Tucker Nuzum-Clark, Staff, Raku Firing Workshop Leader

Hello! I first tried ceramics with a few courses in college, and came to the Potters Shop the summer after I graduated as an intern. A year later I transitioned to become a regular staff member. Since then, I've been learning everyday from Steve, my coworkers, and the rest of the folks in the studio. 

Recently, I've been focusing mainly on porcelain, and particularly on form and texture. I make a lot of cups, ranging from large tea bowls all the way down to tiny sippers and shot glasses. Most of my work is cone six, but recently I've been getting involved in some cone ten wood firings and reduction gas kilns that I'm really excited about!

I love clay because of its versatility as a medium, the cycles it provides, and how forgiving it is. Even when a favorite cup cracks while drying, knowing that I can recycle that clay and make it all over again, gives me great peace of mind. I like to think that the cup is already there, just going through its different stages until I finally get it right, and it makes it all the way through the firing process. Opening the kiln after weeks of seeing the piece in your mind, then meeting them in real life, is just lovely.

That's about it for now! Stop by and ask me some questions next time you're in the area!