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All titles are VHS unless DVD or CD is indicated. Some are in DVD only. More titles are being made available in DVD format so please inquire.  All titles are licensed for non commercial use in your home or studio. Some titles carry special pricing and rules of use for schools and institutions and are indicated as such. Please make note. 

Advanced Throwing: Extended and Altered Forms-HOPPER, DVD $45.00, 10% discount only
You don't have to be a giant to throw giant pots. Robin Hopper demonstrates techniques for all of us to make large pots using coils, slabs and thrown rings to extend a thrown cylinder. Also altering pots using paddling and other techniques to pull pots out of the round and create squared, triangular or oval shapes.
60 minutes.

Akio-HOLT $30.00 VHS
Short but illuminating visit to the studio of Akio Takemori, one of the great contemporary clay artists in the USA. Shot during the last weeks that Akio attended the Bray after several years of residency there, he talks about his work, what it is about, and what he is trying to accomplish with the imagery, and the material. 10 min.

Archie Bray Foundation 2001: A Clay Odyssey-AUTIO $50.00 VHS
Covers the 50th anniversary of The Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana. The 3 day event includes demos, stories, history, and personal tributes to this vital institution. Those featured include Dave Shaner, Peter Voulkos, Ken Ferguson, Rudy Autio, Josh DeWeese, and others along with archival footage. 72 min.

Art Of Clay Printing-VIDEO CINE $40.00 VHS or DVD
Mitch Lyons has developed a technique of using clay as a printing medium and this comprehensive video shows the entire process. This is not a firing process but rather a use of clay as a vehicle for the completed object. 68 min.

Art Of Making Teapots-CARTWRIGHT CERAMICS $40.00 VHS
Third in a series from Virginia Cartwright, she shows how to assemble hand-built teapots. A continuation from her "Inlaid Colored Clay" video. 30 min.

The Art of Sculpting with Philippe Faraut- PFC Studios, $70.00 each, DVD
Volume 1-Children
Volume 2- Expressions and Facial Construction
Volume 3- Men

This is a fantastic series for anyone interested in sculpting human figures. The videos are very in depth and are able to give a comfort level for people unfamiliar with sculpting from models. There is a large focus on facial landmarks, as well as differences in expression, age, body shape, and race. Makes an excellent companion to Faraut's book, Portrait Sculpting.

Art of the Potter-PHOENIX FILMS
One of the most important historical films in our field, this took me a while to track down. Hamada working on the wheel, glazing, decorating, and firing his massive kiln. Leach discussing the criteria of beauty in pottery and his philosophy towards craft. Filmed in Japan and England, this is an American Film Festival award winner and not to be missed. 50 minutes. 
This film is currently unavailable. It is undergoing a major digital restoration with added features being added. As soon as the new edition is released we will have it. Stay tuned,,,,,,,,,,

The Art of the Udu Drum, Volume 1: Making the Drum -GIORGINI. $50.00 DVD
In this 2 hour video, Girogini gives a lengthy explanation and demonstration of how to hand-build, decorate, and fire a traditional udu drum. He begins by constructing the form on top of a model then adding coils to build up the rest of the body and neck, resulting in the finished product: a functional drum with a rich, earthy tone. There is also an interview with Abbas, the Nigerian who taught Giorgini how to make the form, but it is not very informative. 

Artists and Their Art: Michael Cardew-CLEARVUE
see Michael Cardew: Master Potter

Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada-DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL $30.00 VHS, DVD
Premiering on her 100th birthday, director Tom Neff brings us this broadcast-quality video celebrating the artistic and emotional expression of this unique person. She is seen in studio talking about her work, life, and experiences with the great artists of the century. Not to be missed. 60 min.

Better One-Piece Head Molds From Life-PINK HOUSE STUDIOS $50.00 VHS or DVD
Learn the tricks of the trade from master sculptor Mark Print as he brings you step-by-step instructions to make alginate and ply-o-life molds. Materials list and detailed description of tools. A great resource. 75 min.

Betty Woodman: Thinking Out Loud- WOODMAN $30.00 DVD only
An intimate portrait of the artist at work in her studio. She demonstrates her techniques and talks about her influences. A wonderful presentation. 20 min.

Video version of the outstanding book. Image after image (over 300 pieces) of Native American art. A wonderful production. 45 min.

Black Pottery Of Nicaragua-POTTERS FOR PEACE $26.00 VHS
Very well done. Shows the production of present-day native pottery. Forming, decorating, and firing. Fine narration and soundtrack. 18 minutes.

Bridge Of Fire-MARLBORO ARTS $50.00 VHS
An award-winning film that documents the reunion after 20 years between Malcolm Wright andTakashi Nakazato as they work towards a joint exhibition. This is the story of friendship and collaboration as much as it is about potters and pottery. 58 minutes.

Building your own Potter's Kiln with Graham Sheehan- TARA, DVD $55.00
This video guides you through the construction of a 25 cubic foot gas-fired kiln that is a perfect project for the novice builder, yet large enough for a serious hobby potter or a beginning production potter. It begins with layout and design for the foundation, and includes the placement and cutting of bricks for walls, and the building of the firing chamber, the door, and the sprung arch kiln roof. The detailed materials list and working drawings that come with this video make this the most comprehensive kiln-building resource available today. Nothing is taken for granted, from the initial layout to the final brick in the chimney. 72 minutes

Celebrating The Cycle: An Introduction To Wood Fired Pottery With Matt Jones-HALCYON $35.00 DVD only
This film is very well done. Brings together the entire wood fired pottery making cycle. Follow North Carolina potter Matt Jones as he prepares his clay, throws (including a large coil-and-throw demonstration), trims, prepares glazes, decorates, glazes, and goes through the entire firing process with excellent detail. This is a fine presentation that will educate and excite you. 30 minutes.

Center, Throw, Trim individual tapes: $20.00 each a combined tape: $55.00 VHS
Derek Marshall brings us a series of videos that teach the Japanese style of throwing off the hump with a fresh approach, combining eastern technique and western sensibilities. Very well done. Available as a single combined tape or 3 individual installments. 35 minutes per tape or 107 minutes for the combined tape.

Centered Universe: The Life And Art of Harry Holl-THORNAL $30.00 VHS or DVD
Harry Holl, potter, sculptor, painter, is an American original. In 1952 he moved from the urban inner city of the Bronx to Cape Cod to establish Scargo Pottery. This fascinating film follows the life of Holl and through his own words, those of others, archival photos, and visits to his studio. We see him work, see his art, and get an intimate look into his life. This poignant documentary explores the light and dark of his genius, the sacrifices, and the accomplishments of this important American artist. Whether you have heard of Harry Holl or not, this is not to be missed. 58 minutes.

The Ceramic Art of the Natzlers-CHIP TAYLOR COMMUNICATIONS $25.00
"People will come away with new understandings and insight into ceramics as an art form." -Vern Thomas, Film Evaluations. A classic documentary and CINE Golden Eagle Award winner, this film displays the philosophy, techniques and artistry of the world famous Austrian-born potters, Otto and Gertrude Natzler; after a display of their work, the program offers close-up shots of Gertrude demonstrating and discussing the steps in forming a hard, strong and waterproof pot; then Otto takes viewers through the finishing process - mixing, applying the glaze and firing. Produced by Edmund Penney and Associates. 30 min, DVD, VHS
note: Home/Personal Use: $25; Institution Use: Single-Site License (use within one building): $90; Institution Use: Multi-Site License (Lending Rights for 2+ buildings): $150

Ceramics Handbuilding: Pinch and Coil Construction-CRYSTAL $25.00
Ceramics Handbuilding: Slab Construction-CRYSTAL $25.00
Produced for classroom use but equally good for individual students of all ages. Simple presentations by potter Mollie Favour with good detailed instruction. Easy and comfortable to follow. VHS or DVD

Ceramics: Basic Throwing Skills-CRYSTAL $25.00
Accomplished potter Alleghany Meadows gives us an excellent presentation of basic throwing which includes wedging, throwing a basic cylinder, and a bowl. He offers one of the best demonstrations of wedging, his explanations are clear and sensible, camera work is precise, and the overall content is quite good. VHS or DVD

Ceramics: Throwing Functional Forms-CRYSTAL $25.00
Alleghany Meadows continues his excellent teaching in this tape that covers throwing and trimming a bowl, vase, pitcher with handle, and platter. Cross section images and close ups bring the process to life. VHS or DVD

Ceramics: From the Beginning-DISCOVERY EDUCATION $40.00
A short history of ceramic art from Prehistory to Modernism. A good overview for students in grade 6 through high school as well as adults. 10 min. VHS, DVD

Classic Maria Martinez: Native American Pottery Maker Of San Ildefonso-INTERPARK $25.00
Maria Martinez demonstrates her traditional Indian pottery making. An award winning film by The National Park Service. This is the same film as "Maria: Indian Pottery Maker of San Ildefonso" however the DVD contains a bonus feature "Pablita Velarde: An Artist And Her People." Velarde is a noted painter well known from her work at Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico. Here she mixes her own paints from natural materials, sketches, and captures on canvas the essence of ceremonies, customs, and present day Pueblo life. This is a real treat. 27 min plus 20 min. DVD.

