Handbuilding and Sculpture

Animal Forms and Figures-WREN OUT OF PRINT

Art Of Handbuilt Ceramics-BRUCE $50.00
Handsome manual includes a historical & cultural overview, all color step by step photos and excellent instruction in all methods of handbuilding. An interesting and unusual selection of wares are shown along with decorative ideas, glazing, firing, & more.

Art Of Polymer Clay-KATO $25.00
Interesting collection of techniques and approaches. Well illustrated with 290 color photos, this is a bit more sophisticated than other books on the subject.

Brickworks-HEENEY $50.00
A very handsome book on a very unusual area of clayworking. Examines the works of contemporary large-scale brick artists and details the process of production in all its stages. Intriguing, fascinating, inspirational, and quite interesting. All color photos.

Ceramic Class: Handbuilding Techniques-CHAVARRIA $17.00 OUT OF PRINT
A new series of books aimed at beginning to intermediate potters. Very good overview of a variety of handbuilding methods. Each method is illustrated by instructions for making several different types of forms. Excellent details and color photos.

Ceramic Extruder For The Studio Potter-CONRAD $22.00
The first book written on the extruder. Good information though the quality of the printing and illustrations are marginal.

Ceramic Extruding: Inspiration And Technique-LATKA $30.00
An outstanding addition to the currently available books on the subject. Well conceived format and design makes the reading logical, easy, and sensible. Over 200 color photos, 12 projects with step by step instruction, details on the extruder as a tool, how to make dies, and much more.

Ceramic Projects: Forming Techniques-TURNER $30.00 
In Ceramic Projects: Forming Techniques dozens of clay artists prove this over and over. You’ll discover some practical projects like Steve Davis-Rosenbaum’s unique Chip and Dip server and Dannon Rhudy’s Juicer to the more esoteric Pancaker of Keith Phillips and the exotic Condiment Server from Gwendolyn Yoppolo. Beyond simple cylinder and slab construction, these projects get into combinations of techniques-adding textures, cutting darts, extruding forms, faceting, assembling multiple parts, and more. Techniques that will make your work stand out. For the intermediate potter looking for the next challenge and the advanced clay artist seeking inspiration, these projects run the gamut of possibilities.

Ceramic Sculpture: Inspiring Techniques- TURNER, $30.00
The Ceramic Arts Handbook Series has consistently shown areas less explored in our craft and this title is no exception. Learn more about slip casting, life size sculpting, soft slab figure construction, building the kiln around your unmovable wares, and lots more.

Ceramic Windchimes-CONRAD $14.00
Elementary treatment, good project ideas, well done.

Ceramics for Beginners: Animal & Figures- HALLS $25.00
This lovely, easy to follow manual begins with an introduction to the clay studio; layout, health and safety, tools, clays, materials, kilns, and firing methods. Sections on design, inspiration, and surface treatments follow. The body of the book teaches the basic hand building techniques of pinch, coil, and slab in the context of creating 12 different animal and figure forms using variations on these construction methods. Abundant, full color photos fill every page. An excellent book for beginners to intermediate potters.

Ceramics for Beginners: Hand Building- AMBER $25.00
This book teaches technique through small projects. Pinching, coils, and slabs are covered, as well as using stamps and molds. There is a handy reference guide on the bottom of some pages to direct you towards other pages with topics discussed that may be of similar interest.

Clay: Handbuilding-SAPIRO basic handbook for beginners $13.00

Clay Modeling For Everyone-JOHNSON OUT OF PRINT 

Clay Whistles-MONIOT $15.00
This instructional book shows how to make a variety of whistles and ocarinas (vessel flutes) from clay and they really work! The excellent detailed drawings show construction, tuning, and problem-solving techniques and everything you need to be successful. Great projects for school children right through high school and equally suitable for adults. Also available in a Spanish language edition. There is a companion video see the video section for a special offer.

Coiled Pottery-BLANDINO $40.00
Newest revised edition. A complete treatment and study including history, techniques, and methods. Betty Blandino is a world renowned potter and author. This book is no longer published in the USA. We import it directly from the UK!

