Each new member is given an orientation on safe equipment use (extruder, slab roller, grinding wheels) and electric kiln firing. No prior experience with kiln; stacking, firing, unstacking, etc., is required. Don't worry, we won't let you burn the building down! Members often share kilns to cut their firing costs, and our staff is available during business hours to watch your kiln for you. Our lovely staff take care of the studio and equipment maintenance, but we expect you to be a good citizen. Treat equipment with respect and clean up after yourself.

  • 8 electric wheels
  • slab roller
  • extruder
  • large handbuilding/work table
  • wedging and slip recycling areas for white and dark clays
  • well-stocked glaze room with 20 cone 6 oxidation glazes and 10 raku glazes regularly available for member use, (we also stock hundreds of raw materials if you prefer to mix your own glazes)
  • several types of clays available for purchase
  • spray booth
  • extensive lending library of over 500 books, DVD's, and videos and a selection of pottery magazines and journals from around the world
  • ware boards, bats, and tools for communal use
  • kitchen area with a fridge, toaster, coffee maker, and microwave for your lunch or a cup of tea
  • photo studio with lights, backdrops, and tripods for taking pictures of your work
  • 5 electric kilns of various sizes, both manual (with kiln sitter and timer) and computerized
  • State of the art outdoor Raku area with 6 propane fired kilns, 1 sawdust kiln, and an experimental wood/gas kiln


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