Clay: Living With The Process-MAGENTHIERMANN institutions $175, individuals $60.00
A sensitive portrait of potters Bruce & Marcia McDougal,Bruce Anderson, Al Johnsen and Dan Rhodes. It is satisfying to see them working in their own environments speaking candidly about their lives and their work. 28 min. T.V. quality production. VHS or DVD

Companion to the book (see handbuilding), this excellent video helps illustrate all the construction techniques and nuances involved in making clay whistles.
Video $25.00, Book $15.00, BOOK AND VIDEO TOGETHER: $35.00

Clay, Wood, Fire, Spirit: The Pottery Of Richard Bresnahan-John Whitehead and KCTA $40.00
Follow this outstanding artist as he works, fires, and talks about his work and life. A deep look into the lifestyle and pottery. An outstanding production. See the IND POTTERS section for the new book by the same name. 56 min. VHS or DVD

Clay Workshop with Elizabeth Priddy: Volume 1 $40.00 DVD
Good for those just starting out on the wheel. Introduces the basics of throwing and follows up with several simple projects including a lemon juicer, rice bowl, and pitcher. Also includes a gallery of finished pots. DVD

Climbing Kiln Of Woolman Lane-PURPLE CAT VIDEO $30.00
Sensitive and exciting documentary that will touch your heart. A visual journey at a 3-day woodfireworkshop at the oldest and largest climbing kiln in North America located in the small northern California town of Nevada City. Potter, Richard Hotchkiss, is profiled. There is so much to see and learn here you will come away from this film wanting to share the experience. 45 min, DVD only.

The Cole Family Potters of Sanford, NC: New Life $35.00 VHS
An excellent film on family potting traditions. The Coles have been potters for three hundred years and the next generation is hard at work in North Carolina carrying on where their ancestors left off.

Collaboration: The Ceramic Art of Frank Boyden and Tom Coleman $30.00 DVD only
Produced by AMOCA, this video studies the 30+ year working relationship of these two significant potters. There is commentary from children of both men, as well as many others who have had close and personal insights to this process. The men discuss the risks they take and the rewards they reap while showing a strong mutual respect, making it clear none of it would be possible without the talents of the other. A wonderful compliment to the book of their collaboration, On the River through the Valley of Fire: The Collaborative Ceramics of Frank Boyden and Tom Coleman.60 minutes long. 

Color And Fire, Defining Moments In Studio Ceramics 1950-2000-LA County Museum Of Art $50.00 VHS and DVD
An outstanding video that follows the exhibition and book of the same name. Interviews and intimate visits in studio with many leading figures including VoulkosDuckworth, Mason, Natzler, Woodman. Shaw, HigbyDeStaebler, and many others. 50 min.

Craft Of The Potter-BBC ea. $45.00 VHS Very limited availability. See below
A classic series from the BBC hosted by potter Michael Casson featuring well known potters demonstrating their craft including Mary Rogers, Walter Keeler, Bernard Leach, HamadaCardew and ElizabethFritsch. Each tape 25-30 min
#1 Handbuilding
Clay types are discussed. Small pinch and coil pots are made with Mary Rogers. Also making a small box from slabs.
#2 Throwing OUT OF PRINT
David Leach guests on this video. Centering is discussed, as well as clay bodies, wheel types, trimming, bowls and more.
#3 Decorating
Alan Caiger Smith is a guest on this video that also discusses sgraffito, slip inlay, wax and paper resist, brushstrokes, and the balance of a piece.
#4 Glaze & Fire OUT OF PRINT
Walter Keeler appears on this presentation. Kiln loading, cones, gas versus electric, and the differences of oxides are discussed.
# 5 Talking About Pots
Michael Cardew is in this section of the series. The focus is on what makes a pot good, and that a good pot can be recognized as so from all individuals in a crowd. There is an emphasis on the importance of looking at the work of others.

Creating a Stained Glass Panel with Artisan Kimberly Linquist-VIDEOCINE $40.00 VHS
Linquist demonstrates using the copper foil technique to create a flat stained glass panel from start to finish. She covers all aspects of the process, from choosing tools and types of glass to cutting straight or curved lines and soldering. Many small tips help the beginning glass hobbyist along the way. Very thorough. 82 min. VHS only.

Creativity: Clay, Color, and Wood, an MC Richards Workshop- KANE-LEWIS PRODUCTIONS $40.00 DVD
Richards is certainly in touch with nature- she talks quite a bit about the human connection to clay bodies. She discusses the multi-faceted nature of clay: it's stone-ness, mud-ness, it's ability to take on infinite forms. She leads the participants through a series of exercises involving and integrating aspects of language, color, and clay itself. She has her students play with the idea of polarity, that clay has thickness and thinness, hardness and softness, heaviness and lightness all simultaneously.

Crystal Video Art Skills Series each $30.00 VHS and DVD
An excellent series from this well-known educational video producer. Each is about 40 min. and features excellent camera work and detailed instruction by potters Henry and Ro Mead. For beginners through intermediate potters and students of all ages.
#1 Handbuilding Part 1
#2 Handbuilding Part 2
#3 Throwing On The Wheel
#4 Throwing Functional Pottery Part I
#5 Throwing Functional Pottery Part II

Dance Of The Wheel-FRYDENBORG PROD. 28 min. $53.00 VHS or DVD
The pottery of Todd Piker and the atmosphere of his Cornwall Bridge Pottery are brought to life in this warm and sensitive piece. Todd apprenticed with Michael Cardew and his approach and commitment to clay will inspire you. Broadcast quality,

Daughters Of The Anasazi-INTERPARK 28 min. $20.00 DVD only
Emma and Delores Lewis, daughters of Lucy go through the entire pottery making process. Mixing clay, forming, decorating, firing are all here. Informative and sensitive.

David Leach Ceramic Techniques-LCA VIDEO $50.00 VHS
David focuses on the development of five functional pieces. Shown in their entirety are a bowl, plate, covered box, his famous teapot, and a two piece bottle. Forming, trimming, carving, fluting, and the brush decorating of each piece are illustrated. 82 min.

Diversity Of Australian Ceramics-MESA PROD. $50.00 VHS
A captivating presentation of 18 diverse potters from down under. Their work and lifestyles are revealed through images and interviews. A fine film. 100 min.

Don Reitz: Art and the Search for Truth-CREATIVE VIDEO $35.00 VHS or DVD
A visit with Don in his home, studio, and at a workshop presentation as he works, fires his huge wood kiln, and talks about his life, pots, and what he does. He is honest, open, and generous with his words as he offers advice, insights, and boundless energy. Don is one of the world's preeminent potters and you will leave this video with a new understanding of the potter's lifestyle. Included are numerous examples of his art from the many transitional periods of his life. This is truly inspiring. 28 minutes.

Don Reitz: Wall Performance At Yavapai College $35.00 VHS
An opportunity to watch Don Reitz as he works on a massive performance installation piece of totally bizarre conception! His inspiring connection to, and communication with clay are brought to life as he works at top speed! His energy is boundless and the piece he creates is fascinating. 24 minutes

Don't Know, We'll See: The Work of Karen Karnes- PHENIX, DVD only, $30.00
This is a very intimate look at Karen Karnes in her studio. While working on one of her sculptural forms she discusses places, people and times that have influenced and shaped her. The biography also covers the kiln fire that destroyed her home and studio, showing Karen open up the kiln that started the blaze, only to find a kiln of wonderful pots in the middle of a heap of charred remains. This video will speak to any potter. 62 minutes.

Down To Earth Look At How We Make Pottery $30.00 DVD
Jim Willett and Cindy Clarke have put together a very homey and friendly instructional DVD. Cindy takes you through an introduction to the necessary tools followed by wedging, centering, throwing and trimming a cylinder, vase, bowl, and plate. Multiple camera angles, cut-a-way views along with careful and complete explanations and demonstrations make this a very comfortable and helpful film for the beginning potter. 90 min.

Dzintary, The Home Movie-HOLT $45.00 VHS
A record of the activities and work by many artists from the USA and the Soviet Union at the lastclayworkers symposium. Dzintary is the name of the Artist House where the symposium was held near Riga, Latvia.