Coiling - HARDY $26.50
A bit less intense than Blandino's, this new coiling book is good for students or experienced potters. It discusses the work of some of the most influential coilers working today as well as working techniques, advice on clay bodies, and tools. Some beautiful photographs of finished work.

Creative Clay Jewelry-DIERKS $19.00
A variety of projects and techniques using polymer clays. Well illustrated and colorful.

Creative Metal Clay Jewelry:Techniques, Projects, Inspiration-WIRE $28.00
A good introduction for novices to precious metal clay with 90 pages of well described and illustrated projects.

Creating With Polymer Clay-FORD, DIERKS $19.00
Another book on designing and creating with the new polymer clays. All color photos, clear instructions, very complete.

Wonderful book. All color photos, lots of excellent technical information and many photos of finished wares of all kinds. The author is an excellent teacher.

Extruder Book-BAIRD $45.00
Fabulous presentation of the extruder and all its intricacies. Loads of color photos, well written text. If you need info on this tool, get this book.

The Extruder Book (2ND EDITION) – BAIRD $30.00
Revision of The Extruder Book published in 2001. New images, updated materials.
If you have an extruder and aren't sure what to do with it, Daryl's comprehensive book updates his best-selling first edition. You'll discover tips for setting up your studio, supplies you'll need to make extruding easier, and accessories that will help you with more complicated extrusions. Your extruder set-up can be as sophisticated as any pros with less effort than you think.
Since his first edition, Daryl has expanded his offering of projects and you'll discover sixteen great demonstrations which will increase your confidence and challenge your skills. From using simple dies to constructing projects from multiple-part dies, Daryl carefully leads you step-by-step through projects that run the gamut of complexity. As you master each process, your imagination will inspire even more ideas to take on.
If you don't already have an extruder, don't worry. Daryl describes what's on the market today from major manufacturers, but he also includes plans on how to make your own extruder from parts you can gather at a local home center.

Extruder, Mold & Tile: Forming Techniques- TURNER $30.00
From the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series, featuring 29 different techniques by various clay artists. Make flatter tiles in less time! Make new dies and an extruder table! Use a thrown pot still on the wheel head as a mold for another pot! Learn how to make perfect plaster! There are too many possibilities to mention, see for yourself!

Figure in Clay, The: Contemporary Sculpting Techniques $25.00, $18.00
Nine exemplary ceramic artists discuss their working methods from slabs, to coils, to molds. The artists provide insights into the advantages and challenges of their particular techniques. Many color step-by-step photos and a gallery of exceptional work. From Lark books and edited by Suzanne Tourtillot.

Figure In Fired Clay-BLANDINO $40.00
A gloriously illustrated study of the human figure as a motif in claywork through the entire history of ceramics. Included are vessels, sculpture, domestic ware, decorative, and ceremonial pieces and more. Extensive text, 75 color and 45 b&w illustrations.

Finding Ones Way With Clay-BERENSOHN $26.50
The classic on handbuilding and colored clay. But it is much more than that. A clear philosophy of passion and commitment is loud and clear. NO clay person should be without this book.

Foundations In Polymer Clay Design-MCGUIRE $22.00
Color, pattern, shape, texture, and composition are explored then followed by 20 projects with step by step instructions & illustrations. 300 illustrations, 175 in color.

From A Slab Of Clay-BAIRD $30.00
From small dishes and plates to architectural installments, slabs can be used to create any form, any size. In From a Slab of Clay you’ll learn about what it takes to start out on a journey that’s sure to last a lifetime. From setting up a proper working space to selecting the right tools and equipment—including complete instructions for building your own slab roller—Daryl doesn’t miss any details for you to consider to assure your success.

From Mud To Music: Making & Enjoying Ceramic Musical Instruments-HALL $60.00
See Miscellaneous section for description

Handbuilding-HARDY $30.00
Very well done presentation of techniques, tips, and design. Good illustrations and text.

Handbuilding Ceramic Forms-WOODY $30.00
Back in print! This pottery classic includes basic and advanced techniques, glaze and clay recipes, and over 250 black and white illustrations. Large forms, lids, joining techniques...Wonderful.

