motawi Tileworks, which started as a small family owned business in 1992 and blossomed into a leading craft tile producer, is under the microscope. Finished works as well as business practice are discussed. Many beautiful color photos are presented throughout to gaze at while reading the story of the studio, how it came to be, and how it functions. An interesting look at both the business and art side of a tile producer.

Portuguese Decorative Tiles-SABO,FALCATO $55.00 OUT OF PRINT
Lovely. 215 color photos of tiles in their architectural context. Complete captions, glossary and explanation of techniques make this practical as well as inspirational.


Setting Ceramic Tile-BYRNE $20.00
A thorough manual covering tile and ceramic installations of all kinds.

Tile Artist's Motif Bible-ATKIN $30.00 OUT OF PRINT
A must for those working with tiles and those wishing to expand their creativity into tile making. All color photos of 200 decorative designs with step-by-step instructions for making, decorating, and firing. Information on kilns, glazing, firing, tools, mold making, printing, glazes and clay body recipes. Hard cover and spiral bound, use it by your side in the studio.

The Tile: Making, Designing and Using-CLARK $55.00
A gloriously handsome book loaded with information, inspiration, technical advice and instruction, history, and more. Loaded with color photos. The author is a distinguished ceramist and a British national treasure!

Tile-HERBERS $35.00
Over 175 color photos from the US, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, & Turkey of tile around the home. Common and unusual installations and uses. Great ideas and inspiration.

Brightly illustrated, well written, covering the history and use of tile in a variety of decorative applications. Good suggestions, advice, and practical information.

Tiles: A Collectors Guide-VAN LEMMEN $22.00
Medievel through early 20th century examples are illustrated in numerous photos.

Tiles And Tilework-GRAVES $45.00
Beautifully illustrated and well written book covering the production and use of tiles in architecture and interiors from the Middle Ages to the present day. The vast collection of the V&A Museum is the basis for the book written by its Curator of Ceramics, Sculpture, Metalwork, and Glass. Hundreds of pictures in full color.

Tiles: Choosing Designing, & Living With Ceramic Tile $40.00
Comprehensive intro to the world of ceramic tile from a consumer's point of view. A zillion photos all in color, great for ideas on designs and installations.208 pages.

Tiles:1000 Years Of Architectural Decoration-VAN LEMMEN $60.00
The varied applications of tiles in Europe and America are brought to life through 266 full color photos. This book is of the highest quality-thick, glossy, and well written.

William De Morgan Tiles-CATLEUGH $25.00
Three essays and extensive descriptive text accompany over 250 of De Morgans tiles. He was one of the most important potters and designers of the Victorian era.

William Morris: Tiles-MEYERS $80.00
First comprehensive survey of the works produced by Morris & Co. Over 350 illustrations, most in color. A very nice clothbound book. Imported from the UK.


 Decorating, Casting, and Moldmaking

A Glaze of Color, Creating Color and Design on Ceramics-DAVIES $19.00
A source of ideas on color theory and underglaze and glaze application techniques. The book specializes in the use of commercial glazes and underglazes of all types including brushing, trailing, sponging, masking, sgraffito, marbling, and more. The inspiration of the book comes from the "paint your own" craze but the information and instruction is sound and very useful for those who want to expand their use of these products. All color photos, well organized and well written.

Art and Technique Of Sumi-E-THOMPSON $20.00
The techniques and style of master Ukai Uchiyama. Well illustrated with many color and B&W photos. First published in 1960 and just recently made available again.

Ceramic Surface-OSTERMANN $50.00
A wonderfully handsome and well thought out book presenting a variety of approaches to using, treating, and decorating the surface of ceramic ware. A full spectrum of glazing, slip decoration, clay manipulation, painting, firing, atmospheres, clays, motif, design, and more, are explored in this visually exciting volume.

Ceramic Transfer Printing-PETRIE $30.00
This book focuses on ceramics and print in the context of transfers and decals. These can be done very simply, or in more sophisticated ways - it allows you for example to create your own screen print or take a photo and then create your own transfer or decal to place the image and fix it to the ceramic surface. Print (especially in this format) is being used extensively now, and this book will cover everything you need to know.

Ceramics and Print, 2nd Edition-SCOTT $29.00
Complete study of printing techniques on ceramics. 70 photos and a load of info.

Ceramics Class: Decorating Techniques-CHAVARRIA $17.00
Excellent basic handbook that covers a wide variety of methods for decorating ware in soft clay, leather hard, dry bisque, and after glaze firing stages. Impressions, textures, fluting, carving, resists, underglaze, sgraffito and much more! All color photos.

Ceramics Class: Molding Techniques-CHAVARRIA $15.00 OUT OF PRINT
Well done for the beginner to moldmaking. Tools, materials, template and prototype making are 
covered with instructions for waste, press, and slip cast molds. All color

Ceramics: Materials For Inspirational Design-LEFTERI $40.00
see the misc section for a description

Ceramics for Beginners: Surfaces, Glazes, and Firing- POZO $25.00
Written by well known potter Angelica Pozo, this title covers all there is to cover with clay newbies and their decorating pots. Giving a nice overview of what is possible, the book starts with a general "Getting Familiar" where potters will learn the basic do's and don't as well as safety. The fun starts from here. Chapters next up are Working with Clay Itself, Working with Slip, Working with Underglazes, Stains, and Oxides, Working with Glazes, and Post-Firing Techniques. The book ends with a section on kilns and firing, and recipes for the potter to use. Lark does it again, presenting possibilities in a very approachable, non-overwhelming way.

