Amy LaFavre, Associate Staff

I first started working with clay in high school. My teacher was Steven Branfman. The clay attracted me so much that I filled my elective schedule with pottery. I continued my claywork in college. After a long hiatus from clay I reconnected with Steven in 2016 and am now back in clay with a vengeance.

My fathers career took us to Asia where we lived and traveled for my first 15 years. My exposure to those many cultures and a visit to a Korean celadon factory helped form the foundation of my love of art, craft, and pottery.

My work is wheel-thrown, but occasionally consists of pinch pots or abstract sculptures. I push myself to try new techniques and challenge my skill level everyday. I enjoy the combination of texture and mixing of glazes, which can be seen on most of my work. I have a love of the Raku firing process, which allows me to bring some ancient ways and merge them with modern developments. If there is one thing I learned that I can pass on in regards to working with pottery, is that you can't hurt the clay. Do not find a comfort zone and stay in it. Push yourself, be more aggressive and try new ways. That is the only way to learn and further your skills, as it is a never ending process.