Additions to Clay Bodies (The New Ceramics)– STANDEN $30.00
This book is an introduction to the use of additions in clay bodies, from hard materials like stones and glass to combustible matter, fiber, metals and color. It looks at the work of a range of contemporary international makers who are using additions.
Clay body additions can introduce remarkable new forms and textures in ceramic work. With an emphasis on creatvity and experimentation, ceramicist Kathleen Standen reveals a range of possible effects, and profiles the extraordinary work of contemporary makers using additions in their practice. 

Advanced Ceramic Manual-CONRAD $35.00
Brand new and completely updated, this is a comprehensive and essential studio reference full of useful technical information in all areas: history; clays and engobes; glaze and glaze technology; firing; kilns, fuels, and insulation; and so much more. You will consult this book often with satisfying results! I use it all the time.

Alternative Kilns- GREGORY $26.50
This new companion volume to Gregory s book, Kiln Building, introduces the reader to exciting deviations from traditional kilns. The book was designed to be a show and tell rather than a detailed how-to, but the text, diagrams, and photographs provide some good technical information to get you started.

Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques-WATKINS, WANDLESS $30.00, $15.00
An elegant explanation of Western Raku, saggar, pit, and barrel firing techniques. Very well illustrated in all color. Particularly helpful are photos of work fired using different techniques with start to finish notes on their firing.
Special Listing

Anagama: Building Kilns and Firing
Odin Maxwell and Dick Lehman, ed. Translated by Shiori Noro
Michio Furutani was a pioneer in the revival and revitalization of the use of anagama kilns in Shigaraki, Japan during the last 40 years. In his book, Furitani provides an understandable  how-to  approach for building and firing anagama kilns. He explores a variety of kiln designs, clay bodies, and firing approaches with an end toward explaining how wood-fired surface effects are achieved. The writing is friendly, easy to follow, and includes personal stories, anecdotes and humor. The authors passion for wood fired effects comes through loud and clear. 224 pages, 4 color and 224 b&w photos, 42 drawings. A wonderful and important book. This is a two volume set. You will receive the original hardbound text and a supplementary softbound volume containing the translation. $75.
This book is not for sale through The Potters Shop but it is such a worthwhile book that I want to bring it to your attention. It is available only through the editor Odin Maxwell at You will find purchasing information on the web site.

Art Of Crystalline Glazing; Basic Techniques-PRICE,PRICE -OUT OF PRINT

Art And Craft Of Crystals-HOLLOWAY no discount! $50.00
Very detailed presentation on crystalline glazes including history, frits, formulation, clay bodies, forms, kilns, firing, slip casting, and common questions and answers. There s even a section on photographing your wares. Self published by the author in looseleaf format. Lots of great information but very carelessly edited with many typos.

Art Of Firing-LOU $30.00 OUT OF PRINT
Revised edition of Nils  original. Extensive text covering kiln design construction techniques, combustion, firing, troubleshooting and more. A must for potters who want to better understand their kilns.

Art Of Woodfire: A Contemporary Ceramics Practice-RYE $50.00
In this lovely cloth bound book, Owen Rye, a respected and well-known practitioner of woodfiring, discusses his perspective on the background of the art, its technical aspects and the aesthetic possibilities that woodfired ceramics can express. It is intended to encourage the interest of artists and those who collect their work. This book illustrates the work of more than 24 ceramic artists who are scattered throughout Australia. The project began with an exhibition of woodfired ceramics held at The Front Room Gallery in Gulgong, NSW, and will travel in Australia during 2011. The artists have provided statements of intent which appear beside their work and they explain why they are working in this genre to produce objects of beauty and meaning.

Artists Guide To The Use Of Ceramic Oxides- MEMMOT $30.00
Excellent reference with all the basic information you need right there in front of you.

Artists Guide To Firing Pottery-MEMMOT $36.00
Good coverage of many types of firing including gas, wood, sawdust, primitive, etc. Not a treatise on each but enough to get you going and answer basic questions.
Ash Glaze, Traditions In Ancient China and the American South-BRIDGES OUT OF PRINT

Ash Glazes-TICHANE $25.00
Revised edition of this classic study. New color photos and updated text. Very thorough!

Ash Glazes, 2nd Edition-ROGERS $50.00
New and completely revised and expanded. The definitive book on the subject! A practical guide to the design, application, and firing of ash glazes. Recipes, troubleshooting, and a survey of contemporary ash glazed ware.

Athenian Vase Construction: A Potters Analysis $70.00, $35.00 SEE SPECIAL SECTION
Toby Schreiber presents a fascinating study detailing the manner in which the major Athenian forms were made. 542 b&w photos, 440 line drawings. Incredibly detailed and informative. Learn how these ancient potters worked.

Australian WoodFiring, 2nd Edition- HARRISON $75.00
A loving look at woodfiring as practiced in New South Wales since WWII. Steve Harrison covers history, ecology, kiln design, firing techniques, and clays and other materials that give good results in wood kilns. Complete with many diagrams and color pictures, this is a wealth of information and an interesting read, as well.

Barrel, Pit, And Saggar Firing-von DASSOW

Black Pearl and Other Saturated Metallic Glazes-CONRAD $36.00
The black pearl glaze is a unique variation of Chinese tenmoku. It is a true black with "partridge" patterned silver-like white markings. John Conrad spent several years researching this glaze by visiting China, observation, collecting data, and completing hundreds of glaze tests. In addition to the complicated black pearl, the author extended his research to include other saturated metallic glazes. The result is this comprehensive book which presents the history of tenmoku and other metallic saturated glazes. Well illustrated in full color, there are over 100 recipes plus details of glaze composition, temperature, opacity, fluidity, color, and other data. This is a fascinating and completely usable study!

