Pottery Of North and South America

Acoma And Laguna Pottery-DILLINGHAM $30.00
A super volume on the subject. Detailed text, wonderful photos.

Alabama Folk Pottery- BRACKNER $70.00
An impressive book both in size and content. Although most of the many photos are in black and white, there are a handful of color photos also. The twenty-plus years of research are evident as Brackner discusses the history of potters and pottery in this state.

All That Glitters-ANDERSON $55.00, $27.50
Detailed study of micaceous pottery produced in New Mexico from prehistory to the present. Techniques as well as a comprehensive catalog of wares make this an important book on the subject. Excellent color photos with detailed descriptions.

 Art Pottery-RAGO $45.00
Outstanding color photos and very informative text bring American Art Pottery to life. The author is a leading expert on the period.

American Art Pottery From The Collection Of The Everson Museum- $40.00 Special onlyOUT OF PRINT no more available once we sell out
Author Barbara Perry traces the development of American Art pottery through 100 of the finest pieces from the collection. 100 illustrations, 55 in color. 

American Art Pottery: How To Compare And Value-RAGO $25.00
A very informative and well written book for the collector, student, teacher, or anyone interested in the subject. Full color photos illustrate over 40 makers of ware. Explanations, descriptions, appraisal tips, history, and more. This is a lovely book.

American Art Pottery Price Guide: Ohio Pottery; Auction Results From 1990-2000 -TREADWAY GALLERY $40.00
Work by Roseville, Weller, Owens, Clewell, and Cowan. Excellent use as a reference book on these important pottery companies and their designs.

American Shino-RICHTER

American Stonewares, 4th Edition-GREER $50.00
Outstanding reference book on traditional American stoneware with over 360 photos.

Anasazi Pottery-LISTER & LISTER $17.00
Catalog of the collection of Earl Morris. Illustrated in B&W photos with extensive comments and descriptions.

Ancient Indian Pottery Of The Mississippi River Valley- HATHCOCK $55.00
Roy Hathcock gives us a detailed study of the wares produced by the Mississippian Culture from 1000-1650. 667 illustrations, 72 in color, careful descriptions, analysis.

Art Of Clay-COHEN $40.00
One of the most beautiful books on southwestern pottery there is. 96 full color photos of the work of Maria, Nampeyo, Lonewolf, Cordero and others with well written, researched, and informative text.

Art Pottery Of America-HENZKE $45.00
Over 40 art potteries are described and discussed in detailed text and over 500 photos.

Art And Design At Alfred-BERNSTEIN $40.00
A history of the first ceramic engineering program in the US that also had a parallel art program.

Art Of Contemporary American Pottery-HLUCH $35.00
The work of the best utilitarian potters in over 200 color photos and provocative text. A very well documented book with a unique approach to the question at hand.

Art Of The Hopi-JACKA, JACKA 40.00, $22.00
Over 140 color photos of kachina s, pottery, baskets, textiles, and more. Personal anecdotes from the Jacka s recount the history, culture, and spirituality of the Hopis.

Artistry In Clay-GAULT $9.00
All color buyers guide to Southwestern Indian pottery. Valuable info on distinguishing styles and identifying potters and families.

The Arts & Crafts of Newcomb Pottery – Main $39.00
Accompanying a major traveling exhibition, this sumptuous volume is the first book to show the entire range of Newcomb Pottery’s creative output in the context of American artistic and social developments in the early years of the modern era. While art pottery crafted at the Newcomb Pottery is among the most admired and collected of all American decorative arts, the enterprise that was the pottery is recognized as an exceptionally advanced social experiment for its time. Elegantly designed and profusely illustrated, this book celebrates the full range of objects created at the renowned Newcomb Pottery, founded by H. Sophie Newcomb College in New Orleans. From the 1890s to around 1940, this remarkable all-woman art school developed a recognizable style based in Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts aesthetics. All-new, brilliant photographs of 250 objects accompany newly researched essays by respected scholars of decorative arts, a timeline, and artist biographies and pottery decorators’ marks.

Arts & Crafts Price Guide: Ceramics, Auction Results 1987-1997 -TREADWAY $30.00
Includes Newcomb College, Rookwood and Teco pieces.