China Paint & Overglaze-LEWING $60.00
A groundbreaking book from one of the methods foremost experts. Paul Lewing has, for the first time, brought together the work of traditional china painters and contemporary studio potters and clay sculptors. Written for studio potters, Lewing covers all the bases; history, tools, equipment, mediums, solvents, application, kilns, firing, and safety. Well written and profusely illustrated in full color, this book will open up new avenues of surface and color.

China Painting Projects Around The World $20.00
Sheila Southwell brings us a variety of techniques from 9 countries. You may not like the motifs (they are a bit kitchy) but the info is good.

Clay Lover's Guide to Making Molds-CLAYTON OUT OF PRINT

Coloring Clay-CONNELL $26.50
From the Ceramics Handbook series. A good introduction to using colored clays. Includes a history dating back as far as ancient Egypt with photos and explanations of the historical techniques used. Health and safety concerns, a color guide to oxides and stains, sprigging, coiling, agateware, and neriage, nerikomi, and millefiori techniques. Of particular interest to some potters is a section of famous colored clay users and their specific techniques.

Decorative Techniques: Ceramics-ROS $20.00
A manual that offers basic clay forming instruction and methods followed by some excellent decorative techniques, ideas, processes, and methods. Clearly illustrated with color photos, well written text, and logically arranged. Beginners to intermediates.

The Essential Guide To Mold Making & Slipcasting-MARTIN $25.00
Brand new updated and revised edition of Martin's outstanding book Definitive Guide To Moldmaking & Slipcasting. Excellent and complete treatment of the subject with all color photos. Tools, materials, one and multiple piece molds, master molds, slip formulation, casting methods, and troubleshooting. Clear, easy to follow text with detailed instruction makes this THE book to get. Featured artists include Richard Notkin, Donna Polseno, Rick Hensley, Anne Kraus, and Tom Spleth 
with works by over 50 other contributing artists.

Extruder, Mold & Tile: Forming Techniques- TURNER $30.00
See Handbuilding and Sculpture section for description

Geometric Patterns-SOO $40.00
200 pages of Korean geometric patterns from the Onyang Folk Museum. A fantastic collection that will inspire you towards new decorative elements in your work.

Illustrated Dictionary Of Pottery Decoration $40.00
Robert Fournier has assembled over 450 entries and 700 illustrations from A-Z. Lengthy explanations that include historical as well as technical references. An invaluable source of information for all potters.

Image Transfer on Clay-WANDLESS $20.00
The world has been waiting for this book! Author Andrew Wandless gives a thorough presentation of techniques for printing and image transfer on clay. Topics include screen printing, light-sensitive emulsions, decals, monoprints, and direct prints. Detailed instructions for a variety of approaches and recipes for slips, engobes, and clay accompany each section.

Impressed and Incised Ceramics-MINOGUE $25.00
Lots of ideas for altering the surfaces of your ware. Plenty of photos and instruction.

Irma Starr Demonstrates The Lost Art of 17th Century English Slipware Pottery-STARR $25.00
The author is a recognized expert in the technique with work in major museums. The 78 page spiral handbook offers an introduction, overview, and detailed instruction in English Slipware techniques. The quality of the photos is disappointing but the historical and technical information is instructional and valuable. See also the video section.

Lettering On Ceramics-WHITE $25.00
Another in the Ceramics Handbook Series, this covers various methods and approaches to the use of letters and lettering as decorative elements on clay.

Maiolica-CARNEGY $27.50
Another in the Ceramics Handbook Series, this practical guide covers the essential steps of creating maiolica ware, from clay selection to glaze firing. Daphne Carnegy explains how to choose the right clay body, compose glazes, and use glaze application techniques such as brushwork, wax resist, decals, lusters, and enamels. Maiolica includes glaze recipes and a chapter on troubleshooting, as well as important health and safety information. Each procedure and concept is presented in clear detail, accompanied by color photographs and easy-to-read tables. In addition to providing how-to instruction, this inspiring book celebrates maiolica traditions as far back as ninth-century Mesopotamia. It also shares useful insights from many of the best artists working in the medium today. 100 full-color illustrations and instruction from one of the world's finest potters, this beautiful and useful book is an excellent choice for novice potters and ceramics teachers alike.

Making Marks: Discovering The Ceramic Surface-HOPPER $45.00
Prolific potter, teacher, and writer Robin Hopper has used all of his experience, insight, knowledge, and creative energies to bring us this wonderful book on the clay surface and the process involved in  making marks.  Over 300 photos of both historical and contemporary pieces show a multitiude of approaches, methods, aesthetics, and styles.

Mold Making for Ceramics-FRITH OUT OF PRINT

Mould Making-COLCLOUGH $22.00
Excellent handbook showing a variety of moldmaking techniques and types. Clear instructions and illustrations.

New Ceramic Surface Design: Learn to Inlay, Stamp, Stencil, Draw, and Paint on Clay–HATCH $30.00
New Ceramic Surface Design is a fully-illustrated manual covering a wide range of creative surface decoration techniques presented in an approachable and accessible format. Ceramic artist and expert Molly Hatch guides beginners and more advanced ceramicists through various methods for creating designs on clay. You will be introduced to several different and new approaches for using your own imagery and content on the ceramic surface. Techniques include Mishima, tape resists, rubber stamping, and doodling to create line art, stamping, nature resists, found objects, and shellac resists to create textures, and sticker resists, contact paper stencils, paper resists, and sgrafitto to create shaped designs. Detailed photography and hand-drawn illustrations document the processes and show beautiful completed samples. Templates and stencils for all the featured designs are included in the back of the book to use as is, or to tailor to your own tastes.

