Individual Potters, Philosophy, and Aesthetics

Adam Silverman Ceramics – Mark $36.00
Adam Silverman is the face of a new generation of artists focused on ceramics and pottery, a medium that has not had major presence in the contemporary art world for many years. Incorporating traditional pottery techniques with his own experimental approach, Silverman creates works that are sensual, gritty, and beautiful. He uses unique glazes to give his pieces abstract lacy or gestural surfaces. Silverman has exhibited extensively and has a large, growing audience in the United States as well as in Japan, where his work is collected by Tadao Ando and Takashi Murakami, among many others. A breathtaking and informative overview of his work, Adam Silverman Ceramics is a landmark volume for all who appreciate ceramics, design, and modern sculpture as well as contemporary art.

After The Fire, George Ohr: American Genius-HECHT $25.00 OUT OF PRINT
Over 100 pieces from an exhibition of Ohr s work. Terrific photos, descriptions, and many archival photos never before published. Included is a biography and commentary.

Akio Takamori: Ceramic Sculpture $15.00
This monograph from the Garth Clark Gallery showcases the mid-career work of figurative sculptor Akio Takamori. A short essay by Garth Clark discusses the significance and evolution of his  envelope vessel  figures and vases.

Anne Currier: Sculpture-WEEKLEY et. al $45.00
Very handsome monograph on Anne Currier and her clay sculpture with a special focus on the period 1987-2006. 70 pieces are photographed in full color with numerous detail shots. Three essays each taking a different approach to the work help acquaint the reader with the artist and her work.

Antonio Gaudi: Master Architect-NONELL $35.00
A beautifully illustrated and comprehensive view of the fanciful, exuberant buildings by this inspired Spanish architect. Best known for his dynamic, sculptural and mosaic facades, he was as much respected as a technological innovator as a daring stylist. 185 full-color illustrations

Art Ceramics: Pioneers In Flanders 1938-1978-HEIREMANS $45.00
see the section on World Pottery for a description

Art Of Clay-COHEN $40.00
Available again, this is a beautiful book with luscious color photos of works by Martinez, Nampeyo, Tafoya, Lonewolf, and others.

Art and Fear-BAYLES, ORLAND $13.00
From the jacket;  this is a book about what it feels like to sit in your your wheel...trying to do the work you need to do.....  Enlightening and though provoking.

Art and Reform: Sara Galner, the Saturday Evening Girls, and the Paul Revere Pottery-GADSDEN $25.00
A fascinating look at the immigrant experience in Boston at the turn of the twentieth century and the running of a small art pottery. Sara Galner, one of the most skilled decorators at the Paul Revere Pottery, fled religious persecution in present-day Ukraine with her family to live in Boston's North End. Published to accompany the 2006 Museum of Fine Arts Boston exhibit. Color prints and historical photographs.

Art & Soul: Notes on Creating- FLACK $11.00
This is a thoughtful little book of short prose that considers the who, what, why, where, when and how of art and artists, of creating and viewing. A nice book to flip through and read random philosophies of the writer.

Art Of Vivika and Otto Heino-VENTURA COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART $30.00
A lovely catalog of the exhibition held at the Ventura County Museum Of Art in 2005. Three essays compliment the 60 pieces photographed in gorgeous color. Forrest Merrill, whose collection comprises much of the exhibition offers a forward. Curator Kevin Wallace has written a very sensitive piece on the Heino's lives and work. And Tim Schiffer, Executive Director of the museum shares personal reflections of Otto. This is a fine book that honors two of our most revered potters and their magnificent work.

The Artist's Way-CAMERON $25.00, $15.00
A spiritual approach to channeling ones creative energies. Although the author often refers to  God , the philosophy is not really religious in nature. It is an interesting and powerful approach to the artistic lifestyle.

Australian Potters Directory $30.00
A showcase of the work of over 130 potters in full color. Galleries, studios, potters associations, and more. The essential guide to Australian pottery.

Autobiography of Sorts, An-DODD $65.00
Australian Mike Dodd tells a rambling tale of a life in clay and life in general. Stories of misadventures with local clays and selling a prized Hamada pot to buy new kiln shelves. Rich with old photos, a gallery of pots, and magazine clippings, Dodd easy-going writing makes this a fun read. 204 pages with color photos throughout.

Baugh: Jamaica's Master Potter-TANNA, BAUGH $25.00
The fascinating tale of the life of Cecil Baugh who through hard work and sheer determination became the father of Jamaican studio pottery and the leading potter in the Caribbean. A student of Bernard Leach and The Leach Pottery, Baugh s story and work will interest you. It s time we learned more about this man.

Beatrice Wood, A Centennial Tribute-NAUMAN $57.00
Book accompanying her retrospective exhibition in 1997 on her 104th birthday. A unique collection of writings, articles, and photos of Beatrice and her work. A wonderful book.

Bernard Leach, Hamada, & Their Circle-BIRKS, DIGBY $50.00
Over 200 works by Leach, Hamada, Cardew, Bouverie, and others in a beautiful edition.

Bernard Leach, Life & Work-COOPER $55.00
A massive, thorough, and engaging biography of the father of studio pottery. Cooper gives a completely readable account of Leach s life, enlivened by excerpts from journals and letters. Over 400 pages. Carefully selected photos add depth to the excellent text.

Bernard Leach, St. Ives Artists-DE WAAL $20.00
 Nicely done monograph on his life and work. 60 illustrations, 40 in color.

Bernard Palissy: In Pursuit Of The Earthly Paradise-AMICO $75.00
An enlightening study of the most innovative ceramist of the French Renaissance. An exciting book. 200 illustrations, 100 in color, 240 pages. See specials section also

Beth Cavener Stichter-CLARK $15.00 OUT OF PRINT
A monograph published to accompany Stichter's show at the Garth Clark Gallery. People with all their insecurities and issues are portrayed as hares, goats, possums, and other animals. The most prevalent emotion is of pure animal panic. We feel pity for these desperate animals in a way that we do not for the hidden desperation of the people around us. Analysis by Garth Clark and 24 pages of color images.

Betty Woodman - KOPLOS, DANTO, SCHWABSKY see below for pricing
This beautifully produced retrospective of Woodman's work includes several essays, and a timeline of her career in clay. The diversity of her forms are represented, from pillow pitchers to large installations, on 277 pages of color photos. The richness of color, pattern, and line is lovingly captured in this beautiful book. There are two editions of this book available. The standard trade edition is a lovely hardcover as described above. We have a VERY limited number of special copies. These are the same book but published in a limited edition of 125 copies. Each is housed in a hard, cloth covered slip case, and is numbered and signed by Betty Woodman. Included with each book is an original signed and numbered litho woodblock print by Betty. The print is protected with a plastic sleeve and removable for proper framing. This is a unique opportunity to acquire both a signed book and original art work by this major contemporary artist.
*Standard trade edition $60, usual discount applies.
*Special Limited Edition $350, no discount.

Betty Woodman. Teatros. Theatres. Theatres-MUSEU NACIONAL DO AZULEJO $24.00
Produced by the museum to accompany its exhibit of Woodman's work, this full color catalogue includes essays and interviews with the artist translated into three languages: Portuguese, French, and English. 132 pages filled with color pictures and full-page color plates of work from 1973-2005. There is an emphasis on Woodman's large installations, which incorporate terra-sigilata drawings on paper, as well as multiple thrown-and-altered ceramic elements.

Between Clouds of Memory:Akio Takamori, A Mid-Career Survey-Edited by Peter Held $35.00
This is an in-depth assessment of Takamori s career in clay and graphic arts. Through his envelope vessels and free-standing figural groups we follow the artist on an exploration of identity. 151 pages, 84 Color plates and essays by Garth Clark, Toyojiro Hida, and Edward Lebow.

Beyond Yixing: The Ceramic Art Of Ah Leone-WIBLE Currently OUT OF PRINT

Body Of Clay, Soul Of Fire: Richard Bresnahan and the St. John's Pottery-WELCH $75.00, $40.00
A magnificent volume: 232 pages, 170 color and 100 b&w photos, sensitive and informative text bring the work of Richard Bresnahan to life. His 3 1/2 year apprenticeship in Japan to 13th generation potter Nakazato Takashi is so clearly communicated in his pots and lifestyle. There is much to learn here. See the Video Sec.

Born of the Fire: The Life and Pottery of Margaret Tafoya- KING $45.00
The relatives of Tafoya helped make this book possible, as well as personal. They contributed with their own stories, interviews, and photos of pieces of Margaret's from their personal collections, unpublished until now. This book is a wonderful look into the life of this great Santa Clara potter, from where she came from, what she accomplished, and her legacy.