Bauer: Classic American Pottery-TUCHMAN $19.00
86 color and 24 b&w photos show hundreds of objects and archival images. A complete history of the pottery.

Beauty From The Earth, Pueblo Indian Pottery -BRODY $20.00
104 pieces from the University Museum Of Archaeology & Anthropology are displayed in color and B&W photos along with archival photos. Historical and descriptive text.

Best Of New Ceramic Art-SIKES $25.00
A full color showcase of the 100 winners of the Monarch National Ceramic Competition. Arranged by category, outstanding photos.

Beyond Tradition; Contemporary Indian Art And It s Evolution - $55.00, $35.00
Beautiful color illustrations and informative text. See the video section for a companion film. 

Big Ware Turners-SCHALTENBRAND $56.00, $35.00
Subtitled: The History And Manufacture Of Pennsylvania Stoneware, the author presents the various regions and time periods in the significant history of Pennsylvania stoneware from 1690 to the 20th century. Information on the making, glazing, and firing as well as the variety of wares produced. 219 color and 39 b&w photos, 44 sketches, appendix, references and detailed index. The hardcover edition is numbered in a series of 500 and signed by the author. Paperback copies are also signed.

Brothers In Clay-BURRISON $35.00
Georgia folk pottery from 1738 to the 1980's. 166 photos of pots, potters, & kilns.

Casas Grandes and The Ceramic Art Of The Ancient South West-TOWNSEND OUT OF PRINT

Casa Manana: The Morrow Collection of Mexican Popular Arts- DANLY $15.00
What a steal! A 200-page hardcover book containing the most important period collection of Mexican craft in the United States at this price? It can't be! Filled to the brim with photos and text, which is presented in both English and Spanish. A must for any lover of Mexican pottery.

Catawba Clay: Contemporary Southern Face Jug Makers $25.00
Noted collector Barry Huffman brings us a study of todays potters, their techniques and styles. Historical and technical info, 170 photos.

Ceramic Art Of The Malibu Potteries-RINDGE $35.00 OUT OF PRINT
Wonderfully colorful, this high quality book brings us face to face with the potteries stunning production of extraordinary vessels and tile work.

Ceramic Continuum, 50 Years Of The Archie Bray Influence $40.00 see specials section
Edited by Peter Held, 6 essays discussing different aspects of the institution, a selection of 85 full page color photos of works, historical records including a directory of resident and visiting artists, and more make this a significant contribution to the literature on clay and ceramics. A fascinating story and a beautiful book.

Ceramica: Mexican Pottery Of The 20thCentury- THOMPSON $50.00
Beautiful book showcasing the wares of the states of Oaxaca, Jalisco, Puebla, Chiapas, Michoacan, Mexico, Guanajuato, and Guerrero. Colorful, vibrant, and exciting best describes the work. Very high quality photos, descriptions, and text.

Ceramic Trees Of Life: Popular Art From Mexico $35.00 OUT OF PRINT
Written by Lenore Hoag Mulyran to accompany the exhibition at the Fowler Museum Of Cultural History. The origins, development, and contemporary manifestations of this unique Mexican art form are explored. Insightful text and outstanding color photos. A beautiful book.

Ceramics & Ideology-CROWN $45.00
Exhaustive study of late 13th century SW ware known as Salado Polychrome. Culture, aesthetics, function, production, distribution and more. B&W photos, drawings and charts. For the student and scholar.

Ceramics In America, 2006-HUNTER $60.00
An annual publication on the history of American ceramics covering a range of topics. Articles on technique, history, culture, sociology, collecting and collectors, book reviews and more. This is not a magazine or journal, it is a beautiful 290 page book. Each issue stands alone. Wonderful color and b&w photos throughout.

Clay Revisions; Plate, Cup,Vase-HALPER $15.00
26 clay artists interpret these traditional vessel forms. Included are works by Robert Arneson, Viola Frey, Jun Kaneko, Robert Sperry, Peter Voulkos, Betty Woodman and other important artists. From a 1987exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum. 64 pages, color and b&w photos.