Book Of Low Fire Ceramics-BRODY $30.00
Complete handbook on clays, glazes, forming methods, decoration, firing, and more. In fact, this is just as useful as a well rounded general potters handbook since much of the info is applicable to other decoration, firing temperatures, & methods. Underglazes, overglazes, decals, and other unusual methods are described. Published in 1980 and now back in print.

Building Your Own Kiln, Three Japanese Potters Give Advice-ITABASHI, TAMURA, KAWABUCHI $25.00 OUT OF PRINT
Excellent book with clear, easy to follow text. Many photos and diagrams. Concise advice on building three types of woodfired kilns. Tips on firing, maintenance, etc.

Calibrating & Calculating The Electric Kiln-WIKEY $19.00
If you want intimate knowledge and understanding of the technical workings of electric kilns then this is for you. Elements, refractories, and calculations galore.

Celadon Blues-TICHANE $25.00
Reprint of his original book on Celadon glazes, this volume has 150 b&w and a 16 page section of beautiful color photos. Technical study in an easy to read style.

Ceramic Arts Handbook Series- $30.00 each
This is a diverse series on clay, and each book if filled with fabulous ideas and techniques.
Electric Firing- see Technical section for description
Glazes and Glazing- see Technical section for description
Extruder, Mold and Tile- see Handbuilding section for description
Surface Decoration- see Decorating section for description
Raku, Pit and Barrel- see Technical section for description
Throwing and Handbuilding- see Throwing section for description
Ceramic Sculpture- see Sculpting section for description
Ceramic Art- see Technical section for description
Raku Firing- see Technical section for description

Ceramic Art: Innovative Techniques- TURNER, $30.00
Another title in the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series, again giving many new and fresh ideas to the reader. Silk screening, soluble metal salts, burnishing a layer of graphite, throwing square casserole dishes, or burning out organic material may just be your newest creation after reading this book.

Ceramic Class: Glazing Techniques-CHAVARRIA $15.00
Very good overview of the glazing process including techniques, methods and a multitude of glaze varieties for beginning to intermediate potters. Excellent instruction with color photos throughout.

Ceramic Faults & Their Remedies-FRASER $27.00
Available again! The only book of its kind. Helps you through problems of all kinds.

Ceramic Formulas;The Complete Compendium-CONRAD $26.00
Popular compilation of recipes; glaze, clay , slip, stains, enamels, glass, & more in all temperatures, styles, types, etc.

Ceramic Glaze Handbook-BURLESON $25.00 OUT OF PRINT
Mark Burleson of the Odyssey Center has written a book that has been needed for years. All of the fundamental questions about glazes and glazing are answered for the novice, plus more for the intermediate potter. Well illustrated with all color photos.

Ceramic Glazes-PARMELEE no discount! $90.00
What s to say. The most sought after technical book for potters in existence. Available again but who knows for how long. If you want it, get it before it disappears again.

Ceramic Process-REIJNDERS $70.00
see the General/How To/Misc section for a description

Ceramic Science For The Potter-LAWRENCE, WEST $35.00
A much needed reprint of this classic book on ceramic materials and science. An excellent choice to add to your library of technical books.

Ceramic Spectrum, 2nd Edition-HOPPER $45.00
Auto and house paint as glaze ingredients? You bet! A study of the development of color in glazes. All types, temp. ranges and styles. A terrific book with many photos.

Ceramic Technology for Potters And Sculptors $30.00 OUT OF PRINT
Yvonne Hutchinson Cuff has written a comprehensive manual that demonstrates the technology involved in making and firing ceramics. 127 b&w and color photos, this promises to be a valuable resource for anyone working in clay.

Ceramic Raw Materials-WORRALL no discount! $150.00
This is a valuable book with extremely technical data of all kinds. Not for everyone. It is now out of print and we have only a few copies left. Call us for a more detailed description if you think it sounds interesting.

Ceramics For The Archaeologist-SHEPARD $32.00
A very academic work on analysis of ancient ware. Glaze, clay, firing, etc.

Chinese Copper Red Wares-SCOTT $30.00
Five essays present a scientific, technical, and studio potters study. Though technical in nature, this monograph is not above the heads of most potters with raw materials and firing experience. Very useful color photos help our understanding.

Chinese Glazes-WOOD $55.00
A long awaited sequel to the author s earlier book on Oriental glazes, this is a major work on the subject. Descriptions of how glazes were made, materials analysis, and how they can be duplicated with today's raw materials. 280 photos with 100 in color.

Clay & Glazes: Ceramic Review Book Of Clay Bodies & Glaze Recipes $35.00
Emmanuel Cooper brings us the third edition of this popular collection. Over 900 recipes from professional potters of all types. This has been completely revised and includes color photos, technical advice, and tips on health and safety.

Clay And Glazes For The Potter-RHODES/HOPPER OUT OF PRINT

Clays- HAMER $25.00
Vital information to aid in the understanding of the potters most basic material. Well written and to the point, this will help demystify what is for many a difficult subject.

Clays And Glazes In Studio Ceramics-SCOTT $50.00
Welcome addition to the available texts on the subject. Clear instruction and technical info makes difficult material understandable, 180 color photos, drawings, charts, etc.

Colour in Clay- WALLER $55.00
Now back in print! 50 Artists from Europe and the USA that work with stained and colored clays are profiled. Work, methods, and techniques are presented. Full of beautiful color photos. A lovely book to learn from as well as study aesthetics.

Complete Ceramics: Easy Techniques and over 20 Great Projects- COLLINS & BROWN $25.00
This book may be concise, but it has many interesting projects presented in full page color photos. Small unique projects listed can really spark your interest like, say, a raku banana, a soap dish, or an abstract handbuilt piece. Good for potters of all skill levels.

Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes-BRITT $18.00
Outstanding book full of information on mixing, testing, applying and firing a variety of cone 10 glazes. Color photos of test tiles and lots of recipes. 

Cone 5-6 Glazes: Materials and Recipes (Ceramic Arts Handbook) $65.00
Whether you're just getting started with making glazes or you're a seasoned pro, there's something for everyone in Cone 5-6 Glazes: Materials and Recipes. This book features the research of more than thirty potters and glaze enthusiasts who have dedicated hundreds of hours of research into finding and understanding materials and glazes that provide the right effect for their pots. Bringing together a wealth of information published in Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated over the past 30 years, this book will be an invaluable resource in any ceramic library. In Cone 5-6 Glazes you'll discover an easy way to test, tips for glazing, and insights into key glaze materials such as frits, feldspars, iron, commercial stains, and more. if you're looking for glazes with a special effect, you'll find snowflake crackles, crystals, Bristols, and saturated mattes just to name a few. And, of course, there are recipes - all in the cone 5-6 firing range. Whether you're an old pro or new to making glazes, you'll discover a wealth of inspiring information that will help you develop a personal palette for your ceramic work that you can call your own.

Cone Three Ceramic Formulas: Clay, Engobe, Stain, and Glaze-CONRAD $24.00
Brand new book from well known potter John Conrad. Reduce your utility rates and explore a new firing range. 150 wide ranging recipes including copper reds, crystalline, and black pearl with illustrations and color photos of samples and ceramics. The glazes are primarily formulated for oxidation firing in an electric kiln but most will work equally well in reduction. When the results are different or if a glaze is designed for oxidation or reduction only it is indicated.

Contemporary Ceramic Formulas-CONRAD $22.00
At last, a revised edition of John Conrad s second book of clays, glazes, stains, and more covering a variety of temperatures and styles.

Copper Red Glazes-TICHANE $25.00
Revised version of Reds, Reds, Copper Reds. Updated text and color photos. Get it!

Crystalline Glazes-CREBER $26.50
Very complete handbook covering all the basic information you need to get on with it! Well presented with lots of color photos.

Cushing's Handbook-CUSHING, $30.00, no discount
This book needs almost no introduction. It is Val Cushing's unique compilation of papers on glaze calculation, clay bodies, materials, firing, slip and glaze recipes, and a host of useful pottery making tips and instruction. Written for his classes at Alfred University, his handbook has become one of the most sought after potters technical handbooks.

Dechter Collection of Greek Vases- HAMMA, $15.00
A book to study from more than to admire. Classic shapes of pots are identified and discussed. Individual pieces are observed as well, studying the imagery and it's historical relevance and reasoning. Mostly black and white, but a few color photos inside as well.

Developing Glazes (The New Ceramics) – DALY $29.00
Developing your own glazes can be tricky and success is dependent on many factors. In this book, ceramicist Greg Daly aims to demystify the process with practical advice and complete, step-by-step instructions. He covers all the essentials, from planning your recipes and recording results to mixing glazes and finding the correct firing temperature. This hands-on technical guidance is supported with helpful how-to images and example tests and recipes. For any potter beginning to experiment with fired color, texture and decoration in their work, Developing Glazes is an essential reference, revealing workable, exciting methods for achieving the glaze results you want.

Early Islamic Pottery: Materials & Techniques-BERNSTEDT $50.00
A special import from the UK, this illustrated volume is in two parts : Ceramic Raw Materials and Technique and Chemical and Petrographic Investigations. Pottery of the early Islamic Period is made accessible to those interested in ceramic techniques - manufacture, materials and pigments of both body and glazes. Included is information on unglazed, pre-Islamic pottery; early glazes; white-ground decoration; inglaze colours; lustre wars; slip-painted ware ; Fritware; Silhouette ware; Raqqa ware; Laqabi ware; relief-moulded ware; Minai ware, Lajvardina ware, kilns, techniques and methods. The clay properties of Iraqui, Egyptian, Syrian, and Persian wares are presented.

Electric Firing: Creative Techniques- TURNER $30.00
Part of the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series. This book included information on materials and glazes for the electric kiln, and even some maintenance tips. Have an old electric kiln gathering dust? Use this book to make it into a gas one. Lots of great ideas and tips.

Electric Kiln Ceramics-RIEGGER $30.00
Published in 1978 and now back in print after many years. This is a wonderful handbook helping you understand and use your electric kiln to the fullest. Kiln design and theory, clays, and glazes all geared to electric kilns and firing.

Electric Kiln Ceramics, 4th ed.-ZAKIN $60.00
This is the newest edition of this classic book by Richard Zakin. In full color with an expanded section on individual artists. As always, sound technical information on clays, glazes, and working techniques. 

Electric Kiln Construction For Potters-FOURNIER $30.00
Available again, this is THE book for understanding and building electric kilns. Clear instructions and information on all aspects of electric kilns is provided. A must have if you want to have a better understanding of electric kilns.

Electric Kiln: A Users Manual-FRASER $32.50
Covers all of the essentials. Clear, simple, yet technical information on how to use your electric kiln including special effects and troubleshooting.

Elements Of Ceramics-NORTON no discount! $60.00
Another hard to find, sought after technical book available again. All about the physics and chemistry of clays and materials.

Exploring Electric Kiln Techniques-VON DASSOW $29.00 OUT OF PRINT
A well-rounded and comprehensive collection of articles from  Ceramics Monthly  addressing a variety of approaches and methods of using the electric kiln. This will expand your ideas about using electric firing and get you going.

Fibre Reinforced Clay Bodies-HARRISON $25.00
A slim volume with instructions for ceramic fiber and paper additions to clay, and the use of wire armatures for strong large-scale sculptures. These techniques can be used to make extremely light pieces or to easily imitate the drapes and folds of cloth.

