Adobe and Rammed Earth Buildings-MCHENRY $27.50 
Designing and construction with adobe. Well illustrated and very complete.

Adobe Book-O'CONNOR $17.00
All the steps necessary for adobe construction including woodwork, electricity, plumbing, tile work, and more.

Adobe: Build It Yourself-McHENRY $25.00
Perhaps the best guide to building with adobe. All phases of construction are covered. Very complete.

Architectural Ceramics For The Studio Potter-KING OUT OF PRINT
Practical how-to information along with a full color survey of a variety of approaches. Step by step details on creating a sink, door surround, countertop, and fireplace. 350 color photos, 20 b&w illustrations.

The Art and Craft of Ceramics: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration-FRIGOLA $30.00
A lot of information on varied ceramic subjects. Gives beginners a good idea of what's out there. Includes an overview of ceramic history, raw materials, tools, production processes, glazing techniques, decorative techniques, step-by-step projects, and a gallery of contemporary work.

Basic Pottery Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started – FRANZ $18.00

•  Step-by-step instructions complete with color photographs

•  Includes a chapter on bisque firing, waxing, and glazing

•  4 basic pottery projects for the beginning potter

The art of pottery making is described in detail for the beginning or experienced potter. Complete with a chapter on tools and materials to get started, this easy-to-use guide explains and illustrates how to wedge clay, use a pottery wheel, shape and trim pots, determine clay thickness, add handles, and a host of other pottery-making techniques. It also contains a chapter on bisque firing and glazing, the final steps in creating beautiful and functional pottery. Includes complete instructions for making a large bowl, three styles of mugs, and a sugar bowl and creamer set.

Big Book Of Ceramics-CHAVARRIA $35.00
A fine addition to our list. Clear text and over 700 excellent color photos cover history, materials, forming techniques, firing, glazing, and more.

Ceramics: A Beginner's Guide to Tools and Techniques – LANDBERGER & LUNDIN $12.50
This comprehensive guide covers the materials, tools, methods, and techniques for making original ceramic pieces in a wide range of forms. From hand sculpting to pinching, wheel throwing to slip casting, here you’ll ?nd easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by beautiful photographs to make the world of ceramics clear and exciting. Readers will also learn about glazes, firing techniques, decorating tips, and much more.

Ceramic Design Course-QUINN $22.00
The only book of its kind I've seen. A resource for those interested in designing pottery for large scale production or getting their creative juices flowing for smaller design challenges. Discussion of visual aids for presentations, a variety of model-making techniques, including computer generated 3-D modeling, concept-driven design, story-boarding your ideas, technical considerations for different types of pottery, slip-casting, use of surface texture and color...A good foundation course in design tailored to the ceramicist.

Ceramic Houses and Earth Architecture-KHALILI $25.00
Fascinating presentation of the construction, glazing, and firing of adobe and rammed earth buildings. It is also a personal vision and quest.

Ceramic Form-LANE $32.50

A much awaited revised edition of the original work, this edition has new color photos and and entire new chapter. The illustrations are fabulous and the text is intelligent, thoughtful and educational. This book should be in your library.

Ceramics: A Beginner's Guide to Tools and Techniques – LANDBERGER & LUNDIN $12.50
From the European Ceramic Work Centre comes a manual and source of inspiration and experimentation. An eclectic and unusual compilation of technical information on materials and instruction on forming, glazing, decorating, firing, and more. A useful studio handbook for all clay workers.  This comprehensive guide covers the materials, tools, methods, and techniques for making original ceramic pieces in a wide range of forms. From hand sculpting to pinching, wheel throwing to slip casting, here you’ll ?nd easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by beautiful photographs to make the world of ceramics clear and exciting. Readers will also learn about glazes, firing techniques, decorating tips, and much more.

Ceramics: A Potter's Handbook-NELSON, BURKETT 6th edition $87.00 OUT OF PRINT
Probably the most popular college text. The 6th edition was completely reviewed, revised, and brought up to date by Richard Burkett. Very comprehensive, competent, and well illustrated.