Handbuilding Techniques (Ceramics Arts Handbook) $30.00
This Ceramic Arts Handbook brings together the best techniques, tips and projects from more than two dozen experts published in Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Monthly
You'll discover how to make challenging pots from coils, create plates and platters with a twist, design and use complex templates, and construct functional pieces from both soft and leather-hard slabs. And, when you mix and match techniques to suit your own style, the possibilities are endless.
Illustrated with hundreds of step-by-step images, Handbuilding Techniques gives you all the how-to information you need to explore new methods and expand your skills. Written for intermediate to advanced potters, this book promises to move you out of your comfort zone into a world of inspired creativity.

Handbuilt Ceramics-TRIPLETT $25.00 OUT OF PRINT
Outstanding book, very complete and well illustrated. All color throughout.

Handbuilt Pottery Techniques Revealed-ATKIN $25.00
New expanded edition with 32 all-new pages! A great beginner to intermediate handbuilding book. Cut-away photos of each step. Text emphasizes attention to details for professional-looking results.

Handbuilt Tableware-TRIPLETT  OUT OF PRINT

How To Make Clay Characters-CARLSON $23.00
Fanciful approach to creating clay figures using polymer clay. Pretty wild!

How To Make Primitive Pottery-GIBBY $9.00
60 page handbook covering all the basics of primitive pottery making. B&W photos and drawings, glossary. Good instruction for novices.

Indian Pottery-ROLLER $13.00
In this sensitive little handbook, well-known Santa Clara potter Toni Roller explains in detail the steps and methods used to make authentic Santa Clara pottery. Clay preparation, forming, carving, decorating, burnishing and firing are all exposed!

Making North American Pottery-SIMPSON $8.00
Respectfully written on Native American hand building and open firing methods.

Modeling A Likeness In Clay-GRUBBS OUT OF PRINT

Modeling The Figure In Clay- LUCCHESI $20.00
see description below for Modeling The Head In Clay

Modeling The Head In Clay- LUCCHESI $20.00
Two popular books by this well-known sculptor and teacher. Excellent illustrations accompanied by clear, well written text. Used by many teachers and classes in sculpture.

Modeling In Clay-ARTHUR $30.00
A beginners step by step guide to creating heads, torsos and other figures. Molding, casting, and firing techniques are discussed.

New Clay-ROCHE $25.00
How to work with the new kinds of  polymer  clays-fimo, sculpey, etc. Technique, projects, firing. Also useful information on mixing colored clays.

Paper Clay: Art And Practice-GAULT $29.00
This is Rosette's newest book. Building on the success of her previous books, artist and teacher Rosette Gault explains how potters and clay sculptors can make, fire, and reshape paperclay. This comprehensive guide covers a range of methods from dry modeling to slurry state. Going beyond the basics, the book introduces advanced techniques for building armatures, sculpting figures, and forming wall hangings. It also includes information on recycled and sustainable ingredients. Paperclay features all-new color photographs and diagrams of techniques and tools, as well as inspiring works by today's leading international ceramicists. Packed with photographs and clear instructions, Gault's book is an essential introduction to paperclay for ceramics artists and educators.

Paper Clay, 2nd Edition-GAULT $27.50
This is the basic and essential handbook. In this, a revised and expanded edition of her first book Paper Clay, Rosette Gault clearly explains how to make, use, and fire paper clay successfully. She also brings the reader up to date on new developments in the field, including methods for the ecologically sound use of paper clay. This handbook incorporates several helpful charts and illustrations, featuring firing schedules and proportion guidelines, as well as cross sections and templates for common forms. Using the work of an international group of artists, Gault illustrates the flexibility of this exciting medium in a clear and accessible style. The text is replete with photographs and figures to demonstrate the techniques and their innumerable artistic applications.

Paper Clay For Ceramic Sculptors, A Studio Companion-GAULT $22.00
In this edition, Rosette Gault presents a question and answer format that will help you in your understanding and mastery of this new and exciting clay material. A slightly different focus than the 
book described above. Call us for more details.