Expanding Your Creative Palette with Colored Clay – (Ceramic Arts Daily) BENZLE $29.95
If you love color and pattern, but are frustrated by glaze mishaps or limitations, colored clay might be exactly what you are looking for. In this edition of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, Curtis Benzle shares his passion and extensive experience with colored clay. Curt shows you how to make your own colored clays and use them in a variety of techniques such as neriage, nerikomi and layering colored slips. Along the way, he shares tips and insights gleaned from his nearly 40 years of investigating this medium. The immediacy, precision, and integration between surface and form are what initially attracted Curt to this process, and the endless possibilities for expression are what keep him enthralled to this day. With this DVD, you'll have a solid foundation for your own explorations into the fascinating world of colored clay.

Running Time: 1 hour 57 minutes (2 disk set)

Extrude It! Getting the Most from Your Clay Extruder with David Hendley
$40.00 each DVD or full set of DVDs for 110.00 with bonus audio CD
Vol 1: Extrusions as Handles, Feet, and Additions 1hr 12 min
Vol 2: Hollow Extrusions Made with Two-Part Dies 1hr 22 min
Vol 3: Extrusions as Handbuilding Components, the Expansion Box for 
Large Extrusions 1hr 38 min
David takes us from extrusions as small additions to pots to using an expansion box for super-extrusions and everything in between. Learn about the equipment through his relaxed delivery.David’s friendly and engaging style makes these DVDs an excellent learning tool. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the extruder, beginner and advanced alike. Truly inspiring. David is also an accomplished musician. The bonus CD "The Extrudinaires, Music To Extrude By" is David's acoustic band. If you like acoustic music you'll enjoy the lively, yet laid back sound. As an acoustic fan (and musician) myself it quickly became a regular on my CD player!

Father Anthony-TALLON $15.00 VHS
A lovely little film. Father Anthony shows us around his studio and talks us through the pottery process. We watch as he throws vases, and glazes.

Firing The Anagama--NEW WAVE ARTS $50.00 VHS
Follow along with Dan Anderson as he discusses, loads, fires and unloads his anagama over a two week cycle. Gain insight into this centuries old process. Excellent! 35 min.     

Flat to Functional: Handbuilding & Slip Decoration (Ceramics Arts Daily) – NAPLES $59.95
In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Video Series, potter Lisa Naples shares her love of handbuilding with earthenware. Determined to change the myth that earthenware is punky and weak, Lisa explains how this beautiful forgiving clay body is every bit as strong as its higher-fired counterparts when it’s fired beyond the traditional Cone 04.
In addition to covering the mechanics of good slab rolling, Lisa guides you through her straightforward soft-slab building techniques. She demonstrates how to add interest to handbuilt forms by adding texture and cutting darts to create custom shapes. In the decorating portion of the video, Lisa gives a thorough explanation of her “dry” and “wet” slip brushing techniques, explaining how they can add both beautiful texture and color. In addition, she explains how to effectively use animal imagery to tell stories on functional objects.

Run Time: 2 hours 20 minutes – Two discs

Form and Function Series: Ceramic Aesthetics and Design with Robin Hopper
Available only as a set on DVD
10% discount only

Elements of Form: Aesthetic considerations in pottery and how to design pots that follow classic rules of proportion and the Golden Ratio.
Lids and Terminations: Lips, feet, and lids and how to integrate them into the overall look of a pot. Lots of throwing demonstrations and examples of how many different potters approach this problem.
Spouts and Handles: How to make spouts that pour well and handles that feel good in the hand. Advice on what kind of handle or spout is appropriate considering the function of a given pot and the style of the pot. Lots of throwing and handle-making demos. How to make spouts and handles look like they just grew on the pot.
Pots for Eating and Drinking: Techniques for throwing plates, bowls, mugs, cups, saucers, and teabowls. Clearly presents throwing techniques. Includes discussion of the approaches of many prominent potters to the classic forms.
Pots for Cooking and Serving: Watch as Hopper designs and throws an astonishing variety of wares. Sake bottles, wine decanters, bakers,steamers, gravy boats, casseroles, pitchers... The emphasis is on functionality and well-proportioned design. Includes examples by other potters as well.
225 minutes.

Four Hands, One Heart: Ed & Mary Scheier-Currier Gallery $20.00 VHS, $25.00 DVD
Outstanding film following the life and work of these two important figures in American studio pottery. Heartwarming and inspiring, it will leave you better for it. 45 min. The DVD includes bonus footage of Ed's pottery demo from 1999, Mary's demo from the 1950's, Ed's computer paintings from 2000-2006, and a video gallery.

Four Women In Clay OUT OF PRINT


Get A Handle On It-CLENNELL $40.00 DVD
58 minutes of detailed handle-making demystification. Tony Clennell covers decorative techniques for coil handles, aesthetics of handle form and placement, pulling and attaching handles, lugs, and throwing rings for handles. If you shy away from mugs, pitchers, and teapots, this one is for you! Clennell's personable style keeps handle-related stress to a minimum. DVD only.

Getting Started With Clay Series-TARA, each 45.00 DVD, VHS is available in limited quantities
A series of tapes from one of the premier producers of instructional pottery videos. Each 60 minute tape covers its subject in a very complete fashion; excellent camera views, narration and instruction. Featuring Graham Sheehan, Robin Hopper, and Gordon Hutchins. Each program is designed 
to stand alone, yet as a series the five programs provide a comprehensive introduction to clay arts. Call for more detailed info on any of them!
#1 Getting Started With Clay: After digging and preparing local clay, Sheehan demonstrates modeling and slab techniques for making simple hand-built forms. He then shows how to build a wood-fired kiln that novices can construct in a couple of hours using re-cycled bricks. Graham fires this kiln and shows the finished forms that complete the clay arts cycle. Drawings and a materials list are provided to aid with the construction of 
the kiln. $45.00 DVD, VHS is available in limited quantities
#2 Beginning Handbuilding: After showing how to make simple pinch pots, he demonstrates coil and slab building methods using five different projects of increasing complexity. The video features close-ups that provide details about how clay should be prepared, how it can be joined to another piece and how glazes can be used to decorate forms. The program concludes with a demonstration of the finished pieces fired in an electric kiln. $45.00 DVD, VHS is available in limited quantities
# 3 Beginning Raku: Gordon Hutchens introduces beginning potters to basic raku techniques. He makes several pots which are bisque-fired, then decorated using techniques that take advantage of the unique characteristics of raku. After preparing his pots Gordon shows how to make a simple kiln from a 55 gallon drum. Finally, he fires the forms he has made; then he demonstrates how to manage a raku firing and how to perform the post-firing reduction that provides the distinctive raku effects. Glaze recipes as well as a drawing and a materials list for the kiln are included. $45.00 DVD, VHS is available in limited quantities
#4 Beginning To Glaze And Fire: Graham shows potters how to complete their pots once they have reached the leather-hard stage. The program demonstrates the use of electric kilns for successful bisque and glaze firings. Topics include kiln selection and operation; slip decoration; bisque loading and firing; use of cones; waxing; glaze mixing; glaze application; brush decoration; glaze loading and firing. Includes printed notes and recipes. $45.00 DVD, VHS is available in limited quantities
#5 Beginning To Throw On The Potter's Wheel: This comprehensive introduction to throwing on the potter's wheel features wedging, centering, 
the throwing of basic forms, and trimming. The video uses multiple camera angles and close-ups to demonstrate what the hands and fingers do at various stages, both inside and outside a thrown object. Robin Hopper works with the basic cylindrical form, and presents throwing exercises that lead to mastery of the throwing process for a variety of sizes and shapes of cylinders, including waisted, conical and spherical variations. He concludes by demonstrating the throwing of bowls and plates. $45.00 DVD, VHS is available in limited quantities

Gifts from the Fire: The Ceramic Art of Brother Thomas $90.00 DVD only
A long conversation with Brother Thomas Bezanson about his journey with pottery and finding himself as an artist. Thomas discusses growing up in Halifax, traveling to Europe and to Japan, life at the monastery, losing his artistic drive and finding it again, all while we watch him forming large porcelain vases and other forms by the coil-and-throw technique. He discusses his glaze mixing and decorating processes, as well as his firings. A thorough, meditative look at this influential potter.

Glazing And Firing-CRYSTAL $40.00 VHS or DVD
For beginners this is an excellent introduction to the process and methods 
of decoration, glazing and firing. Clear narration accompanies the demonstrations. Covered areas include slip decoration, brush glazing, dipping, resist, masking, glaze sticks, oxides, engobes, and stains. Glaze formulation and mixing is demonstrated and explained. An introduction to firing theory and loading and firing both electric and gas kilns is presented along with smoke firing and raku. 28· min.