Brother Thomas, Beauty Of The Seen-PUCKER $15.00
Catalog of a recent exhibition of work along with an introductory essay by Brother Thomas. Over 100 pieces are illustrated in color photos. His work is stunning.

Carolina Clay: The Life and Legend of Slave Potter Dave -TODD $26.00
This book was created through research to form a historic biography. Dave was the only known slave to sign his pots, a dangerous thing to have done as it showed his literacy. His large forms were often decorated with poems and through studying these for biographical clues along with public records Leonard Todd was able to piece together this figures life. An interesting look into life and art at that time.

Centering, 25th Anniversary Edition-MC RICHARDS $16.00
Classic book on philosophy using pottery as the metaphor for life. A timeless work of writing that you must read.

Ceramic Art Of Chun Wen Wang-WANG $100.00
After years of research and testing, Chun Wen Wang has rediscovered the lost glaze of the Sung Dynasty called  liquid in liquid separated glaze.  The wares are magnificent in richness, color, depth, and form. Hardcover, slipcased, and of the highest quality production, this is a special volume that will occupy many hours of your time.

Ceramic Art of MIHARA Ken in the Four Seasons of Izumo $55.00
A wonderful look at the way a place shapes people and art. Mihara's pots are handbuilt of local stoneware and reflect the character of the region. They were photographed outside in all seasons and alternate with essays based on the legends of the region from 1300 years ago. The book also includes an essay by the potter about his techniques.

Ceramic Art: 7 Individuals- Ed KOYANAGI $30.00
A selection of work from the 1980s that comfortably walks the line between art and craft. Notkin's teapots, Akio's vessel sculptures, celadon by Fukami, as well as work by Inoue, Nakamura, Takiguchi, and Akiyama.

Ceramic Forms Of Leza McVey-EIDELBERG OUT OF PRINT

Ceramic Gestures, New Vessels By Magdalene Odundo $18.00
Expanded catalog from an exhibition that traveled from 1995-97. Insightful essay about the potter, her life, and work. 21 exquisite pieces are in full color along with other supporting photos.

A Ceramic Legacy: The Stephane Janssen and R. Michael Johns Collection; The Ceramics of R. Michael Johns-ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM $16.00
A tribute to potter Michael Johns. Large color photos of his work as well as the pieces he collected with Stephane Janssen. Includes an essay by his mentor Ralph Bacerra and work by Saxe, Voulkos, Coper, Arneson, Frey, Notkin, and others. 23 pages.

Ceramics Of Betty Woodman-FREEDMAN GALLERY $10.00
An essay by Jeff Perrone introduces this 20 page catalog from a 1985 exhibition. 14 pieces are illustrated with 4 in color.

The Ceramics Book: An A-Z Guide to 300 Ceramic Artists-ed. COOPER $26.00
A directory of the members and fellows of Great Britain's Craft Potters Association. A wonderful resource for pottery collectors or potters. Each page highlights the work of one potter, including a full-color photograph of their work, a picture of the artist, their signature or mark, contact information, and information about their process. A map keyed to page numbers helps the reader quickly find potters in their area.

Ceramics by Picasso, vol 1 & 2 - Photos by Eric Baudouin, Text by Marilyn McCully $375.00 no discount
Very few copies of this limited edition were printed. It is now out of print and very hard to find. This is a magnificent monument to Picasso's extensive work in clay. The first volume in this slip-cased set has an in-depth look at Picasso's life in the studio and an intelligent exploration of his work by well-known author, Marilyn McCully. Historical photos are interspersed with the text, as well as full-color, full-page plates of his work. There are 583 pages in volume one. Volume 2, 93 pages, contains plates of pages from Picasso's sketchbooks, including several pages of beautiful line drawings of bulls, as well as an index to the plates in volume 1. This index is keyed to thumbnail pictures of the work, and includes the forming and decorating techniques used, and the date each piece was produced, for easy reference. We have seen this museum-quality edition sold for $500. We have a VERY FEW COPIES available for $375.00. No discount.

Ceramics Of Shimaoka Tatsuzo: Living Treasure Of Japan $45.00
Edited by Martha Longenecker, longtime friend of Shimaoka, this is a luscious tribute and presentation. 4 essays including one by Shimaoka along with color photos of his pots, tools, and the potter at the wheel make this a treasure of a book.

Ceramics Of William H. Grueby-MONTGOMERY $55.00, $40.00
Fascinating chronicle of one of the premier potteries of the Arts & Crafts Movement in America, 
B&W and color photos. Fine text by a recognized expert and scholar.

Ceramics: Ways Of Creation-ZAKIN $40.00
36 ceramic artists share the way they create through insightful stories and illustrations of their work. Among the potters included are Rick Hirsh, Andrea Gill, Bruce Cochrane, Ron Roy, Eva Kwong, Wayne Higby, John Neely, and Harris Deller.

Charles Fergus Binns: The Father Of American Studio Ceramics $50.00
Margaret Carney has assembled a comprehensive collection of Binns  work. 72 pieces in color, 176 b&w . Engaging essays round out this beautiful volume.

Choosing Craft: the Artist's Viewpoint, ed. HALPER & DOUGLAS,  $35.00
This book uncovers the development of modern craft through excerpts of stories, artist statements, published writing, and the like. It is divided into sections of inspiration,  training, making a living, and philosophy. Many notable artists are gathered within, including Notkin, Kottler, Voulkos, and Wildenhain.

A Chosen Path: The Ceramic Art of Karen Karnes-ed. SHAPIRO, $40.00
As a leading female potter of the 20th century, it's about time Karen Karnes has a book of this sort. Beginning with a foreword by Garth Clark, the book navigates into Karnes' life and work, including a section written by Karen herself. While the first half of the book is comprised mostly of text with some photos, the second half is full-page color images of her functional and sculptural work.

Clarisse Cliff: The Art Of Bizarre-GRIFFIN $45.00
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of her birth, this book chronicles the life and work of this revered ceramist. Over 200 photos with 120 in color. A very comprehensive work.

Clarisse Cliff: The Bizarre Affair-GRIFFIN, MEISEL $20.00
Large format, (10 1/2"X14 1/2") showing in brilliant color the bold, geometric designs and pieces of this most famous Art Deco potter. Full text describing her work, production, and history of her studio and workshop.

Claudi Casanovas-BIRKS $25.00 Just a few copies of this left! Going out of print! OUT OF PRINT
Handsome monograph showcasing the sculptural work of this Spanish clay artist. 21 full color photos.

Interesting story of a well established (1945) organization. 84 artists are illustrated and profiled through their own statements.

Clay Talks: Reflections by American Master Ceramists $30.00
Emily Galusha and Mary Nord have assembled a collection of lectures delivered by recipients of the Northern Clay Centers Regis Awards. The artists reveal personal aspects of their inspirations, motivations, lifestyles, and challenges. Included are Warren MacKenzie, Ruth Duckworth, Robert Turner, Peter Voulkos, Eva Zeisel, and other icons of contemporary clay work.

Clayton Bailey: Happenings In The Circus Of Life-DePAOLI $45.00
Finally a book on this outrageous American ceramic artist. The author brings us a 40 year survey of his life and work. A large selection of very high quality b&w photos augment the well written text.

Coexistence with Fire: Wood-Fired Ceramics by Frank Boyden, 1985-2006 - ARMSTRONG $50.00
The American Museum of Ceramic Art published this book which is sectioned out according to which kiln was used by Boyden. In each kiln's section a short commentary by other potters is presented, provoking your mind to wrap around these pots just a bit more. So many color photos to gaze at.

Common Clay-COUNTS $30.00
A reprint of this sensitive, inspiring, provocative, and personal account of both the individual journeys and commonalities of a group of traditional southern potters. Take a privileged glimpse into what drives these master craftsmen while taking the opportunity to learn some important lessons about life, clay, and pots.

Comprehensively Clarice Cliff-SLATER, BROUGH $95.00
A big, coffee-table sized book of Clarice's patterns, including those produced with the A. J. Wilkinson factory. Loaded with color photos.

Contemporary Clay: Japanese Ceramics For The New Century-EARLE $25.00
An exhibition catalogue of current sculptural works by Japanese potters. An artist statement or biography is included for each artist. All color photos. Wonderful, sophisticated work.

Craft and Concept: The Rematerialization of the Art Object-KANGAS $28.00, Hardcover $36.00
A collection of essays by well-known craft writer, Matthew Kangas. These writings allow the reader to travel the craft scene over the decades as the public perception of craft changes. Includes essays on Richard Fairbanks, Howard Kottler, Viola Frey, Ryoji Koie, Rudy Autio, and many others. A few black and white photos, mainly text.