New Maiolica-OSTERMANN $45.00
This book sets the standard for instruction and inspiration in maiolica. History, recipes, firing, decorative techniques, it s all here. A beautiful all color book.

Plaster Of Paris: Techniques From Scratch-HARVEY $11.00
Terrific handbook covering plaster use and moldmaking. Clear instructions, tricks of the trade, technical information, it s all here. Have fun.

Potter's Encyclopedia of Color, Form, and Decoration-FRENCH $25.00
A unique and comprehensive manual consisting of three chapters each covering in detail the three areas in the title. This is full of ideas, inspiration, methods, processes, recipes, and more. Great resource material!!

Potter's Guide To Ceramic Surfaces-CONNELL OUT OF PRINT IN THE USA. Update 1/10. I am waiting to hear whether this is available again. Call for more info.

Pottery Decoration-SHAFER available again! $30.00
Sculptural decoration including carving, incising, and clay application as well as color decoration using slips, underglaze, enamels, majolica, and lusters are covered along with many more methods. The medium quality b&w photos are acceptable.

Pottery Decoration: Contemporary Approaches-GIBSON $35.00
Five areas of clay decoration are presented through the work of 16 well known potters including Daphne Carnegy, Anne Shattuck, John Maltby and Susan and Steven Kemenyffy. Beautifully illustrated with color and b&w photos.

Pottery: Techniques of Decoration-COLBECK $40.00
Out of print and available again, an exhaustive collection of decorative techniques, processes, and approaches. Over two dozen distinct processes are demonstrated in fine detail. 622 b&w photos.

Pressing Ceramics with Air Release-HARVEY $11.00
34 page handbook on using hydraulic air release technology in ceramic production. Die making, building the press, master molds, and clay bodies are covered.

Pueblo Pottery Designs-CHAPMAN $12.00
Over 1200 illustrations with descriptions as well as a detailed study of the wares of Santo Domingo Pueblo.

Resist and Masking Techniques-BEARD $30.00
A variety of approaches are explained including various waxes, tapes, slips, spraying, acid etching, sandblasting, lustre, and smoke. Good illustrations.

Slip and What Every Ceramist Needs to Know About It $9.00
A complete handbook from Charles Lehman, the son of the founder of the company that invented the slip casting machine! All kinds of useful info about casting with slip.

Slip Casting, 1st edition-WARDELL $26.00 25% discount!
A limited number of copies are still available. See below for the new second edition.

Slip Casting, 2nd edition-WARDELL $27.50
Very competent handbook covering tools and materials, plasters, molds, modelmaking, bone china and clean-up. Several helpful charts discuss appropriate plaster to water ratios and casting times for casting slips to be fired at different temperatures. Wardell emphasizes precise control of the process. The 2nd edition includes color photos and a chapter highlighting the enterprising use of slipcasting by well-known contemporary artists.

Slipware: Contemporary Approaches-EDEN $42.50
The authors trace the history of slipware, discuss the techniques, and present the work and methods of over 25 contemporary potters from Britain, Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia. Beautifully illustrated.

Sources Of Inspiration-GENDERS $40.00
An unusual book offering an eclectic collection of colorful visual images-natural and man made that will spark the imagination of all who see them. The author then extrapolates, suggesting how these images can be developed, abstracted, and refined to create beautiful patterns and designs. A lovely book written by a potter with over 20 years of experience.

Sumi-e Just For You-HIRAYAMA $25.00
Extremely well illustrated with detailed instructions. Many examples are pictured.

Sumi-e Book-MAYALL $19.00
Simple detailed instruction on the 4 basic brushstrokes of Japanese brush painting.

Surface Decoration: Finishing Techniques- TURNER $30.00
This is not your average decoration book and it contains some more advanced techniques. How about a relief plate with your photo on it? Not interested? Try a color photo on a pot! Then put dichroic glass on it! And some rolling stamp patterns! With a weathered patina finish! And some airbrushed underglazes! All over the texture of a sewer cover! So many possibilities. Another great title from the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series.

Surface Decoration for Low Fire Ceramics-PETERS OUT OF PRINT

Surface Design for Ceramics-MILLS $30.00
This book covers all the possibilities for surface decoration, and is filled with beautiful examples of techniques. Cord impressed, decals, sprigs, stamping, wax resist, monoprinting, carving, and many more ideas are covered here. A good book to open eyes to possibilities.

Techniques Using Slips- MATHIESON, $29.00
This book was made for anyone who is the least bit interested in working with slips. Mathieson begins the book discussing the history of and methods of applying slip. From there he presents 40 artists, delivering a short biography along with exploring how they use slip in their work. There are many slip recipes included throughout, as well as many beautiful photos of work. This book is as much about looking as it is learning.

Way of the Brush-BRIESSEN $35.00
Over 275 illustrations help present the technique, style, traditions, and methods of Chinese and Japanese ink painting. Brushstrokes, composition, meaning, perspective and philosophy are all discussed. 