Clay Times Three: The Tale of Three Nashville, Indiana, Potteries – MCKIMMIE $30.00
Among the many Indiana artists who have settled in Brown County, the potters of Nashville make up a distinctive group. Clay Times Three showcases industrious potters, decorators, and shop owners who have made their living in the area. Focusing on three potteries—Brown County Pottery, Martz Potteries, and Brown County Hills Pottery—the book presents local artists and their work from the Great Depression to the 1980s. Among the artists featured are Karl Martz, Becky Brown Martz, Helen and Walter Griffiths, and Claude Graham. The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs of individual pieces, including historical images by famed Nashville photographer Frank Hohenberger. Pottery collectors everywhere will relish this delightful volume.

Collections Of Southwestern Pottery-HAYES, BLOM $10.00
Wonderfully light hearted yet serious look at collecting SW pottery.The authors have assembled 25 specialized collections of ware each with its own theme. The pieces span over 1000 years and include color photos of over 600. Very informative and fun to read.

Color And Fire-LAURIA $40.00
This is the book of the first major exhibition of the permanent collection of the LA County Museum Of Art. An outstanding collection of work, a beautiful volume. See the video section for a companion video.

Colors on Clay: The San Jose Tile Workshops of San Antonio- TOOMEY FROST, $45
This book is filled to the brim with hundreds of beautiful color photos, showing the stunning tile works and some original hand drawn designs. The photos are enough to make the purchase, but there is just as much informative history included as well. Truly a stunning book , a must for those who love tiles or Mexican inspired work.

Common Ground: Ceramics in Southern California, 1945-1975 - American Museum of Ceramic Art $155.00
A broad survey of more than fifty ceramic artists who worked in the Los Angeles area in the decades following WWII, Common Ground, as a book and exhibition, the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, CA.  The artists selected for Common Ground all had a direct connection to Millard Sheets, an artist, art educator, arts administrator, and designer whose activities and ideology had an enormous impact on southern California in the middle of the twentieth century.

Contemporary Crafts and the Saxe Collection-TARAGIN $60.00
Magnificent volume presenting one of the best known collections of contemporary studio crafts. Well written essays complement the 148 color photos of clay, glass, & wood.

Contemporary Potter-FAIRBANKS, et. al. $25.00
A collection of over 800 pottery pieces divided into sections of earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. A wide variety of vessels both utilitarian and decorative, thrown, handbuilt, and molded. Contact info on the the artists is included.

Earth, Water And Fire-OPPELT $13.00
Lovely little book covering he Anasazi pottery of Mesa Verde. Detailed analytical and descriptive text. Color and b&w photos, charts, maps. 91 pages

Fired By Ideals, Arequipa Pottery & The Arts & Crafts Movement $30.00
Suzanne Baizerman, Lynne Downey, and John Toki. Beautifully illustrated story of the Arequipa Pottery of Marin County CA and its significance in the Craftsman Movement. Vintage b&w historical photos and drawings as well as color photos of the wares.

Fourteen Families In Pueblo Pottery-DILLINGHAM $40.00
Incredible color photos of the potters work along with personal statements. Included are Nampeyo, Lewis, Tafoya, Martinez, and other well known names. Geneology charts, maps of the pueblos and more make this a wonderful book.

From This Earth;The Ancient Art Of Pueblo Pottery $40.00
Stewart Peckham, a scholar and expert in southwestern pottery, takes us through ancient works with insight, interest and beautiful photos. Outstanding.

Generations In Clay,Pueblo Pottery Of The American S.W.-DITTERT $19.00
The rich tradition of pueblo pottery in clear, concise text and over 150 photos

Gifts of the Great River: Arkansas Effigy Pottery from the Edwin Curtiss Collection-HOUSE $25.00
In 1879 and 1880 Edwin Curtis searched for items for Harvard's Peabody Museum in the St. Francis River area of Arkansas. Not only did he find thousands of pots, but he had also taken wonderful notes about their excavation, far beyond what was considered standard in those days. All of this wonderful research and effort is here, presented and organized by author John House.

Great And Noble Jar, Traditional Stoneware Of South Carolina- BALDWIN OUT OF PRINT
An exhaustive study of SC stoneware. Traces the history from before the Civil War through the first half of the 20th century. Culture, methods, society, and meaning are all areas of study. Well illustrated with color and b&w photos. 40.00

Guide To Pueblo Pottery-LAMB $5.00
Small handbook explaining the wares of 18 pueblo pottery styles. All color photos. A wonderful little book.