Craft, Perception And Practice: A Canadian Discourse $19.00
Editor Paula Gustafson brings us 24 essays contributed by 16 craftspeople, writers, historians, critics, curators, and instructors covering the theme of the title of the book. A wide variety of subjects and contributors makes this a fascinating volume. 37 color images interspersed throughout add highlights and visual interest.

The Craftsman- SENNETT $27.50
Sennett discusses craft and craftsmen in the context of history, relevance, philosophy, and ethics. A closer look at the importance of craft throughout time and into the future.

Craters from Fire: Ceramics by James Lovera-DANIELS, MOWRY $23.00
James Lovera is an important American potter. The explosive colors, elegant forms and sensuous textures of his ceramics are beautifully illustrated in this elegant 46-page catalogue from the Crocker Art Museum.

Creation Out Of Clay-WILLIAM ed. $80.00
Third volume on the work of Brother Thomas. Outstanding photos of the wares and insightful essays by Brother Thomas bring his work and personality to life. If you saw this book you would want it. Beautiful and inspiring.

Crossing Boundaries: The Ceramic Sculpture of Mineo Mizuno, LONG BEACH MUSEUM OF ART, $30.00
This book is presented wonderfully. The pages are thick and heavy, the photos are incredibly vivid, and the jacket over the cloth-bound book is interesting as well. The Japanese Mizuno studied art here in the states beginning when he was 22. His work is colorful, lively, and thoughtful though is has a clean, simple look to it. A very lovely book for any fan of his work.

Crossing Point-M.C. Richards the author of  Centering. $20.00
Emotional, intelligent, and relevant writings on the self, identity, purpose, and craft.

Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave – HILL See Childrens Section

David Leach-COOPER (hardcover $65.00, limited quant. no disc) $40.00
A well deserved biography and exhibition catalog of this magnificent studio potter. So informative, interesting, and important. Beautiful color and b&w photos and an eminently readable and insightful text.

Dear Mr. Leach, Some Thoughts On Ceramics-BLACKIE $40.00
As a teenager, well known British potter Sebastian Blackie wrote a letter to Bernard Leach. He received an encouraging reply and Blackie went on to make a career in clay. In this book Blackie uses the convention of a series of imaginary e-mails written to Leach which he uses to offer his reflections, observations, and thoughts on ceramics, art, and culture. A quirky but interesting piece of writing.

Dialogues With Zuni Potters-NAHOHAI, PHELPS $45.00, $20.00
An intimate look at the art of Zuni pottery through the eyes of the most prominent potters. Personal and inspirational.

Don Reitz: Clay, Fire, Salt, And Wood-CLOWES $30.00 OUT OF PRINT
A fabulous book. Includes a catalogue of Reitz's work with 63 color pictures, an interview by Mark Leach, many photos from workshops, and anecdotes from Reitz's long history with clay.

Echoes of the Earth: Ceramics by Toshiko Takaezu-SHIELDS $23.00
Images of a lifetime of work comprises the catalog for the Crocker Art Museum exhibition of this remarkable Japanese-American master ceramist; written by the Crocker s chief curator Scott Shields, with a forward by Gary Smith. This is an elegant hard cover book. 38 pages.

Eden Revisited: The Ceramic Art of Kurt Weiser- HELD $35.00
The first book to focus on Weiser and his work. His pots with dream-like worlds are presented in full color images throughout the book. Some earlier works are also represented, showing his shift towards China painting. A wonderful book for anyone that is a fan of his work.

Elizabeth Fritsch Vessels From Another World $25.00 OUT OF PRINT
Edward Lucie Smith s thorough portrait of this significant British Potter. Beautiful photos and insightful writing.

Enrique Mestre-NIEVERGELT et. al $50.00
The work of this Spanish modern ceramist is presented in a fine volume with 55 color and 18 b&w photos and well done text. Sophisticated and provocative. Text in Spanish and English.

Eva Zeisel-YOUNG $13.00 See specials section also!
A compact monograph, Zeisel s elegant housewares over her 70 year career are covered in 96 pages and 75 color and b&w photos. A wonderful presentation.

Eva Zeisel On Design: The Magic Language of Things-ZEISEL $40.00
Still working after 75 years as a potter and designer, Eva Zeisel has seen trends in design come and go. Zeisel discusses the characteristic aesthetics of Modernism and Art Nouveau within the context of architecture, pottery, and home decor. She talks about the relationship between functionality and aesthetics and our relationship to the objects that surround us. An interesting read with color photos throughout. 212 pages.

Evolution Of A Potter: Conversations With Bill Gordy $22.00
Lindsey Laub brings us fascinating insight into the life and craft of a traditional southern folk potter and his family. Color and b&w photos. Worthwhile, interesting.

Ewen Henderson-BERTHOUD $30.00 Just a few copies left! Going out of print!
Lovely monograph showing 29 of this British potters heavily textured vessel works.

Exploring Contemporary Craft: History, Theory & Contemporary Writing $19.00
Edited by Jean Johnson, this is a collection of provocative and important essays from the groundbreaking symposium held in Toronto in 1999. Though specifically addressing the state of crafts in Canada, the subject, writing, and issues are worldwide. Very well done.

Feat of Clay: Five Decades of Jerry Rothman $30.00
From the Laguna Art Museum comes a splendid view of Rothman s varied portfolio. Essays by Garth Clark, Susan Peterson, and Mike McGee. Lots of photos!

Firing: Philosophies within Contemporary Ceramic Practice-JONES
see technical section for a complete description

Following the Rhythms of Life: The Ceramic Art of David Shaner-HELD $35.00
A long look at Shaner's 40 years in clay. Discusses the road he has traveled, from Alfred to Archie Bray, his mentors and his influences, kilns built, pots fired, and the working rhythms of home and studio. Very nicely done. Full color pictures of pots throughout. Hardcover. 119 pages.

Fulper Book-RAGO, et. al $55.00, $40.00
Description and analysis with over 100 beautiful color photos and a catalogue of Fulper shapes. Informative text gives some technical and historical information.

Gabriele Koch, 2nd ed.-ATTENBOROUGH $30.00
Explore the serene sawdust fired surfaces of Koch's large coil-built vessels. Working without assistants, she has as many as 6 pieces in progress at a time. This allows her to let her clay air dry instead of relying heavily on a blow torch to stiffen the walls for the next coil. Years of experience formulating colored slips and sawdust firing create beautiful burnished surfaces. A lovely little hard-bound monograph.

George Ohr, Art Potter: The Apostle of Individuality - ELLISON $65.00
A new biography and survey of the life's work of this eccentric turn of the century potter. Ohr's determination to do things his own way led to spectacular abstract forms half a century before the abstract expressionist movement took off. Over 300 previously unpublished works by Ohr are displayed in full color photos. The quality of the photography is excellent. A beautiful book.

George Ohr: The Greatest Art Potter on Earth – Hecht $30.00The definitive and most up-to-date volume on the celebrated Biloxi artist, who was the most revolutionary art potter of his time. Called the Mad Potter of Biloxi, the Apostle of Individuality, and the self-proclaimed Greatest Art Potter on Earth, George Edgar Ohr (1857–1918) transformed wheel-thrown pots into ceramic works that were far ahead of their time. Though the unprecedented shapes and idiosyncratic glazes of Ohr’s creations were ridiculed by some during his lifetime, he was recognized as a genius by cognoscenti, who championed his work. Today, his ceramics are seen as forerunners of the American modernist movement and are prized by collectors and museums. This handsome volume, showcasing some 135 of Ohr’s masterpieces, accompanies a major exhibition at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art that will take place in the John S. and James L. Knight Gallery, four new Frank Gehry–designed, supersized, twisted steel "pod" buildings. All-new photographs of the objects—most never before publicly exhibited—illustrate Ohr’s ability to combine color and form to create vessels of incomparable delicacy. This volume is filled with new research and fresh insights into the life and work of one of America’s most singular and creative master artists.

Grayson Perry- KLEIN $65.00
This is a lovely book on this intriguing British potter. This book is filled with beautiful color photos of his work. Each piece is accompanied by some thoughts on it from the artist himself. A wonderful treat for any fan of his work.

Guilded Vessel, The Lustrous Art And Life Of Beatrice Wood-CLARK $35.00
Garth Clark has written a lavishly illustrated memoir of his friend Beato as she was called. Biographical as well as sumptuous large format color photos of her work make this a must have for those interested in Beatrice Wood and her work. 