Grace Medicine Flower and Joseph Lone Wolf, Santa Clara Potters-FILMS FOR THE HUMANITIES AND SCIENCES DVD or VHS $30.00
A classic film examining the pottery of two members of the Tafoya family from Santa Clara Pueblo. Designs carved into the soft clay, or sgraffitoed 
on fired pots honor their Mimbres heritage and while expressing the artistic vision of a new generation of potters. Very informative. We watch this brother, sister, and their father dig and process clay, form and decorate 
pots, and fire them using traditional techniques. A great film. 30 minutes.

Guatemalan Pottery-CAMARA 2 $60.00
Follows potters in six villages in the shadow of the Maya civilization. The entire pottery process is demonstrated showing the styles and methods unique to each of the profiled potters. Wonderful production. 60 min.

Handbuilding with Color and Texture (Ceramics Arts Daily)– WILSON $39.95
In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, the one-and-only Lana Wilson shares her handbuilding and decorating techniques for colorful, energetic, and playful pots. In addition to the selection of fast, easy, high-success projects demonstrated, you’ll love Lana’s sense of humor and laidback approach to clay. Believing that “you should never listen too much to a teacher,” Lana encourages play and experimentation throughout the video.
Run Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Handbuilding with Mitch Lyons $40.00 DVD
Mitch shares his process for making and decorating his “broomstick” pots. Well-thought-out instruction and signature decorating techniques are presented in an easy and inspiring format. Good for all levels.

Handmade Tiles-GIORGINI each tape $50.00 VHS
A series of 4 tapes from the author of the book by the same title. An instant workshop at the touch of a button. Clear instruction, good quality images, and very comprehensive. Excellent companion to the book or as a stand alone instructional tool. Each tape is about 60 min.
#1 Forming The Tile
#2 Glazing & Firing
#3 Making Tools & Equipment
#4 Tile Installation

Hand Thrown East Asian Wedged Coil Technique- MICHAUD, $70.00 DVD only
Joyce Michaud  presents this unique style of pot making that combines coiling with throwing. The video is very good, being being very detailed 
about hand placement and movement. If you are looking for a good video 
on coiling this may be for you.

Harding Black: An American Treasure-ALAMO Pub TV $40.00 DVD
Get to know this little known San Antonio potter who is a master of glaze work. Twice visited and marvelled by Bernard Leach, his work is in the Smithsonian. A true American treasure.

High Tech, Low Tech: The Science And Art Of Ceramics OUT OF PRINT

Hot Damn! Pottree: Not Your Typical Tight-Ass Video! with Don Ellis and Randy Brodnax, $50.00, DVD only
If the title doesn't throw you off that these guys are characters a few 
minutes of watching will. The name says it all in that it is a very funny, playful, and relaxed video but don't let that fool you, these guys DO mean business. The video takes you through their process, from the wheel to pulling pots out of the raku kiln, while hitting on throwing techniques, shaping pots, using heat guns, using sodium silicate, and various materials in a tin foil saggar. Definitely the most amusing video our staff has seen in a long time. These fellows make you want to be their friend so you can join in the fun.

How To Make Handmade Cane Handles-SOUR CHERRY POTTERY $35.00 VHS or DVD
Terrific production with excellent instruction and visuals. All aspects of working with the material are covered.

I’m All Clay, You’re All Clay: A Beginners Guide To Throwing On The Potters Wheel $35.00 VHS
Potter and teacher Jan Parzy has produced a fine video using the bowl, plate, and cylinder as his teaching tools. Clear visual images and instruction, this tape will add favorably to the available selections for the beginner. 44 min

Inlaid Colored Clay-VIRGINIA CARTWRIGHT $40.00 VHS
Very clearly done video where the mystery of working with colored clays is explained. Virginia does a wonderful job of presenting her techniques in an easy to follow manner. 43 min.

Irma Starr Demonstrates The Lost Art Of 17th Century English Slipware Pottery-IRMA STARR $25.00 VHS and DVD
Irma Starr does a wonderful presentation demonstrating the craft. Visually well done with very clear instruction. Examples are shown as well. See her book of the same title in the Decoration section. 60 min

Jatumpamba: An Andean Pottery Village-MOLINERO $40.00 VHS
Another outstanding film from Joe Molinero. The entire process of pottery making is presented in great detail. The makers are shown working, decorating, and firing in a huge open fire. Marketing and the impact of modern values on the use of the work is discussed. Clear, informative narration, beautiful images of the wares and the countryside. There is so much to see here. 20 min.

Jatun Molino: A Pottery Village In The Upper Amazon Basin-WOODLAND PARK PRODUCTIONS $40.00 VHS
A wonderful film by Joe Molinaro. Visually exciting, culturally and technically informative. Follow the pottery making activities from start to finish in this isolated village. I highly recommend this film. 26 minutes.

Stephen Jepson has produced a series of videos that offer excellent instruction. Clear visual style along with a relaxed (but jam packed!) delivery make these videos fun to watch and easy to learn from.
#1 Intro To Throwing 53 min
#2 IntroTo Handbuilding 80 min
#3 Advanced Throwing Projects 85 min
#4 How To Throw Large Pots 79 min
#5 Glazing and Firing 106 min
#6 Kiln Building 60 min

Ken Matsuzaki: Yohen Yuushin-gama $45.00 DVD only
We watch as Ken Matsuzaki and his assistants prepare locally mined clay using the traditional Japanese foot-wedging technique. Then, we see Ken make many different types of pots of beaten coils, and by throwing. After trimming, the pots are glazed and loaded into Matsuzaki's specialized climbing wood-kiln, which he and his team of assistants fire around the 
clock with different types of wood and charcoal. Matsuzaki's shino and heavily ashed pieces combine all-over linear pattern with modern designs. 
A fascinating look at a contemporary Japanese pottery.

Key Principles Of Successful Firing-ORTON $25.00
Excellent instruction as an introduction to firing and understanding the electric kiln. A seminar by the Orton Foundation. Not an exciting 
presentation but informative nevertheless with alot of information.

The Korean Onggi Potter-PENN STATE UNIVERSITY $125.00 DVD
A treasure from the Smithsonian Institution Center for Folklife Programs and Cultural Studies. Uses archival photographs and historical film footage to show the construction techniques and skills involved in creating onggi: handmade Korean pots and jars used to store foods. Amazing technique. 24 minutes

Korean Pottery-Making: Pt 1. Forming Techniques- EAST/WEST INSTITUTE $60.00 VHS OUT OF PRINT/SOLD OUT
Korean Pottery-Making: Pt 2 Flat Slab Techniques-EAST/WEST INSTITUTE $60.00 VHS
Out of print and unavailable for many years, I just found stock in our warehouse of these two outstanding videos. Shot on location in villages throughout South Korea the countryside, the potters, and their working styles will captivate and amaze you. The narration is very well presented and the visual images are wonderful and exciting.
Part 1: six essential techniques; spiral forming, industrial Onggi methods, ring coiling. hump throwing, forming from a solid cylinder, and double wall forming for carved vessels. 70 min.
Part 2: the entire traditional method of throwing large vessels using flat 
slabs. This is the method that we commonly refer to as "coil and throw." 36 min.

The Language Of Shapes-DE ANZA COLLEGE $50.00 VHS
Nicely done presentation by Seth Cardew whose father Michael set many of the aesthetic and technical standards that we hold our work to today. Seth throws and talks about his work in an easy to listen to manner. 29 min.

The Leach Pottery, 2nd Edition 1952-MARTY GROSS FILM PROD. $44.00 DVD
An historic silent film made in 1952, restored and put on video. Captured by 
a local photography club who wanted to document the pottery forming process, this is one of the few visual accounts of Bernard Leach. We see 
the pottery just as it began to gain an international reputation. Leach throws one of his famous willow jars. This new edition includes newly discovered narration by Leach making this film even more significant and valuable to the pottery and craft community. You will be fascinated by the very different memories and viewpoints offered by Leach and Warren Mackenzie. This is a must have!!!!

Legacy Of Generations: Pottery by American Indian Women $20.00 VHS
From Home Vision Arts comes a video presentation of the exhibition that inspired the book by the same title. Narrated by Buffy Saint Marie, the program blends stories, songs, archival footage and the wares of these wonderful individuals. See the section on Individual Potters for a description of the book. 30 min.