Fire Marks: A Workbook On Low Temperature Smoke Firing $25.00
Cheryl Herr-Rains brings us a user friendly handbook covering all kinds of smoke firing techniques. Full of tips, secrets, and supportive coaching and advice, this book will really help you in your pursuit of this type of firing. The author is also very safety conscious which is nice to see!

Fired Up With Raku: Over 300 Raku Recipes-POULTON $35.00
A wonderfully concise technical book on raku. Over 50 pages of glaze recipes, some with photos. Health and safety information, kilns, trouble shooting, alternative methods... In the "invited artists" section well-known raku artists (including the Potters Shop's Steven Branfman!) discuss their favorite techniques. A handy reference for anyone interested in raku.

Firing Kilns (The New Ceramics) – BRIERLEY $29.00
The range of extraordinary effects that can be achieved in a kiln is infinite. However, the technical requirements of different firing processes and equipment can often seem intimidating, particularly for those new to ceramics, and this can limit artists' confidence to explore and experiment.
In Firing Kilns, wood-fire potter Benedict Brierley demystifies the firing process, explaining key methods and effects in simple, straightforward language. Beginning with the basic principles, including heatwork, firing schedules and cones, the book goes on to cover the various types of kilns and kiln packing, oxidation and reduction firing, and then special firing methods such as salt, soda, wood, pit, smoke and raku. Finally, it covers common firing faults and how these can be avoided to achieve consistent, successful results.
Firing Kilns is a comprehensive handbook for anyone new to firing their work or for established ceramicists wishing to experiment with different firing effects.

Firing: Philosophies within Contemporary Ceramic Practice-JONES $60.00
See Miscellaneous section for description

From Mud To Music: Making & Enjoying Ceramic Musical Instruments-HALL $60.00
See Miscellaneous section for description

The Glaze Book-MURFITT $40.00
Over 700 recipes covering domestic and decorative ceramics are illustrated in over 100 color photos showing the color and surface response of each. Information on application, firing, kiln cycles, health and safety is included.

Glaze: The Ultimate Ceramic Artist's Guide to Glaze and Color – TAYLOR $26.00
Anyone who loves creating ceramics knows that glazing can be a labor of great love or the bane of the entire ceramic process. In the instructional and inspirational Glaze, potters will find a wealth of guidance on the glazing process as several of today's leading ceramicists share the recipes and techniques behind their most stunning works of art--each selected specifically for its unique glaze. Entries include: 

•  An overview of the artists' work

•  A technical description of the featured piece

•  The artist's creative intention behind the glazes used

•  Glaze recipes

Pieces are organized by color, so the potter can easily find work that relates to his or her own color aesthetic, or simply discover other incredible approaches. With more than 450 beautiful color illustrations, a technical how-to section, and a detailed glossary, Glaze is an absolute must have for potters of all levels.

Glaze Master-HESSELBERTH book and CD $50.00
From the author of Mastering Cone 6 Glazes comes a brand new glaze and clay data base and calculation program. Years of research and testing went into this comprehensive application that will prove to be the most useful tool in your glaze lab. For Windows and Mac.

Glazes and Glazing: Finishing Techniques- TURNER $30.00
Another book from the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series. Enough tips to help you dip, pour, spray, paint, and layer your glazes with success. Includes recipes also.

Glazes And Glazing Techniques-DALY OUT OF PRINT

Glazes Cone 6-BAILEY $30.00
Finally a book that addresses the needs of the mid-range stoneware potter. Very well organized and presented. If this is your interest get this book!

Glazes For The Craft Potter-FRASER $30.00
Long awaited revised edition of this classic book on glaze understanding and formulation. Materials, calculation, preparation, application, faults, health, and safety. An excellent book.

Glazes from Natural Sources-SUTHERLAND $30.00   OUT OF PRINT
Revised edition of this classic book with a new chapter by glaze expert Nigel Wood. Not only instruction and guidance on using natural materials for glaze design and formulation but a complete education in understanding and the use of ceramic materials. Glazes in all temperature ranges from raku to stoneware. Well-illustrated with b&w and color photos, drawings, and charts.

Glazes I Use-COLEMAN temporarily unavailable, being reissued as a new edition
A collection Of Tom Coleman s best current high fire reduction glazes. Clear descriptions. 58 glaze recipes and 12 recipes for oxides and pigments.

Glazes: Materials. Recipes, and Techniques-TURNER $29.00
Written by potters and technical experts these articles from Ceramics Monthly cover a wide range of materials, recipes, and techniques.

Glazing Techniques (Ceramics Arts Handbook) $27.00
Techniques for applying glaze to the surface of ceramic pots, presented in step-by-step images and accompanying text.

Gulies Glaze Making and Related Subjects $13.00
50-page handbook by the New Zealand Society Of Potters presents basic glaze methodology in a simple, concise format. Easy to follow instruction and recipes. Included is some introductory material on propane fuel and ceramic fiber repair.

 The Handbook of Glaze Recipes: Glazes and Clay Bodies – BLOOMFIELD $32.00
The Handbook of Glaze Recipes is an essential studio companion for any potter. Covering a comprehensive range of glazes including porcelain, crystalline and raku as well as stoneware and earthenware, each recipe is illustrated with a useful test tile to demonstrate the effects of opaque, matte, and transparent glazes on different clays and at varying temperatures, and numbered for ease of reference. The book also features an introduction to the basics of mixing, applying and adjusting glazes, and correcting typical glaze faults. It also includes many clay body recipes, including a variety of ones for porcelain, wood firing and even Egyptian paste. Compiled by studio potter and glaze expert Linda Bloomfield, and based not only on on years of meticulously recorded tests, but also researched from a large assortment of established ceramic artists, The Handbook of Glaze Recipes is a must-have resource for any potter wishing to experiment or expand their glazes and clay bodies.