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott: A Survey 1955-2005 - SMITH $26.50 OUT OF PRINT
A well-deserved tribute to the work of Australian potter, Pigott. The delicate, clean lines of her functional ware seem worlds removed from the intensive labor that produced them: hand-dug clay and wood-fired kilns. Essays discuss her extensive travels, time in the studio, and her friendships with Bernard Leach, Lucie Rie, Michael Cardew, Hans Coper, and others.

The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture-WILSON $30.00, $16.00 LIMITED STOCK ON THE HARDCOVER THEN OUT OF PRINT
The title tells the whole story. A fascinating, provocative, and illuminating study of interest to all creative people. The story is told through the experiences of a variety of individuals for whom the hand is integral to their work and lives.

Hans Coper-BIRKS $50.00
This is the definitive and wonderful book on this important artist. Detailed text follow his life and work. Loaded with B&W and color photos this will educate and fascinate you.

Harrison McIntosh: A Timeless Legacy- American Museum of Ceramic Art, $40
This is a beautiful book presenting the path of American potter, McIntosh. His geometric patterns, fluid lines, and smooth, natural, often times sculptural, shapes fill the pages with color and beauty. Lovely and inspirational.

Howard Kottler: Face To Face-FAILING $40.00
Numerous stunning color and b&w photos along with well written text present a chronicle of the evolution of this important clay artist.

I Made This Jar, The Life And Works Of The Enslaved African American Potter Dave -KOVERMAN $25.00  OUT OF PRINT see the new book Carolina Clay.
The catalog that accompanied the exhibition of the same name. A fascinating account of Dave, his life, and his poetic verse pots. This is an important record of our craft as well as social history and should be examined by anyone with an interest in either. Simply a wonderful view into Dave's world of clay and poetry.

I Shock Myself: The Autobiography of Beatrice Wood $25.00 see specials section!
Beatrice Wood was a living history of 20th century art and ceramics. Her life was an extraordinary journey among some of the most noted and notorious art personalities of our time. In 1933 at the age of 40 she uncovered her passion for pottery. Her writing lends rare glimpses into her own life as well as Duchamp, Brancusi, Isadora Duncan, Anais Nin, and others. This is a must have.

Invisible Core-WILDENHAIN $25.00
A classic work that should be on every potters reading list. Marguerite s life, work, influences, philosophy. A must read!

Irvin Tepper: When Cups Speak-HERNANDEZ $40.00 OUT OF PRINT
Over the last 25 years artist Irvin Tepper has taken the concept of the cup from mere utility and aesthetic consideration to a new degree of intellectualism and engagement. Written to accompany the exhibition, the book documents Tepper s cups in ceramic and bronze, drawings of cups, stories about cups, and photos of cups. Quite unique!

Isamu Noguchi and Modern Japanese Ceramics: A Close Embrace Of The Earth-CORT $50.00  OUT OF PRINT
A deeply respectful, enlightening, and informative volume on the ceramics of this well known Japanese-American artist more known for his sculpture but equally at home with clay. A fascinating account of his work, philosophy, and life. This is also a lovely and handsome book and is a must read!

Jack Earle-NORDNESS *10% discount only $30.00
An intimate, informative and at times hilarious account of Jack Earle. Over 100 b&w and color photos of his work and influences.

James And Nan McKinnell, A Retrospective Exhibition $3.00
Quintessential American studio potters. Essays by Gerry Williams, Tom Turnquist, Zen Z. Pool Jr., and James Robinson accompany 20 pieces from the collection in full color photos. Also included is checklist of the full exhibition, their life chronology, and exhibition history. This is an absolute must for 3 dollars! Also see "Time in Tandem" in the videos section.

Jan De Rooden/Ceramic Artist-van ACHTERBERG, et. al. $30.00
The life and art of one of Europe's leading studio potters. Beautifully done book.

Janet Leach: A Potter's Life-COOPER $40.00
This third book by Emmanuel Cooper on the Leach family discusses the strong, independent Texan who studied in the male-dominated Japanese pottery world, married Bernard Leach, and managed the St. Ives pottery. She was drawn to Bizen ware and other rough, flame-marked styles, although wood-firing in England was diffecult. Janet often used the coil-and-throw technique and beat her pots with textured paddles to give them more asymetrical life. Many color photos.

Janice Tchalenko-WATSON, TCHALENKO $18.00
64 page monograph with 36 photos, mostly color on this well known British potter.

Johnny Rolf, Her Ceramics, Her Gauches-VAN MARKEN et al $49.00
Lovely book of the retrospective exhibition of this important Dutch artist. 3 essays, 232 pages, 164 photos bring her beautiful and compelling work to life. Dutch & English text.

Karen Karnes- GARTH CLARK GALLERY $15.00
A 36 page all color monograph from Karnes  2004 show, which showcases work from throughout her long career. From stoneware coffee sets to sculpture. Wonderful glazed surfaces.

Kate Malone, A Book of Pots-JACKSON, MALONE $50.00
A comprehensive look at the work of this well known British ceramic artist. Stuffed with gorgeous photos. Also includes excerpts from her travel diaries and technical information.

Ken Ferguson: Talking with the Wheel-SILVER GATE, INC $45.00
A wonderful tribute to Ferguson's journey through ceramics. Essays by Garth Clark, Peter von Ziegesar, John Perreault, and the potter's interview with Ted Rowland as well as photos of Ferguson working. Beautiful full-color plates throughout the book illustrate his thoughts on form, texture, and color.

Ken Matsuzaki: Burning Tradition- MASKE $50.00
As an apprentice of Shimaoka, Ken was bound to be influenced by the Mingei style. His works show an understanding and respect for the style while still squeezing in his own personal and contemporary influences. Over 75 color photos suck you in to see why it is said "his pots exude quality in every possible way". With words from Phil Rogers, Bernard Pucker, Andrew Maske, and Ken himself.

Ken Price-STEIDLMM $45.00
Wonderful work featured in the exhibition Ken Price: Sculptures and Drawings 1962-2006. Composite forms of rounded lumps with multi-layered color application, piles of blobby humanoid forms, acrylic and ink drawings of dynamic landscapes with aggresively-colored lava flows and rift valleys as well as pictures of Price's source materials. The book is prefaced by an interview with Price in which he discusses his influences and the path he has taken in his work. 148 pages. Full page color plates.

Kondo Takahiro: Potter and Painter-Natl Mus Of Scotland $20.00
72 page monograph on this contemporary Japanese potter. Thrown and slab built forms, geometric and painterly decoration. Very interesting work.

Kurt Weiser- GARTH CLARK GALLERY $15.00
The 28 page all color monograph is filled with Weiser s lush china painted jars and bottles. Front and back views give a complete 360 view of his pots, teeming with imagery of life and death in the garden and the issues of human relationships.

Last Sane Man: Michael Cardew, Modern Pots, Colonialism and the Counterculture- HARROD $45.00
Here is the long time coming, first biography of one of icons of 20th century ceramics and studio pottery. Cardew was a man of paradox whose extraordinary personality and individualism will captivate you. He was a modernist who disliked modernity, a husband and father who was homosexual, a colonial who despised empire, and an intellectual who was a supreme handworker. This is a book about the history of our craft that is not to be missed.

Laura Andreson-MINGEI INT. MUSEUM $45.00
From a retrospective exhibition in 1982, lovely color photos of her soft, sensitive ceramics. Essays and commentary complement the work.

Legacy Of Maria Poveka Martinez-SPIVEY $60.00
Drawn from the authors 1979 classic work, this book features new photography, an additional 120 pots, and expanded and revised text. Maria s entire life s work is chronicled here.

Legacy Of A Master Potter, Nampeyo And Her Descendants $22.00
The story of the Nampeyo-Lesou family and the six generations of potters started by Nampeyo. Includes the unique story of the Hopi-Tewa people.

Len Castle Potter-CASTLE $90.00
Page after page of beautiful glazes. Page after page of rough, textured surfaces. Photos of the New Zealand landscapes that inspire Castle s work are included, along with an occasional comment from the potter, but mainly this is a 250 page picture book.

Letters Of Gerhard Marcks & Marguerite Wildenhain $35.00- see specials!
Friends for over 50 years, these letters from the last 11 years of their friendship forms a valuable and fascinating chronicle. A poignant vision, beautiful writing.

Living in the Country Growing Weird, A Deep Rural Adventure-PARKS $22.00
An engaging memoir by well known potter, teacher, and writer Dennis Parks of his life in Tuscarora. The joys of running a pottery school, raising goats, children, etc. Very entertaining.

Living Tradition Of Maria Martinez-PETERSON 75.00, $45.00
A magnificent book, thick and full of photos.

