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Please click on the pictures for a larger view. We carry Dolan Tools, Falcon Tools, Kent Pottery Tools, and a handpicked (most handmade) selection of other fine tools. Please see thedescriptions below for more information and pricing. 

 Our usual discount applies to all tools (sets too!) except Dolan Tools and our new Groovy Tools, which receive a 10% discount only. 

Please note:

It is with great pleasure that we were the first to sell the Dolan Family's outstanding, handmade tools and we still do. Please beware of a line of imitation Dolan tools sold by the Kemper Company. They are inferior and an insulting infringement on the originality of Bob Dolan and his devotion to the pottery community.

There are now have two lines of excellent trimming tools to choose from. Dolan Tools and Groovy Tools. Both lines are handmade and offer outstanding quality. Dolan tools offer beautifully crafted wood handles while Groovy Tools feature plastic handles covered with a soft, yet firm grip and they differ slightly in shape and length. If you are unsure about a choice call us for our advice.

 FALCON TOOLS are produced with care by well-known potter, teacher, and author John Conrad. They are well-designed, useful, and well-crafted. I use them in my own work and in my classroom. 

FALCON PONY ROLLER- A versatile rolling tool. Top pin is flat, bottom pin is slightly arched. Comfortable metal handle. 8" long. $10FALCON 

TRIANGLE COMB- A semi-rigid metal scraper with just enough flex. Great for texture, scoring, etc. Approximately 4" long. $5.25

FALCON FETTLING KNIFE - Sturdier than commonly available fettling knives. 8.5 " long $10

STEEL FLUTING TOOL - A well-made tool, outstanding in its simplicity. The 7" length features two slightly different cutting curves, and the ends are bent at an angle making the creation of a "flute" simple and foolproof. Rigid stainless steel for a lifetime of use. $12.50

TRIPLETT PADDLE - Designed by Kathy Triplett, author of Handbuilt Ceramics and Handbuilt Tableware, this is the tool she had been looking for. A sharp edge and a round one, one surface flat while the other is round. Use it to form inside curves, straighten and edge and push out from the inside of a shape. Well-designed, carefully-made, and comfortable to use. $18.50

TROY THROWING STICKS - Small or Large. These are the sweetest throwing sticks you will ever handle. Designed by Jack Troy and handmade of cherry, they are slightly curved, wonderfully smooth, and double-ended. Each end has a slightly different size knob and roundness. Totally ergonomic! Large: 14 " long, Small: 8" long $22.00 for either size


ROSEWOOD HANDLE KNIFE - Handmade with care in England and also by Roger and Lindsay Watts. A sharp, stiff potters knife. Great for carving and general use. A lovely tool with a smooth, polished handle and a stainless steel blade. Very comfortable to use. Blade is 2.5" long. $22.00

HARDWOOD HANDLE KNIFE - The same blade set in hardwood. Not quite as sexy as rosewood but works just as well. Blade is 2.5" long. $14.00


Set includes:

KUSHI COMB - 3.5" $13.00

BAMBOO FLUTING TOOL - 8.25" long $13.50

BAMBOO RIB SM. - 4.5" $7.00

BAMBOO RIB LG. - 5.5" $7.50

BAMBOO COMB - 8" long $12.00

BAMBOO KNIFE - 8.25" long $10.00

BAMBOO SPEAR - A combination knife and cut-off wire 8.5" long $10.00

         COMPLETE SET OF BAMBOO TOOLS - $58.50 (no additional discount off the whole set )



 Handmade by the Dolan family, these must be seen and touched to be believed. Made from high carbon steel and sharpened to a razor edge, they can be resharpened many times, unlike other trim tools. The blade is set with a brass ferrule in a turned and polished hardwood handle all sealed against moisture. These are the tools I use and I have been using them since they started making them. They are so beautiful!! If you don't love these tools, send them back for a refund, no questions asked. 10% discount only on these tools. 

LARGE LOOP DOLAN TOOLS- #310, #315, #320, #325, #330, #340, #345, #350, #360, #370, left to right  

 These are the standard style loop tool to which all others are compared. Heavy gauge steel, robust hardwood handles. This is my primary trimming tool.