Hyperglaze- BURKETT $100.00
This is the help you need for formulating glazes. A software program to help figure cones, shrinkage fits, colors and more. Also helps file and organize your recipes. Comes loaded with 75 glaze recipes, 50 clay recipes, and 750+ material analyses. Now for PC and Mac. Requirements: Mac OSX on G3, G4 or G5 or Intel Mac, OS9 on G3 or PowerPC, Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, Me, and Windows 98

Illustrated Dictionary Of Ceramics-SAVAGE $30.00
Reprint of this famous reference book. Over 3,000 terms relating to wares, materials, shapes, process, styles, and patterns from antiquity to the present day.

Illustrated Dictionary Of Practical Pottery-FOURNIER $40.00
New and fully revised, this classic reference belongs in your library. By one of the foremost potters and teachers of our time.

Japanese Wood Fired Ceramics-LANCET, KUSAKABE $45.00 OUT OF PRINT
The methods, materials, and aesthetic appreciation of Japanese wood firing are presented and explained in exquisite detail. Kiln building, glazing, slips, and natural surfaces, loading, firing, unloading, alternative firing, health and safety. This is unlike any other book on the subject. The passion of the authors is clear and contagious. If you have any interest in wood firing or Japanese pottery aesthetics you will love this book. 320 pages, all color. 

Kiln Book, 3rd Edition-OLSEN $45.00
This is THE most comprehensive book on kiln design, construction, materials, & combustion. Everything from refractories, fuels, combustion theory and equipment, methods of construction, and safety practices and systems. Detailed plans for many types and styles of kilns. There is a chapter on electric kilns and an extensive appendix that includes estimating data, arch calculation, conversion tables and more.

Kiln Building-GREGORY $25.00
Fine handbook on types of kilns, fuels, materials, construction, & firing principles giving the reader a basic introduction to design, construction, and firing.

Kiln Construction, A Brick by Brick Approach-FINCH $32.50
Demystifies the intracasies of kiln design and construction. This is a user-friendly guide covering gas, wood, and oil fired kilns. Time-tested designs are presented with clear, detailed illustrations and instruction. Informative and confidence building, this is a much needed book.

Laid Back Wood Firing, 3rd Ed.-HARRISON $40.00
26 years after its first publication, this is as useful and relevant today as it was then. Well-known Australian potter Steve Harrison has carefully updated, revised and enlarged his original edition while maintaining a clear, friendly, and easy to read style. Designed as a kiln-side reference for the rookie down draught kiln operator, it is this and much more. Several different kilns or varying sizes are discussed and illustrated. Includes a CD with additional pictures and diagrams.

Low-Firing and Burnishing-VON DASSOW $27.00
Both ancient cultures and contemporary potters have used low-firing to great effect, adding slips and burnishing pieces to create finishes not possible with any other firing method. Low-firing and Burnishing provides step-by-step practical information focusing on various approaches to low firing and methods for creating natural finishes. Whether using an old garbage can, a pit in the ground, or a bonfire, low-firing is accessible to anyone with an outdoor space. 


Lustre Pottery-CAIGER SMITH $40.00
Out of print for some time, now available again, this is the definitive work on the history and technique of traditional lustre ware. 33 color and 105 b&w photos, 12 line drawings, two maps.

Macro-Crystalline Glazes: The Challenge of Crystals-ILSLEY $60.00
Clear instructions and beautiful color photos. An excellent book on all aspects of crystal glazes including history, clays, recipes, kilns, firing, safety, and more.

An outstanding presentation including formulation, theory, concepts, recipes, and full explanations. There is a clear focus on stable glazes for all applications. The authors have taken great pains to make this a most useful and important study.
This is now available only directly from the author John Hesselberth  at

Mastering Raku: Making Ware-Glazing-Building Kilns-Firing STEVEN BRANFMAN $22.00
See the complete description below under "Raku."

Minigama-YOSHIDA $15.00
A most unusual book. Contains complete instructions to make and fire a portable mini wood-kiln. The minigama fires in about 3 hours. Concise, well illustrated and a load of fun. Great as a teaching tool for all ages. There is now a Minigama Yahoo Group! Log on at: Have fun!!

Minnesota Flat Top Car Kiln Plans-LOU $20.00 OUT OF PRINT
Complete plans including materials list for this widely used kiln. Nils is the original designer so you re getting it from the horse's mouth!

More Glazes I Use: Glazes, Clays and Ideas- COLEMAN $40.00
Filled with cone 8-11 reduction type recipes in a spiral bound format for ease in the studio. Glazes are separated by type. The book also includes some clay body recipes as well as some recipes for pigments for brushwork.

Naked Clay, Ceramics Without A Glaze-PERRYMAN $40.00
A comprehensive look at pots, pottery making, and the potters working without glazed surfaces. Profiles of an international group of artists reveal techniques, methods, styles, influences, ideas, and more. Well illustrated with color photos.

Naked Raku and Related Bare Clay Techniques-LAZO, et al. $30.00
Assembled and edited by Eduardo Lazo, he has brought together an expert collection of Naked Raku practitioners; Kate and Will Jacobson, Wally Asselberghs, Linda and Charlie Riggs, Amber Aguirre, and Dana Bilello-Barrow each share their years of experience and personal working techniques and styles. The book includes virtually every aspect of the process including clays, slips, color, glaze, firing, post firing, and finishing. With an introduction by Steven Branfman, author of Mastering RakuNaked Raku will be a welcome addition to your library of alternative firing practices.