Look Alikes: The Decal Plates of Howard Kottler-HALPER $20.00 OUT OF PRINT
The first look at Kottler s body of work as a whole. An in-depth study of this superb conceptual artist. 67 full color photos.

Lucie Rie- BIRKS
*currently out of print, however a newer edition is in the works, stay tuned...
If you are going to get one book on Lucie Rie, one of the most influential and important potter of our time, this is the one. Extensive examination of her life and work. 224 pages, b&w and color photos of her and her work. This is an excellent book.

Lucie Rie-COOPER $32.00
A lovely collection of her works surrounded by eight essays written with love, admiration, and respect. There is a photo sequence of her throwing, glazing, and unpacking the kiln as well as a chapter unmasking her studio notebooks complete with glazes and technical notes. This is a sweet little book.

Lucie Rie: Modernist Potter-COOPER $55.00
The first and foremost comprehensive biography of one of the most celebrated potters of the 20th century. Emmanuel Cooper knew Lucie and was given unrestricted access to previously unpublished letters and materials which provide new insights into Rie's life and work. The book follows her life and artistic developments from birth to her passing in 1995. It is a fascinating story of a remarkable human being.

Lucy M. Lewis-PETERSON $45.00
A luscious book by Susan Peterson, beautiful color photos show Lucy s life and work.

Mad Potter Of Biloxi-CLARK et. al $85.00
The book on the life and art of George Ohr. Luscious illustrations of his work along with incredible photos of Ohr, his shop and his life make this a special volume.

Magdalene Odundo-COOPER, OLDING $70.00
The first full length book on Odundo and her magnificent work. 128 pages, 204 illustrations, 64 in color featuring full page photos of key works. An important new book.

Maija Grotell-SCHLANGER, TAKAEZU $30.00
An intimate and personal chronicle of the life and works of Grotell who was a pioneer of American studio pottery. Outstanding photographs make this a visually exciting book.

Marc Chagall, Ceramic Masterpieces- ed DOSCHKA $65.00
Chagall approached his claywork more as a painter than a sculptor. Platters and tiles illustrated with scenes from the Old Testament and La Fontaine s fables in oxides and engobes are accompanied by essays. 176 pages, 110 color and 12 b&w photos.

Marc Chagall Ceramics $40.00
From the exhibition held in the spring, 2005 in Holland. Works from the collection of his daughter and MHK in Den Bosch that Chagall produced while in Vallauris. The text discusses the significance of Chagall as a ceramist and places his work in the context of 20th century ceramics. Over 100 full color photos of his magnificent work. Text in Dutch and English.

Margaret Tafoya: A Tewa Potter's Heritage-BLAIR $45.00
A lovely book & tribute to Margaret Tafoya and pueblo potters, the story of her work, history of pueblo people, and Santa Clara pottery techniques. Beautiful color photos.

Marguerite Wildenhain and the Bauhaus: An Eyewitness Anthology-SCHWARZ $75.00
A massive tome on this influential potter and teacher. Texts and artwork by Wildenhain as well as submissions from her family, students, and prominent art historians. The life and work of Wildenhain and the continuing worldwide influence of the Bauhaus school and Pond Farm. 770 pages. 837 illustrations. 435 in color.

Marguerite Wildenhain: A Diary to Franz-SCHWARZ $40.00
A beautiful and tender thing. Beginning in 1940 with a series of postcards that Marguerite drew and sent as she traveled from Holland to the United States to escape the German invasion. Through her diary, we follow her journey across the US by bus as she desperately searched for a permanent teaching job for her husband Franz. She had escaped Holland using her French passport. He would not be permitted a visa to the US without proof of a university job waiting for him. Meanwhile, Holland was invaded by Germany and Marguerite heard no word from Franz. She took solace from her growing fears for Franz in her diary. Includes photos, pictures of rocks Wildenhain added to her collection along the way, woodblock prints by David Kamm on the subject of separation, and many drawings and pictures of pots by both potters. Beautifully produced.

Maria The Potter of San Ildefenso-MARRIOT $20.00
The first and some say best book on Maria. Only available in paperback now.

Mark Hewitt: Potter-MILLARD $30.00
Four essays and a significant collection of his wares in color photos bring Hewitt s earthy, traditional pots to life. He is a Ô¨ potter in the truest sense.

Martin Brothers Potters-HASLAM $99.00
Story of the Martin Brothers, important Victorian era potters from the UK. 270 b&w, 26 color, and 15 photos of signatures and marks. Hard to find book.


Mary Tuthill Lindheim: Art and Inspiration $30.00
This is the first book on the American sculptor and ceramist Mary Tuthill Lindheim (1912- 2004) who, with contemporaries Edith Heath, Peter Voulkos, Marguerite Wildenhain and others, awakened the art world and public to the exciting potential of clay as a fine art medium. A student of Alexander Archipenko, Isamu Noguchi, and José de Creeft, Lindheim entered ceramics in 1946 as a fully formed sculptor. A year into her new career, she was exhibiting with the best potters of her generation. A leader in threeinfluential artists organizations the Association of San Francisco Potters, San Francisco Women Artists, and Designer-Craftsmen of California Lindheim worked to foster dialogue among museums, critics, and artists and to break down what she saw as artificial and destructive distinctions between art and craft.  During her most prolific period in ceramics, 1947-1969, she was featured prominently in national publications and exhibited in most of the important ceramics and studio craft shows of the period. Her work is in the collections of numerous museums, including Arizona State University Art Museum, the Bolinas Museum, Crocker Art Museum, Mills College Art Museum, Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (Utah State University), and the Oakland Museum of California, among others.

Mary Wondrausch On Slipware-WONDRAUSCH $40.00

Masters: Earthenware, Major Works by Leading Artists- OSTERMANN, $25.00
Another survey book by Lark Publications, this one is no different than the others. It is filled with beautiful photos that leave the viewer knowing that Earthenware cannot be pigeon-holed. 38 artist are represented here, showing works of all styles. Great for anyone who enjoys looking at ceramic works.

Masters: Porcelain, Major Works by Leading Ceramists-TOURTILLOT, BURKETT $25.00
Forty artists working in porcelain describe the inspiration for their work. Functional to funky, traditional to avant garde. Do not assume this to be a comprehensive survey of the most significant contemporary porcelain potters as there are many important and noteable individuals left out and not every potter here works exclusively in porcelain. Despite that, the color photos are lovely and there is plenty of interesting work to be seen. 336 pages.

May-DAVIS $25.00
A personal history of one of pottery's most fascinating couples, Harry and May Davis.

A Meditation of Fire: The Art of James C. Watkins $40.00
 Beautiful presentation by Kippa Hopper of the massive forms of James Watkins. Color photos show off the work and well written text gives us insight into the artists inspirations and influences.

Michael Cardew: A Pioneer Potter-CARDEW $65.00, $33.00
This is an autobiography of Michael Cardew, one of the most important figures of 20th century pottery. A sensitive portrait completed by his son Seth after his death. Our copies are signed by Seth.

Michael Lucero; Sculpture 1976-1995-LEACH $45.00
An impressive volume presenting his ceramic, bronze, and mixed media works. The text gives us insight and knowledge of the artist. 74 color and 58 b&w photos.

Mississippian Pottery: A Tribute to Roy Hathcock- FITZGERALD, $45.00
See Pottery of North and South America section for description

Modern Pots: The Lisa Sainsbury Collection-FRANKEL $75.00
see the section on World Pottery for a description

Movers & Shakers In American Ceramics; Defining 20th Century Ceramics -LEVIN $29.00
A collection of Ceramics Monthly articles by Elaine Levin, one of our foremost ceramics writers and historians. 25 years of observation, analysis, aesthetics, and history through the personal stories of 26 of the most significant potters of our time.

The Mud-Pie Dilemma ORIGINAL EDITION- John Nance hardcover reg. $40 SPECIAL $12
First published in 1978, this is the original edition of this book and we have all the remaining copies. John Nance brings us a moving account of Tom Coleman s struggles, efforts, and rewards while preparing for a major exhibition. See how he tries to  weave a life of creative commitment with economic survival.  This is a sweet book in both appearance, feel, and content. It's one of my favorites. You will really enjoy owning this first edition. 

The Mud-Pie Dilemma, 2nd Ed.-NANCE $47.00
The next chapter in the story of Tom and Elaine Coleman. This updated edition includes the original Mud-Pie text and describes the evolution of the Colemans  work to the present. Includes glaze recipes and color and b&w photos of work through the years. See the listing above and in our SPECIALS 
section for a great deal on the original edition of this book.