Ceramics For Gardens And Landscapes-HESSENBERG $30.00
From the author of  Sawdust Firing  comes this handsome book. International potters share their techniques of design, forming, and a variety of other special considerations. Pots, planters, birdbaths, fountains, tables, sculpture and more. see specials section also.

Ceramics, Mastering The Craft, 2nd Edition-ZAKIN $40.00
Excellent handbook, completely revised and expanded covering a whole host of subject matter. An outstanding general handbook by the author of  Electric Kiln Ceramics.

Ceramics with Mixed Media - BOSWORTH $26.50
From the popular "Ceramics Handbooks" series comes another great book. Inspiring photos of solidly crafted mixed media work, from funtional pieces with copper or wooden handles, to sculpted light sources combining porcelain and glass. Discusses techniques for incorporating metal, electrical elements, textiles, glass, and wood into your work.

Ceramics Monthly Handbooks: each $10.00
These have been around almost as long as pottery. Still useful and worth the price! Now out of print and very limited in quantity:
Brush Decoration
Copper Enameling
Underglaze Decoration
Answers To Potters Questions I SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT
Answers To Potters Questions II SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT
Great Ideas For Potters I SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT
Potters Wheel Projects SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT
Throwing on the Potter's Wheel SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT

Ceramics Monthly On CD Rom 1953-1979 see pricing below
All issues of vintage Ceramics Monthly! Travel back to the early days of the studio pottery movement through the historical pages of CM Magazine. Available as 3 separate CD's; 1953-59 $30, 1960-69 $40, 1970-79 $40, or the complete set for $80.

Ceramics: Shape And Surface-WILSON $25.00
A collection of handouts and teaching materials covering ideas, glazes, firing techniques, and studio tips from Lana Wilson.

Clay: A Studio Handbook, Second Edition-PITELKA $45.00
This is an outstanding piece of work that will guide you through most everything a potter will face as they practice their craft. Equipment repair, tool making, studio design, glaze technology, and so much more. This should be in every potters library

Clay Whistles-MINIOT $20.00
see the handbuilding section for a description

Claywork-NIGROSH 3rd edition OUT OF PRINT

Complete Potter-MATTISON $25.00
Very complete manual incorporating a myriad of areas of interest to the beginning to intermediate potter: materials, methods, techniques, tools, decoration, firing, safety. Written in a friendly and accessible style full of color photos and clear illustrations.

The Complete Practical Potter-WARSHAW OUT OF PRINT

Complete Potters Companion-BIRKS $30.00 OUT OF PRINT
A wonderful book offering lots of information and encouragement to all students of clay. 440 color photos. Technique, process, history, it s all here. Most recent edition.

Contemporary Crafts:Pottery And Ceramics-GARDNER OUT OF PRINT

Contemporary Tableware – BOOMFIELD $38.00
Tableware has occupied a special place in our kitchens and dining rooms for thousands of years, and continues to enchant us today. Ranging from the purely functional to the fine and delicate, the evolution of domestic pots tells us much about our changing tastes and habits, and the wider art and cultural movements that have influenced their decoration and forms.

Craft And Art Of Clay, 5th Edition-PETERSON $40.00
Brand new edition of Susan's classic book. Redesigned with 125 new color photos, a poster displaying 50/50 blends of 28 common glaze materials, a new section of shino glazes, revised info on computer programs, more process illustrations, and updated throughout. This is an invaluable book.

Craft of the Potter-CASSON $19.00 OUT OF PRINT

Creative Ideas For Clay Artists-TURNER $29.00 OUT OF PRINT
A carefully selected collection of articles from CM brought together to challenge and inspire. 21 articles arranged in the categories of pottery, sculpture, and finishing techniques. An excellent group of writing.

A wealth of info on many techniques & processes. Well organized, Color photos.
A limited number of hardcover editions are still available at $25.00

Environmental Ceramics-BITTERS $65.00
Author and environmental ceramicist, Stan Bitters, discusses crafting techniques for large-scale installations. Includes general advice for working large, as well and Stan's specific working practices for fountains, pools, garden walks, walls, container forms, sculpture, raku walls, and complete clay rooms. Lots of black and white photos of work in progress and finished public art illustrate the techniques involved. This book is a good starting point for those thinking about going large!