Natural Glazes: Collecting and Making (The New Ceramics) – FORREST $30.00
Like clay, all glaze materials come from the earth. Traditionally, stones, plants, and other natural materials provided the elements for ceramic surface decoration. In an age of synthetic and mass-produced glazes, handmade glazes from locally sourced ingredients allow artists to produce unique pieces that reflect their surrounding landscapes. In Natural Glazes, Miranda Forrest guides readers through the process of experimentation and discovery to make amazing hues from organic materials.Whether a glaze is mixed from scratch or local items are added to a commercial glaze, this concise book teaches the essential steps. A variety of glaze materials is available in any location, and Forrest shows artists how to recognize and gather appropriate ingredients and prepare them for blending. She explains how to work with vegetation and organic materials such as grass, wood, and seashells, giving step-by-step directions for mixing glazes and testing sample blends for optimal results. Natural Glazes covers application and firing techniques such as raku and offers health and environmental safety information.
Natural Glazes contains full-color photographs of completed works, charts and tables providing firing times and other data, and insightful essays from other ceramic artists specializing in natural glaze work. Using found materials in glazes is a creative way to add a local touch to ceramics. With Natural Glazes, inspiration may be as close as your own backyard.

Notes From A Ceramics Lab pottery analysis & archeology $16.00

Oriental Glazes-BAILEY $26.50
Inspired and modeled after the long out of print book of the same title by Nigel Wood. A great resource and handbook. Recipes with pictures, plus  potter s notes  on the quirks of each glaze.

Out Of The Earth, Into The Fire-OBSTLER $50.00 OUT OF PRINT
Very extensive yet comprehensible presentation of the study of clay and glaze materials and technology. Well designed format and organization make this easy to use.

Pioneer Pottery-CARDEW $45.00
This is exciting. Seth Cardew has finally made this available again after many, many years: The quintessential potters technical manual. So much information it defies description. Do not be without this book!!

Potters Alternative-DAVIS $40.00
Harry Davis, like Michael Cardew, was a pottery pioneer. Self-sufficient, he traveled the world starting potteries in developing countries before establishing Crewenna Pottery in New Zealand. This is his potters handbook. An icon of 20th century ceramics, there is much in his writing to learn.

Potters Book Of Glaze Recipes-COOPER $37.50
Long out of print, finally available again. One of the most popular glaze compendiums ever written. Comprehensive collection of recipes in all ranges, styles and firing methods. Many potters have relied on this collection for their entire palette of glazes!

Potters Complete Book Of Clays And Glazes-CHAPPELL OUT OF PRINT

Potters Dictionary Of Materials And Techniques-HAMER $70.00
5th edition, new and updated. This essential reference book keeps getting better. Every potter should have this book. A week doesn t go by without me going to it!

Potters Guide To Raw Glazing & Oil Firing-PARKS $30.00
A welcome reissue of this classic book-the first one to address raw glazing (once firing) and the only one to advocate and explain the use of waste oil as a fuel. Detailed step by step instruction in all 
phases including recipes, kiln building, and more.

Potters Odyssey-SPENCE $13.00
A unique and very personal approach to claywork and glaze comprehension and formulation. It is a path to understanding and mastery rather than a step by step manual.

Potters Palette-CONSTANT $20.00 OUT OF PRINT

The Potter's Studio Clay & Glaze Handbook: An Essential Guide to Choosing, Working, and Designing with Clay and Glaze in the Ceramic Studio-ZAMEK, $25.00
The title says it all on this one. Filled with small tips that you hadn't thought of and facts you never knew. This is an informative book hitting on all aspects of potting from studio layout to making sales with major focus on the clay itself; types, options, mining process, reclaiming, identifying faults, etc. This book will make you reconsider why exactly you do what you do once in the studio. Many color photos.

Pottery Analysis; A Sourcebook-RICE 10% discount only $65.00
A well rounded study of analysis including materials, trade, manufacture, decoration, etc. Of interest to scientists, historians, potters, ceramic engineers, and others.

Prehistory & History Of Ceramic Kilns-RICE $95.00
Essays and presentations on the subject. Fascinating information for the serious student of ceramic history. No color photos, this is a scholarly study.

Primitive Pottery-RIEGGER $30.00
Hal Riegger s second book published in 1972 should be in your library if you have the slightest interest in the subject. Simple and straightforward giving you the background, information, and encouragement that you need to proceed. Finding clay, forming, drying, simple glazes, firing without kilns as well as simple and more complex kilns are all covered.
Raku: A Practical Approach, 2nd Edition - STEVEN BRANFMAN OUT OF PRINT
Steven's new book "Mastering Raku" is even better!! See the description below!

Advanced Raku Techniques-AM CER SOCIETY $29.00 OUT OF PRINT
We have a limited supply of this book which is now out of print. Get it while you can! Another in their continuing series of books featuring the best articles from Ceramics Monthly within each given subject. 37 articles covering a multitude of approaches, styles, and aesthetics. Technical, historical, and personal.

Fired Up With Raku: Over 300 Raku Recipes-POULTON $35.00
A wonderfully concise technical book on raku. Over 50 pages of glaze recipes, some with photos. Health and safety information, kilns, trouble shooting, alternative methods... In the "invited artists" section well-known raku artists (including the Potters Shop's Steven Branfman!) discuss their favorite techniques. A handy reference for anyone interested in raku.

Mastering Raku: Making Ware-Glazing-Building Kilns-Firing 
This is Steven Branfman's most recent book and it is a beauty! Full color throughout. From forming to firing to finishing, this is the definitive reference on raku. Ceramists of all levels of experience will be informed and inspired by this completely updated, technique-based book with detailed and extensive how-to photos and text. It covers everything from beginning to end including history, culture, types of clay, forming techniques, firing, glazes, decoration, and kilns and kiln construction. Tips on troubleshooting a myriad of potential problems are shared and drawn from Steven's long experience with this fascinating technique. Mastering Raku also includes a gallery of works from around the world along with updated clay and glaze recipes. You will not be disappointed. If you would like your copy autographed just let us know. 
NOTE: Mastering Raku: Making Ware, Glazes, Building Kilns, Firing, it is out of print. While it may be reprinted, I have been searching for used copies. Unfortunately the prices are astronomical!!! Presently I have a limited number of used, hardcover copies, all is excellent condition. I am offering them at my cost, $95 (no additional discount)

Raku-MATHIESON $26.00
Nice small handbook presenting all the essentials. Well illustrated with all color photos. More pots and methods to inspire and excite.

