Children's Books

Most of the books listed here are aimed at children, though the ideas and topics covered can be adapted for adults as well. Some are for kids while others are for teaching kids. Many other books that we carry are also suitable for working with kids. We know what is available so call us for our recommendations and advice.

Arts and Crafts: Modeling-O REILLY $25.00
A really nice handbook for ages 10 through jr. high. Well illustrated, good ideas and instruction.

Boing-Boing The Bionic Cat $17.00
Boing-Boing The Bionic Cat & The Jewel Thief $17.00
Two wonderful and creative children's books by Larry Hensch and Ruth Denise Lear help teach about the world of science and engineering. Outstanding illustrations bring the stories to life. Great gifts!

Case For Clay In Art Education-STUDIO POTTER $5.00
Reprint from Studio Potter Magazine. Essays, reports, and writings concerning the role of clay in art education. From a conference held at NYU.

Children Clay and Sculpture-TOPAL $24.00
A variety of projects and approaches to working with kids. Good ideas, well presented. This is a fine teaching guide.

Children Of Clay; A Family Of Pueblo Potters-SWENTZELL $22.00 $8.00
Beautifully photographed book taking the reader through the entire pottery making process with Gia Rose and her family. Terrific intro to pueblo pottery. Through Jr.High

Clay Connections- HINSHAW $19.00
This is a small book, but it is filled with great ideas. Most of these projects find ways to tie the creative process in with other lessons being learned in the classroom. When talking about Egypt, why not make a small mummy and coffin? How about making a small aquarium castle for the classroom fish between biology lessons? Making sundials when learning about the sun and planets is another great option. This book has more focus on ideas than actual step-by-step how to's. Although there is some basic info about the ceramic process, most of the pages are dedicated to projects rather than technical info.

Clay in the Primary School-CLOUGH $29.50
For teachers who are eager to introduce clay in the classroom, but overwhelmed with how to. This book is written for the beginner with little to no clay knowledge, yet has some more advanced info to expand into. This book will give you the comfort level you are looking for as a newbie to clay with kids.

Clay Projects for Children- KRUMBACH $34.00
This book focuses on the projects that kids can make and be proud to show off to mom and dad. There are many projects, including individual and group. Musical instruments, toothbrush holders, jewelry, windchimes, planters, even mini-villages! Plenty to keep kids active and interested in clay, while not letting them get discouraged by clay's difficulty.

Clayworks In Art Therapy-HENLEY $30.00
Explores the history, theory, and techniques of using clayworking as a vital therapeutic technique. Practical applications, technical information, projects, and more. A useful book that does not trivialize the craft but instead embraces its unique qualities.

Cup of Light - Nicole Mones $14.00
A gripping, adventurous story set among the intrigue of the world antiquities market. An appraiser of Chinese porcelain finds herself caught between a dealer in Hong Kong, an American collector, and a mix of artists. Thieves, mystery, intrigue, and secrecy. WOW!!! hardcover.

Exploring Clay With Children-UTLEY, MAGSON $29.50
Down to earth handbook for working with grade school children. Excellent for those with little or no clay experience who wish to do some claywork with their students. 20 different projects are presented giving a well balanced approach.

Fired Up, Making Pottery In Ancient Times-GONEN $20.00 OUT OF PRINT
Excellent book for middle school to high school students. Not a how-to but rather a very well written chronicle and overview of pottery making through history. Types of wares, forming methods, firing, culture and more. Very good background for young students of the craft.

Great Clay Adventure-KONG $26.00
A wonderful guidebook for teaching pottery to elementary and middle school children. A wide variety of projects are presented along with evaluation criteria and ideas for interdisciplinary study. Excellent illustrations and instruction. This is my favorite book for working with children.

I Make Clay Pots-JOHNSON, BARNARD $3.50
A young girl learns to make a coil pot with the help of her grandmother. Written for children with learning disabilities and very early readers, this simple picture book introduces the basic steps of making pottery. 7 pages. Beautiful color illustrations.

Incredible Clay Book-HAAB, TORRES $19.00
Terrific selection of projects for kids complete with 8 ounces of Sculpy in 8 colors! Very imaginative and fun. A great gift item.

Juan Quezada-DALE $17.00 $10.00
For grades K-6, Mata Ortiz potter Ju an Quezada, his wife Guillermina, and their grandson Chato make pottery and share the story of how Juan uncovered the forgotten pottery of the area and taught the lost art to his family, friends, and fellow villagers. This is a complete handbook for teachers with resource material and lesson plan. 30 illustrations in color and b&w.

Kids N'Clay Ceramics Book-NIERMAN $19.00
Great book to use with kids and by kids. Covers all the basics along with a very creative selection of projects and ideas. Both handbuilding and throwing are covered. Info on setting up a workspace and tips on effective teaching methods round out the contents.

Magic of Clay-ADALUCIA $19.00
Designed for parents to read aloud or young readers, this book covers some of the basic technical terms of potting and the science of clay. Great for the kid who wants to know how it all works or the teacher who wants to include a little story-time in her clay class.

Maria: Making Pottery-HYDE $4.00
Through black and white photos and words, we follow Maria Martinez and her husband, Julian, through all the steps to make her famous black-on-black coiled pottery.

Mudworks, Creative Clay, Dough & Modeling Projects-KOHL $15.00
The author brings us a wonderful collection of projects for kids using all types of clay & clay-like materials. Includes recipes you can cook up at home!

Pot That Juan Built-ANDREWS-GOEBEL $17.00
A well-written rhyming journey through the production of Juan Quezada s Mata Ortiz pottery inspired by the Casa Grandes culture. Beautifully done with wonderfully colorful pictures. The kind of book parents don t mind reading  just one more time  before bed. The children will love it and you will adore it.

Potter Giselle-AARRESTAD $15.00 OUT OF PRINT
A lovely story of the potter caught between the two kings who each want her to make them the biggest pot. Beautifully illustrated and well written for young children to be read to and to read themselves.

Pottery For Life-BOTTERILL $27.50
Written as a guide for beginning potters with a special emphasis on those with special needs, this is a very useful handbook for teachers, therapists and others who work with young people or special needs populations. 8 projects ascending in difficulty follow introductory chapters on clay, tools, techniques, and kilns. Instruction in decoration and glazing is included.

A very beautiful and poetic children s story. Lovely, colorful and sensitive drawings. The message is one of tolerance, peace, and understanding. Adults will enjoy it too.

Think By Hand, Hundreds Of Ideas On Art...-GAULT $24.00
Rosette Gault, author of  Paper Clay  has written a thoughtful, provocative, and wonderfully useful and practical book for teachers, parents, and students at all levels. In it she offers ideas and inspirations for a multitude of art projects that can be realized and interpreted with a variety of materials and at all levels of study.

Single Shard-PARK $15.00 $7.00
A wonderful story full of sensitivity and discovery. An orphan boy in 12th century Korea is irresistibly drawn to the workshop of master potter Min. It is an account of the boys journey towards fulfillment, acceptance, accomplishment, and love.

When Clay Sings-BAYLOR $7.00
This is one of my favorite clay books for children. Stories of the people and cultures that are remembered through the decorative shards scattered over the desert hillsides of the Southwest. Written in beautiful prose-poem style. A Caldecott Honor Book.