Ching-Te-Chen-TICHANE $40.00
See the Eastern Pottery section for description

Contemporary Studio Porcelain, 2nd Ed.-LANE $50.00
Peter Lane has updated and completely revised his already outstanding book. Many great photos, commentary by and about prominent artists, glaze and clay body recipes, brief historical notes.

Masters: Porcelain, Major Works by Leading Ceramists-TOURTILLOT, BURKETT $25.00
see Individual Potters for a description

Porcelain (The New Ceramics) – FOLEY $27.00
For thousands of years, the special properties of porcelain - its delicacy, translucency and remarkable strength - have fascinated and inspired, and these qualities continue to have an enduring appeal for ceramic artists. However, porcelain is also a notoriously demanding medium that presents unique challenges for the maker.
In this inspiring practical guide, porcelain artist Vivienne Foley introduces ceramicists to the material she has been working with for more than forty years. The book takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of porcelain, and covers everything from its composition and workability, to decorating and glazing. Methods of throwing and building are thoroughly covered, with a focus on techniques and faults specific to porcelain. Drying and firing is also discussed, and there is a useful troubleshooting section on all the most likely problems and faults along with suggested remedies.

Porcelain-WHYMAN $30.00
A practical introduction to every aspect of handling and firing. 82 photos, 22 in color. From the Complete Potter Series.

Porcelain and Bone China-WARDELL $60.00
A taste of everything to do with porcelain and bone china, from recipes to forming and decorating techniques, to firing techniques and glazes. Also contains a who s who of contemporary artists working with these finicky clay bodies. This is an outstanding book.

Porcelain, Ceramics Handbook Series-DOHERTY $27.50

112 pages designed to introduce the subject and present the basics. Included is history, materials, forming, glazing, decoration, firing, and more. A fine manual. 


    * Glass Fusing, Book One-LUNDSTROM $45.00
    * Advanced Glass Fusing, Book Two-LUNDSTROM $43.00
    * Glass Casting And Moldmaking, Book Three-LUNDSTROM $43.00
Three books covering history, techniques, methods, safety, equipment and supplies in great detail. Well illustrated with color and b&w photos, these books contain a lot of useful information and are used in studios and schools throughout the country. Each book is 8 1/2" x 11" and about 140 pages long.

A Beginner's Guide to Kiln-Formed Glass-GRIFFITH $25.00
An excellent introduction to fusing, slumping, and casting glass in your kiln. Nineteen substantial projects walk you through cutting, grinding, preparing kiln shelves and molds, firing schedules, removing kiln wash, sandblasting, etching...Lots of pictures and enough technical information to be helpful without overwhelming a beginner.

Contemporary Warm Glass-WALKER $48.00
Complete guide to fusing, slumping, and kiln forming techniques. 20 chapters plus a list of artists, resource listing, references, and index cover all phases of the craft. Clear instruction and over 150 color photos of process, method and finished pieces.

Creative Glass Techniques-EBERLE $25.00
Complete introduction to three popular areas of glass working: fusing, painting, & shaping with a torch. Color illustrations complement clear instructions for 32 projects

Dictionary Of Glass-BRAY $50.00
A complete lexicon of words and phrases covering technical terms, materials, equipment, methods, and practices. Full of color photos and drawings illustrating many of the entries. An excellent book, well organized and designed.

500 Glass Objects-LARK BOOKS $25.00
A survey of fine art glass. Maurine Littleton introduces us to a dazzling array of styles by international glass artists. Functional and sculptural work made using a wide variety of techniques. Wonderful inspiration.

Flameworking: Creating Glass Beads, Sculptures, and Functional Objects-MEARS $20.00 OUT OF PRINT
A top teacher of the craft explains how to do it all, providing exactly the same information and exercises she gives her beginner's workshops. Lavish illustrations capture the entire artistic process. Look into the different types of glass to choose from, and find out how to melt a ball at different points of the rod; flatten it into a disc; and shape it into a variety of shapes and forms. The results are amazing!

Glass from Islamic Lands-CARBONI $40.00
This excellent resource studies over 500 pieces from the al-Sabah Collection in Kuwait. A comprehensive survey of Islamic glass and glass making techniques, the book is organized by time period and explores the influences on glass makers from different Islamic cultures and the spread of glass technology. Topics of particular interest include luster-painted glass, cut decoration, applied decoration, mold-blown patterns, impressed patterns, marvered trails, enameling, and gilding. An impressive scholarly achievement with many color pictures.

Glass and Print - PETRIE $26.50
Explores the history and techniques of printing on glass. Direct screenprinting, screenprinted transfers, relief printing, integrated glass prints, printing from an etching plate onto glass, resists for sandblasting and etching, photography, digital and laser prints, and vitreography. The book spotlights a large number of contemporary artists working in this field. The special concerns of working with large architectural elements are addressed. Includes a handy directory of manufacturers and materials suppliers.

History of Glassforming-CUMMINGS $50.00
A very complete and well researched book on the subject. Lots of illustrations with almost all in color, the author brings the history of glass art to life.

Fused Glass Handbook-REYNOLDS $30.00
Complete handbook covering tools, supplies, choice of glass, procedures, firing techniques, slumping, molds, annealing, and troubleshooting. 13 beginning and 8 advanced projects are included with detailed instruction.

Glass Art-LAYTON $50.00
The contemporary studio glass movement is showcased through the work of a variety of glass artists from around the world. Lovely book, wonderful photos.