Loading A Kiln For Best Results-ORTON 25.00
Learn about: kiln furniture, planning the load, full vs half shelves, arranging ware for best flow, cones, how loading affects firing and much more. For electric kilns. 30 min

Luck's Legacy-SHARKEY $30.00 10% discount only VHS
A visit with some of the many potters who got their start throwing with Sid Luck. Students gather in Seagrove, NC for a reunion, music, food, and kiln opening with this local pillar of the pottery community. 30 min.

Making Marks: Ceramic Surface Decoration-HOPPER 2 DVDs, $170.00, 10% discount only
Introduction and Surface Removal: Decorating by carving, scratching, fluting, expanded spring wire, sgraffito, filigree, surface expansion, washed wax, and facetting.
Marks of Addition and Impression: Decoration techniques that involve adding clay to the surface, such as using paper or burlap with slip, and sprig molds, as well as techniques involving pressing into the damp clay, such as rope rolling, paddling, and using lino cuts.
Liquid and Colored Clays: Marbling, combing, feathering, and mocha ware techniques, Japanese mishima, hakeme, and onda, and making neriage blocks. Variations can be achieved by combining these skills with fluting and faceting.
Pigments and Resists: Using wax, maijolica, and cut paper for resist techniques along with banding, ceramic watercolors, pastels, underglaze pencils, and sponged decoration.
Glazes and Glazing: Glaze mixing tips as well as applications as varied as dipping, brushing, dry application, sponging, stamping, spraying, and intaglio. Includes discussion of the aesthetic effect of different types of surfaces and crystalline glazes. The fired pieces are all presented for comparison.
Firing and Post-Firing Effects: Pit, raku, oxidation, reduction, salt, soda, wood, saggar, and luster firing are discussed with finished pieces from each type of firing available for inspection by the viewer. Demonstrations of pit, raku, oxidation in an electric kiln, and reduction in a gas kiln.
180 minutes

Making Pots On The Wheel-LOS LOCOS CABALLEROS pricing below
Jerry Horning brings us a series of detailed demonstrations of all phases of throwing. Expertly filmed from a variety of perspectives, potters of all abilities will gain valuable insight from them. Each volume is 30-40 min. See the throwing section for a companion handbook.
VHS: Individual tapes $40.00; complete set on 2 tapes with a handbook $195.00
DVD: Complete set on 2 DVDs 75.00
#1 Centering & Throwing a Cylinder
#2 Throwing Bowls & Plates
#3 Throwing Vases & Bottles
#4 Pulling Handles on Cups & Pitchers
#5 Making Lidded Jars
#6 Teapots & Lidded Pitchers

Maria And Julian's Black Pottery-BAGGS $30.00 VHS, DVD
Important historical film made by Arthur Baggs in the 1930’s showing Maria and her huband Julian through the entire black pottery making and firing process. 11 min.

Maria: Indian Pottery Maker of San Ildefonso-INTERPARK $25.00 VHS
Maria Martinez demonstrates her traditional pottery making. An award winning film by The National Park Service. See "Classic Maria Martinez: Native American Pottery Maker Of San Ildefonso." for the DVD release with a special bonus feature. 27 min.

Maria: The Potter of San Ildefonso-PETERSON $50.00 VHS
An historic film of Maria Martinez making and firing pots in the early 1950's narrated by Susan Peterson. A priceless archive. 22 min.

Mashiko Village Pottery-MARTY GROSS FILM PROD $35.00
A careful restoration of an historically significant film from 1937. A beautiful film which follows an entire pottery making cycle as practiced by the Sakuma family, the same family that gave Hamada his earliest beginnings in Mashiko. Their descendants still make pottery at the same site. Also includes an interesting section following the famous teapot decorator Masu Minagawa. She made her brushes of local dog hair and traveled to all of the kilns of Mashiko, decorating up to one thousand teapots a day. Her work was highly praised by Bernard Leach, Hamada, and the writer Soetsu Yanagi. 20 min. Black and white. Silent.

Maskmaking With Clay-CRYSTAL VIDEO $25.00 VHS and DVD
An articulate and understandable demonstration of the art of using slabs to create masks. Excellent for elementary school level. 20 min.

The Mata Ortiz Pottery Phenomenon - HOLDEN BROTHERS $30.00 DVD only
This hour long video presents the Mexican village of Mata Ortiz and it's place in the pottery world. As a boy Juan Quezada found ancient shards of pottery that intrigued him. After many years of trial and error Juan found a local clay that he could work with to create his own pots. This video is the story of how one man was able to influence his community, going from being the only potter to one of many hundreds in his rural village. There are visits with many local artists as well as discussions on how this progress was made and how it has affected the village and its people.

Mata Ortiz Today-GILBERT $30.00 VHS
Go on the road with Bill Gilbert, visit Mata Ortiz, and meet many of the artists as they describe their relationship to the ancient Casa Grandes work that inspired the Mata Ortiz revival. The potters demonstrate their methods and discuss their personal styles. This is an excellent film that is both instructive and entertaining. I know you will enjoy this; I certainly did! 29 minutes.

Matt Long: Vessels for Victory VHS 30.00, DVD $40.00
A fun one, with a chance to learn new techniques as well. Long discusses comaraderie, pottery, and whiskey as he throws his signature jugs, flasks, and cups; slip decorates them, and fires up the soda kiln. His pots have liquid fluidity to them and a graceful line. 62 min.

Out of print for some time, this wonderful film is available again!!! In depth documentary of the Maya culture through their pottery. Ware is viewed at the Lamanai archaelogical site in Belize during a dig as well as in the museum. The film looks at the development, techniques, and technology needed to produce ancient Maya ceramics. Terrific video for classroom use!

MC Richards: The Fire Within-KANE/LEWIS PRODUCTIONS $40.00 VHS or DVD
A long awaited film on one of the most influential artist-philosophers of our time. This is a thought provoking documentary featuring MC in conversation and contemplation. Comments and interviews with Paulus Berensohn, Karen Karnes, Robert Turner, George Kokis, Arthur Penn, and others. Visually and intellectually stimulating. 60 min.

Meaders Family, North Georgia Potters $85.00 DVD
From 1980, a wonderful film depicting the Meaders family conducting their pottery business using techniques unchanged since 1893. They are shown digging and preparing clay, throwing, glazing, and firing. They discuss each step along the way and also offer insights into their attitudes about folk pottery, tools, and other aspects of the craft. Smithsonian Institution production. 31 min.

Melvin Owens: Still Swinging the World by the Tail-SHARKEY $50.00 VHS
At the time this video was filmed in 2000, Melvin Owens had been a potter in Seagrove, North Carolina for over 70 years. His family's history with pottery goes back to the founding of the Seagrove potteries in the 18th century and his children and grandchildren are continuing the the tradition. Listen as Melving plays guitar and talks about pots.

Michael Cardew-AME VIDEO
see "Michael Cardew: Master Potter"

Michael Cardew: A Coffeepot-PIKER PRODUCTIONS $35.00 VHS
Masterfully done. Assembled from slides taken of Cardew as he works. His humor, philosophy, love of pottery, and love of life come through in the soundtrack of Cardew talking as he works. Truly beautiful. 15:35 min.

Michael Cardew: Master Potter-CHIP TAYLOR COMMUNIUCATIONS $25.00
Formerly sold under the titles of " Michael Cardew" and "Artists and Their Art: Michael Cardew" this is a classic documentary on the late English Master Potter, Michael Cardew, a main pillar in bringing the tradition of hand-made pottery back to England after it had disappeared when people flocked to the machine-made wares of the Industrial Revolution. At his home and pottery at Wenford Bridge in Cornwall, England, we watch as he wedges clay, throws a bowl on his kick wheel, pulls handles for mugs, decorates a jug and fires his wood-burning kiln, all the while sharing his philosophy of life and making pots. Produced by Eve Muir. 30 min. DVD, VHS
note: Home/Personal Use: $25; Institution Use: Single-Site License (use within one building): $90; Institution Use: Multi-Site License (Lending Rights for 2+ buildings): $150 

Noborigama-HOTCHKISS $35.00 DVD only
Richard Hotchkiss brings us a very sensitively filmed chronicle of the Earth, Air, Fire Workshops that began in 1970 and continue to this day. Archival still photos capture the birth of the idea, building the kiln, preparing glazes, loading, and the initial firing of the 750 cubic foot, 6 chamber kiln. Philosophy, history, traditional construction methods and logistics are all covered. A visit in 2004 brings us up to date. Noborigama is an educational, emotional, inspirational, and satisfying look into an important event in contemporary ceramic history. You will really enjoy this labor of love. 30 min.

