The events that we list here may or may not be directly connected to The Potters Shop & School 

but they will be of interest to anyone connected to clay.

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Oracles and Wanderings
Sarah Fuhro & Ellen Clancy
Thayer Gallery
February 3 - March 12

Reception: Thursday, February 6, 6 - 8 pm

This exhibit features the shared sensibilities and complimentary work of Sarah Fuhro and Ellen Clancy. Both share a passion for hand building, a love of all things textured and organically shaped, and the many influences of nature.

From Sarah:

Last January Steve invited Ellen Clancy and I to have a shared show of our work at the Thayer Gallery at Thayer Academy, a beautiful space with perfect lighting. It's a month long duo show, where our work will have lots of space to spread out and be seen. It comes also with the opportunity to speak to students in a workshop on how and why we work the way we do and maybe get some ideas from them! It's been a way to look with a longer view than the next show. I hope a lot of you will be able to come to the reception to celebrate the opening with us!