Historic Pottery Of The Pueblo Indians 1600-1880 $35.00
Larry Frank & Francis Harlow s classic and important study first published in 1974.. 198 pots illustrated. Maps, glossary & bibliography. This is the standard reference.

History Of American Ceramics-LEVIN $65.00
Back by popular demand, a thick, glossy, hefty volume covering 1607 to the present day. Over 350 photos with 100 in full color.

Hopi & Hopi Tewa Pottery-MUSEUM OF N. ARIZONA $6.50 OUT OF PRINT
A very nice handbook (8 1/2" x 11") on the subject.

Hopi & Pueblo Tiles, An Illustrated History-MESSIER $15.00
See the section on Tiles for a description

Humor, Irony, and Wit: Ceramic Funk from the Sixties and Beyond-ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM $15.00
Published in conjunction with the 2004 Arizona exhibit and very appropriately printed with a florescent orange cover. Several articles describe the birth of the Funk art movement in ceramics and its major players. Full color photos from the exhibition include works by Arneson, Gilhooly, VandenBerge, Kottler, Hudson, Bailey, Bauer, Kaltenbach, Gronborg, Warashina, Dodd, Levine, Shaw, Notkin, and more. A great little book.

Made Of Clay-DOHERTY, MAYER $30.00
Very beautiful book that chronicles the potters of British Columbia. A wide variety of work, styles, and influences are depicted in full color photos of the wares. Artists stories and statements accompany the work.

Many Faces Of Mata Ortiz-PARKS et. al. $50.00 $30.00
Well written text with museum quality photos bring the potters of Mata Ortiz to brilliant light. The incredible wares jump off the page.

Mesa Verde Mug Poster- SWINK, $18.00
18" x 24", printed in color on heavy stock paper. A display of 57 authentic replicas of actual Mesa Verde mugs by Clint Swink.

Messages From The High Desert: The Art, Archaeology and Renaissance of Mesa Verde Pottery-SWINK $55.00
A passionate presentation® of the forms and production methods of the Anasazi. This is a unique book that guides the reader through the processes and understanding to authentically replicate the wares. Clear illustrations, well written, easy to follow text, 650 photos and 50 drawings all contribute to the interest and function of the book. Forming, decoration and firing are here along with photos of 158 museum pieces for inspiration. Wonderful and useful.

Mimbres Painted Pottery, Revised Edition-BRODY $60.00 $28.00
Brody incorporates extensive new fieldwork in this revised edition of his authoritative text. He addresses the techniques used to create this pottery, the iconography of its decorations, and the world the Mimbres people were living in at the time of its creation. 230 b&w and 20 color photos.

Mimbres Pottery; Ancient Art Of The American Southwest $40.00
Tony Berlant and others offer their insights into the pottery of these ancient Native Americans. Beautiful presentation and color photos.

Miracle Of Mata Ortiz, Juan Quezada and the Potters of Northern Chihuahua- PARKS $20.00
A tribute to the potter who revitalized a lost pottery making tradition . Historical and technical information See in the video section  Potters Of Mata Ortiz

Mississippian Pottery: A Tribute to Roy Hathcock- FITZGERALD $45.00
If you enjoyed Hathcock's books you must get this title. With over 90 color photos of pieces from his collection, the Native American pieces are discussed individually, giving the history as well as comments from Roy. Fitzgerald displays all that he learned from his time spent with Roy.

Nagual In The Garden: Fantastic Animals In Mexican Ceramics-MULRYAN $55.00, $32.00
A beautiful book with outstanding color photos showcase the Jorge Wilmot Collection. The works are inspiring and the stories, histories, and culture are wonderful.

Nature Of Craft & Penland Experience-MCLAUGHLIN $35.00
The catalog of the exhibition. 137 specially commissioned photographs of the work along with 8 essays written by writers and scholars.

North Carolina Pottery, The Collection Of The Mint Museums $40.00 $25.00
Illustrated with 384 color and 13 b&w illustrations, this catalog offers a representative selection the extensive collection of the museum. Included are descriptive entries on the potters, the potteries, and details about individual pieces. Guest essays including one by potter Mark Hewitt offer personal insights and reflections. Edited by Barbara Perry.