On The Wheel With Nils Lou-CASPERS VIDEO
each VHS $45.00 or the complete set on single DVD $50.00
A relaxed, easy-going presentation by a master potter. Good details, explanations, camera work, and backround music. One of the best of its kind. *The DVD of this series was edited poorly from VHS so some sections of the video seem to jump or get cut off. Our staff has determined that most of these parts are in fact just poor editing and not loss of material, however there are a few sections that do not finish up, such as finishing an enlongated bottle and trimming a square plate. 
Tape 1: intro to centering and throwing including a pitcher, bowl, bottle, teabowls off the hump, and more.
Tape 2: wedging, teapot, goblet, and more.
Tape 3: multi-sectional piece, oval platter, square plate, upside down pot, & more.

Our Founding Mudder who art in heaven: A Workshop With Peter Voulkos-HOLT $66.00  OUT OF PRINT
This one-hour DVD presents an intimate look at Peter Voulkos' working technique at the 1993 Olympic Games of Clay in Ringebu, Norway. It demonstrates, in a candid and entertaining way the artist's creation of a work of art formed by direct encounter with material, without preconception or contrivance. Excerpts from interviews and slide presentations with Voulkos provide a narrative framework for understanding the background, history and philosophy of this remarkable man. Artists, students and lay people alike will derive a living appreciation of this greatest of "mudders," an acknowledged giant of modern art at the peak of his luminous career. DVD only.

Paper Clay Workshop 1-NEW CENTURY ARTS $50.00 
At last, the long awaited video on paperclay from the authority, Rosette Gault. Everything you need to know including making the clay, clay modeling, sculptural work, wheel, advanced techniques and firing. 2 full hours! DVD (limited availability on VHS)

Passion for Pots: Phil Rogers, Potter- GOLDMARK $45.00 DVD
This two disc set follows Phil Rogers on trips to Japan and the USA and shows him making and firing pots in his native Wales. Over two hours of additional material show him throwing, glazing, firing, and opening his kiln and also includes film of his visit to the Hamada Museum in Mashiko. Total time is 222 minutes. **This video seems unable to play on all DVD players, but the rhyme or reason is unclear. If purchased and it will not play on yours, the item may be returned. 

Paul Soldner, The Courage To Explore-SEMELKA $30.00 VHS
A wonderful view of Soldner at work. Filmed at the Finch Pottery in NC, during a workshop presentation, we see and hear from workshop participants as well as from Soldner as he talks about his life and work. This is a real treat! 31 min.

Paul Soldner: Playing With Fire-AM MUS OF CER ART $30.00 DVD only
Film maker Renee Bergan brings us the definitive film on Paul Soldner, often called the father of American Raku. Visually outstanding. Bergan exposes Soldner’s passion, inspiration, and creative genius. Soldner’s life is told through his own words as he recounts his childhood, early exposure to art, and his discovery of clay. Interviews and conversations with a variety of people help to illuminate his life. Soldner works and talks about the work. A fascinating and thoroughly engaging film. 58 min.

Paul Soldner: Thrown and Altered Clay-CRYSTAL PROD. $40.00 VHS or DVD
High-quality film tracing the evolution of Soldner's work over 40 years. See over 50 pieces of work plus segments of Soldner working in his studio. 37 min.

Peeler Ceramic Art Films-PEELER VHS or DVD each tape $45.00
An absolute treasure and a labor of love. 8 segments produced by Richard and Marj Peeler in 1965-68 originally in 16mm for schools. Available again on 2 video tapes. Hardly dated and still vitally useful. An incredible resource for individuals and classroom use.
Tape 1-Clayworking:
Intro to clay, coil method, handbuilding, mosaics and tiles. Excellent demonstrations, very informative and fun to watch. 68 min.
Tape 2-Potters of the USA, Potters of Japan:
Wonderful and inspiring profiles of 8 Japanese and 8 American potters working in their studios including Shimaoka, Fujiwara, Mackenzie, Takaezu, Frans Wildenhain, Wyman and others. 64 min.

Piepenburg Videos-PEBBLE PRESS ea $50.00 VHS
Robert has taken care to make his presentations in an easy to follow format. He explains things as he works and demonstrates. The tapes are filled with useful information. Videos 1 to 4 are about 30 minutes, videos 5 and 6 are about 1 hour.
1 Raku Kiln Building
2 Raku Firing & Reduction
3 Raku Clay, Glazes And Tongs
4 Smoke Firing
5 Beginning Throwing
6 Beginning Handbuilding

Potters at Work-MARTY GROSS FILM PRODUCTIONS $30.00 DVD only
This international award winning film shows firing, digging and preparing clay, father teaching son, and pottery production in Onda at the workshop of Kumao Ohta, and in Koishibara at Shigeki Sakamoto's workshop. There is no overdubbed explanation of the processes, and no soundtrack but the rhythmic sounds of the potter's wheel. This film is a wonderful chance to really immerse yourself in watching the full pottery process unfold. New DVD has been remastered in high-definition digital transfer and includes bonus footage about the filming in 1976. 29 min. Color.

The Potter's Dynamic: Fundamentals of Throwing-PIKER PRODUCTIONS
institutions $70.00 individuals $50.00 VHS

Todd Piker of the Cornwall Bridge Pottery and student of Cardew demonstrates throwing. In a very detailed style, Todd’s passionate approach to clay is communicated through a beaker, pitcher, bowl, bottle, and dinner plate. Excellent. 58 min

institutions $95.00 individuals $30.00

A Sundance Film Festival Award winner, this is a sensitive and visually stimulating portrait of potter Joe Bennion and how he weaves a life of creativity, simplicity, and dedication to ideals. You will enjoy this. Original acoustic soundtrack, 27 minutes

Handbuilding and wheel techniques shown with cut-aways and close-ups. Learn by watching veteran potter Dennise Buckley. The potting process is taught in small manageable steps for beginners. Buckley also suggests advanced projects for more experienced throwers and handbuilders. Includes basic throwing with emphasis on bowls, vases, oval and stacked pots, and handbuilding basics. 80 minutes.

A Potter's Song: The Art and Philosophy Of Paul Soldner-CRYSTAL $45.00 VHS
Filmed in 1975, a glimpse into the life of Paul Soldner and the beginnings of Anderson Ranch. This early footage of Soldner is fascinating to watch. 16 min

Potters Of Hebron-PHOENIX FILMS
institutions $450.00 individuals $80.00 10% discount only VHS
A wonderful film from 1976 showing a family of Israeli potters producing their ware in traditional fashion from start to finish. Observe their unusual throwing techniques. Watch them preparing clay, firing, etc. Truly fascinating. 43 min.

Outstanding production showing six families and their pottery making including clay mining, preparation, forming, decorating, firing, and more in Oaxaca, Mexico. Wonderful images. 40 min.

Potters Of Mata Ortiz-GOFFIN institutions $55.00 individuals $35.00 VHS
Wonderful presentation illustrating the ancient and contemporary pottery making methods used in the village of Mata Ortiz in northern Mexico. Witness the revival of a tradition just recently rediscovered by the talents of Juan Quezada. 47 min

Pottery of Mexico: Pineapples of Patamban and San Jose de Gracia- ORR $40.00 DVD only
A fascinating documentary on the life of Mexican potters in two neighboring villages. The potters in both Patamban and San Jose de Gracia continue the pre-Colombian tradition of creating sustainable local work while incorporation modern resources-woven plastic bags provide strong threads used to cut and finish handmade pots. This professional quality DVD follows a full production cycle, from collecting local clay to selling the often elaborately decorated pots. A beautiful and informative DVD. 40 minutes

Well known potter and teacher Don Davis brings us three excellent videos. Good camera angles, detailed closeups, and clear, well-spoken instruction.
#1: Starting To Throw $30.00
Well-crafted approach for the beginner covering preparation, wedging, centering, pulling, forming, trimming. 61 min
#2: Pottery Basics, Lids, Handles, Spouts $40.00
The second in the series from Don Davis and Sugar Creek Productions and it’s another winner. 120 min.
#3: Pottery Basics, Working Larger and Compound Pieces $30.00
Includes types of bats, clay preparation, centering and opening techniques, pulling and shaping techniques, and joining and finishing compound pieces. 64 min.

Pottery Decoration:-THOUGHTFUL PRODUCTIONS $50.00 VHS
Tom Shafer, author of “Pottery Decoration” demonstrates and teaches a variety of techniques and shows examples from the work of many potters. Excellent! 74 min

Quiet Places: Pottery Retreat-OMNI FILM $25.00 VHS or DVD
Not widely available, this is a senitive and thoughtful visit to Choisin Pottery, the home and studio of Robin Hopper and Judi Dyell on Vamcouver Island. Sure we see and learn about the pots but there is much more here than that. This is about personalities and lifestyle and how Robin and Judi interact with their surroundings, friends, and their craft. An absolutely lovely and inspiring film. 27 minutes.