Raku: Art And Technique-REIGGER $30.00
The first book written on the raku technique and the one that first inspired me! Available again after many years, all raku potters should have this book. Riegger s philosophy and style is one of simplicity and respect for tradition. Honest and refreshing.

Raku Firing: Advanced Techniques- TURNER, $30.00
One more title in the fantastic Ceramic Arts Handbook Series. This time around we're checking out an inlaid glass technique with the Potter Shop's own Steve Branfman, building alternative kilns, glaze recipes, flashing pots with torches, and reduction stenciling. Once again, many new ideas to get your own flowing.

Raku Glazes: The Ultimate Collection, 2nd Edition-FERGUSON $25.00
360 recipes in a handy reference book. Spiral binding opens flat for hands-free use in your glaze room. An quick reference index organizes glazes by color, surface type, and creator. Sorry, no 
pictures, but descriptions accompany recipes with particularly un-enlightening names.

Raku: Investigations Into Fire- JONES $50.00
Hardcover with all color photos, this is a fine book giving a general overview of the raku process. Info on history, materials, kilns, firing, glazing, and more. Survey of a small group of individual artists rounds out the book.

Raku: Origins, Impact, Contemporary Expression - ROMBERG $65.00
No technical information, but a beautifully produced book. Accompanies the 2005 exhibition of contemporary and historical raku-ware from the Eagleheart Center for Art and Inquiry. Includes 10 potters from the USA, UK, Taiwan, France, Switzerland, and Japan. Artist statements, drawings, photos of firings, and pictures of finished pots all flow in a beautiful stream of conscience format from page to page. It is like an artist notebook passed from friend to friend. Lovely.

Raku Pottery-PIEPENBURG $28.00
A wonderful book on the subject. Very complete account. Piepenburg s approach is personal and comfortable. Many of his glazes have become standards. Techniques and personal processes are shared. Lots of good information.

Raku, Pit, and Barrel: Firing Techniques-ed TURNER $30.00
From the Ceramic Arts Handbook series, a compilation of articles on alternative firing techniques by experts in the field. Includes profiles of prominent artists and lots of technical information. Glaze recipes are highlighted in handy sidebars. Step-by-step photos guide you through various processes. Highlights include sections on crackle glaze, peel-away slips, wrapping raku pots in wire, lusters, making Anasazi black and white wares, and aluminum foil saggars. Accessible but thorough. Excellent. Replaces the now out of print Barrel, Pit, and Saggar.

Raku, 2nd Edition-ANDREWS OUT OF PRINT

Raku Secrets: The Complete Guide to Amazing Raku Results-FERGUSON $30.00
A solid book for raku beginners. Includes a handful of glaze recipes to get you started, charts comparing the benefits of different types of kilns, and tips for reducing thermal shock breakage. Does not overwhelm the beginner with technical information.
Revealing Glazes-CURRIE $45.00
Ian Currie s new book is a real winner. A simple approach to the development of color and glaze alteration. Well written, easy to follow and use. NOTE: December 2017-The Currie Family is working on a downloadable .pdf of Revealing Glazes. If you would like to be kept up to date on it's release, send us an email with your name, phone# and email address.

Rock Glazes, Geology and Mineral Processing for Potters $38.00
Well known Australian potter Steve Harrison has written an excellent manual for those interested in using local glaze materials. Identifying, processing, and testing local materials.

Salt-Glaze Ceramics-COCHRANE 50.00 now available as a special for $25.00!
Lavish color photos with well organized and written text make this new addition to the bibliography on salt glazed pottery a welcome and useful one. History, technical information including kilns, firing, glazes and decoration, artist profiles and much more.

Salt-Glaze Ceramics: An International Perspective- MANSFIELD $50.00
Handsome volume, large color photos, lots of quality info, enjoyable to read.

Salt Glazing-ROGERS $50.00
An extremely well written complete presentation of salt glazing for the contemporary potter. Clay bodies, slips, glazes, decoration, kiln plans, stacking, firing, and profiles of 25 potters. Tons of photos & illustrations, this is the first book to get for salt glazing.

Sawdust Firing-HESSENBERG $35.00
Introduction to the process of sawdust firing. Methods and ideas are presented through the work of different potters. Full color photos.

Self Reliant Potter Series-NORSKER see our out of print section for pricing
Written for potters in developing countries and where there are few or no commercial suppliers, four volumes that cover all the nitty-gritty technical know-how you need to build your own equipment, make clay and glazes, and start your pottery from scratch. A great resource for anyone who thirsts for technical knowledge or just likes the feeling of doing it themselves.
Available titles:
Clay Materials SOLD OUT
Forming Techniques
Refractories and Kilns SOLD OUT

Single Firing, The Pros and Cons-TRISTRAM $25.00
Complete handbook on the subject covering all the necessary areas. Very good as an introduction and guide to experimentation.

Smashing Glazes-PETERSON $35.00
From the author of  The Craft And Art Of Clay ,  Jun Kaneko ,  Lucy M Lewis  and other best selling books. 53 artists covering a wide range of styles, temperatures, and firing methods who share their recipes and insights. All color, an inspiring group.