Oaxacan Ceramics; Traditional Folk Art By Oaxacan Women-WASSERSPRING $19.00
Six of the most renowned Mexican women potters are profiled. Over 90 color photos and thoughtful text bring these women, the culture, and their work to life.

Olmec: Art Of Ancient Mexico-BENSON, FUENTE $80.00 Last copies in stock then OUT OF PRINT
Another outstanding book by Abrams Publishers. Intelligent, well written essays by 14 expert contributors study and discuss all areas of Olmec art and culture. 288 pages, 278 illustrations, 151 luscious full color photos. A large volume, heavy, glossy pages.

Olmec World: Ritual & Rulership-COE et.al. $75.00 Last copies in stock then OUT OF PRINT
Over 250 pieces of ceramic, jade, and stone are presented in 567 illustrations including 282 in color. Each of the objects is accompanied by detailed description and analysis. This is a magnificent, museum quality book from Abrams Publishers.

Painting The Maya Universe-REENTS-BUDET $50.00
This is the book that the scholars, dealers, and experts go to for their research. A magnificent body of work on the Royal Ceramics of the Classic Period.

Peru. Art from the Chavin to the Incas-MUSEE DES BEAUX-ARTS DE LA VILLE DE PARIS $60.00
A book to accompany the 2006 exhibition. Includes essays by a number of respected authorities on the history, culture, and art of successive Peruvian societies. Large color pictures on every page of stirrup pots, anthropomorphic bottles, animal effigies, portrait vases, zoo-morphic pots...Sgraffito techniques, use of pattern, texture, and colored slips are very prevalent. Beautiful and informative. 223 pages.

Pfaltzgraff: Americas Potter-WALSH, STETLER $20.00
Story of the company from its beginnings in Germany to its move to America to the present day. Wonderful photos and text.

Portraits Of Clay: Potters Of Mata Ortiz-SMITH $11.00
A lovely pocket book, sensitively written, giving us a glimpse into the lives of these dedicated, hardworking individuals.

Potters Eye: Art and Tradition in North Carolina Pottery $40.00
By Mark Hewitt and Nancy Sweezy, a magnificent volume celebrating this North Carolina tradition. A companion to the exhibition of the same name at the North Carolina Museum Of Art, 237 color photos bring the work with their incredible shapes and surfaces to life. 274 pages of detailed, well written text focuses on the materials, tools, techniques, and history. Simply a lovely and wonderful book written by two experts who are passionate about pots.

Potters Of Mata Ortiz, Five Barrios, Seven Families OUT OF PRINT 6/07

Pottery By American Indian Women-PETERSON $55.00
Please see the "Individual Potters" section for a complete description.

Pottery From Arroyo Hondo Pueblo-MAUCHE $35.00
Archaeological study of the wares from this region of New Mexico. Very thorough with maps, photos, drawings, tables, etc.

Pottery Of Santa Ana Pueblo-HARLOW, LANMON $45.00
Historical and beautiful, over 350 historical and contemporary photos of rare and collectible ceramics with nearly all in color. You will learn about the pottery from 1760 when claywork can be accurately attributed tot he present. Discussion of the sequence of the forms, symbols, designs, and more. Very well done,

Pottery Of Zia Pueblo-HARLOW, LANMON $60.00  OUT OF PRINT
Beautifully illustrated with nearly 700 color photos and hundreds of line drawings and maps, the definitive reference book on the subject. Detailed historical study, hundreds of design details, and profiles of important Zia potters makes this an indispensable work. 

The Pottery of Zuni Pueblo-LANMON & HARLOW $150.00
This is an impressive book. With well over 500 pages this hardcover is the definitive book on Zuni. Every style and type of pot is included in chronological order and has over 1200 examples. As the dust jacket suggests, this book "sets the gold standard and will be indispensable". We couldn't agree more. This one is well worth the price tag.

Pottery Tour Of Kentucky-MOLINARO $25.00
A lovely guidebook introducing the reader to 62 outstanding clayworker s. A full page of color photos for each artist along with their profiles, contact information and even directions to the studios make this a valuable resource.

Pueblo And Navajo Contemporary Pottery and Directory Of Artists-BERGER, SCHIFFER $30.00
A breathtaking presentation of Native American wares. A wide range of pieces are shown along with artist contact information make this a valuable volume for anyone interested in collecting and recognizing the work. 280 color photos.