Hand And Home: The Homes of American Craftsmen $40.00
Visit the homes of 19 well known craftspeople with authors Tommy Simpson and Lisa Hammel. Gain a unique insight into the aesthetic sensibilities of these artists. Lovely!

Handmade Potters Tools-WONG, WHITFORD $45.00 OUT OF PRINT
Long out of print and highly sought after, available again in a revised edition. Instructions to make and use a variety of tools to fit your hands and your purpose.

Hands In Clay-SPEIGHT, TOKI NEW! 5th Edition $82.50
Very popular college textbook used extensively in university and art school programs. This 5th edition is completely new and contains hundreds of photos, drawings, and charts. Seven excellent chapters cover the history of ceramics the world over. All areas of clay working are covered. This is chock full of technical and practical instruction and information. An added feature is a separate, spiral bound supplement containing a variety of appendixes, glaze recipes, materials analysis, technical tips, and much more. Thick, full of stuff and very well written.

Illustrated Dictionary Of Pottery Form-FOURNIER $40.00
A clearly organized dictionary of pottery forms from all nations, time periods, and styles. Over 800 photos, drawings, and silhouettes. Another wonderful resource book.

International Catalogue of Films On Ceramics $45.00 OUT OF PRINT
A virtual encyclopedia listing thousands of films and videos from the world over. Descriptions and sources for purchase/rental. The only source of it s kind.

In the Potter's Kitchen: Handmade Pots for Home-cooked Recipes – VON DASSOW $27.00
Do you even know any potters who don't cook? Wouldn't it be great if there were a pottery design, technique, and glaze recipe book put together with a food recipe book? Well now there is, and it comes from the extensive research and passion of veteran author Sumi von Dassow. Each chapter includes an overview of the type of ware being discussed, design considerations, projects for making pots, and of course, recipes to cook in them! Besides her own explorations in the studio and kitchen, she's reached out to potters who share her passion of food and clay to make this book a truly one-of-a-kind experience. This book comes out Sumi von Dassow's love of both cooking and pottery, and her desire to share both passions with as many people as possible. You'll discover information on materials, glazes and what to consider when making pots to cook in and serve on. You'll also find many step-by-step techniques for creating casseroles to tagines, as well as scores of examples from dozens of artists, well-tested recipes and more. If you are a potter who loves to cook (or a cook who loves to pot), happy potting, and bon appétit!

Introduction To Pottery: A Step By Step Project Book-WALLNER expanded version $15.00
Very basic handbook for beginning students and potters. Excellent choice for ones first book on clay with a brief historical chapter followed by chapters on equipment, handbuilding throwing decortion and firing. The projects are suitable for children as well as adults. All color photos and well written text make this an attractive book.

Introducing Pottery: The Complete Guide – RHODE $30.00
In Introducing Pottery, international potter and teacher Dan Rhode shares more than twenty years of experience in a well-organized, fully illustrated volume. Rhode's comprehensive overview of the methods, techniques, equipment, and theory allows novice and more advanced clay artists to solve problems as they develop and to keep improving.

Large Scale Ceramics-ROBISON $26.50
Ceramics Handbook Series. General overview of really big ceramics projects. Murals, on site projects, using a factory, technical notes and more.

Make It In Clay, Second Edition-SPEIGHT $45.00
Excellent handbook for the beginning potter. Very well illustrated covering all of the important subject areas. Just the right amount of history along with solid technical and instructional information. Revised and now an even better book!

Manual Of Pottery & Porcelain Restoration-EVERETT $14.00
Excellent handbook written by a recognized restoration expert. Materials, tools, procedures are given, simple as well as complicated repairs are explained.

New Terra Cotta Gardener-KEELING $20.00 OUT OF PRINT

Ten of the most popular potters who have taught Penland share their methods, approaches, philosophies, inspirations and techniques in this sumptuous book. Gorgeous color photos, clear text, and a ton of images bring you into the potters studios to watch them work.

Porcelain Repair and Restoration, 2nd edition-WILLIAMS $32.50
Detailed and comprehensive . All necessary aspects are covered and presented with expert instruction and explanation. The author is world renowned from the British Museum.