Pinch Pottery: Functional, Modern Handbuilding – HALLS $17.50
The technique is simple; the results are gorgeous! Susan Halls has created an array of refined, sophisticated and incredibly modern-looking projects that are perfect for beginners, yet enticing for more seasoned ceramicists. The pieces range from a mug, vase, and jug to a bowl, teapot, and triple herb planter, and they start with a basic pinch pot before moving on to wider, taller, and more composite forms, all with stunning options for color and surface decoration. And, since many of the items can be made with easily found air-drying clay, no kiln's required! 

Portrait In Clay-RUBINO $25.00
Step by step guide to sculpting the portrait. Anatomy, tools, clay, firing, and more. Excellent photos guide you along with confidence.

Sculpting Clay-NIGROSH $32.00
Extend the boundaries of creative possibility with a guided exploration of the versatile potential of clay as a sculpting medium. Numerous approaches are detailed for each highlighted technique that takes you step-by-step from simple to complex applications; coils, slabs, wheel thrown sculpture, surface treatment, molds, firing, and more. 90 pages, 307 illustrations with 21 in color.

Sculpting the Figure in Clay- RUBINO $32.50
An excellent place to start if you are interested in sculpting the human form. There is a very strong emphasis on planes, proportion, and viewing work from all sides. The book discusses the form in different basic poses and also gives further attention to hands and feet. Overflowing with photos, both of models and works in progress, making for a wonderful step-by-step guide into the classic art of human sculpture. 

Sculpting and Handbuilding – LODER $30.00 
Handbuilding with clay offers a unique opportunity to experiment, requiring few tools, and allowing intuition and imagination to come to the fore. In this overview of a fast-developing practice, artist Claire Loder explains time-honored methods of handbuilding, as well as introducing the fascinating new approaches of contemporary ceramicists.
The basic techniques, from coiling and pinching to working with slabs, are explained with practical instructions and helpful accompanying images. Equipment, clay bodies and studio advice are thoroughly covered. Through the work of today's makers, the book then looks at new methods of building by hand, including mixed media work, sculptural methods, vessels and surface decoration, illuminating a wide variety of forms and styles.
Sculpting and Handbuilding is an essential guide for any ceramic artist or student wishing to learn the basics of handbuilding, or seeking inspiration to integrate and adapt conventional methods.


Sculpture As Experience-2nd Edition PECK $35.00
A variety of approaches including clay are presented with lots of photos and instruction. Topics of interest to ceramicists include aesthetic considerations and how to "see with a sculptural eye", mounting possibilities, commercial products to create interesting patina, and special concerns for large clay sculpture. New and revised edition

Slab Building Illustrated-LAIDMAN $40.00
From ceramic sculptor Roberta Laidman: a guide to the ins and outs of slab-built sculpture. Covers joining slabs, supporting your form, and other basic knowledge as well as some fun projects to test your skills.

Slab-built Ceramics- MINOGUE, $35.00
This book is separated into two sections, sculptural work and vessels. Each section is then separated out by individual artists. Their work and methods are discussed to give a better overall understanding of the possibilities of this style of work.

Slab Techniques-ROBISON, MARSH $27.00
This broad approach to slab work shows a wide variety of building methods and illustrates the work of many high-profile ceramic artists using this forming technique. The book explores and explains most of these methods through step-by-step images and text, using a varied range of both pots and sculpture. There are often several techniques that could be used to achieve the same result and this book shows that no one method is correct, but there will be one which is appropriate for you, the clay you’re using and your firing process.

Figurative sculpture using terracotta. Full color photos. Excellent instruction.

Throwing and Handbuilding: Forming Techniques-ed TURNER $30.00
See Throwing section for a description

Working With Paper Clay & Other Additives-LIGHTWOOD $55.00
Very complete and handsome manual full of technical material as well as ideas & inspiration from an international group of artists. All color photos.

Working With Precious Metal Clay-McCREIGHT $30.00
Extensive handbook on all phases of working with this new material. 50 projects of varying difficulty, technical tips, tools you can make, health and safety. Very nicely presented with excellent color drawings.