Wayne Fuerst, Staff

After many years in clay as a maker, papermaker,  and teacher, Wayne joined us as a staff member and teacher. Wayne has worked with clay since high school and studied at the Univ. of Green Bay and the Univ. of Southern Maine as well as having apprenticed with potter Tom Krueger.

He is more than just a "turner and burner", however, as his artist sensibilities, painting and glazing experimentation produce some startlingly beautiful pieces way beyond that of traditional clay pottery.

Wayne's strong hands gently mold the soft clay, turning it on the wheel, and adding beautiful scrollwork with specialty dies and stamps created by him. Mr. Fuerst’s pot handles are uniquely shaped and sculpted. “I rough up the handle’s mounting surface on the pot with a specialty tool,” he said. “It makes for better adhesion and adds to the pot’s longevity.”

“I provide several signature marks on all my pieces, I carefully make four small internal protrusion (lightly squaring the item’s base), and hand-stamp a floral impression on the handle’s bottom.”