Pueblo Indian Pottery: 750 Artist Biographies-SCHAAF $55.00 OUT OF PRINT
An important resource with extensive entries. Potters from Santa Clara, San Ildefenso, San Juan, Tesuque, Nambe, and Pojoaque are included in this large volume. Color and b&w photos.

Exact reprint of the original 1929 edition. This is a true classic study of pueblo pottery. Technique, design, motifs, meanings of symbols, etc.

Pueblo Pottery Families-PEASTER $20.00
102 families are presented and over 500 potters are introduced in 160 color photos and interviews.A fine handbook.

First published in 1953, this unique study discusses and analyzes the decoration used by the Pueblo Of Santo Domingo. The detailed text is followed by 79 pages of designs and decoration that are clearly reproduced for your understanding and use.

Pueblo Pottery Of The New Mexico Indians-TOULOUSE $10.00
A wealth of information on the development of traditional pottery making in the pueblos of New Mexico.

Pueblo Storyteller-BABCOCK, MONTHAN $40.00 $25.00
Study of the pueblo figurative clay tradition. Numerous photos, many in full color. Biographical survey of the potters represented.

Quapaw And Their Pottery-HATHCOCK $55.00 OUT OF PRINT
Very complete study of the wares produced by this little known culture of Native Americans living in what is now Arkansas and Mississippi. 218 high quality color photos, 168 b&w illustrations, and detailed text.

Raised In Clay, The Southern Pottery Tradition- SWEEZY $35.00
Remarkable portrait of pottery making in the South. Over 30 potters in N.Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, and Kentucky are discussed and illustrated.

Redware:Americas Folk Pottery-McCONNELL $13.00
96 page handbook of color photos, price guides and descriptive and technical text.

The Remarkable Potters of Seagrove: The Folk Pottery of a Legendary North Carolina Community-BROWN $20.00 OUT OF PRINT
Explores how the land and 200 long years of history have affected the ceramics of this important potting community. Well researched and a fun read. Lots of color and historical black and white photos. Also includes a brief survey of 90 current potteries and an in-depth look at 15 more.

Revolution In Clay, The Marer Collection of Contemporary Ceramics p30.00
A venerable history of 20th century clay. Glorious color photos of 71 pieces and detailed historical text make this a unique study. 

A River Apart: The Pottery of Cochiti & Santo Domingo Pueblos - VERZUH $45.00
This was a companion book for the exhibit at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe in Fall 2008. The book focuses on the differences on neighboring pueblo villages Cochiti and Santo Domingo that began to develop in response to modernization around them after many years of identical wares. The numerous photos throughout are of fantastic quality also.

Rookwood Pottery in the Philadelphia Museum Of Art $45.00
Magnificent collection of wares forms the backdrop for this outstanding study. 195 illustrations with 150 in glorious color, full documentation of the wares, index of makers and decorators.

Rookwood Pottery, Over Ten Years ≈ of Auction Results $40.00
From The Treadway Gallery in Cincinatti comes a catalog of pots sold at auction with photos and basic information on each piece. An excellent reference book.

Rookwood Pottery: The Glaze Lines-ELLIS $70.00
A complete understanding of Rookwood products. Glossary, pottery marks, and much more. Very glossy and well presented.

Santa Clara Pottery Today-LeFREE OUT OF PRINT
Secrets of Casas Grandes: Precolumbian Art and Archaeology of Northern Mexico - POWELL p.30.00
A thoughtful study of the pottery of the area. Composed studies of archaeologists and anthropologists come together to reveal traditions and styles of the largest pre-Colombian civilization of northern Mexico. Many color photos throughout.

16th Century Maiolica Pottery In The Valley Of Mexico $16.50
Well known and highly respected writer Robert Lister has written an academic archaelogical and historical survey.

Southern Pueblo Pottery, 2,000 Artists Biographies-SCHAAF $65.00
Covering 200 years of pottery in 300 pages, over 700 color and b&w photos, and 20 years of auction records. An invaluable resource.