Raku Ceramics: Jim Romberg-CRYSTAL $45.00 VHS or DVD
Well known potter Jim Romberg demonstrates his approach to raku including throwing, handbuilding, decoration and firing. Outstanding details, explanations, instruction, and film making. Quite excellent. 75 min.

Raku Firing: Expanding the Potential of the Raku Kiln (Ceramics Arts Daily)– SELSOR $39.95
In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, Marcia Selsor draws from her extensive experience with raku firing to show a variety of techniques that can easily be done in any raku kiln. She starts out with the basics of raku, covering equipment, safety, and suitable clays and glazes for the process. From there, she moves on to preparing pots for firing with a variety of decorative techniques. Finally, it’s time to play with fire! Marcia demonstrates four exciting post-firing techniques for the raku kiln: basic raku, horsehair and feather raku, saggar firing, and obvara. If you’ve been wanting to experiment with raku and other post-firing techniques, this video will get you off to a great start!
Run Time: 1 Hour

Raku Hawaiian Style-NITE RAINBO $30.00
Very entertaining and enjoyable film that chronicles the 1999 Raku Ho’olaule’a’, the biggest raku gathering in the world. Meet the participants and guest artists as they work together to make this gathering so special. 50 min.

Recording The Flame: Woodfired Pottery-DEEP MT ARTS $46.00 VHS or DVD
A well-designed, well-written, and well-presented film on the subject. Features an historical and aesthetic introduction to woodfired pottery. The use of woodfired ware, its relationship to the Japanese tea ceremony, and the influence of the Japanese woodfired tradition on Western ceramics are wonderfully explored though interviews and visits with leading potters including Jeff Shapiro, Janet Mansfield, Svend Bayer, Nino Hole, Mark Hewitt, Suketoshi Matsuyama, Randy Johnson, Shiho Kanzaki and others. An excellent production. 40 min.

Reitzagama-MATERIAL WONDERS $40.00 VHS or DVD
An inside view of a wood firing with Don Reitz. This is a visual feast for clay artists of all levels. Watch Don as he builds his anagama, loads, fires, and unloads. Views of inside the kiln show incredible details. 40 minutes.

Rhythm and Gesture: A workshop with Steven Hill and Matt Long, March 2007 $40.00 DVD
This DVD is the best of its kind. A workshop in Kentucky was filmed for this video. The camera angles, sound, and images are all quality. The two men present a nice balance of technique, philosophy, reasoning and humor. Each present his own signature piece, Steve and his melon pitcher and Matt with his hip flask. 108 minutes.

Robert Sperry: A Northwest Master $28.00 VHS
From the NW Designer Craftsmen. Documents the work, life, and philosophy of this important ceramic artist who was a contemporary of Autio and Voulkos. Also a painter, printmaker, and filmmaker, his work is often overlooked but should not be. 21 min.

Robin Hopper Workshop-LCA VIDEO $60.00 VHS
Robin Hopper, the author of “Ceramic Spectrum”, and “Functional Pottery” demonstrates the making of a variety of forms including mug, teapot, large bowl and pitcher. He is a very personable fellow and fun to watch. 58 min.

Rope Impressed Inlay Mingei Pottery: The Hands of Master Shimaoka-SAKURA MOTION PICTURE CO. $150.00 VHS
Truly wonderful. 40 minutes of film takes you through the entire working process of living national treasure, Shimaoka. He discusses his apprenticeship with Shoji Hamada, and the two ancient pottery styles that he combined to create his signature rope-inlay technique. We watch as he and his assistants prepare clay and glaze, throw and decorate pots, load, fire, and unload the anagama. Shimaoka's Mashiko kiln has fly-ash, salt, reduction, and oxidation chambers. There is a lot of information packed into this short film. Very informative and inspirational.

Rudy Autio Makes Night Music-MONTANA ART WORKS $45.00 VHS
Enter the studio and the creative experience of Rudy Autio in a most informal and comfortable way. Follow with him the process of creating one of his signature sculptural vessels. This is a wonderful film. 40 min.

Ruth Duckworth: A Life in Clay $15.00 VHS or DVD
A conversation with the octogenarian ceramicist by filmmaker Karen Carter. In this intimate portrait, Duckworth discusses her life and her life’s work in clay. 30 min.

Salt-Soda Firing Series with Gordon Hutchens- TARA, DVD set $80.00
Program 1: Clays, Slips, and Glazes
Gordon demonstrates how to utilize the unique effects created by different clays, slips and glazes during a high-temperature salt-soda firing. He uses numerous examples of finished pieces to illustrate the beautiful, and varied, results possible from this unique firing method. Recipes and printed notes are included on the DVD menu.
Program 2: Loading and Firing
Gordon shows in detail how to maintain and load a kiln and how to manage a salt-soda firing. The program captures the intensity and excitement of the cone nine salt-soda firing and displays the results of the many pots created during the two programs.

Sculpture Classroom: Sculpting with Clay with Artist Arlene Siegel-VIDEO CLASSROOM $40.00 VHS only
An excellent portrait sculpting video for beginning students. Arlene discusses armatures, tools, clays, and working techniques for a small 3-dimensional bust. In 53 minutes she takes us from a bare armature to a finished portrait. Clear and concise.

Sculpture Classroom II: Sculpting the Figure in Clay with Artist Arlene Siegel-VIDEO CLASSROOM $40.00 VHS only
The second of this two-part series for beginning students. Arlene whips through a small seated female figure while discussing common mistakes of construction and proportion. An excellent place to start for students interested in figure study. Great as a supplement to classroom learning.

Out of print for some time this important film is available again!! An outstanding video taking us on a tour of the major exhibition of the same name. View the entire exhibition as a selection of pieces are discussed by Tim Wilson of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford UK, Alan Caiger-Smith, artist and author, and Walter Ostrom, artist from the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design. There is a wonderful and detailed 35 minute demonstration of techniques by Matthias Ostermann which should be a video on its own! 52 min.

Sharkey Video Series:
Crawdad Slip: The Luck Family Of Potters 45 min. $35.00
The Cole Family Potters 55 min. $35.00
Luck’s Legacy 30 min. $30.00
Melvin, Still Swinging The World By The Tail $50.00

Four wonderful videos produced by Jim Sharkey. These well known and important NC potters are profiled showing them in the pot shop, their history, and techniques. These are TV quality in concept and filmaking and will captivate you. If you have any interest in NC pottery these films are for you. 10% discount only

Shoji Hamada: A Potter's Way And Work-PETERSON $50.00 DVD
Filmed in Japan when Susan was doing the research for the book of the same title. We see Hamada at work through all phases of production. 30 min. Formerly available only on VHS, this new DVD also includes the film Maria: The Potter Of San Ildenfeso as a bonus feature!

Simply Ornate: Handbuilding & Wheel Throwing with Press Molds (Ceramics Arts Daily)– BLAIR CLEMO $49.95
In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, A. Blair Clemo shares his unconventional pottery making techniques, which combine handbuilding, press molding, and wheel throwing. The building blocks of Blair’s work are two different types of plaster press molds: first a decorative mold that yields an ornamental patty or strip of clay to build from; and second, form molds, into which clay is pressed to create a volumetric form. After first explaining his simple process for making both types of molds, Blair presents a number of projects showing the various ways he combines these press-molded elements with wheel throwing and handbuilding to create beautiful and unique functional pottery. This video will get your creative wheels rolling as you envision the possibilities with this unorthodox building system. Warning: May cause “oohs” and “ahhs!”
Run Time: Approximately 3 hours – 2 Disc Set

Well-done with projects suitable for classroom instruction: burrito cup, slab box with embossed design, tall folded vase, folded slab dish, coil bowl with inlaid slip, wampum plate. 105 min

Small Scale Photography-BRAIN PRESS $35.00 VHS
Very comprehensive guide to photographing 3-D work providing all you need to know from equipment to film to developing and more. See the Business section for the companion book. Together they make a great instructional pair. 112 min.

Soft Slab Techniques-CARTWRIGHT CERAMICS $40.00 VHS
San Diego artist Lana Wilson presents her unusual technique of working with soft clay slabs to produce organic, sculptural vessels. Very informative. 37 min.

Sovietski/Americanski-HOLT $45.00 VHS
Documents the last ceramic arts symposium sponsored by the Moscow Artists' Union before the fall of the USSR in 1991. This piece features Petris Martinsons and Dennis Parks as they describe how this symposium came to happen and touches some of the issues that relate to changing relationships between eastern Europe & the USA.