Mud Woman, Poems From The Clay $17.00
Clay sculptor and poet Nora Naranjo-Morse presents us with a gentle and imaginative collection of poems and claywork telling of her life as a young Pueblo Indian woman. You will enjoy her work.

Nampeyo And Her Pottery-KRAMER $40.00, $25.00
The only comprehensive study of this most famous Hopi-Tewa potter. Wonderful historic photos as well as maps, drawings and photos of her work. Color and b&w.

Nature and Aesthetics of Design-PYE $40.00
An investigation of the relationship between function and form written in a clear style and tone. Very bright, penetrating, and stimulating book.

Nature and Art of Workmanship-PYE $40.00
Thought provoking study of the role and significance of craft, skill, design and manufacture. Everyone working in handmade objects should have this book.

NeoCraft: Modernity and the Crafts- ALFOLDY $40.00
This book is a collection of essays from leading scholars, craftspeople, and curators. While a heavy read, this book is filled with lots of interesting info, placing modern crafts in context of historical art by way of theory, design, history, philosophy, anthropology and more.

Nicolas Homoky-FOWLES $30.00
Monograph showcasing the work and chronology of this well known European potter who was a student of Hans Coper and Lucie Rie. Bold geometry highlights his designs.

Objects & Meaning; New Perspectives on Art and Craft $45.00
Editors M. Anna Fariello and Paul Owen have assembled a collection of 13 essays that look at the art/craft divide from historical, cultural, and theoretical perspectives. Thought provoking reading.

On the River through the Valley of Fire: The Collaborative Ceramics of Frank Boyden and Tom Coleman- LAMBERTON $40.00
Coleman's smooth gas fired pots and Boyden's wood fired pots have found a happy middle ground together and through the 20+ year project each man was humbled by the others ability and wealth of knowledge. They manage to join their unique styles together to find a unifying voice. Beautiful photos of beautiful work.

Pablo Picasso Keramiek Ceramics $30.00
A small (7"x9", 96 page) volume produced to accompany an exhibit at the Stedelijk Museum in honor of Picasso's 125th birthday. Text in both Dutch and English by Titus M. Eliens illuminates the historical and mythological references in Picasso's ceramics, as well as his process and biographical information. Historical photo's of Picasso working accompany full-color plates of his ceramics. A very nice book.

Painting with Smoke: David Roberts, Raku Potter- GREEN $70.00
This is the expanded and revised edition of the long out-of-print title. It is hard cover and filled with many color photos to make it a truly stunning book. Roberts' techniques, inspirations, biography and intent are included to admire the full spectrum or his artistry. A great book for lovers of modern work in primitive styles.

Patti Warashina: Wit and Wisdom Book – American Museum of Ceramic Art $46.00
This book is published on the occasion of an exhibition by the same name at the American Museum of Ceramic Art (AMOCA). The publication is purposely saturated with images, including more than 60 full page photographs that represent the scope of Warashina's art work from 1960 through 2012 and over 100 smaller images that augment Kingsbury's text.

Paul Soldner; A Retrospective-LEVIN et.,al $25.00 OUT OF PRINT
Retrospective exhibition of Soldner's work over the years. He has remained a unique creative individual. Color photos.

Peter Callas: 30 Year Odyssey p29.00
A collection of the artists work over the past 30 years. Outstanding color photos make this a very handsome volume. Our copies are signed by the artist.

Phil Rogers: Potter-PUCKER GALLERY $50.00
A wonderful gathering of Rogers work, accompanied by an interview with the potter and an introductory essay by Andrew Maske. Pages full of ash glazed, salt glazed, slipped, incised, thrown, and press-molded pots. Really lovely. The interview is an excellent window into Rogers' philosophy of making.

Picasso and Ceramics-Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec, et al $65.00
Beautiful hardcover volume with a detailed chronology of Picasso's ceramic endeavors. Particularly investigates his relationship with the Ramies of the Madoura workshop in Vallauris. Side-by-size pictures illustrate the links between his ceramics, drawings and linocuts. Wonderful essays by a variety of scholars. 271 pages with color photos on almost every page.

Picasso: Fired With Passion-FINN, WATBAN $28.00
A lovely book that places Picasso's work with clay in the context of the times, his life, and his need to discover and work with new mediums and methods. This small paperback (7 1/2"x9 1/2", 77 pages) contains a wealth of information and insight. Carefully chosen and placed photos of the artist, his family, and his work help to illustrate the themes. Very well done.

Picasso in Clay: Three Decades of Ceramics from the Marina Picasso Collection-GERALD PETERS GALLERY $20.00
25 full-color plates of Picasso's unpretentious, informal ceramics. Most of the pieces in this collection are functional ware that Picasso transformed into more sculptural forms using brushed slips, slip-trailing, and incised scraffitto. Includes essays by John Richardson and Marilyn McCully discussing frequent themes in Picasso's work and his time at his Vallauris workshop.

Pioneer Studio Pottery-RIDDICK $60.00
Showcase of the work of Leach, Hamada, Haile, Cardew, Bouverie, Kwali, and others. 152 pieces from the vast collection are shown in very high quality b&w photos with 32 of them in full page color. Included is fascinating documentation, biographies of the artists, and an essay about Milner-White and his collection.

Pioneers Of Modern Craft-COATTS $25.00
12 essays profiling key figures in 20th century craft. Leach, Pye, Rie, Coper and others. Compelling writing.

Playing Chess With The Heart: Beatrice Wood At 100 
Marlene Wallace brings us a collection of photos of and writings spanning 20 years by Beatrice Wood, on the anniversary of her 100th birthday.

Poetry of Clay: The Art of Toshiko Takaezu $15.00 OUT OF PRINT
From and exhibition at the Phil Museum Of Art, an exploration of the closed pots of the 1980s and 1990s with an essay by Darrel Sewell on Takaezu s education and development. Ghostly skins of glaze wrap the spheres and domed cylinders of Toshiko s stunning pots.

Porcelain Of Brother Thomas-GODINE $30.00
Stunning collection of the work of this master. His glazes and surfaces will amaze you.

Porcelains Of Brother Thomas: Gifts From The Fire $50.00
From The Pucker Gallery, a new collection of his amazing work. Incredible color photos that you must see. See the video section for an outstanding film production.

Postmodern Ceramics-DEL VECCHIO $45.00
Please see the "World Pottery" section for a complete description.

Potters, 12th Edition-CERAMIC REVIEW $32.00
Directory of Fellows and Prof. Members of the Craft Potters Association, UK. Photos of, addresses, and short write ups of each potter along with color photos of their work.

Potters Companion-LARSEN $20.00
An eclectic compilation of entertaining, inspiring, educational, and enlightening writing on clay throughout history. Essays, poetry, quotes, stories, observations and anecdotes of both fact, fiction, and imagination on aesthetics, history, philosophy, and the practice of making pots. Forward by Warren MacKenzie. This is just wonderful!

Pottery: A Life, A Lifetime-JACOBSON $30.00
A guide to making the perfect pot. Interwoven with technical pottery advice are stories, anecdotes, and personal reflections of Jacobson s apprenticeship in Japan. A privileged welcome into the life of this important clay personality.

Pottery By American Indian Women-PETERSON $55.00
A wonderful book showcasing the pottery making traditions during this century. The masters, their family members, and a new generation of potters bring the work to life. Fabulous color photos and insightful text.

Pottery, Politics, Art: George Ohr and the Brothers Kirkpatrick MOHR $60.00
The Kirkpatrick s are known for their witty, haunting, and grotesque wares. They were important influences on Ohr whose pottery is well known. 138 photos, 22 in color.

Quiet Eye, Pottery Of Shoji Hamada & Bernard Leach $20.00 OUT OF PRINT
Catalogue of a major exhibit of the work of Leach and Hamada at the S.F. Craft and Folk Art Museum in 1990. Essays by Susan Peterson and Warren Mackenzie.

The Quotable Artist-HADDEN $20.00
A vast and varied collection of quotes by the famous and the obscure passes down the wisdom of the ages. Generations of photographers, architects, and visual artists of all kinds speak to subjects that include inspiration, genius, st Dyle, light, beauty, nature, creativity, critics, color, fame, emotion, and more.

Ralph Bacerra: A Survey-GARTH CLARK GALLERY $15.00
A 24 page, all color monograph showing the bright decorative work of Ralph Bacerra. Page after page of alive, vivid pots. Design reigns here.

