Liz Martin, Staff

 I discovered clay on my 8th birthday when I was gifted a small battery powered pottery wheel, but it wasn't until my first formal wheel throwing class in 2006 through the Harvard Ceramics Program that I really fell in love with the craft. I have now been working with clay for 16 years and continue to enjoy the seemingly endless opportunities for experimentation and growth that pottery provides. 

My current body of work focuses on bringing to life the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors through vibrant glaze designs and rustic, functional pieces. After 3 years living, working, and traveling abroad, my work oftenreflects a specific place or memory of a time on distant shores and mountain peaks that spark joy for me. When I am not in the studio, I can be found hiking, running, traveling, gardening, and looking for inspiration for my next glaze design. I love combining my passions for adventure and pottery to create something that brightens someone's home and transports them to far off mountains for their morning cup of coffee.