Art Of Throwing-MCERLAIN $60.00
Well illustrated & beautiful color photos throughout. More than a book on technique, this will excite and inspire you to new levels of accomplishment. History, culture, individual potters, personal approaches, and more are presented in a terrific package.

The Basics of Throwing: A Practical Approach to Form and Design- COHEN $30.00
This book is filled with color photos to help get a grasp on the fundamentals of throwing. There is a large emphasis on form and its importance, including the initial learning good from bad and how to apply it to your work.

Ceramics Class: Throwing Techniques-CHAVARRIA $15.00
A new series of books aimed at beginning to intermediate potters. Very good overview of throwing, detailed instruction and excellent color photos. Projects include bowl, plate, cylindrical pot, vase, spout, lids, handles, a two part vase, teapot and more.

Ceramics for Beginners: Wheel Throwing- REASON $25
Another book for newbies of throwing. This one, however, teaches skills in an order that allows the reader to gain on what they have already learned in previous projects in the book. Practiced the cylinder to where you are comfy with your skills? Time to turn to the pulled handle page to expand on the cylinder shape. Got bowls down? Go for a berry bowl next! Each project highlights other projects and skills that compliment it, sort of a "don't forget to look at" guide. Of course the book contains all the basics; selecting clay, wedging, glazes, tools, etc.

Ceramic Studio: Wheel Throwing – REASON $7.50
Featuring the same bright, open design as Ceramic Studio: Hand Building, this second entry in the series offers an introduction to the mechanics of wheel-thrown ceramics. Artist Emily Reason takes beginners through nine projects, including a mug, pitcher, teapot, and fluted baking dish. Starting from one of two fundamental forms (cylinder or bowl) she covers such basics as centering, pulling a handle, trimming, firing, and glazing. Color bands throughout point the reader to related information on various techniques, while gallery sections provide inspiration. This book was formerly published in hardcover as Ceramics for Beginners: Wheel Throwing.

Clay: The Potters Wheel-SAPIRO $13.00 OUT OF PRINT
Very elementary book for beginners to intermediates. Quite outdated, but still used by many teachers. I do not recommend it.

Functional Pottery, 2nd Edition-HOPPER $45.00
A must for anyone involved with, the production of functional ware. or any ware for that matter! Historical, aesthetic, technical & emotional considerations all addressed.

Making Pots On The Wheel-ROSSI $20.00
Companion workbook to the videos making a complete instructional package. Not really suitable as a stand alone reference, should be used with the videos.


Potters Wheel-BARBAFORMOSA $30.00
Hundreds of color illustrations and generous explanatory text help guide the reader through the process of working on the wheel. Basic as well as more complex forms are shown. Very clear and thorough.

Potters Workbook-ILLIAN $25.00
The author, an apprentice at the Leach Pottery in 1964-5 has written a throwing textbook for the hand and the heart. If you are interested in the "why" of making pots, this book is what you need. Exercises teach shape, form, utility, aesthetics, comfort, balance, design, and more. A wonderful workbook for potters of all levels.

Pottery, The Technique Of Throwing-COLBECK $30.00
Out of print for many years, this is one of the best throwing manuals ever written. Clear and detailed instruction accompanied by excellent photos of the methods and processes described. In addition to basic skills, included are lids, large scale work, rims, combining forms, using calipers, throwing multiples, and much more.

Pottery on the Wheel-WOODY $30.00 OUT OF PRINT
Now back in print after much clamoring by the pottery community! Step-by-step throwing techniques. Clearly demonstrates throwing shapes based on the cylinder and bowl forms. Teapots, pitchers, clays, glazes, firing, kilns. An excellent handbook for the beginner or advanced potter.

Throwing (The New Ceramics) – PHETHEAN $20.00 OUT OF PRINT
Throwing is an important skill for any potter to master, using only a few tools, the guidance of their hands, and the momentum of a wheel. Having spent his life making pots and teaching others to make them, Richard Phethean describes essential techniques for working on the wheel with an eye for the practical. He covers a range of forms, from simple domestic pots to more complex vessels, with the aim of building makers' confidence in throwing techniques. The book features clear instructions for creating each type of vessel, accompanied by illustrated step-by-step instructions, which demonstrate the techniques described. It also profiles the work of contemporary potters for whom throwing is a vital part of their practice. Throwing is an essential companion for anyone attempting to master the art of forming pots on the wheel.

Throwing-PHETHEAN Simple approach, well illustrated $25.00

Throwing and Handbuilding: Forming Techniques-ed TURNER $30.00
An excellent book from the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series. A compilation of articles on advanced throwing and handbuilding techniques by a variety of respected authors. Everything from throwing big platters and sprigging, to tall strap handles and making large sculpture using a small kiln.

Throwing Large-COLLINS $25.00 
Nic Collins looks at throwing purely from the perspective of making very large work. He assumes you can already throw, but different techniques are needed when making large work because of all the added problems—buckling, collapsing, warping—not to mention that the techniques needed to physically throw much larger work are very different. Nic looks at all of this, offering clear guidance on how to make work successfully, covering the various traditional techniques used (such as those used by the Onggi potters of Korea), as well as how to avoid disastrous pitfalls.

Throwing Pots-ROGERS $27.50
A new handbook from the author of  Ash Glazes . A wide range of forms are covered for all abilities. Well illustrated, comprehensive, and inspiring.

Thrown Pottery Techniques Revealed-CHAPPELHOW OUT OF PRINT

Wheel Thrown Ceramics-DAVIS OUT OF PRINT

Wheel-thrown Pottery-VAN GILDER $18.00  OUT OF PRINT

Introduces the beginning potter to wedging, centering, and throwing basic as well as more advanced forms and shapes. Five starting projects are followed by six advanced projects. Each project contains detailed step-by-step photos and careful explanations of the entire process including decorating and glazing. Variations of Hesselberth and Roy's cone-six food-safe glazes are included. Bill Van Gilder is an excellent teacher and this is an outstanding book.