Ray Finch: Craftsman Potter Of The Modern Age-EDGELER $45.00
Published in conjunction with a major retrospective exhibition held in June, 2006, this is a wonderful tribute to the life and work of this influential and important figure in 20th century clay. John Edgeler writes with sensitivity and insight giving us personal views into Finch's philosophy, working style, approach to craftsmanship, dedication to using pots, teaching, and much more. Contributed essays add insight and flavor. Photos of Ray, his pots, pots of others, and his studio are all color save for a smattering of b&w archival photos. The quality of the book is outstanding with heavy smooth bright paper and excellent reproductions. This is a wonderful book.

Reality & Realism, The Ceramic Art of Ah Leon $30.00
From an exhibition at the Crocker Art Museum in California, this lovely book surveys Ah Leon s recent work with special concentration on  Bridge . Beautiful full-color plates. Succulent eye-candy.

Recollections From My Time In The Indian Service, 1935-1943 $15.00
Alfreda Maloof s experience living and working in N.Mexico and Montana. Included is a primer written for her 2nd and 3rd grade students;  Maria Martinez Make s Pottery.

The Remarkable Potters of Seagrove: The Folk Pottery of a Legendary North Carolina Community - BROWN
see the North and South American Pottery section for a description

Richard Fairbanks:American Potter-KANGAS $25.00
103 illustrations with 31 in color, bring this overlooked artist to our attention.

Richard Slee-CLARK, COURTNEY $50.00
The first full length book on this well known and important British ceramic artist. 113 illustrations with 90 in color.

Richard Slee-HOUSTON $18.00
64 page monograph on the lively work of this well known contemporary English potter.

Rick Berman: Clayworker-COFER, EGAN $20.00
A lovely and inspiring collection. 62 of Berman's pots are presented in wonderful color images. Raku, smoked, salku...Crusted organic surfaces, lively brushwork, bright oranges and sulphurus yellows. Berman describes the 30 year development of his salt + raku = salku technique in a short essay. Excellent.

Ripples: Marguerite Wildenhain & Her Pond Farm Students $28.00
Author Billie Sessions brings us the catalog of the 2002 exhibition of the same name. A wonderful collection of her works and those of some of her students, themselves established and well known potters, in full color. Informative and revealing essays, biographical chronology, and personal reflections surround the objects. This book is now out of print. We have limited quantities available. Once we are sold out it is gone!

Robert Sperry: Bright Abyss- KANGAS $70.00, $50.00
At nearly 300 pages, this book is bursting with wonderful color photographs, but the real highlight is the story itself. Sperry and all of his artistic endeavors are discussed in depth. Pottery, photography, sculpting, film making, and making murals were all arts Sperry practiced and all are discussed. Through years of research of various sorts, Kangas was able to get this story across because of his studying of personal records of Sperry, including diaries, notebooks, and letters.

Robert Turner, Shaping Silence-MIRO, HEPBURN $45.00 see specials
An outstanding book on one of our most important and influential potters and teachers. Personal history, intimate thoughts and perspectives, analysis of his work, insightful commentary, and much more make this a must read for anyone interested in the potters that have helped to shape our craft.

Robin Hopper, Ceramics: A Lifetime Of Works, Ideas, and Teachings-HOPPER $45.00
A very special and personal piece of writing by one of our most influencial and generous potters. More than an autobiography, in Robin Hopper Ceramics the author shares his personal journey of creativity offering insights into his process, techniques, approach to design, form, surface, decoration, function, and more. Over 250 color photos of works and demonstrations. This book was a long time in the making and will be a great resource to both the novice student and seasoned potter.

The monograph is full of Nagle s bright colors an"Hd textural surfaces. His cups are showcased, but his more abstract and loose forms are given several pages as well. 35 pages, all color.

Rudy Autio-LACKEY $65.00
The artist completely uncovered. Louana Lackey, a lifelong friend, has written a wonderful account of the artist from his earliest days to his present work. Loaded with photos, stories, anecdotes and more. A privileged view into this important artist s personal and professional life.

Rudy Autio Work 1983-1996-RUBIN $30.00
80 pieces of his work along with several essays and other photos make this an enjoyable monograph. Very nicely done.

Sally Bowen Prang-LEVIN $15.00
An insightful introduction by Elaine Levin, the author of  The History Of American Ceramics , accompanies this catalog of the artist s delicate thrown and altered forms. Interspersed between the 28 color, full page photos are statements by the artist.

Sam Haile, Potter and Painter-RICE $25.00
A collection of writings and works gives us insightful perspective into the life of this British artist who tragically died in 1948 at the age of 38. Wonderful photos and text.

Sandy Brown-Makepeace $30.00
A fine monograph with over 50 color photos depicting Sandy Brown s playful work. Sculpture includes spirited use of the figure. Some pieces begin with a common pottery form, such as a teapot, or plate. Brown's exuberant glaze painting is barely contained by the structure of spout and lip. Comments by the artist give valuable insight.

Searching for Beauty: Letters from a Collector to a Studio Potter-JACOBS $40.00
This is a collection of letters in the form of a book. Written from collector Richard Jacobs to potter Christa Assad, this book is for a wide audience, reaching out beyond potters. It discusses the thoughts and ideas that so many of us have and articulates them in a way we cannot, speaking of society, aesthetics, philosophy and much more. Many inspirational words to keep you going.

Searching For Light: Rudolf Staffel-PHIL MUS OF ART OUT OF PRINT

Sense of Order, A Study in the Psychology of Decorative Art, 2nd Ed-GOMBRICH $30.00
A classic study of the theory, practice, and psychology behind decoration. A book to make you aware of the careful design in the everyday objects surrounding you.

Shaners Red-STUDIO POTTER $12.00
Beautifully written and produced monograph on one of the most influencial potters of recent times. His pots and glazes have touched thousands.

Shards, Garth Clark on Ceramic Art-CLARK $30.00, $45.00 OUT OF PRINT
Please see the "World Pottery" section for a description.

Shoji Hamada, A Potter s Way and Work-PETERSON $60.00
An updated version of the classic written by a fellow potter, and long-time friend Susan Peterson. A close view of the great potter s day to day workings and process.

The Spirit of Ceramic Design: Cultivating Creativity With Clay – Pipenburg $35.00
In this celebrated new book, Robert Pipenburg gives ceramicists a beneficial guide for cultivation their creativeness with clay. As you’ll discover in these pages, when ceramic works of art celebrate the expressions of spirit and personify core design concepts, they embrace a heightened realization of meaning that is personally empowering and universally inspiring, In a myriad of ways, designs in clay become that artistic footprints of spirit that we leave in the path of life.  As we create each footprint we affirm the originality of our existence and share the joy of being alive.

The Soul of a Bowl $25.00
An exhibition catalog from the Contemporary Crafts Museum And Gallery. Beautiful color photos of teabowls by Don Reitz, Frank Boyden, Jenny Lind, and Elaine and Tom Coleman. A sweet book to treat yourself to over your breakfast cup.

Stoked: Five Artists of Fire and Clay – Welch $30.00This book celebrates the 30th anniversary of the St John’s Pottery, another place of resounding excellenc, where collaborations occur daily between experts and novices, teachers and apprentices, humans and nature.  At the same time, the text documents “Stoked,” an exhibition featuring the work of several talented potters who studies with Richard Bresnahan and then became masters in their own right: Kevin Flicker, Stephen Earp, Samuel Johnson, and Anne Meyer.
Lavishly illustrated with nearly 90 color photographs, “stoked: Five Artists of Fire and Clay” explores a range of contemporary American ceramics: from the robust stonewares of Bresnahan, Flicker and Johnson to the whimsical redwares of Earp and the elegant sculptures of Meyers.  The essays reveal each individual’s search for identity and the cross- fertilization that inevitably occurs when creative people from diverse backgrounds are mindful not only of the past but of generations yet to come.

Susan Beecher: Woodfired Pottery-BEECHER et al $20.00 OUT OF PRINT
A lovely book with over 200 color photos of Beecher s wonderful pots. This is an intimate journey into her life as a person and potter. Included are step by step photos and discussion of the building, loading, firing, and unloading of her kiln along with photos of her studio and making pots. There is a section of clay and glaze recipes and a short chapter on contemporary woodfiring in America. Very senitively written, Beecher s passion for sharing and teaching comes through loud and clear. Very enjoyable and inspiring.

Susie Cooper, A Pioneer Of Modern Design-CASEY $59.50
Beautiful book bringing the life and work of this vital and important British potter and designer to life. Her work has influenced countless potters around the world.

Swinging-WOUTERS $20.00
A beautiful color monograph on this well know Belgian potter. Her work pays tribute to the ancient traditions of ceramics that are so important to our understanding of the origins of our craft.