Masters Of Contemporary Glass-LYNN, SHIFMAN $30.00
Over 70 objects are reproduced and documented in this outstanding book. Artists careers and glassforming techniques are discussed. 65 color and 10 b&w illustrations.

Pate de Verre & Kiln Casting of Glass-KERVIN, FENTON $45.00
Complete guide to learning this unusual method of glass work. Clear, step by step instruction in an easy and fun to read style. Very comprehensive.

Techniques of Kiln Formed Glass-CUMMINGS $50.00
History and techniques of slumping, fusing, and more. Tools & materials are discussed and the work of an international selection of artists are shown..

Warm Glass: A Complete Guide to Kiln-Forming-BEVERIDGE $30.00

A handy book for potters interested in trying some glass work. Covers making your own molds for slumping, kiln-fusing glass, casting, pate de verre, and sandblasting for etched effects. Lots of pictures and good technical information presented in a clear and simple manner. 

Individual Potters, Philosophy, and Aesthetics

Adam Silverman Ceramics – Mark $36.00
Adam Silverman is the face of a new generation of artists focused on ceramics and pottery, a medium that has not had major presence in the contemporary art world for many years. Incorporating traditional pottery techniques with his own experimental approach, Silverman creates works that are sensual, gritty, and beautiful. He uses unique glazes to give his pieces abstract lacy or gestural surfaces. Silverman has exhibited extensively and has a large, growing audience in the United States as well as in Japan, where his work is collected by Tadao Ando and Takashi Murakami, among many others. A breathtaking and informative overview of his work, Adam Silverman Ceramics is a landmark volume for all who appreciate ceramics, design, and modern sculpture as well as contemporary art.

After The Fire, George Ohr: American Genius-HECHT $25.00 OUT OF PRINT
Over 100 pieces from an exhibition of Ohr s work. Terrific photos, descriptions, and many archival photos never before published. Included is a biography and commentary.

Akio Takamori: Ceramic Sculpture $15.00
This monograph from the Garth Clark Gallery showcases the mid-career work of figurative sculptor Akio Takamori. A short essay by Garth Clark discusses the significance and evolution of his  envelope vessel  figures and vases.

Anne Currier: Sculpture-WEEKLEY et. al $45.00
Very handsome monograph on Anne Currier and her clay sculpture with a special focus on the period 1987-2006. 70 pieces are photographed in full color with numerous detail shots. Three essays each taking a different approach to the work help acquaint the reader with the artist and her work.

Antonio Gaudi: Master Architect-NONELL $35.00
A beautifully illustrated and comprehensive view of the fanciful, exuberant buildings by this inspired Spanish architect. Best known for his dynamic, sculptural and mosaic facades, he was as much respected as a technological innovator as a daring stylist. 185 full-color illustrations

Art Ceramics: Pioneers In Flanders 1938-1978-HEIREMANS $45.00
see the section on World Pottery for a description

Art Of Clay-COHEN $40.00
Available again, this is a beautiful book with luscious color photos of works by Martinez, Nampeyo, Tafoya, Lonewolf, and others.

Art and Fear-BAYLES, ORLAND $13.00
From the jacket;  this is a book about what it feels like to sit in your your wheel...trying to do the work you need to do.....  Enlightening and though provoking.

Art and Reform: Sara Galner, the Saturday Evening Girls, and the Paul Revere Pottery-GADSDEN $25.00
A fascinating look at the immigrant experience in Boston at the turn of the twentieth century and the running of a small art pottery. Sara Galner, one of the most skilled decorators at the Paul Revere Pottery, fled religious persecution in present-day Ukraine with her family to live in Boston's North End. Published to accompany the 2006 Museum of Fine Arts Boston exhibit. Color prints and historical photographs.

Art & Soul: Notes on Creating- FLACK $11.00
This is a thoughtful little book of short prose that considers the who, what, why, where, when and how of art and artists, of creating and viewing. A nice book to flip through and read random philosophies of the writer.

Art Of Vivika and Otto Heino-VENTURA COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART $30.00
A lovely catalog of the exhibition held at the Ventura County Museum Of Art in 2005. Three essays compliment the 60 pieces photographed in gorgeous color. Forrest Merrill, whose collection comprises much of the exhibition offers a forward. Curator Kevin Wallace has written a very sensitive piece on the Heino's lives and work. And Tim Schiffer, Executive Director of the museum shares personal reflections of Otto. This is a fine book that honors two of our most revered potters and their magnificent work.

The Artist's Way-CAMERON $25.00, $15.00
A spiritual approach to channeling ones creative energies. Although the author often refers to  God , the philosophy is not really religious in nature. It is an interesting and powerful approach to the artistic lifestyle.

Australian Potters Directory $30.00
A showcase of the work of over 130 potters in full color. Galleries, studios, potters associations, and more. The essential guide to Australian pottery.

Autobiography of Sorts, An-DODD $65.00
Australian Mike Dodd tells a rambling tale of a life in clay and life in general. Stories of misadventures with local clays and selling a prized Hamada pot to buy new kiln shelves. Rich with old photos, a gallery of pots, and magazine clippings, Dodd easy-going writing makes this a fun read. 204 pages with color photos throughout.

Baugh: Jamaica's Master Potter-TANNA, BAUGH $25.00
The fascinating tale of the life of Cecil Baugh who through hard work and sheer determination became the father of Jamaican studio pottery and the leading potter in the Caribbean. A student of Bernard Leach and The Leach Pottery, Baugh s story and work will interest you. It s time we learned more about this man.