Southwestern Pottery, Anasazi to Zuni-HAYES, BLOM $22.00
A lovely and comprehensive survey of Native American clay work. 130 beautiful color photos illustrating hundreds and hundreds of wares help us to understand and collect southwestern clay. Prehistoric as well as modern wares are discussed.

Standing Room Only, 2004, Scripps 60th Ceramic Annual-WILLIAMSON GALLERY $35.00
Catalogue from the landmark exhibition. 125 pages of thought provoking work plus essays on Paul Soldner s time at Scripps College.

Story Of Casas Grandes Pottery-CAHILL $15.00
Presentation of the ware of the state of Chihuana, Mexico. Pictorial journey of the area. B&W photos, English-Spanish text.

Studio Ceramics In Canada-CRAWFORD $35.00
It's about time! A study, by region, of the growth of Canadian ceramics over the last 75 years. Interviews with artists, 270 color photos. A hefty tome.

Talking Birds, Plumed Serpents, and Painted Women: The Ceramics Of Casas Grandes-STUHR $35.00
Lovely catalog of an exhibition of the wares of this short lived culture from 1200-1450. Over 100 pieces in color along with accompanying essays in English and Spanish. These are the truly magnificent pots that inspired Juan Quezada and the Mata Ortiz revival.

Talking Pots-CUNKLE $20.00
The rich supply of prehistoric pottery from the Raven Archaeological Site in Arizona.

Talking With The Clay, Art Of Pueblo Pottery- TRIMBLE $18.00
Interviews with sixty potters gives us a very personal account of the pottery making tradition. Gain an understanding of the beliefs and values central to pueblo culture. Also a 20th Anniversary Revised Edition available $28.00 $65.00

Talking With The Turners: Conversations With Southern Folk Potters-MACK $45.00
An outstanding book accompanied by an audio CD documenting the world of southern pottery from the production of utilitarian wares to folk art. Priceless interviews with the potters, many of whom are now deceased brings the potters and their work to life. 272 pages, 26 color and 61 b&w "+photos.

Teapots Transformed-FERRIN $30.00
An inspiring collection of wares representing a variety of styles and forming methods. All color photos. The author is the owner of the Leslie Ferrin Gallery.

Terra Cotta Skyline-TUNICK $45.00
A gorgeous book that chronicles the rich architectural terra cotta heritage of New York. Outstanding color and b&w photos and complete historical text. Excellent!

To Touch The Past, The Painted Pottery Of The Mimbres People $30.00
JJ Brody and Rina Swentzell bring us 124 color and 39 b&w photos along with descriptive and technical essays. A very high quality paperback.

Tradition & Innovation:The Pottery of New Mexico Pueblos $5.00
Another 8 1/2" x 11" handbook with good information and photos. Mus. Of N. Arizona

200 Years Of Historic Pueblo Pottery-HARLOW $48.00
Each page of this handsome book is devoted to a single piece reproduced in full color with complete descriptive text. This book will certainly not disappoint you!

Turners And Burners-ZUGG $47.50
History, technique, and culture of the folk potters of North Carolina. 1700's-20th cent.

21st Century Ceramics In The United States & Canada $50.00 OUT OF PRINT
Edited by Bill Hunt, the catalog of the exhibition held at the Columbus College Of Art And Design, 250 artists, their work, and commentaries.

Voices In Clay: Pueblo Pottery From The Edna M. Kelley Collection $50.00 $25.00
Bruce Bernstein and JJ Brody bring us the most beautiful collection of wares you have ever seen. 116 pieces are shown in full color along with another 78 in sepia tone. Fine essays and comments on the wares make this a lovely book.

When Rain Gods Reigned: From Curios to Art at Tesuque Pueblo - ANDERSON $45.00 $30.00
This book explores the evolution of the longest continuous figurative-art tradition in the Southwest, rain gods. The figures, which are still being produced to this day, have meant many things to the Tesuque people and this book is a rare look into that. This book is now out of print. We have limited copies left then this is gone! Don't wait!

White House Collection Of American Crafts-MONROE $35.00
Works in glass, metal clay, fiber, and wood by a distinguished group of individuals. Beautiful color photos as well as backround information on the collection.

Zuni Pottery-RODEE, OSTLER $10.00

Introduces the reader to Zuni wares from a historical perspective and through the work of a variety of modern day producers. Beautiful color photos as well as B&W.