Taizo Kuroda- JODIDO $65.00
A beautiful book on porcelain artist Kuroda. His simple but strong forms are showcased in black and white as well as color photos. The pages are filled with closeups of his work as well as meaningful, contemplative quotes from the artist. Also has a good deal of text collected by the author while interviewing Kuroda in the summer of '09 preparing for this book. Worth a look for fans of Kuroda, porcelain, or sculptures

Takako Araki, Recent Work-EVERSON MUSEUM $7.00
Handsome 12 page exhibition catalogue.

Takeshi Yasuda - Marston House $30.00
Includes essays by David Hamilton, Tony Birks, Felicity Aylieff, Alison Britton, and Paul Mathieu. Full page, full color photographs of Yasuda's thrown and altered ware. Yasuda describes his journey in clay through the years. He had an early interest in reduction-fired stoneware, particularly ash glazes and traditional nisai or "two-color" ware. Then, a residency with only an electric kiln for firing brought to life his sansai pots, tri-color ware with manganese and copper accent glazes. His creamware began with a single pot tucked into a student's kiln. Takeshi Yasuda's work shows the slow evolution of style over a lifetime of throwing. Wonderfully relaxed functional shapes, juicy glazes, excellent.

Taking Tea With Clarice Cliff-GRIFFIN $17.00
A precious little handbook celebrating the bold, bright designs of this unconventional individual. Brilliant color photos and well written text. A real bargain of a book!

Talking With The Turners: Conversations With Southern Folk Potters-MACK $45.00
see the section on Pottery of North and South America for a description

Tea Ceramics Artist: Richard Milgrim, A Retrospective $60.00
Edited by Tomiko Hasegawa and published by Kodansha Japan, this is a luscious book that will both educate and inspire. Richard Milgrim is an American potter whose work enjoys the honor and distinction of being endorsed by the 15th Generation Grand Master Of Urasenke, Dr. Sen Genshitsu. In glorious color photos the book follows the career of Milgrim from his student days at Antioch college in 1977, through his apprenticeships in Japan, and on to his acceptance and success as a maker of tea ceremony vessels. His pots are beyond description and the full page photos bring the shapes, surfaces, and nuances of the artists touch to life. A collection of comments and essays complete the text which is presented in both Japanese and English. Whether or not you have a particular interest in teabowls this is a book not to be missed.

Tea Ceramics-MILGRIM vol 1: $40.00, vol 2: $25.00
Two catalogs of the wares of Richard MilgrIm, an American potter who has studied extensively in Japan. His works are beautiful invoking the ancient traditions and are endorsed by Sen Soshitsu, the Uransanke 15th Grand Tea Master. Vol 1 has 121 wares, Vol 2 shows 37 pieces all in breathtaking color.

...that We Look and See: An Admirer Looks at the Indians-WILDENHAIN $30.00
This is an interesting book and hard to classify. In the first section, Wildenhain shares a variety of her sketches while discussing the importance of drawing to proper seeing and the relationship between her sketches and her pottery. The second section is a mediation in words and drawings on Native Central Americans. Her drawings draw the reader in, deepening the reader's connection to the text. This is not a scholarly essay, but a traveler and an admirer's musings on the nature these peoples. Wildenhain's deep respect shines through consistently.

Think By Hand, Hundreds Of Ideas On Art...-GAULT $24.00
see the section on Teaching and Children s books for a complete description.

Toshiko Takaezu: The Earth In Bloom- YAKE $50.00, $40.00
A beautiful color photography book of Toshiko and her pots. Her forms are photographed in their element: in the studio, out of doors, nestled among the flowers. Lovely.

Touching Certain Things-BEATRICE WOOD $125.00
Six, one page stories about Beatrice and a friend in Europe. A soft, erotic theme persists. 12 drawings accompany the stories. These are signed and numbered by Beatrice and the availability is very limited. no discount.

Towards Wholeness-M.C. RICHARDS $16.00
In depth look at little known Rudolph Steiner, or  Waldorf  education in America. From the author of  Centering .

Treasures Of The Creative Spirit-PIEPENBURG $13.00
A warmly written, insightful presentation on human creativity. Very wise and provocative. Robert will open your eyes to new views and sensibilities.

Turners And Burners-ZUGG $47.50
see the section on Pottery of North and South America for a description

Two Zuni Artists- CUNNINGHAM $25.00
A sensitive and insightful glimpse into the culture of the Zuni by focusing on a potter and her son, a stone carver. They create in ancient ways and they freely talk about what art means to them as Zuni and as artists. A fascinating piece of writing.

The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart-CAMERON $24.00
A "learning through doing" book designed to help start your creative juices flowing with playful arts and crafts excercises and essays. By the author of The Artist's Way.

Victor Greenaway, Ceramics 1965-2005-JACOBS, MANSFIELD
One of the most respected and well known potters in Australia and well known throughout Europe, it is time we got to know him here in the USA. A lovely book that introduces the artist, his life, and his artistic journey and celebrates his wonderful pots. Sensitively and well written text along with delectible full page color photos of his stoneware and porcelain make this a beautiful package. 10"x12", 140 heavy glossy pages. Price has not been set at the time of this writing. Please inquire.

The View from the Studio Door: How Artists Find Their Way in an Uncertain World-ORLAND $13.00
A new book by the co-author of Art and Fear. Discusses the role of art in contemporary society, the essence of art, and why we feel compelled to create. Also contains a healthy amount of advice on staying motivated and creative. There is life after art school! Well-written and meaty, this is a serious discussion, not just a group of bulleted lists passing for a book. Excellent.

Viola Frey: A Lasting Legacy-TRAPP $25.00
A beautiful 38 page catalog of the exhibition at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in 2005. 18 pieces of her work in glorious color are surrounded by an insightful and informative essay by Kenneth Trapp. A personal reflection is offered in a lovely essay by Ric Ambrose Director of the Avampato Discovery Museum.

Viola Frey:Plates 1968-1994-NANCY HOFFMAN GALLERY $30.00
68 pieces are shown in full color photos with an introductory essay by Donald Kupsit.

A Visual Language: Elements of Design-COHEN, ANDERSON $42.00
An excellent book that helps fill in some of the gaps in current art education. Cohen and Anderson discuss the basic elements of design (line, shape, texture, scale, etc) and clearly show how making a different decision about one of these elements changes a piece of art. Lots of pictures to compare different choices and see how these choices add up to determine an artist's particular style. In the last section, prominent artists working in a variety of mediums discuss their individual aesthetics.

Vivika and Otto-SCHIFFER $6.00
A fine 14 page mongraph published for the exhibition "The Ceramic Art Of Vivika and Otto Heino" at the Ventura County Museum in 1995. Beautiful color photos and warmly written, personal text by curator Tim Schiffer. Only 1000 of these were printed.

Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence- Juniper $13.00
see Eastern Pottery section for a description

Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers-KOREN $15.00
see Eastern Pottery for a description

Warren MacKenzie: American Potter-LEWIS $125.00 no discount
A long awaited revised edition of this magnificent book that has been long out of print. David Lewis has revised his original text and has added a new afterward. Photographer Peter Lee has taken all new photos including never before photographed and published works decorated by Nancy MacKenzie. 

Warren MacKenzie: Legacy Of An American Potter-Rochester Art Center See below for update on availability
This is one of the most lovely exhibition catalogs I have ever seen. Written and published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the Rochester Art Center, the collection brings together over 350 works and archival materials spanning 6 decades. The catalog includes over 300 pieces in glorious photos that are as close to being there as can be. A forward, introduction, and two guest essays along with a selection of archival photos complete the package. The book is printed on the highest quality glossy paper and enclosed in a wooden slip case. This is a very special book. UPDATE February 2013. This is now out of print. I have been able to get a VERY limited supply of this very sought after book. $250, no discounts apply.

A Way Of Working-D.M. DOOLING $11.00
A collection of essays celebrating a spiritual approach to craftmaking.

What is Art For?- DISSANAYAKE $18.00
This book discusses not only why art is important to us as individuals, but why it is an important and necessary part of humans, evolution, and learning.

William Daley: Ceramic Works and Drawings-TORCHIA OUT OF PRINT

William Staite Murray-HASLAM $40.00, $30.00
A celebration of the work of a neglected British studio potter of the pre-war period. An individual of the same character as Leach and Cardew. A very nice book.

Winchcombe Pottery, The Cardew Finch Tradition $50.00
Ron Wheeler gives us the story of how Cardew revived the original pottery, the succession by Ray Finch, and the potters who worked there over the years. Lots of illustrations and fascinating information.


Zen and the Art of Pottery-BEITTEL $15.00

The authors apprenticeship in Arita, Japan. A celebration of the spirtual side of pottery as well as a practical guide to technique, processes, and aesthetics.