 See Jane Perryman's new book Smoke Firing: Contemporary Artists And Approaches

Smoke Firing: Contemporary Artists And Approaches-PERRYMAN $50.00
Not a revised edition but a brand new book from the author of "Smoke Fired Pottery." Here, Jane Perryman "introduces the work of 29 ceramicists who use smoke firing in different ways to express their art." Gas, wood, and electric kilns are utilized as well as pit and open fire methods. Technical information is shared and color photos throughout bring the work and the techniques to light. This is a long awaited book that is sure to inspire and educate.

Soda, Clay, and Fire-NICHOLS $35.00
A detailed explanation of the soda firing process that doesn't get bogged down in excessive technical jargon. Nichols' book encourages experimentation. She juxtaposes numerous photos of work by prominent clay artists with information about slips, clay bodies, kiln design, wadding, firing strategies, draw rings, post-firing treatment, soaking, cooling, interchanging salt and soda...

Soda Glazing-TUDBALL $25.00
At last a book on the subject. Covers clays, slips, kiln designs, firing. Well illustrated.

Stoneware Glazes: A Systematic Approach-CURRIE $40.00 OUT OF PRINT see note below
A complete course in glaze calculation & formulation. Ian Currie travels the world presenting workshops that follow his book. Reading the book and following the detailed yet completely comprehensible instructions will give you a thorough understanding of glaze formulation. The best of it s kind. Ian Currie passed away in 2011. Upon his death, the Currie family decided to make his books available in the public domain. Here are two sources: 

Stoneware, Ceramics Handbook Series-DEWAR $27.50
Well written and informative providing an overview of stoneware pottery. Technical information on materials, clays, glazes, slips, firing kilns, and more. A variety of potters' works are illustrated along with individual working methods and processes.

Studio Ceramic Dictionary-CONRAD $16.00
2500 terms & definitions. A handy reference to have in the studio.

Substitutions For Raw Ceramic Materials-BASTARACH $42.00
For those with limited knowledge of ceramic chemistry, a very useful resource. Recipes are given with variations. Easy to use and understand. Also available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portugese (Brazil), and Portugese (Portugal) versions.

Surface Matters: An Exhibition of Ceramics-EMPORIA STATE UNIVERSITY $25.00
An exhibition catalogue designed to be a resource for potters. Includes a photo of a piece by each artist included in the show with an explanation of their process and a recipe for a special surface treatment. Includes recipes by 36 artists for clays, glazes, engobes, casting slips, decorating slips, and terra sig. Spiral bound with plastic-coated pages for easy use in the studio.

Thoroughly Modern Milling: Directions on Building a Small Ball Mill-HARRISON $25.00
Short, but sweet technical instructions and several fold-out pages of diagrams. Includes suggestions for inexpensive parts and materials. If you have some technical know-how and a friend with metal working tools, this will get you up and running.

Tin Glazed Pottery-ALAN CAIGER SMITH $40.00
An important book. 1000 years of Maiolica, Faience, and Delftware from Mesopotamia and Egypt, to Persia and the Middle East to the Netherlands, Spain, France, Britain, and more. History, culture, but full of technical info on materials and methods.

Troubleshooting for Potters: All the Common Problems, Why They Happen, and How to Fix Them – ATKIN $14.00
Trial and error has long been considered the best way to learn the craft of pottery. Discovering how to avoid and repair issues like cracks, blistering, and color distortions happens over time through working with various clays again and again. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a resource that took some of the guesswork out of the ceramic process? This comprehensive, down-to-earth manual, created by master ceramicist Jacqui Atkin, is the answer. Inside, craft potters will discover how common problems arise and learn foolproof solutions for fixing them.
Organized into sections that cover each step in the ceramic process--from preparing clay, to glazing and firing--readers will find methods for dealing with just about every issue imaginable. Handy diagnostic charts at the beginning of the book provide a super-quick reference for problems and solutions. Hundreds of detailed drawings and illustrative color photos provide even more help.

This book is a masterpiece! 21st Century Kilns single-handedly takes the mystery and intimidation factor out of kiln design and kiln building. It brings the kiln out of the Dark Ages and into the milieu of every potter for whom a fuel fired kiln has been a dream. Not to ignore those of us that fire in electric kilns, there is a wonderful section on troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, and firing electric kilns! YOU can see my complete review in the Winter/Spring 2011 issue of Clay Times. This book and the accompanying DVD is available only from Mel Jacobson directly. Go to to order.

Understanding Glazes-EPPLER, OBSTLER $84.00, no discount
Partly a dictionary of materials and partly a glaze chemistry textbook, this portable little paperback is an advanced reference book for the studio. Written for ceramic scientists and engineers, it is technical in nature but an accessible read. This book is likely going out of print in the near future.

What Every Potter Should Know-ZAMEK $28.00
Much needed addition to the pottery book library! Loads of questions and problems are asked and answered in education, materials, marketing, clay bodies, glazes, firing, safety, and much, much more. The author is a leading expert on materials technology and offers his years of experience as a ceramics consultant. Very worthwhile!

With A Little Help From My Friends-COLEMAN temporarily unavailable, being reissued as a new edition. Call for more info.
The latest collection of recipes, tips and philosophy from Tom Coleman and some of his friends. Clays, glazes, firing tips, and more. Color photos this time!

Wood Fired Ceramics-MINOGUE, SANDERSON $50.00 OUT OF PRINT
Well illustrated book featuring profiles of 36 potters along with the work of an additional 30. Bourry-box, non traditional, and Oriental influenced kilns are described. Lots of technical info and personal nuances.

Wood Fired Stoneware and Porcelain-TROY OUT OF PRINT
see out of print section above

Wood Firing: Journeys And Techniques-LEHMAN $26.00

A well written introduction by Dick Lehman and 24 articles from CM chosen for their diversity, interest, and well rounded approach to the myriad approaches to the subject.