Beatrice Wood, A Centennial Tribute-NAUMAN $57.00
Book accompanying her retrospective exhibition in 1997 on her 104th birthday. A unique collection of writings, articles, and photos of Beatrice and her work. A wonderful book.

Bernard Leach, Hamada, & Their Circle-BIRKS, DIGBY $50.00
Over 200 works by Leach, Hamada, Cardew, Bouverie, and others in a beautiful edition.

Bernard Leach, Life & Work-COOPER $55.00
A massive, thorough, and engaging biography of the father of studio pottery. Cooper gives a completely readable account of Leach s life, enlivened by excerpts from journals and letters. Over 400 pages. Carefully selected photos add depth to the excellent text.

Bernard Leach, St. Ives Artists-DE WAAL $20.00
 Nicely done monograph on his life and work. 60 illustrations, 40 in color.

Bernard Palissy: In Pursuit Of The Earthly Paradise-AMICO $75.00
An enlightening study of the most innovative ceramist of the French Renaissance. An exciting book. 200 illustrations, 100 in color, 240 pages. See specials section also

Beth Cavener Stichter-CLARK $15.00 OUT OF PRINT
A monograph published to accompany Stichter's show at the Garth Clark Gallery. People with all their insecurities and issues are portrayed as hares, goats, possums, and other animals. The most prevalent emotion is of pure animal panic. We feel pity for these desperate animals in a way that we do not for the hidden desperation of the people around us. Analysis by Garth Clark and 24 pages of color images.

Betty Woodman - KOPLOS, DANTO, SCHWABSKY see below for pricing
This beautifully produced retrospective of Woodman's work includes several essays, and a timeline of her career in clay. The diversity of her forms are represented, from pillow pitchers to large installations, on 277 pages of color photos. The richness of color, pattern, and line is lovingly captured in this beautiful book. There are two editions of this book available. The standard trade edition is a lovely hardcover as described above. We have a VERY limited number of special copies. These are the same book but published in a limited edition of 125 copies. Each is housed in a hard, cloth covered slip case, and is numbered and signed by Betty Woodman. Included with each book is an original signed and numbered litho woodblock print by Betty. The print is protected with a plastic sleeve and removable for proper framing. This is a unique opportunity to acquire both a signed book and original art work by this major contemporary artist.
*Standard trade edition $60, usual discount applies.
*Special Limited Edition $350, no discount.

Betty Woodman. Teatros. Theatres. Theatres-MUSEU NACIONAL DO AZULEJO $24.00
Produced by the museum to accompany its exhibit of Woodman's work, this full color catalogue includes essays and interviews with the artist translated into three languages: Portuguese, French, and English. 132 pages filled with color pictures and full-page color plates of work from 1973-2005. There is an emphasis on Woodman's large installations, which incorporate terra-sigilata drawings on paper, as well as multiple thrown-and-altered ceramic elements.

Between Clouds of Memory:Akio Takamori, A Mid-Career Survey-Edited by Peter Held $35.00
This is an in-depth assessment of Takamori s career in clay and graphic arts. Through his envelope vessels and free-standing figural groups we follow the artist on an exploration of identity. 151 pages, 84 Color plates and essays by Garth Clark, Toyojiro Hida, and Edward Lebow.

Beyond Yixing: The Ceramic Art Of Ah Leone-WIBLE Currently OUT OF PRINT

Body Of Clay, Soul Of Fire: Richard Bresnahan and the St. John's Pottery-WELCH $75.00, $40.00
A magnificent volume: 232 pages, 170 color and 100 b&w photos, sensitive and informative text bring the work of Richard Bresnahan to life. His 3 1/2 year apprenticeship in Japan to 13th generation potter Nakazato Takashi is so clearly communicated in his pots and lifestyle. There is much to learn here. See the Video Sec.

Born of the Fire: The Life and Pottery of Margaret Tafoya- KING $45.00
The relatives of Tafoya helped make this book possible, as well as personal. They contributed with their own stories, interviews, and photos of pieces of Margaret's from their personal collections, unpublished until now. This book is a wonderful look into the life of this great Santa Clara potter, from where she came from, what she accomplished, and her legacy.

Brother Thomas, Beauty Of The Seen-PUCKER $15.00
Catalog of a recent exhibition of work along with an introductory essay by Brother Thomas. Over 100 pieces are illustrated in color photos. His work is stunning.

Carolina Clay: The Life and Legend of Slave Potter Dave -TODD $26.00
This book was created through research to form a historic biography. Dave was the only known slave to sign his pots, a dangerous thing to have done as it showed his literacy. His large forms were often decorated with poems and through studying these for biographical clues along with public records Leonard Todd was able to piece together this figures life. An interesting look into life and art at that time.

Centering, 25th Anniversary Edition-MC RICHARDS $16.00
Classic book on philosophy using pottery as the metaphor for life. A timeless work of writing that you must read.

Ceramic Art Of Chun Wen Wang-WANG $100.00
After years of research and testing, Chun Wen Wang has rediscovered the lost glaze of the Sung Dynasty called  liquid in liquid separated glaze.  The wares are magnificent in richness, color, depth, and form. Hardcover, slipcased, and of the highest quality production, this is a special volume that will occupy many hours of your time.