Pots In The Kitchen-WALTER $60.00
A sumptuous presentation of pots designed and produced for cooking. Over 300 color photos from a variety of countries, potters, and factories trace the development of the wares from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. Profiles of potters, production methods, technical tips, glaze recipes, firing and advice on using the wares are included.

The Potter's Bible - SCOTT $13.00
Though somewhat superficial in its approach, this little reference covers a lot of ground. Two-page spreads with full color step-by-step photos introduce students to everything from clay recycling to applying gold leaf to finished pots. A fair amount of technical information is included and examples of pots by well-respected contemporary potters accompany each section.

A Potter's Book-LEACH
Currently out of print, but it is coming back into print soon and we will have it! Check back often!

The Potter's Complete Studio Handbook: The Essential, Start-to-Finish Guide for Ceramic Artists (Studio Handbook Series) – MULLER & ZAMEK $16.50

Pottery making and wheel throwing is a timeless craft, perfect for beginner crafters and artisans who don't mind getting their hands dirty. The Potter's Complete Studio Handbook is the perfect guide for all levels to enjoy and master the art of pottery. The book is a compilation of the best features from The Potter's Studio Handbook and The Potter's Studio Clay and Glaze Handbook, bringing the best of hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques together with comprehensive instruction for clays and glazes.

Inside, you'll find:

—expert tips and tricks for selecting and preparing your clay, constructing slab projects, throwing and centering clay on the wheel, firing your project to perfection

—16 beautiful and functional projects with step-by-step photos using wheel-throwing, hand-building, and slipcasting techniques that can be done at home

—more than 40 formulas for unique clays and glazes with instructions on how to use them plus troubleshooting tips from the experts

—behind-the-scenes access to production and mining facilities. . . and much more!

Potter's Craft-BINNS $30.00

A reissue of the first handbook written for potters and pottery students in this country. Binns can be considered the  father  of studio ceramics in the US and this is a major portion of his legacy. A wonderful addition to your library.

Potter's Directory Of Shape And Form-FRENCH OUT OF PRINT

The Potter's Studio Handbook- MULLER $25.00

This book goes over everything! From setting up your studio to scraping those kiln shelves and all that is in between. Many topics are discussed including mixing glazes, handbuilding and throwing projects, safety, molds, kilns, glazing, pinch pots. A great resource for beginners to intermediate. Many color photos throughout.

Potter's Tips-1st edition, CERAMIC REVIEW MAGAZINE $20.00

Collection of readers suggestions. Lots of good information. Edited by Robert Fournier.

Potter's Tips-2nd edition, CERAMIC REVIEW MAGAZINE $20.00
A new expanded edition of the first Potter's Tips. Over 600 ideas for potters suggested by the readers of Ceramic Review Magazine and edited by Emmanuel Cooper. Everything from making your own trim tools to the easy way to get a wet distorted pot back into shape.

Potter's Workshop-RODWELL $20.00
A practical handbuilding course for the home potter with 20 interesting projects. Info on clays, glazes, materials, and setting up a home workspace are included along with a glossary and practical advice from 12 potters. Very well done.

Pottery Basics-ATKIN $24.00
Information for beginning students and 12 first projects to try. This book concentrates on handbuilding, but does touch upon throwing as well. Projects are well-conceived and clearly explained. Step-by-step color pictures and text.

Pottery Form-RHODES $25.00
Finally! A reprint of the beloved, long out of print text. Rhodes speaks wisely about the essentials of form for thrown and handbuilt pots.

Pottery Making Techniques-TURNER $29.00
A collection of the most sought after and requested technique related articles from Pottery Making Illustrated. Throwing, handbuilding, decorating, firing, and more.

Pottery Workshop-COUNTS $30.00
Charles Counts was one of our most inspiring, knowledgeable, and expert potters and teachers. In this complete manual of clay working his love of the craft shines throughout. Out of print for many years , this is a book that should be on every potters shelf.

Pottery, People and Time-CAIGER SMITH $60.00
A beautifully written book in the tradition of Leach's A Potters Book. Inspirational and instructional, Alan Caiger-Smith passes on over 40 years of experience and wisdom as a potter.