Success With Full Body Molds and Forton Castings-PINK HOUSE STUDIOS $55.00 VHS or DVD
Master sculptor Mark Print offers detailed demonstration and instruction. The process and his techniques with a variety of mold materials are shown from start to finish. Comprehensive and sound technical advice. 70 min.

Summer of Mudders-HOLT $45.00 VHS
Video sketches of a group of emerging artists working in clay at The Archie Bray Foundation during the summer of 1988. Featured artists are Louis Katz, Chris Weaver, Suanee Natewogn of Thailand, Josh DeWeese, Carol Rhorbach, Jane Masters, Carolyn Tryzibinski, Robert Harrison, and others. This piece is a good introduction to the facility at The Archie Bray Foundation. 30 min

Swansong: Robin Hopper 
In the face of a diagnosis of terminal cancer, Robin Hopper took on what he considers one of the most important projects of his life. Swansong is two + hours of memoir, musings, demos, a tour of his garden and much, much more.  As his final contribution to the ceramics community, Robin wants the impact of Swansong to benefit children.
The DVD is $30 with all proceeds going to the British Columbia Arts Programs For Youth and the Jimmy Fund, the pediatric wing of the the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Please help insure Robin's legacy of sharing his knowledge and helping others by purchasing his Swansong DVD.

Sylvia Hyman: Eternal Wonder-FILM HOUSE DVD only
$40.00 individuals and library circulation
$160.00 classrooms and public performances
A fascinating look at the work of Sylvia Hyman. From her early tableware and organic clay sculptures to her masterful trompe l'oeil pieces, Sylvia leads us through the development of her ideas, and her working process. We watch her screen-printing text onto thin clay slabs which are folded into corrugated boxes and envelopes or rolled into scrolls. Friends from the art community pay homage to this pillar of the clay world as she prepares for her 90th birthday.

Taking The Macho Out of Bigware-SOUR CHERRY $40.00 VHS or DVD
The second film from Tony and Sheila Clennell. Expertly filmed, with close ups and clear camera work. Tony explains the process as he throws a variety of forms including 3 bottles, casserole, jug, fat rimmed bowl, and more using a sectional throwing method. Tricks and tips on centering, opening large amounts of clay, and using technique not strength. You will learn to make pots 2-3 times your present ability! Very informative and entertaining. 75 min.

Throwing Revealed With Gary Benna-BENNA $35.00 VHS
Aimed at the beginning potter, this is a good presentation with clear explanations and descriptions of the entire throwing process from wedging to trimming including a list of recommended tools. Excellent camera angles with cutaway animated views and discussion of some often overlooked details of the process make this a very fine video. 47 min. This is also available in an interactive CD ROM version (same price) that includes 32 printable posters!

Throwing With Slabs And Coils-STAFFEL $30.00 VHS or DVD
In this instructional video, Bonnie Staffel shares her experience and skills with clay as she uses slabs and coils to extend her throwing repertoire. The video follows her in excellent detail as she makes plates, platters, pans, oval pots, and other vessels combining the slab roller, extruder, and potter's wheel. Good explanations and camera work. 60 minutes

Time in Tandem: The Story of Jim and Nan McKinnel $35.00 DVD
Produced by the Evergreen Gallery, this is a sensitive, warm, respectful, and delightful portrait of two important American potters. Their lives and work are brought to life as we follow Nan in the studio working, and talking about herself and Jim. Thoughtful and frank, interviews with Wayne Higby, Gerry Williams, Paul Soldner, Rudy Autio, Ken Ferguson, and Francis Will offer insight, anecdotes, and help us to understand and appreciate their contributions to the 20th century studio potter movement. Bonus! A lovely James And Nan McKinnell Retrospective Exhibition catalog, regularly $3, FREE with purchase of the video. 26 minutes, broadcast quality.

Tom Turner: Two Day Workshop & 34 Pots from 1976-2004, DVD only $90.00 no discount
A wonderful presentation by one of America's premier potters and teachers. This four disk set, filmed at the North Carolina Pottery Center, offers 6 hours of uninterrupted demonstration, discussion, and Tom's work spanning the past 4 decades. Tom generously shares his knowledge and experience with details of technique and methods. There is so much to see and hear that you will watch this over and over again with notebook in hand! Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a master. 

Toshiko Takaezu: Portrait of an Artist-NJN Video $30.00 DVD or VHS
A friendly visit with and portrait of the artist as she discusses her work, influences, teaches, and works. Very nicely done, very high quality. 30 min.

Toshiko Takaezu: A Potter's Work-LUCAS $50.00 VHS
Join the artist on a tour of two major exhibitions of her work in 1997. One at the American Craft Museum, the other at the Charles Cowles Gallery. Follow her into her studio where she gives us a sense of the philosophy that inspires her. 24 min.

Traditional Thai Pottery-LOUIS KATZ $52.00 VHS
A wonderful and fascinating production coming from a 9 month visit to the country. Louis began his journey and chronicle in the village of Dankwean and traveled from there. Loads of techniques that will simply open your eyes wide and it is all about making pots! This was previously sold as two separate videos:Vol 1-Dankwean Village, and Vol 2-Beyond Dankwean. They have now been combined into one! Total time is approximately 2 hours. A complete written video guide and dictionary is available separately for $9.

Unbroken Tradition: Jerry Brown Pottery-APPALSHOP $42.00 VHS
An intimate portrait of Jerry Brown, his family, and his pottery tradition that goes back to 1800. See him work and talk about what he does in a profoundly honest presentation. 28 min.

Variations on Raku with Gordon Hutchens- TARA, DVD $45.00
In this video, Gordon Hutchens provides options to potters who have mastered basic raku processes. Working shots capture each stage of the process, including clay preparation, glaze mixing and application, firing and post-firing techniques. He demonstrates the use of slip resists, terra sigillata, saggars, found objects, fuming and a variety of glazes to create variations on traditional raku techniques. Throughout this program Gordon, who has exhibited widely in North America and Japan, shares his reflections on his craft. Includes printed notes and recipes on the DVD menu. 33 minutes.

Village Potters Of Onda-SPERRY $40.00 VHS and DVD
Captivating film produced by well known potter and teacher Robert Sperry in 1960. It shows the village and follows the entire pottery making process from preparing the clay to the marketing of their wares. A variety of forms are produced with detailed views and explanations of coil and throw, hump throwing, slip decoration, and glazing. The huge multi-chambered kiln is loaded and fired with an explanation of the firing method and theory. This is a fantastic production. 27 min.

A Visit With The Artist-PEBBLE PRESS $40.00 VHS
Robert Piepenburg takes the viewer on a journey into what makes art matter offering his personal perspectives on ceramics, teaching, the creative process and self empowerment. Relaxed style, rewarding to watch. Very sensitive and inspiring. 28 min

The Way Pots Pour-MARVIN BARTEL $39.00 VHS
This video addresses many of the most common pouring form design issues. Marvin Bartel demonstrates and narrates the design and fabrication of several pieces followed by some surprising and at times unexpected outcomes. Physicist, Carl Helrich, explains the hydraulics and fluid dynamics of functional spouts, pouring lips, and their related forms. A good production. 55 min.

Wheels, Kilns, and Clay-PETERSON see pricing below
This is quite a series. 54 individual tapes made for network TV in 1970 by Susan Peterson. Every conceivable subject is covered including clay forming, history, design, decoration, kilns, glazes and much more. Each tape is approx 30 minutes. Great for schools studios, and libraries. Pricing is per tape and by quantity purchased: 1-9 $20, 10-26 $18, 27-53 $17, full set $16 ea. Call for the complete list. *no discount

With Hand and Heart: A Portrait of Southwestern Native American Artists-CRYSTAL VIDEO VHS or DVD $25.00
A wonderful tour of pottery and other Native American art in the Southwest. Watch the forming, decorating, and firing techniques of traditional black-on-black and slip-painted pottery. The video also included a visit with Navajo weavers. This is a great classroom resource and a wonderful source of inspiration for any potter. 27 minutes.

Woodstack 95-CHRIS AUTIO $50.00 VHS
Film of the collaborative workshop and demo featuring Autio, Voulkos and Callas with appearances by Reitz, Bendle, Leedy, and others. Fun and interesting to watch

Yoland Cazenov, Ceramiste-GASNIER $40.00 VHS

A double award winning film at the 2002 International Ceramic Film Festival in Montpellier (France), this is a portrait of a tireless researcher and a man of extensive culture and education who, at 88 years of age, is making wonderfully creative and personal clay works. The artist is filmed in is own environment, a workshop of extreme simplicity, as well as his home, working, talking, and carrying on the chores and joys of his everyday life. Family, friends, collectors and dealers share their love for him and his work. This is an unforgettable film. 35 min.  

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