Ceramic Art of MIHARA Ken in the Four Seasons of Izumo $55.00
A wonderful look at the way a place shapes people and art. Mihara's pots are handbuilt of local stoneware and reflect the character of the region. They were photographed outside in all seasons and alternate with essays based on the legends of the region from 1300 years ago. The book also includes an essay by the potter about his techniques.

Ceramic Art: 7 Individuals- Ed KOYANAGI $30.00
A selection of work from the 1980s that comfortably walks the line between art and craft. Notkin's teapots, Akio's vessel sculptures, celadon by Fukami, as well as work by Inoue, Nakamura, Takiguchi, and Akiyama.

Ceramic Forms Of Leza McVey-EIDELBERG OUT OF PRINT

Ceramic Gestures, New Vessels By Magdalene Odundo $18.00
Expanded catalog from an exhibition that traveled from 1995-97. Insightful essay about the potter, her life, and work. 21 exquisite pieces are in full color along with other supporting photos.

A Ceramic Legacy: The Stephane Janssen and R. Michael Johns Collection; The Ceramics of R. Michael Johns-ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM $16.00
A tribute to potter Michael Johns. Large color photos of his work as well as the pieces he collected with Stephane Janssen. Includes an essay by his mentor Ralph Bacerra and work by Saxe, Voulkos, Coper, Arneson, Frey, Notkin, and others. 23 pages.

Ceramics Of Betty Woodman-FREEDMAN GALLERY $10.00
An essay by Jeff Perrone introduces this 20 page catalog from a 1985 exhibition. 14 pieces are illustrated with 4 in color.

The Ceramics Book: An A-Z Guide to 300 Ceramic Artists-ed. COOPER $26.00
A directory of the members and fellows of Great Britain's Craft Potters Association. A wonderful resource for pottery collectors or potters. Each page highlights the work of one potter, including a full-color photograph of their work, a picture of the artist, their signature or mark, contact information, and information about their process. A map keyed to page numbers helps the reader quickly find potters in their area.

Ceramics by Picasso, vol 1 & 2 - Photos by Eric Baudouin, Text by Marilyn McCully $375.00 no discount
Very few copies of this limited edition were printed. It is now out of print and very hard to find. This is a magnificent monument to Picasso's extensive work in clay. The first volume in this slip-cased set has an in-depth look at Picasso's life in the studio and an intelligent exploration of his work by well-known author, Marilyn McCully. Historical photos are interspersed with the text, as well as full-color, full-page plates of his work. There are 583 pages in volume one. Volume 2, 93 pages, contains plates of pages from Picasso's sketchbooks, including several pages of beautiful line drawings of bulls, as well as an index to the plates in volume 1. This index is keyed to thumbnail pictures of the work, and includes the forming and decorating techniques used, and the date each piece was produced, for easy reference. We have seen this museum-quality edition sold for $500. We have a VERY FEW COPIES available for $375.00. No discount.

Ceramics Of Shimaoka Tatsuzo: Living Treasure Of Japan $45.00
Edited by Martha Longenecker, longtime friend of Shimaoka, this is a luscious tribute and presentation. 4 essays including one by Shimaoka along with color photos of his pots, tools, and the potter at the wheel make this a treasure of a book.

Ceramics Of William H. Grueby-MONTGOMERY $55.00, $40.00
Fascinating chronicle of one of the premier potteries of the Arts & Crafts Movement in America, 
B&W and color photos. Fine text by a recognized expert and scholar.

Ceramics: Ways Of Creation-ZAKIN $40.00
36 ceramic artists share the way they create through insightful stories and illustrations of their work. Among the potters included are Rick Hirsh, Andrea Gill, Bruce Cochrane, Ron Roy, Eva Kwong, Wayne Higby, John Neely, and Harris Deller.

Charles Fergus Binns: The Father Of American Studio Ceramics $50.00
Margaret Carney has assembled a comprehensive collection of Binns  work. 72 pieces in color, 176 b&w . Engaging essays round out this beautiful volume.

Choosing Craft: the Artist's Viewpoint, ed. HALPER & DOUGLAS,  $35.00
This book uncovers the development of modern craft through excerpts of stories, artist statements, published writing, and the like. It is divided into sections of inspiration,  training, making a living, and philosophy. Many notable artists are gathered within, including Notkin, Kottler, Voulkos, and Wildenhain.

A Chosen Path: The Ceramic Art of Karen Karnes-ed. SHAPIRO, $40.00
As a leading female potter of the 20th century, it's about time Karen Karnes has a book of this sort. Beginning with a foreword by Garth Clark, the book navigates into Karnes' life and work, including a section written by Karen herself. While the first half of the book is comprised mostly of text with some photos, the second half is full-page color images of her functional and sculptural work.

Clarisse Cliff: The Art Of Bizarre-GRIFFIN $45.00
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of her birth, this book chronicles the life and work of this revered ceramist. Over 200 photos with 120 in color. A very comprehensive work.

Clarisse Cliff: The Bizarre Affair-GRIFFIN, MEISEL $20.00
Large format, (10 1/2"X14 1/2") showing in brilliant color the bold, geometric designs and pieces of this most famous Art Deco potter. Full text describing her work, production, and history of her studio and workshop.

Claudi Casanovas-BIRKS $25.00 Just a few copies of this left! Going out of print! OUT OF PRINT
Handsome monograph showcasing the sculptural work of this Spanish clay artist. 21 full color photos.

Interesting story of a well established (1945) organization. 84 artists are illustrated and profiled through their own statements.