 Loop length 1.5"-2". 

Total length 6"-7" $12.00 each

MEDIUM LOOP DOLAN TOOLS - #405, #410, #410S, #415, #420, #425, #430, #440, #445, #450, #455, #460, #465, #470, #480L, #480S, left to right 

 Slightly smaller than the 300 series, many people prefer the smaller diameter of the handle and loop compared to the large loop tools. 

Loop length 1.5". 

Total length 6"-7". $11.00 each

MORE LOOP DOLAN TOOLS - Total length 6"- 7". Loops in assorted sizes and shapes with a comfortable handle. 

One of these is perfect for what you need. 

 #510 - $12.00
#511 - $11.00
#512 - $10.00
#525 - $11.00
#555 - $11.00
#570 - $12.00
#571 - $11.00

#572 - $10.00 

SMALL LOOP DOLAN TOOLSS10, S20, S25, S30, S40, S50, S60, S70, S80, S85, left to right

 These tools are smaller and more delicate than the 300 large and medium sized loop tools. They are designed for carving, incising, and sgrafitto, not for heavy-duty trimming. Care must be taken in use. Made from the same high carbon steel as all Dolan Tools. Can be resharped many times. 

Loop length .5". 

Total length 6". $9.50 each

MINI LOOP DOLAN TOOLS - m10, m15, m20, m25, m30, m40, m50, m55, m60, m70, m80, m90, m95, left to right 

 The smallest, and most delicate dolan tools. These are designed for carving, incising, and sgrafitto, not for heavy-duty trimming. Care must be taken in use. Made from the same high carbon steel as all Dolan Tools. Can be resharpened many times. 

                                                     Loop length .25". 

                                                   Total length 6". $7.50 each


 Like extra-large trimming tools, these are designed to remove large amounts of clay cleanly and efficiently. They also make wonderful sculpture tools. They are made from very high carbon steel in flat and oval shapes. Available in two sizes.

Large: 3" loop length, 8.5" total length, flat or oval - $20.00
Medium: 2" loop length, 7.25" total length, flat or oval - $16.00

JAPANESE-STYLE DOLAN TRIM TOOLS - #110, #120, #130, #140, #150, #160, #170, #180R, #180L, #190R, #190L , left to right 

 These have a very heavy-duty blade set with 2 brass pins into a comfortable, robust handle. Traditional Japanese design. 

Blade length 1.5". 

Total length 6.5". $12.50 each

EXTRA-LARGE JAPANESE-STYLE DOLAN TRIM TOOL - 11A, 11B, 11C, 11D, 11E, 11F, 11G, left to right 

 Traditional Japanese design. Heavy-duty blade, turned hardwood handle is set with a brass ferrule. 

Blade length 1.75". 

Total length 8". $13.50


 left to right, 

#210 - rigid 1.5" blade, straight handle, $10.00

#230 - rigid 3" blade, straight handle, $13.00

#220C - flexible 1.5" blade, curved handle, $13.00
#220S - flexible 1.5" blade, straight handle, $13.00
#240 - thin, flexible 3.5" blade, curved handle, $14.00
#250 - rigid 2.5" blade, curved handle, $15.00


We are proud to offer this new line of premium quality trim tools. They feature a true tool steel loop that is hardened, tempered, and then cryogenically treated to create a super steel blade. The blade is 1/4" wide and sharp on both edges. Acetate handles have closed cell foam grips for added comfort. The overall length of each tool is approximately 6-1/2". The tools can be re-sharpened for extra long life. We put these tools through rigorous use here at The Potters Shop before we offered them for sale and they are wonderful. Groovy Tools get a 10% discount.

Below is the 300 Series

Left to right, top to bottom #301, 302, 304, 305, 310, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 320. $14.50 each 


Below is the 200 Series

top to bottom #201, 202, 203, 204. $16.50 each


31 Thorpe Rd. Needham, MA 02494 USA     Phone: 781-449-7687     Fax: 781-449-9098      Email: PottersShop@aol.com     Hours: M-Th: 11-5 F: 10-4