Practical Ceramic Conservation-ACTON, SMITH $37.50
Repair and conservation of decorative ceramics. Includes comparisons of different materials and addresses of suppliers.

Repairing Pottery and Porcelain: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition-ACTON, McAULEY $20.00 OUT OF PRINT
A thorough guide to the subject. Covers cleaning, bonding, filling chips, making molds for reproductions, retouching colors, and discusses many commercially available products and their suitability for various types of repair. Very helpful.

Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook [With 2 DVDs][SIMON LEACHS POTTERY HA-W/2DVD][Spiral] – LEACH $33.00
At one time or another, every potter gets frustrated at the wheel. Whether struggling to center the clay or attach a handle with precision, potters of all levels crave advice and answers, and world-renowned ceramicist and YouTube sensation Simon Leach has plenty to give. In Simon Leach’s Pottery Handbook—a book-and-DVD package—he presents clear tutorials and loads of original instruction on all of the core techniques, from studio setup to basic throwing, to applying appendages, trimming, glazing, and firing. For each technique, detailed step-by-step photography captures the subtle, intricate movements that typically fly by too fast to be learned when watching a video lesson; callouts then lead readers to the relevant video on the DVD so they can see the technique demonstrated in real time—an ideal combination that makes learning from the master easy.

Simply Pottery-PEARCH $25.00
  A practical course in basic pottery techniques.  Well illustrated and simple informative text makes this a book well suited for its audience. Over 25 projects of all kinds included.

Spirit Of Clay-PIEPENBURG $50.00
A technical as well as personal handbook and guide by the author of  Raku Pottery , Materials, clay forming, glazes, kilns, firing, health. It is educational and inspirational.

Studio Potter Monographs-STUDIO POTTER each $5.00
Six popular reprints from Studio Potter Magazine. Titles are: Toward M.C., Reitz, Reflections On Hamada, The Case For Clay In Art Education, Frans Wildenhain, Voulkos.

Studio Practices, Techniques and Tips-TURNER $29.00
A collection of articles, suggestions, and Q&A from the last 20 years of
Ceramics Monthly. A wide variety of topics: tools, studio design, equipment, marketing, kilns, firing, & more.

Tableware In Clay-WOOD $50.00
Devoted exclusively to tableware throughout the ages. Begins with a history of handmade tableware from neolithic times to the present day and goes to a survey of contemporary ware including bowls, jugs, pitchers, pots for drinking, for serving, teapots, coffeepots and more. Wonderful color illustrations and thoughtful text.

Teapot Book-WOODHEAD $55.00
Beyond how to. This book ranges from general discussion of aesthetic concerns through the specific processes of several well known teapot makers. Beautiful full color photos throughout.

Teapots: Makers and Collectors- MERLACH $50.00
A wonderful book for collectors and those that admire teapots of all types. Mostly ceramic, but does include other media such as glass, metal, and mixed. 450 photos from 228 artists in 14 countries.

Techniques Of The Worlds Great Masters Of Pottery & Ceramics $22.00
Hugo Morley-Fletcher brings us a fascinating historical and technical study of the craft of pottery. A variety of methods and techniques are examined in detail. Excellent photos and text.

Two Books In One, Ceramics-MATTISON OUT OF PRINT

250 Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets for Potters-ATKIN $25.00
Tips on slip trailing, mold making, slab working, throwing, pinching, handle pulling, spouts, glazing,'s all here. This book hits all those problem areas that so many of us face

Working With Clay, An Introduction, 2nd Ed-PETERSON $45.00
Completely revised edition. Lovely book from Susan Peterson, author of  Craft And Art Of Clay.  Excellent study for beginners giving essential information in a professional manner. Very complete with full color photos, projects, pictorial history of ceramics, glossary, glazing, forming, firing, and more. Highly recommended! 

Workshop Guide To Ceramics-HOOSON, QUINN $35.00
Designed as a general studio reference and guide, this book is divided into eight parts covering all areas of importance to the studio potter: Materials, Tools, and Process; Forming Techniques; Prefiring Surface Decoration; Firing; Glazing; Post Glaze Surface Decoration; Design; Professional Practice. A very well organized and presented book with full color photos and illustrations on every page. A very useful book to have in the studio.