Clay Talks: Reflections by American Master Ceramists $30.00
Emily Galusha and Mary Nord have assembled a collection of lectures delivered by recipients of the Northern Clay Centers Regis Awards. The artists reveal personal aspects of their inspirations, motivations, lifestyles, and challenges. Included are Warren MacKenzie, Ruth Duckworth, Robert Turner, Peter Voulkos, Eva Zeisel, and other icons of contemporary clay work.

Clayton Bailey: Happenings In The Circus Of Life-DePAOLI $45.00
Finally a book on this outrageous American ceramic artist. The author brings us a 40 year survey of his life and work. A large selection of very high quality b&w photos augment the well written text.

Coexistence with Fire: Wood-Fired Ceramics by Frank Boyden, 1985-2006 - ARMSTRONG $50.00
The American Museum of Ceramic Art published this book which is sectioned out according to which kiln was used by Boyden. In each kiln's section a short commentary by other potters is presented, provoking your mind to wrap around these pots just a bit more. So many color photos to gaze at.

Common Clay-COUNTS $30.00
A reprint of this sensitive, inspiring, provocative, and personal account of both the individual journeys and commonalities of a group of traditional southern potters. Take a privileged glimpse into what drives these master craftsmen while taking the opportunity to learn some important lessons about life, clay, and pots.

Comprehensively Clarice Cliff-SLATER, BROUGH $95.00
A big, coffee-table sized book of Clarice's patterns, including those produced with the A. J. Wilkinson factory. Loaded with color photos.

Contemporary Clay: Japanese Ceramics For The New Century-EARLE $25.00
An exhibition catalogue of current sculptural works by Japanese potters. An artist statement or biography is included for each artist. All color photos. Wonderful, sophisticated work.

Craft and Concept: The Rematerialization of the Art Object-KANGAS $28.00, Hardcover $36.00
A collection of essays by well-known craft writer, Matthew Kangas. These writings allow the reader to travel the craft scene over the decades as the public perception of craft changes. Includes essays on Richard Fairbanks, Howard Kottler, Viola Frey, Ryoji Koie, Rudy Autio, and many others. A few black and white photos, mainly text.

Craft, Perception And Practice: A Canadian Discourse $19.00
Editor Paula Gustafson brings us 24 essays contributed by 16 craftspeople, writers, historians, critics, curators, and instructors covering the theme of the title of the book. A wide variety of subjects and contributors makes this a fascinating volume. 37 color images interspersed throughout add highlights and visual interest.

The Craftsman- SENNETT $27.50
Sennett discusses craft and craftsmen in the context of history, relevance, philosophy, and ethics. A closer look at the importance of craft throughout time and into the future.

Craters from Fire: Ceramics by James Lovera-DANIELS, MOWRY $23.00
James Lovera is an important American potter. The explosive colors, elegant forms and sensuous textures of his ceramics are beautifully illustrated in this elegant 46-page catalogue from the Crocker Art Museum.

Creation Out Of Clay-WILLIAM ed. $80.00
Third volume on the work of Brother Thomas. Outstanding photos of the wares and insightful essays by Brother Thomas bring his work and personality to life. If you saw this book you would want it. Beautiful and inspiring.

Crossing Boundaries: The Ceramic Sculpture of Mineo Mizuno, LONG BEACH MUSEUM OF ART, $30.00
This book is presented wonderfully. The pages are thick and heavy, the photos are incredibly vivid, and the jacket over the cloth-bound book is interesting as well. The Japanese Mizuno studied art here in the states beginning when he was 22. His work is colorful, lively, and thoughtful though is has a clean, simple look to it. A very lovely book for any fan of his work.

Crossing Point-M.C. Richards the author of  Centering. $20.00
Emotional, intelligent, and relevant writings on the self, identity, purpose, and craft.

Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave – HILL See Childrens Section

David Leach-COOPER (hardcover $65.00, limited quant. no disc) $40.00
A well deserved biography and exhibition catalog of this magnificent studio potter. So informative, interesting, and important. Beautiful color and b&w photos and an eminently readable and insightful text.

Dear Mr. Leach, Some Thoughts On Ceramics-BLACKIE $40.00
As a teenager, well known British potter Sebastian Blackie wrote a letter to Bernard Leach. He received an encouraging reply and Blackie went on to make a career in clay. In this book Blackie uses the convention of a series of imaginary e-mails written to Leach which he uses to offer his reflections, observations, and thoughts on ceramics, art, and culture. A quirky but interesting piece of writing.

Dialogues With Zuni Potters-NAHOHAI, PHELPS $45.00, $20.00
An intimate look at the art of Zuni pottery through the eyes of the most prominent potters. Personal and inspirational.

Don Reitz: Clay, Fire, Salt, And Wood-CLOWES $30.00 OUT OF PRINT
A fabulous book. Includes a catalogue of Reitz's work with 63 color pictures, an interview by Mark Leach, many photos from workshops, and anecdotes from Reitz's long history with clay.

Echoes of the Earth: Ceramics by Toshiko Takaezu-SHIELDS $23.00
Images of a lifetime of work comprises the catalog for the Crocker Art Museum exhibition of this remarkable Japanese-American master ceramist; written by the Crocker s chief curator Scott Shields, with a forward by Gary Smith. This is an elegant hard cover book. 38 pages.

Eden Revisited: The Ceramic Art of Kurt Weiser- HELD $35.00